Patrolling the Mage Mall

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: I had a knack and was assigned to a new station. Only it was the start of a whole new life. I learned that there was real magic in the world and real magical creatures. Of course there was still crime which was why I was there. There was everything from shoplifters in a potion shop to a werewolf enforcer or a mage robbing a bank.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I was a couple of years on the force before I got a new assignment. They said I had the knack for knowing when something was going down or finding people or evidence. I carried my duty bag through the stone arch and into what almost looked like an alley. I could feel something and knew that was not what it was.

One moment I had been looking at a dirty alley and another moment I stared at colorful displays. Strange animals were everywhere and things floated in the air and I shook myself as I slowly started to walk and try not to stare. What I was seeing was crazy and like I had stepped into some fantasy movie.

I looked in one window to see several large caldrons bubbling and wooden sticks stirring by themselves. A short man was selling carpets which seemed normal except they were floating and tied to a post. I moved to the side to avoid a green skinned and red haired girl who smiled at me.

When I saw the blue uniform of a constable I quickened my step. He turned and grinned when he saw me, "you found your way."

I nodded as I looked around at all the crazy shops, "what is this place?"

He looked around, "this is the mage mall. It used to be shops around the city in random places."

He turned and gestured to a blue door with a large glass moon floating above it, "see the sergeant inside."

It took a couple of minutes to find the sergeant and two more to put my few things in a locker and then an hour to listen to a brief. I had never known magic was real or that there were real witches and wizards not to mention the strange animals or magical people. There were four levels to the mall and more than two hundred shops.

I also had a list of exceptions to the normal laws and some made sense while others bewildered me. I started on the first level which was the one I had come in on. I stopped at each shop to look and even speak with the shop keeper. Inside my shirt I wore an amulet that would protect me from magic and let me know if I was needed.

I was distracted by more than one shop and ate in front of one with tiny brownies as servers. I was on the third level when the amulet spoke, "theft in Green tea potion shop."

I looked at a directory before I started to walk fast towards the other end of the mall. I saw the shop and when I turned in an elderly lady started to leave. I blocked the door, "I am sorry ma'am but there has been a theft and I will need everyone to remain here."

She lifted a stick and glared before jerking her hand back and shaking it while cursing. I had felt a tingle against my chest. I growled as I realized this old woman had just tried to hurt me. I snatched the stick and spun her before I put restraints on her. I pushed her into the shop and looked around.

There were bottles of all sizes on shelves. The shelves were far from straight and went up or down like a wave. I looked at a short man in very colorful clothes, "is this the thief?"

He kept washing his hands and nodded, "she stole a bottle of Kelf's Dingle Root."

I had no idea what that was and was not sure I wanted to know. I had him write out a statement and took the woman and the bottle back to the station. The old woman cursed me the whole way and even kept trying to kick me. When I pushed her into the station the desk sergeant shook his head, "Mable what did I tell you the last time?"

She growled and spit and he came around the desk, "I will take her."

He gestured to the desk, "fill out your report for the magister while I have her searched and put in a cell."

I sat at his desk and started and glanced up when a green haired teenage girl walked in. She was stunning and wore a thin white blouse and a very short skirt. She grinned as she strutted to the desk, "you are new."

I smiled, "can I help you?"

She smirked, "yes."

I blushed and turned as the sergeant came back. He sighed, "Gwen how many times do I have to tell you..."

He stopped and looked at me and then cleared his throat, "Jas you are single right?"

I nodded and he grinned and looked at the girl, "maybe you are in luck."

He gestured and I stood and moved and he sat, "Jas this Gwen. She is a half breed dryad mage apprentice searching for a lover."

I looked at her quickly, "but she is..."

He chuckled, "old enough to take a lover. Finish the report and talk with her."

I took the comp screen I was doing the report on and looked at the girl before moving to the side. She followed and leaned on my shoulder when I sat. I started working on the report and glanced at her, "you are Gwen?"

She nodded and rubbed her breasts on me, "you know dryads are nymphs right?"

I smiled, "so that makes you a horny girl with magic."

She giggled, "yeah. My uncle is a seer and said if I kept coming here I would find a man."

I glanced at her, "no school?"

She shook her head, "my grandfather is teaching me and I have a tutor on the fourth floor that teaches math, reading and writing and all the normal stuff."

I finished the report and sent it into the pending que before I stood, "I have a break coming if you know of somepl..."

She grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the door, "thanks sergeant!"

She pulled me up the stairs to the fourth floor and down to a shop that was selling animated wooden pets that looks real. She waved at an old man in a comfortable chair, "I found him grandfather!"

I looked at the man as he chuckled before I was pulled through a curtain and into a large living area. She slowed and looked at me as she opened a door, "this is my room."

Her room looked like it was in a forest and under a huge oak tree. Thick green moss covered the floor like a carpet and the bed looked like it was solid wood. At least until she striped and jumped onto it and bounced. I caught an ankle and pulled her back to the edge and knelt while pushing her legs open.

I leaned closer and licked through her tight pussy and she shuddered, "mmmm!"

I grinned as I started teasing her clit and covered it to suck. She gasped and lifted her hips, "ooohhhh!"

She wiggled and squirmed while I kept licking her and then I started to nibble. She jerked and spasmed and thrashed around, "pleeaaasssseeeee!"

I straightened and stood and stripped while she moved into the middle of the bed. I moved onto the bed and over her and slowly forced my cock into her. She clutched me and her eyes went wide, "OH!"

I settled and started kissing her and pressing and rubbing. She squirmed and wiggled and finally humped as her pussy squeezed. She sighed and I pulled back a little and began to fuck her with short grinding thrusts. She grabbed me again and jerked as her tight pussy clenched, "aaahhhh!"

I laughed and kissed her again and kept fucking her. Several minutes and I was pulling almost out of her and then sinking my cock all the way back in. She struggled and jerked as she lifted her hips to meet each thrust, "yyyeeeesssss!"

Soon I was fucking her firmly and she was thrashing and bucking. Her slippery pussy was constantly grasping my cock and she was clinging to me, "fffuuucccckkkkk!"

I finally shoved into her and held her as I gushed sperm. She jerked as if burned and her pussy tightened and started to milk my cock, "YES!"

I held her while she squirmed and wiggled and when I was done she hugged me. I rolled and pushed her up, "one more time and then I have to go back to work."

One more time was long, hard and deep. Gwen rode me and shoved onto my cock as if she needed it deeper but there was no more room. When I pumped more sperm into her she jerked and her pussy milked my cock. She laid on me panting and gave me a kiss, "thanks."

I turned to dump her off and bent to suck on a nipple, "my name is Jas."

She shivered and grinned, "see you after you get off?"

I blinked, "you want more?"

She nodded and I grinned as I moved off the bed, "you are going to be one very cummy girl."

I looked around for my clothes but she gestured and I jerked and hopped as my clothes crawled onto me. I grinned at her, "thanks."

I left and walked through the shop and the old man chuckled and nodded to me. I walked the upper floor and then started down at a feeling. I caught a teenage boy threatening a man with a thick staff. He did not even see me until I snatched the staff out of his hand and shoved him against the wall.

I made six arrests, one right after another as I followed my feeling. I caught a pickpocket, a sneak thief, a mage assaulting a witch, two girls for some type of strange drug or potion. The last was a very large snake wrapped around a woman while a mage searched her purse. The snake was simple to get off once I put the restraints on the mage.

Gwen was waiting when I walked out of the station at the end of my shift. She grinned and slipped her arm through mine, "hungry?"

I nodded and she pulled me to the very end of the bottom level and into what reminded me of a Indian restaurant. Dinner was strange and familiar at the same time and then I paid and pulled Gwen after me. I took her out of the mall and across town to my set of rooms. I turned her after I closed the door and stripped her while she grinned.

It was a long time before I stopped fucking her and she kept doing something to keep my balls full. She slept half on me and that felt good too. I woke to my alarm and looked at the girl as she stretched. I grinned and rubbed a nipple before pulling her out of bed. First we went to the bathroom and then showered.

I put on a clean uniform and she put her dress back on. I hesitated to take my dirty uniform to the cleaners. Gwen gestured and it rolled up and jumped into her arms, "the cleaners in the mall is very good."

When we reached the mall we ate in a small café after I turned the uniform in to be washed. I kissed her and rubbed her cute butt, "see you for lunch."

She grinned as she walked away and I headed to the station. I caught a gang of four on the stairs as they tried to rob a witch and then two small men or leprechauns stealing gold from a fountain. I was just leaving the station to go up and see Gwen when she slipped her arm into mine. I grinned, "I was just on my way up to see you."

She was wearing a blue robe today and smiled as she hugged my arm, "I was just coming to bring you up to my bed."

I caressed her hand, "I could really use that."

When we walked into her grandfather's shop a very wide man was facing him, "you will pay us or there might be an accident with your granddaughter."

I moved ahead of Gwen, "there will be no accident."

The man spun and growled and my blood turned cold. He was very furry and his teeth had fangs or just very large canines. I moved towards him, "in fact if I see you in the mall again I will take you in and put you in a cage."

He took a step towards me with another growl and froze as his eyes snapped to my chest, "how..."

I struck straight into his throat and pulled my weapon and placed the barrel against his chest, "lets see if silver really does work."

He had gagged and started to move before freezing. He shifted and tried to back away, "it was just a misunderstanding."

I followed, "it was an extortion scheme and you are an enforcer."

He backed into the wall and looked for a way out, "I can give you..."

I tapped his chest with the barrel of my weapon, "who? Your pack?"

He shook his head, "they would never ... it was Herman."

I sighed, "Herman who?"

He looked at me and I cocked the pistol. He stiffened, "Herman Maldive Smythe. He is a vampire and sleeps in a flat just down the street from the mall."

I stepped back and gestured, "if anything happens to the shop or these people I will come for you. I will be letting your pack know so I suggest you start running if they are not part of this."

He spun and ran for the door as I lowered the hammer of my pistol. I looked at the old man and he grinned, "he will not return to his pack. They would kill him for exposing them to danger."

I put the pistol away, "I will still let the station know and they can call the pack leader."

Gwen caught my hand and pulled me into the other room and then into her bedroom. Before she reached her bed she was naked and pulling at my clothes. I pushed her hands away, "are you sure you are not all nymph?"

She grinned as she climbed onto her bed and I undressed. I moved after and over her and gave her a kiss while her hand guided my cock. I pushed into her very tight pussy and she sighed and wiggled. I gave her another kiss and started to fuck her and grind and she put her arms around me while her pussy squeezed.

A couple of minutes and she was wet and slippery and shuddering. I started to use firm strokes and she jerked and spasmed, "yyyeeeesssss!"

She began to struggle and buck and I fucked her hard and deep. Several more minutes and I shoved into her and pressed and started spurting and spewing cum. She thrashed around while her pussy milked my cock, "aaaahhhh!"

When I was done I hugged her and rolled before pushing her up, "one more time."

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