First Mage War

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: When the dark sorcerers began to gather an army to take over the world the white council called for a muster. My mother was a hedge mage and father a farmer... well he is now. He taught me everything I know and now I was going to join the army. Of course I did not expect the magical armor or weapons or the apprentice mage that was to become my mate.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I had walked a hundred leagues to reach Manour's tower and Keep. The large town next to the Keep had looked very busy with more people than I had ever seen. I went through it and towards the huge camp of the soldiers. There was an open call for men and I was answering it. Zern had began gathering dark sorcerers so the white council was answering him.

I stood at the end of a long line to sign in and was directed to a field. I set my pack down at a gesture from a soldier with greying hair. There were several men on the field sparing with different weapons. The man watched me and snorted at the heavy iron sword over my shoulder, "first we will see how you do without weapons."

I nodded, "I was told to warn you."

He sighed, "okay farmer I am warned."

I opened and then closed my mouth and moved towards him. I shifted and he lunged and reached for me. I slid to the side and caught his right wrist with my right hand. I turned as I twisted and bent it and snapped a kick behind his right knee. He jerked as his arm was straightened and went to his knee.

I spun the other way as I pulled and he went straight down onto his face. I bent the arm and cleared my throat, "normally I would snap the arm and then stomp on the back of the neck."

He turned his head and stared at me, "I think you pass."

I let him go and bent to help him up as he cradled his arm. He looked at me and shook his head, "go to the tall slim man at the end."

I looked and nodded and walked towards the man he had told me about. He moved smoothly and his eyes flickered over my sword, "pick a practice blade farmer."

The rack was full of weighted practice weapons and I looked at a few before I pulled one out. I looked at a man in a officer uniform with a grey robed wizard beside him. I returned to the tall man and he lifted another practice sword, "attack me."

I shrugged and moved into a stance and slid closer while watching him and around me. I knew how he would react by the way he moved and swung. I slipped my off hand onto the sword as he blocked high and started to slid in. I had twisted the blade and snapped it down as he lunged with a practice dagger.

He twisted and tried to avoid the long blade of my practice sword but it was to late and I pulled it at the last moment. It still struck his right shoulder beside the neck. He dropped his sword and went to his knee in pain. I spun the heavy practice sword and stabbed it into the ground.

I moved forward and moved his hand and pushed mine under the practice padding, "I am sorry. I thought you would catch it."

He snorted, "you are very fast kid."

I closed my eyes as I thought of how the muscles should be and whispered. I felt the magic come and the heat and healing power flowed in and under my hand and he stiffened. I opened my eyes and looked at him as I pulled my hand out, "better?"

He was staring at me and I blushed, "I do not have enough magic to be an apprentice so..."

He stood and gestured, "see the bow master."

I tried to ignore the wizard and officer as I went to put the practice sword away. I crossed to the archer lanes and waited. The men had mage create soldiers charge them from a hundred paces and had to shoot as many as they could. When it was my turn I tied the quiver with a dozen arrows to my right hip.

I nodded and the bow master gestured and I pulled an arrow. I slipped it between the bow and string and nocked it. I pulled it back, aimed and released and reached for another arrow to do it again. The last target fell five paces away and I relaxed and looked at the bow master who was staring at me strangely.

I grinned, "I hunt birds with blunt tips."

He grinned and gestured, "see the..."

He stopped and I turned as the officer gestured and I moved towards him, "sir?"

I glanced at the wizard and the officer cleared his throat, "go to the armory and draw weapons and armor."

I nodded and went to get my pack and headed to the Keep. Several men gave me directions until I was standing in the doorway looking at dozens of men being fitted with chain. Something drew me to the left side and an empty arch. I placed my hand on the wall and it began to turn and open to show another armory.

When I stepped into the large room it began to grow brighter until the room was full of light. I looked at racks of chain and scale and plate armor and slowly undressed. I touched each set as I walked the racks and stopped at a set of silvery scale. I looked at the thin silver chain at the neck and lifted it.

In the middle was a crystal tear inside a silver cage. The tear glowed gently as I unhooked the end from the shoulder of the scale and put it around my neck. It settled in the hallow of my throat as I reached under the shirt and pulled out the pants. It was not normal for chain or scale to have pants but I did not think about it.

When I put them on they shifted as if adjusting and then I was putting the shirt on. Like the pants it shifted and molded itself to my body. I felt much stronger and somehow knew I would be faster. I put my clothes on over the scale and began to search the room. When I found the black bracer I felt it before I put it on my left wrist and arm.

I moved towards the weapons and touched daggers and long knives. I took a long knife in a left handed sheath and a sword breaker and then a small double edged dagger. I found a black metal belt that almost looked like it was a serpent. It even had a black metal scale purse and I started putting weapons on.

The long knife had a green hilt with a lion's head with two glowing green eyes on the pommel. It went on my left thigh and felt as if it belonged there. Next was the sword breaker, the hilt was a light blue that was almost grey. The pommel was in the shape of a wolf head with two bright blue eyes.

It went across the back of the belt with the hilt to the left. The small dagger had a white milky hilt with the pommel shaped like a hawk. The eyes were clear gems that could only be diamonds. I looked at the waist high bench and found boots like the belt. They did not have a solid bottom like most and felt supple.

When I put them on they shimmered and shrank to fit my feet and I slipped the dagger into the top of the right boot. I moved to the swords and looked at each before touching. I slowly lifted a slim silver one that had a slight curve. The pommel was in the shape of a dragon's head with red glowing rubies for eyes.

I took the chain belt and put it over my right shoulder and attached it to the left hip. I slipped the sword back into the sheath and started to leave. I froze when I saw the bows in one corner. I moved to them and a white one that reminded me of bone drew my eye. The string looked like braided silver chain and there was a quiver with a dozen white arrows.

I lifted it and weighed it in my hand before unwinding the string and bending the bow. I attached the quiver to my belt on the right hip and then pulled the string back to test the pull. I was more than pleased and grabbed my pack and turned and walked out. I did not even notice when the room darkened behind me or when the wall closed.

I was walking out of the Keep and started back towards the field to find the officer. I lifted the scale hood and it shifted and adjusted to fit my head and everything seemed sharper. I was almost to the field when things seemed to jump out at me. I stopped as my right hand automatically reached for an arrow.

Three men with bows were to the right by a tree and they were looking at the wizard and the officer. To the left were four men in long cloaks that did not hide the naked swords in their hands. Across the field a man in a black robe almost seemed to shout at me. I pulled an arrow as one of the men with bows lifted it.

He pulled and fired and time was suddenly very slow as I changed aim and fired. I pulled another arrow and aimed at the man beside the first bowman as he lifted his bow. I fired and pulled an arrow and fired at the third and then pulled another arrow to shoot at the first man. My first arrow struck the arrow heading for the wizard and knocked it out of the air.

My second, third and fourth took each of the men in the chest. I shifted as the four men in cloaks charged with the swords out and began to shoot them. Time was still creeping as I let the last arrow fly and spun and lifted my left arm. A spell from a teenage girl struck the bracer and it sparkled as I felt my whole body tingle, "not me girl!"

I spun as I pulled another arrow and aimed across the field. Everyone was reacting as the man in the back robe was gesturing and I knew he was doing a spell. I released and watched the arrow streak into the air and over the field. It was a long shot but it slammed into the man and he was suddenly engulfed in flames.

I looked back at the apprentice girl as time started moving again. Her eyes were huge as I shook my head and turned to head for the officer. I glanced at my hip and the quiver and blinked when I saw it was full. I stopped when I reached the officer, "are you okay sir?"

He snorted, "you are very good lad. How did you know?"

I glanced at the wizard who was chanting and felt something moving from the burning sorcerer across the field and to him. I pushed the scale hood off, "I saw the bowmen first and they were not watching the field or what was happening. The four men with swords wore long cloaks but the blade tips of the swords were exposed."

I gestured across the field to the sorcerer that was slowly turning to ash, "he was wearing a black robe which seemed to shout what he was."

The wizard turned and looked at what I was wearing and then glanced behind me, "and one of the apprentices threw a spell at you."

I glanced back to see the girl with her face red, "the bracer caught it."

He snorted, "she was not paying proper attention."

He looked at me and smiled, "you may use her for as long as you like."

He started walking and I looked after him and then at the officer who shook his head, "get with the senior sergeant lad. Tell him I said you get a room to yourself."

He walked away and I turned and looked at the pale faced girl. I shook my head and started for one of the men that had been testing others. The girl followed as I got directions and finally found the senior sergeant. He actually looked like he knew what was happening. He listened when I told him what the officer said.

That was when I found out the officer had been the king's marshal. The room the senior sergeant directed me to was small and the girl followed as I opened the door. I looked at the bed and set my pack down and turned to her. She shifted and I frowned, "what?"

She sighed, "master Dominic said you could use me."

I looked at her and smiled, "after dinner you come find me and we will talk."

She nodded and looked at the bed and turned to leave. I went back to the senior sergeant and he sent me to one of other sergeants. After that I was training with a dozen men using heavy swords and even heavier armor. After the sergeant sent us to eat I headed to the room and set my bow on the bed with the quiver.

I went down to the busy and loud dining hall and a girl brought me a large bread bowl of stew and a chunk of cheese. When I was done I got directions to the baths and started looking. I glanced at the apprentice when she appeared to walk beside me, "have you taken a bath?"

She shook her head and showed me the way. It was a long room with a couple of dozen clay fired tubs along one wall. We stopped at the end and I began to undress and the girl hesitated before she took her clothes off. With her robe you would never guess she had a stunning body. I was careful as I set my things on the bench across from a bath.

Two pipes behind the tub filled it, one had cold water and the other was from a large water boiler. I sat and leaned back in the long tub with a sigh and closed my eyes. The girl giggled and I turned my head to look at her. She smiled, "you like it?"

I nodded, "my mother is a hedge mage and my father a ... farmer. My mother always said warm water healed the body aches and calmed the mind."

She grinned as she put her head back, "I like baths."

I soaked for awhile before I started to wash the sweat and grim off. When I was done I stood and stepped out and frowned as I looked for a towel or rag to dry off. The girl waved and I felt warm air and then I was dry. I smiled, "thank you."

She nodded as she put her robe back on and I began to dress, "I am William."

She looked at me and finally sighed, "Gin ... Gwendolyn."

I looked at her, "but you like Gin."

She nodded as she blushed, "that was what my mother called me."

We walked through the Keep and I opened the door to our room. I looked at the two tall chests that had appeared against one wall. I smiled and walked to the bed and moved the bow and quiver. I undressed slowly and glanced at Gin as she blushed and took her robe off. She moved to the bed and lay back and opened her legs.

She just lay there and I finally smiled and knelt. I pulled her around and to the edge before pushing her legs open and leaning down. I started to lick through her pussy and she shivered and relaxed. A minute and she lifted her hips and shivered again. When I began to nibble and suck on her clit she gasped and shuddered hard while trying to close her legs.

I looked up and grinned and she giggled. I stood and helped her turn before I moved over her and slowly forced my cock into her extremely tight pussy. I held her and gave her a kiss while she shifted and wiggled as if to get comfortable. I smiled and whispered, "spread and lift your legs and tilt your hips."

She looked at me and then did what I told her. She sighed and hugged me as her tight pussy squeezed, "that is better."

She looked at me and I started to press and rub and grind. She shuddered and then smiled as I kept it up and her pussy became slippery. After awhile she bucked and struggled and her pussy clenched, "ooohhhh!"

She kept jerking and shaking as I pulled back to fuck her with deep, grinding thrusts. It was not long before she was clinging to me and wailing as she thrashed. I fucked her hard and she only spasmed and jerked harder. I finally shoved into her and pressed while kissing her and pumping huge spurts of seed.

She gasped and wiggled as her pussy milked my cock, "mmmm!"

She squirmed and hugged me as I spent myself inside her. I relaxed while she panted and shivered. I gave her another kiss, "ready for more?"

Her eyes widened, "more?"

I laughed as I began to fuck her slimy pussy again. It was a long time before I stopped and only held her while she fell asleep. I woke to a knock on the door and caressed Gin's hip. She shifted and lifted her head, "more?"

I smiled, "it is time to get up."

She smiled as she stretched and I stared at her pretty nipples. She giggled and rolled onto me and gave me a kiss, "horny warrior."

I grinned as I caressed her hips, "see you tonight?"

She nodded and moved off the bed. I followed and dressed carefully before I took the bow and attached the quiver. I slipped out as she washed her pussy from a basin of water that had just appeared. The few days left of the muster went quickly. During the day I used practice weapons and fought older and more experienced soldiers and spent the nights with Gin.

We marched out behind the officers, knights, wizards and mages that rode horses ahead of us. The long column of supply wagons followed us. The march was long, hot, dusty and sweaty and ended in a low pass a week later. Scouts had returned with news that was sent down the column.

The enemy sorcerers had set up positions on the other side of the pass. Their army was human but enspelled so we expected to be pressed. I slipped into the tent Gin had conjured and she frowned as she rubbed her temples, "not now William."

I smiled as I set my bow aside and crossed to her, "whenever my sweet apprentice."

I turned her and pushed her down on the bed, "relax."

I sat beside her and started to rub and knead her back. She groaned and shifted, "ooohhh!"

I chuckled, "you say that a lot."

She giggled and I leaned forward and started a scalp massage, "you try to hard."

She snorted, "you do not know about magic."

I smiled and bent to kiss her shoulder, "but I do know people. I will wager your first child."

She twisted and looked back, "for?"

I gave her a kiss, "for mine."

She smiled and caressed my face, "and the wager is?"

I started to remove her clothes, "I will wager I can help you do that transmutation spell you are stuck on."

She shook her head as she let me pull her clothes off, "fine."

I looked at her trunks, "see the washing basin?"

She nodded and I stood to undress, "you are going to turn it into silver."

I rolled her onto her stomach and spread her legs with my knees. I laid forward and kissed her neck, "do not think about it until I tell you to do it."

Gin loved it when I took her from behind and I shifted and slowly pushed into her. I pulled her hips as I moved back onto my knees. I started to fuck her with tiny thrusts and she shivered and sighed. She kept her head and shoulders on the bed while her tight pussy clenched, "mmmm ... you know I love it when I do it this way."

I smiled as I held her hip with one hand and used the thumb of the other to start rubbing her asshole. She shuddered and pushed back as her pussy gripped my cock, "ooohhhh!"

I slowly started to use short thrusts but planted my cock firmly each time. She shifted and squirmed as she pushed back, "harder."

I rubbed and pressed my thumb into her ass and she gasped and jerked while her pussy clenched hard, "YES!"

She pulled away and shoved back and I began to fuck her slippery pussy with longer thrusts. I fucked the tip of my thumb in and out of her ass and she shook and spasmed, "fffuuucccckkkkk!"

I fucked her hard and deep and she screamed and kept jerking, "WILLIAM!"

It was another minute before I shoved into her and buried my thumb too, "change the basin now."

She was convulsing and struggling while I pumped seed into her. She gestured and shouted and the basin blurred and changed. She sagged to the bed panting and my cock and thumb slipped out. I laid beside her, "your head still hurt?"

She giggled and turned to kiss me, "no you stinker."

I shifted and nodded to the basin, "and you changed the basin to silver."

She gasped as she sat up, "how!"

I laughed as I pulled her down on her back and moved over her, "I told you."

I pushed back into her slimy pussy and turned to look at the door as the old wizard chuckled. I settled on Gin and she peeked around me, "master?"

The wizard nodded to the basin, "he is correct apprentice. If you know the spell the magic will come without being forced. See me in the morning for your next lesson."

He walked out and she looked at me and I grinned as I humped, "where was I?"

She giggled and lifted her hips, "inside me trying to get me with child."

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