by Ka Hmnd

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Fiction Sex Story: This is a fictional account for a friend that was there. When politicians and brass sell out our own people first they must get clear and then find a way out of the jungle. The first time we thought it was a mistake or a military screw up. The second time we knew we had been set up. When a general confirmed the politicians were selling us out it was time to leave and get even.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I followed the point man and tried to avoid the wait a minute vines. The thorns caught or snagged on everything and my arms and hands had more than a few scratches. There were only four of us instead of six and we did not have support. Most of the time we slipped into enemy areas at night and set up ambushes to kill them.

We were one of many hunter killer teams that worked behind the enemy lines. If we were caught we would be killed. Besides command detonated mines the heaviest weapon was our M14 rifles. We all had traded to get pistols and mine was a colt 1911 forty five. Besides the rifle and pistol I also carried a cut down browning semi auto shotgun.

The point man stopped and held up his fist and I knelt and faced to the left. Dex moved up past me a moment later and whispered with the point man. On the way back he whispered to me, "a enemy company setting up a base camp."

I nodded as he continued back and warned Richards. The last man or our point man was Mason. My name is Knight, Daniel Knight. I stood as Mason stood and followed as he went to the left. There had been no reports of enemy in this area so a company moving through was unusual.

The brush grew thicker with more wait a minute vines. Those I was not worried about, it was some of the trees. They had two inch barbed thorns on the trunks and if you got stuck they had to be cut out. They also had the damn vines on them and more than one viper. Mason knelt and I followed as he turned and gestured to the left.

I turned to echo it to Richards who told Dex. We were quiet as the jungle went silent and men came through the thick brush thirty meters away. They were following a trail and heading back the way we came which meant they would cross our tracks. We knew what that meant but a moment later there was a boom of thunder and suddenly the world went dark.

The rain was so heavy we were breathing it in as it soaked us. We continued moving and slipped down and into a stream bed and turned right. There was shrieking screams that seemed to drop from the dark sky. The first huge explosion shook the world and I dove into the water in reflex. I was not the only one as more explosions ripped the jungle apart.

It jarred me to my bones as I held my hands over my ears. The earth was rumbling and thudding and pounding as the explosions came so close together they seemed to overlap. Trees above and around us were shredded as the explosions came closer and finally it stopped. I felt as if I had been beaten and groaned while struggling up out of the debris on me.

My whole body felt like it was one huge bruise. The others stood and I was not the only one bleeding from my nose and ears. We stared back the way we had come which was supposed to be our operational area. I doubt if anything was still alive and that included the enemy. We looked at each other and Dex gestured and Mason nodded.

We struggled through the debris and finally reached the jungle. Slowly we moved around the devastation and headed to our pick up site. Hours passed but the chopper never came and Dex finally gestured, "south Mason. We are walking out."

A week later we walked out of the jungle and onto a road leading to a firebase. We were out of pain killers and uppers and still hurting. It was six hours before we could get a ride south. When we walked into headquarters the operations officer looked at us, "you are alive?"

The way he said it made my hair stand up as Dex growled, "what happened to our pick up?"

The major glanced around, "we thought you were dead. We did not know the Air Force was going to do a strike until they did it."

The way he would not look at us made me think he was lying and I was sure Dex and the others knew. We ignored the after action debriefing and went to clean weapons and put them away. I stopped to get money before I left the base. I walked through the city and to my set of rooms. The first thing I did was strip and shower and then put on clean clothes.

I went to pay the rent for the rooms and then headed to a local restaurant. I ate here a lot and knew most of the locals. I smiled at an older woman I had known since I had first gotten here. I was sitting alone and she was with a teenage girl that was very pretty. All the other tables were full and she crossed the room with the girl following.

I gestured to the other chairs and she sat with the girl beside her and I smiled, "how are you?"

She was polite like always, "good."

I looked at the girl and the old woman smiled, "this is Kim."

I bowed my head, "hello I am Daniel."

She winked and I do not know why but my cock got hard. Dinner was interesting because while I talked with both of them the girl kept hinting and making innuendo that kept my cock stiff. The old woman finally laughed as I paid for dinner, "take her to bed before she rapes you right here on the table."

Kim grinned as she stood and reached for my hand and I let her pull me after her. I pulled her the other way, "my rooms are this way."

She slipped an arm through mine as we walked back to the building my rooms were in. When I closed and locked the door she looked around the living area while taking her clothes off, "you do not have much."

I looked at her body as I began to undress, "I am not here much and do not have anyone to share it with."

She grinned when she was naked and rubbed my chest before turning to walk towards the other room. I followed as I finished and stalked after her as she laid on the bed. I moved over her and kissed her and began to kiss down her body. I stopped to kiss and then give each beautiful nipple a suck before continuing down.

She opened and spread her legs as I moved between them and looked at her lovely pussy. I licked through it and she shivered and lifted her hips. I started to wiggle the tip of my tongue on her clit and she humped and kept shaking. A few minutes and I was sucking and gently nibbling. She twisted and jerked and bucked as she wailed.

When she finally pushed my face back and covered her pussy I moved up and over her. I kissed her as she panted and then lifted and slowly forced my cock into her extremely tight pussy. She shifted and spread her legs while tilting her hips, "mmmm!"

I buried my cock while still kissing her and began to press and rub. She hugged me and shivered and her pussy clenched. After a couple of minutes she humped and I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly. She shuddered and lifted her hips to meet each stroke, "ooohhhh!"

I continued to fuck her and sink my cock as deep as I could into her warm pussy each time. Several minutes and she shuddered and jerked and began to buck, "yyyeeeesssss!"

Her tight pussy rippled and kept grasping as I fucked her. I pressed into her and rubbed when I buried my cock. After awhile she was clutching me and bucking as her pussy squeezed, "YES!"

Finally I pushed into her and held her while pumping years worth of sperm. She jerked and spasmed as she hugged me, "mmmm!"

When I was done she was panting and shivering. She grinned and rolled and sat up and started to thrust and rub her pussy on me as it leaked cum around my cock. It was awhile before I pulled my cock out of her extremely slimy pussy and held her while we slept. It was nice waking up to her against me too.

We washed together and I was reluctant to leave but had to meet my team. I kissed her and left and could not stop thinking of her all the way back to base. We spent the day reading intel reports and looking at maps. It would be a few days before we went back out and were planning the mission.

What made us pause was the way the upper brass or intel people kept slipping in to see how we were doing. I think Dex realized something was off because he quietly moved our route a few kilometers from where we were really going to be. Each night I returned to my rooms and found Kim waiting.

We ate together in different places she took me to and went to watch plays. I made sure the room was paid up for a few weeks. I gave Kim money for food the last afternoon I was with her before going out. The helicopter that took us out made several false landings and Dex spoke with the crew chief.

On the one before the landing zone we were supposed to use we bailed out. The helicopter never touched the ground and lifted off as we came to a knee. The jungle was silent as we moved towards it and within moments it was full of sound. We moved silently and listened and watched the jungle around us.

By morning we were a dozen kilometers from the landing zone and six from the route we had mapped out. As the sun rose the jungle became louder while we rested. When it went silent we shifted and started searching and I gestured to the others when I saw the enemy. It was a small patrol moving towards the area we were supposed to be in.

We spread out and Dex gestured and pulled a grenade. Everyone copied him and when he nodded we pulled the pins and tossed them. The jungle exploded and we began to fire into the few enemy still alive. I was changing the magazine in my rifle when an enemy soldier rushed towards me. I reached up and yanked out my cut down shotgun.

I fired as I pointed it and he dropped and I shifted and pointed at another that suddenly appeared. I fired and his face vanished in a spray of blood as he went down. I put the shotgun away as Dex yelled, "fall back!"

I slapped a new magazine into my rifle as I backed into the bushes behind us. I fired into several soldiers before I spun and moved after Mason and Dex with Richards following. It was awhile before we broke contact. Dex signaled and we turned and paralleled our original course. We moved slowly and more than once stopped when we heard the enemy.

It was like they were all along the route we had planned to use and were patrolling out from it. When Dex called in that we had reached our objective I had a bad feeling. I guess I was not the only one paranoid because Dex gestured to Mason and shut the radio off. We were several kilometers from the planned objective but started moving away.

We heard the enemy several minutes later as they seemed to be in a hurry to get out of the area. Mason led us around a low ridge and Dex gestured for us to stop and set up a perimeter. We looked at each other when we heard the planes. It was not long before the earth shook with huge rolling explosions on the other side of the low ridge.

It went on for what felt like a long time before it stopped and we were left in a silent jungle. This time we knew someone on our own side had tried to kill us. There was an orange glow from the other side of the ridge. Someone had not only dropped bombs but napalm which was still burning.

Dex hissed, "that was no accident."

He stood, "southwest Mason. Head for PZ delta and watch out for an ambush."

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