Alexandra and Muriel Find Love

by gen. cardinal

Copyright© 2015 by gen. cardinal

Erotic Sex Story: Alexandra and Muriel bond over sex and other delights

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Enema   Scatology   .

It was a warm spring day when Muriel and Alexandra stepped off of the school bus. They walked to the gray two story house where Alexandra lived. She pulled her house key from her shorts and they went inside. Alexandra's mother was working this afternoon, so the pair had the run of the house. They went up to Alexandra's room where they took off their shoes and flopped on the bed. Alexandra noticed that Muriel still didn't have the bright spark in her eyes like she usually did. "Are you feeling okay, Muriel?"

"Well, not really. It's kind of personal."


"Yeah, personal."

"Really deep and personal since we change in gym, and stuff?" Asked Alexandra. They had seen each other in various states of undress at most points in their lives.

"Well, I really haven't gone to the bathroom in a few days." Replied Muriel slowly.

Slowly the wheels started turning in Alexandra's mind. She had cared for her friend and wondered how uncomfortable she must be feeling. She wondered if Muriel had any feelings for her. She had caught her friend looking at her body when she was getting changed for gym, or getting out of her clothes for swimming class as they had to swim nude. Alexandra took this time to admire the other girl's bodies. She loved the swell of the other girl's breasts, their buttocks, and the variety of pubic hair the girls had. Some had full mounds of hair, some trimmed and others had pubic hair shaved completely off. Alexandra got excited when she gazed upon the bodies of her school-mates. She didn't get those feelings when she went out on a few dates with the boys she knew. Muriel didn't have a steady boyfriend either, so Alexandra wondered if she felt the same way she did.

"I can help you out, Muriel." Alexandra said softly.

"You can?" Muriel replied with a puzzled look on her face.

"Yes, it's something I've been doing for awhile now. It isn't drugs or anything if that's what your thinking."

"Well, then I might let you. What do you do?"

"I give myself enemas." Came the slow reply.

"Enemas. What are those?" Muriel questioned.

"It's like a shower for your insides. It makes it easier for you to go. They feel wonderful to me."

"I still don't know. Will it hurt?"

"It won't hurt, but it'll make you feel uncomfortable. I can show you the equipment if you'd like."

"alright that will help." Muriel sounded more relaxed at that point wanting to get the waste out of

her body.

Alexandra went to the bathroom and pulled her bag and kit from the shelf. She smelled the red rubber and smiled softly. She wanted to share the joy of enemas that she knew with her friend. Alexandra walked back to the bathroom and sat the kit on the bed. The water goes in the bag, through the hose, and finally through the tip to your insides."

"Well, if it will help me feel better I'll try it." Muriel said haltingly.

"Alright then, I'll need you to get undressed from the waist down and make yourself comfy on my bed."

ordered Alexandra softly.

Alexandra turned around and went back to the bathroom. She turned on the faucet and adjusted the water to her liking. Alexandra filled the bag halfway and added some soap. She found that the soap helped clear her out when she was clogged the most, so it should help her friend as well. Alexandra attached the hose and shook the bag mixing the solution. Alexandra opened the clamp and let the water flow throw the hose getting rid of the excess air. Alexandra grabbed the Vaseline and went to her mother's bedroom getting the iv. pole. She finally went to her bedroom where she saw her friend like she had requested. Muriel was laying down with her head facing the window. She was naked as requested, and the swell of her buttocks excited Alexandra.

"Muriel, I want you to lay on your left side and draw your right leg up."

"Like this?" Muriel said as she got into position.

"Perfect. Now I need to lubricate your anus so the nozzle will go in easily."

"Oh my goodness, I'm so embarrassed." squeaked Muriel.

"It's okay, were both girls."

"I know, but this is the first time someone else will see me." Came the timid reply.

Alexandra opened the Vaseline and smeared some on her finger tip. She spread her friends buttocks and gazed upon the hole. It was tight and a healthy pink. Alexandra could also see Muriel's sex. It was lightly haired and her lips were thin. Her finger came into contact with her friend and she gasped slightly. Alexandra moved her finger in circles. Muriel relaxed. Alexandra slowly stared to push her finger into her friend. It went in easily. Alexandra held still fir a few seconds and withdrew. She wiped her finger on some tissues and grabbed the hose. She spread her friend open again and placed the long nozzle against her friend. "I'm going to insert the nozzle Muriel. I want you to push out like your moving your bowels."

"Are you sure this won't hurt?" Muriel asked again.

"No, it won't". Alexandra saw Muriel push and inserted the nozzle all the way in. "It's in."

"It doesn't feel that big."

"No it isn't. Now I'm going to start the water." Alexandra opened the clamp. Muriel gasped at the feeling of water

entering her body. Alexandra let the water flow and pinched the tube. She kept this up for a few minutes.

"Alexandra, I think I'm cramping up."

Alexandra closed the clamp, "breathe deeply until it passes Muriel."

Muriel breathed deeply for a few breaths. She could feel her insides try to expand to fit both the warm water and the accumulated waste. She could feel the water loosing up several days of bad meals. The squeezing in her colon had stopped. "I'm ready again."

Alexandra opened the clap again and let it flow for a few seconds. She squeezed the tube closed for a few seconds. She opened the tube again and let the water finish flowing into her friend. Alexandra closed the clamp and removed the nozzle from her friend. "I want you to roll over onto your back so I can massage your stomach Muriel."


Muriel rolled over and exposed her lower half. She said nothing as Alexandra's hands went to her stomach. Her hands were soft on her friends body as she touched her in an intimate way. Alexandra noticed that Muriel didn't shave her pubic hair. It was light and red like the hair on her head. Alexandra tried to break up the mass in her friend's stomach on the outside. Suddenly the cramping became too intense for Muriel. "Alexandra I need to go."

"Alright, when you go sit towards the front of the toilet and lean back and relax on the tank. Also try not to push out too hard."

"Okay, lemme at the bathroom." Came the quick reply. Muriel went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet as requested. She had to wait a few seconds before the torrent of water and feces burst forth from her body. Muriel wondered why the usual bad smell of her poop. Muriel peeked between her coltish legs and looked down. She saw that the water was foamy at the top and smelled of peppermint. Muriel also noticed that she was getting wet in her pussy. She had felt this before but had never acted on it. Her hand crept between her legs and felt her clit. It was hard and she rubbed it a few times. Muriel felt her pussy tighten and tingle. Muriel felt her stomach contract and the rest of the enema burst from her body. Muriel pulled her hand away and cleaned herself up. She looked into the toilet and all she saw was a white frothy mess. Muriel flushed the toilet and went back to the bedroom.

"how about some music?" Asked Muriel.

"Sure, put that album on you got for your birthday."

Alexandra started the record player and took the equipment to the bathroom to clean up a bit. When she went back to her bedroom, she notice that Muriel had put her panties back on. They were white with lace trim around the openings. "How was your first enema?"

"It was kinda odd, but I feel lighter now."

"I feel the same way after mine."

"You do them too?"

"Of course. About once a week."

"How did you learn about them?" Asked Muriel forgetting Alexandra's mom was a nurse.

"My mom taught me."

"Wow I forgot."

"Yup. Ready for round two?" Asked Alexandra with a hint of excitement.

"Another one?" came the incredulous reply.

"Yeah, I was thinking about three. I want all the soap out of your body."

"If you say so. You're the expert."

Alexandra gave a little chuckle as she went and refiled the bag. She added some salt from a small container on the sink ledge. She went back to her room. Muriel was face down on her bed. She looked back at her friend carrying the bulging bag. Muriel's eyes came out of her head at the sight. "I'll be able to all of that?"

"Yeah, I can take more than this. Assume the position."

Muriel slid her panties down her thighs. She rolled over to her side to finish the job. Her right leg came up exposing her anus and sex. Alexandra opened up the Vaseline and grabbed a small blob. "I'm going to lube you up again Muriel."


Alexandra split her friend open and touched her friend's secret place. Muriel gave a small shiver at the contact. Alexandra pushed and entered. She waited a few seconds and started to pull her finger out. Alexandra pushed her finger all the way inside. Muriel gasped again. She became excited at the touch. She didn't want her friend to think she was weird. Alexander pushed and pulled her finger several times. She thought she could fell her friend tighten up when she pulled out. Alexandra pushed the nozzle inside and opened the clamp. Water began to flow and she pinched the tube closed. "Feel okay?"

"Yeah, it still feels strange." Muriel could feel her insides expand at the water. The water was sliding into her body nicely. Her body started to tingle. Her sex got moist from the new sensations. Alexandra was also becoming excited at the scene in front of her. her nipples tightened up like she was cold, and her panties also became moist. She wondered how much of her friend she could actually see. She announced, "I'd like for you to roll over onto your back."

A small war went through Muriel's mind. Should she let her friend see her exposed? She was wondering what else could be in store for her. Wordlessly she rolled over and let her legs fall open slightly. A blush came on her cheeks and chest. Muriel stared up at the ceiling. Alexandra grew even more excited at the sight of her friend. Her friend's sex started to open sexually. Her lips were starting to become engorged with blood and open. It exposed her clit and womb. Alexandra could feel that the same thing was happening to her as well. She opened the clamp and let the water flow again. Muriel gave a small moan and arched her back. "I'm going to start massaging your abdomen okay?"

Muriel let the thought roll around in her head. She had wanted a nice person to see her exposed for the first time. She didn't think it would be Alexandra. A few years ago at a slumber party with a few other girls, the girls had practiced kissing with each other. Muriel had felt that Alexandra's lips had lingered on hers for a few more seconds then necessary. Muriel had wanted to go further than kissing but the other girls would think that was weird. Muriel was ready to take this step and hopefully become a woman. She took a deep breath and rolled onto her back. She pulled her knees back to her chest. She closed her eyes and let her knees spread. Muriel heard the clamp again and felt the water start to flow through her body.

Alexandra surveyed the scene before her. Her friend was wide exposed. Muriel's nipples became very erect. Alexandra sat on the bed next to her friend on her bed. Her hands went to her friend's body and started to massage the water deeper. Every so often her hands would drift down to her friend's mound. Her fingers started to roam the lightly trimmed pubic hair. It felt course to the touch. Alexandra had shaved hers off since it started to grow. The bag had started to gurgle that it was empty. Alexandra closed the clamp on the bag and started to massage up her friends body. Her hands soon ended up on the swell of Muriel's breasts. Muriel's breathing became even more ragged. Her eye's shot open and pulled the nozzle from her body. She took off to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. A torrent burst from her body. Muriel shifted her pelvis to the front and leaned back against the tank. Her legs splayed apart and Muriel looked down into the toilet. She was curious to see that stuff was still coming from her body. Muriel's hands came up to her nipples. they were rock hard. She massaged them gently. Electric sparks shot to her clit. Muriel gasped. One hand remained on her tight teat and the other went to her hot sex. her fingers found her clit easily. It was firm and protruded from its hiding spot. Muriel's fingers rubbed it in circles. She could feel her pussy moisten. As her fingers continued their dance, her pussy started to spasm. Muriel started to moan out as her orgasm hit her. Her pussy contracted as jolts of lighting flew out of it to her nipples. Muriel shook on the toilet a few times as her orgasm finished. She wondered what her mother would say if she had seen the scene in front of her. Her mother would probably yank her from the toilet and spank her on her bare bottom.

Alexandra was not lost to the sounds coming out of the bathroom. Alexandra had pulled of her pants and sat at her desk. she pulled her legs up and stared down at her crotch. Her panties were soaked. She could see the outlines of her lips. Her hand traced up and down her inflamed lips. Her other hand went to her chest. Her nipples were tight and Alexandra started to tug on one through her shirt. Alexandra slid her hand under her panties and slid it into her pussy. The virginal cavern was hot and moist. Alexandra pulled some moisture from her pussy onto her hard clit. her fingers started to work it in fast circles. Alexandra pulled on her on nipple harder. Pretty soon Alexandra started to orgasm. Her pussy started to contract and electric shooted from her clit to her nipples. Alexandra had to bite her lip to keep from screaming out. Alexandra pulled her hand from her panties and stood up. She pulled her panties off and went to her dresser. She opened up her underwear drawer and pulled out a thong. She hand not worn it before. It was baby blue and her mother bought it for her on a whim. Her mother said she could wear it on a hot date. This caused Alexandra to blush furiously. She had pushed it to the back of her drawer and forgot about it. Alexandra pulled the tiny garment up her legs and tried to adjust the garment.

"Want a pair of shorts?"

"Sure, that would be nice." Alexandra handed her an equally pair of short shorts. Muriel pulled them up her coltish legs. Muriel blushed a little bit. They framed her butt perfectly. Alexandra's mouth started to water as she looked at her friend. Alexandra pulled another pair of tiny shorts from a drawer. She bent over to pull them on giving her friend a nice view of her bottom and covered mound. They went down stairs and went to the kitchen. Alexandra pulled out cups from the cupboard and tee from the fridge. She poured two glasses and sat down at the table. "feeling any better?"

"Yes, I am actually. That was a bit easier than taking a laxative. Although the soap burned a bit though. But The bathroom didn't smell bad."


"I kinda figured the first one would smell bad, plus the soap gets things going again." Alexandra started to run her foot up her friends calf. Muriel gave her friend a half smile. "I still haven't found anyone to hang out with this summer, its going to be boring."

"Do you mean a boyfriend?"

"Yeah, the boys here are immature. Plus I might have to do things with them to keep them hanging out with me."

"I know what you mean. I don't think I could touch a penis." Muriel said. Both of their glasses were empty. Muriel stood up and stretched showing off her breasts. Alexandra stood up as well and grabbed her friends hand. "Time for the finale, Muriel."

"Do I have to?" Muriel Half whined.

"Yes, I want to make sure that soap is out of you. Go ahead up to my bedroom and get undressed."

Muriel did as she was told and automatically laid on her left side with her leg drawn up. Alexandra was in the bathroom filling the bag up to its full contents. She attached the hose and pulled off the douche nozzle. She grabbed the inflatable nozzle from the closet and the ky jelly. She went to her bedroom and found Muriel in the position. Alexandra would have Muriel all over the bed for this one. She hung the bag on the IV pole and sat down on the bed. She spread her friends cheeks and opened the cap of the lubricant. She squeezed some on to her friends hole. Muriel shivered from the cold lube. Alexandra placed a finger to her friend's body and pushed. Her finger entered easily and it went all the way in. Time slowed down and Alexandra pushed her finger in and out spreading the lube into Muriel's cavity. Alexandra spread lube to a second finger and slowly slid the second on in besides the first. Muriel moaned at the stretching she was receiving. Alexandra continued to fuck her friend with her fingers. Muriel's moaning filled the room. Alexandra's fingers pushed all the way in and started to make circles inside her friend. She pulled out her fingers and spread the excess lube on the inflatable nozzle. Once again Alexandra spread her friend's cheeks open and slowly started to push the nozzle in. She had to twist the nozzle back and forth so it would go in her friend. "Are you ready for the next part?"

"Oh my goodness. What is the next part its soo big already?"

"You'll feel it in a second."

Alexandra picked up the nozzle inflator and gave it a squeeze. Muriel shrieked in pleasure as she felt her bowels expand. Alexandra gave the pump a few more squeezes until she was sure the balloon was fully dilated. She tugged on the hose to make sure the balloon was fully seated in Muriel's anus. "Don't worry about making a mess now the water won't come out of you." Alexandra explained.

"Oh my god! It feels like I have to poop!"

"Yeah, but you won't so relax and I'll start the water." Alexandra squeezed the hose clamp open to a moderate flow and went and went to the bathroom to wash her hands. But before she did so, she sniffed her fingers and smelled her friend's scent. There wasn't much of one so she finished in the bathroom and went back to her room. Muriel had her eyes closed and was breathing slowly. She rolled to her back and spread her legs again. "Massage my belly for me?"

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