Am I Beautiful?

by Rich Humus

Copyright© 2015 by Rich Humus

Sex Story: An experiment in extremes. A woman is on the receiving end of a huge number of ejaculations, but is it punishment or pleasure? You'll have to read and decide. No redeeming value, but plenty of cum.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Light Bond   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   White Couple   Black Male   White Male   Hispanic Male   Indian Male   Oral Sex   .

The bolt of thick, white semen struck the woman's face just above her right cheekbone. It split into two wet trails, one stinging wetly into her open eye, the other draping across the bridge of her pert nose. Just as she reacted, a second strong jet attacked the left side of her face from another erect phallus that was pointed ominously at her patrician features. It hit with a wet sound and foamed into a white cloud, covering the upper part of her left cheek and draining down across the side of her face. Her left eye blinked. By now, the cock at her right had recoiled and spat a jet of sperm even larger than the first across her face. This one covered the upper part of her nose and trailed up and across her forehead, finally disappearing in the thick forest of her lustrous dark hair.

Evidently determining that the middle of the attractive woman's face had been sorely neglected, the man directly in front of her aimed the dripping wet end of his tightly held cock right at the middle of her gasping mouth and with a grunt, fired two huge jets of cum into her face. She quickly closed her mouth and swallowed the outpouring, sending the salty slime down to pool in her stomach with the other half-dozen ejaculations she'd already consumed. Before she could even open her mouth again, the eager gentleman at her front fired another quick burst at her, covering the tip of her nose and flowing down across her upper lip to string saucily down, almost touching her chin.

There were still two cocks pointing at her that had not yet begun to expel their seminal content. Rapidly fisted, one dark brown, one lighter in complexion, they stood just inches from her darting eyes. Her milky gaze shifted quickly from left to right and then, just as she looked right, her left eye was inundated with a huge splash of semen that quickly filled the orb socket and dripped down over her cheek. She blinked in surprise, which had the desired effect of forcing the semen that covered her eyelid to drain directly into her eye in a salty, stinging wave. This seemed to have the desired effect on the watching men, as almost as one the other four penises spat a second barrage of sperm at her, whitening her chin, both cheeks, her wet, red lips, and covering much of her forehead and eyebrows. One man reached in and gingerly pulled her chin down, opening her mouth and providing a target for them. It was obvious that a couple of them had done this before, as they knew exactly how to rest the end of their penises on her now-trembling lower lip and let loose stream after stream of white cum. Her mouth quickly filled, and once again she closed her lips and gulped down the juice.

One by one, the half-dozen men around her kneeling figure finished their ejaculations and moved away, allowing those awaiting their turn to move up to her. She was by no means finished, or even nearing the end of her experience. Her husband had gone to great lengths to enlist enough clean, discrete, virile men for this evening to be memorable enough for a lifetime. Days turned in to weeks as the battalion of men was drafted. Each had a personal interview, a complete medical check, and was vetted for background history. As a final hurdle, a large color photograph was taken of each man's penis, both flaccid and erect, and the woman was required to make the final selections. It was perhaps a devilish requirement, making the woman who was to be the recipient of each man's ejaculation select the group's members. In her past, she'd not dallied with men of another race or culture from her own, but she was forced to view, weigh, and select penises of the whole rainbow of colors for this event. The pile of photos at her side grew and grew.

She curiously studied the photos of the black men. Her women friends had jokingly referred to "BBC", the 'big black cock' so famously associated with black men, but she knew that there were well-endowed men of every race, even if the average varied. She preferred circumcised men with well-shaped shafts, and proportioned, symmetrical heads. She easily crossed off those with misshapen organs, organs with noticeable scarring or any evidence of past medical oddity. Familiar most with her own husband's not inconsequential organ, she found herself comparing each one to her mate's. Some were admittedly larger and more robust, even white ones. As she perused the list in the final days leading up to the evening of her experience, she was gratified, if not somewhat proud, to determine that very few of the men had a more attractive penis than her husband. His dimensions, even now after several decades of pairing, were robust. Nearly nine full inches long, and thicker around than her fingertips could touch, his testicles always seemed full and willing to be emptied in any receptive orifice, as they so often had. His shaft was straight and smooth, unmarred by any imperfection, and his crown, a marvelously sculpted rosy head with a seminal opening nearly pencil-width. She'd welcomed it ravenously into every opening, coaxing gallons of semen from it over the years. Some of that semen had flooded three of her eggs, and their children were smart, honest, polite, and well-mannered scions of their society and surroundings. Exposed, if not introduced, to sex at the earliest possible age, they'd all been fortunate enough to learn the true meaning of sex and intimacy and the value of relationships. Encouraged to experiment, no false modesty allowed, she was sure they'd each enjoyed entanglements with their own as well as the opposite sex.

Another group of six was now in place. A rainbow hue of color was presented to her, fleshy poles of pale white, dark chocolate brown, and almost coal black, and shades between. They were all fearsome in length and aspect, being fisted menacingly by their owners. The circle around her seemed poised to fire at almost any second. She twisted her head to watch, flinging small droplets of semen around, not caring where they landed. The white line dripping across her left cheek and bisecting her lips was tasted and the small amount transferred to her tongue was quickly swallowed.

Suddenly, and with literally no warning, the penis to her immediate right spat a line of white directly at the side of her face. It struck with an audible splat and flew off, glancing off her nose and actually striking the man across from her left in the leg. He recoiled and grunted in alarm. The penis directly in front of her mouth reached its zenith, and two, three, four quick gouts of white wetness smacked directly between her eyes, splattering in every direction and adding to the glutinous mass already nearly blinding her. Two of the remaining cocks added their discharge to the kneeling woman, cascading across the top of her forehead and into her hair, down over her eyebrows and across her regal cheekbones.

By now the delicate blue of her eye shadow, so carefully applied just a few hours earlier, was becoming diluted and merged with the semen covering her eyelids and brows. It began drooling down the top of one cheek, a dessert of blueberries and cream that was to be consumed by no one but her. She raked one delicate finger down across the line and directed it into her mouth, cleaning, if only temporarily, the wetness from that side of her face. It was contrasted immediately by the ocean of semen that suddenly flew into the other side of her face, courtesy of the last man on her left. He moved slightly, aiming the discharge at her already nearly-open mouth, and the globs of sperm flew into the offered maw, skidding across her tongue and spreading like white paint on a sheet of glass. She swallowed roughly, sending the accumulated mass down her already impregnated throat.

Her husband stood watching. He noted with some amusement the spermy coat dripping from the $5,000 diamond and ruby earring dangling from her left ear. He looked up and motioned to the young girl filming the event, and directed her to catch the white-coated stone. She maneuvered around to place the object in her viewfinder, nearly loosing her footing on the slippery mat, but capturing the obscene jewelry in 4K HD color.

He thought back to the beginning of the event, a few dozen minutes earlier. He had thought it best if she welcomed each of their guests at the door, so he instructed her to disrobe except for gartered stockings and the 5-inch Brian Atwood studded pumps he had bought just for this occasion. She waited patiently, expectantly, and, truth be told, somewhat embarrassed, at the door. Each man was greeted with a warm, open mouthed kiss and an opportunity to evaluate her charms, be they the $12,000 breasts they were both so proud of, the toned and firm abdomen resulting from hours of exercise and careful diet, or the perfect half-moon buttocks, riding high on her thighs and bisected neatly by the dark black garter straps. Each man took the liberty afforded him, and before the first group was seated behind her, her nipples stood out achingly to be pinched, and her perfectly shaved vulva dripped reluctant excitement down one thigh.

After nearly an hour and forty five minutes of carefully spaced arrivals, the woman was at a fever pitch merely from the attention paid her by the male guests, each one handsome and charming in his own way, each one carefully selected for their potential, and each one knowing exactly what she was about to undergo. That, perhaps, was the most subconsciously thrilling and nerve-exciting part of the entire greeting - she knew, and they knew, that before the evening was over, the tall, attractive, sexy woman welcoming them into her home with a somewhat languid kiss would be covered from head to foot in their semen.

Another group of men surrounded her. This was a special group. Their obsidian shafts shone in the bright light, lightly covered with a warming oil and masturbated smoothly and powerfully by the strongly muscled arms of their owners. Each dark head was arranged in a tight semi-circle around her face, their tips no more than a foot from the woman's dripping face. She looked up at the man directly ahead of her, in awe and desire, and fear and supplication. She opened her mouth slowly, swallowing the pooled liquid from her previous encounters, and showing the man her broad, pink tongue, flattened in her mouth. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, the semen trapped below her eyelids sending a searing, white-hot pain through her brain that was dreaded, yet welcomed for its release.

The man in front of her directed the large, plum-colored head of his erupting penis to within an inch of her still red-wet lips and ejected a thick stream of warm semen. It bounced off the roof of her mouth and collected in a deep pool across her flattened tongue. The taste was electric to her, sharp, salty, earthy, almost sweet. She said a silent prayer in thanks for the small favor done her by her husband, instructing the men that their diet must not, under any circumstances, contain items known to leave a foul taste in the semen, and advising them to refrain from alcohol and tobacco for a week before the event. The man pulsed several more huge gouts of spermatic fluid into her oral opening, flooding her mouth and her taste buds with the musk. He was replaced by another, who quickly shot three sharp, fast, rocketing jets of semen that splashed into the pool already swimming in her mouth, splashing the hot liquid across her perfect white teeth. He placed the tip of his penis on her bottom lip and slowly forced the remaining liquid in his system out, drooling it down to run between her lip and lower gum line. When he finished, gasping in pleasure, he bent down to kiss the very top of her head, which made her smile inside.

Each of the next four men followed a similar pattern - the complete ejaculations of all six men was deposited in her rapidly filling mouth, and she found herself needing to thrust her chin forward and yawn her jaw open as far as possible to make room as the semen built up. Its combined aromas permeated up through her sinuses, the tart acridness causing a slight tear to appear at the corner of one spermy eye. When they were finished, they all stood around her, watching. Waiting.

She blinked her eyes open through the white film covering them, and looked through the creamy fog at each one of them, her eyes smarting and stinging in their salty bath, until she could wait no longer. She dipped her head slightly forward, adjusted her jaw, and gulped down the entire mouthful of gluey substance, shuddering with a mixture of revulsion and pride. As she felt the clog slide down her throat, she reached down with one free hand and cruelly pinched the engorged head of her clitoris, causing a spasm to run through her frame. She leaned forwards and cleaned each of the men's penises, then sat back on her heels and awaited the next group.

Her face was shiny and seemed coated now not in white lines of sperm, but broad sheets of it, still warm in the lights, drying slightly. She could feel it crinkle and crackle in spots but knew that would not be for long. She was right. The next group of men stepped forwards, ready, after watching the woman for almost a half hour. Their excitement at a peak, they wordlessly circled her as before and randomly released their pent up tension. Two cocks at once spat at her temple, soaking into her hair, clogging it like white shampoo, the dregs sliding down in front of her ears and causing the tiny tendrils of hair there to soak it up. Another blasted across her lips, causing some sperm to bounce up into her nose, until she breathed heavily out of her nostrils and expelled it, to drip over her upper lip and down across her chin. Her eyes, just so recently almost cleaned of the stinging semen, again were targeted by the men, and once again she found herself almost enjoying the sharp, white-hot pain. Blinking open and closed, she forced herself to accept the salty solution washing across her eyeballs in abundance.

The next six followed their predecessors lead, and within minutes, her features were once again drenched in the outpouring of the pairs of large and robust testicles. Every square inch of her flawless skin seemed covered in the white, waxy substance, from her forehead to her chin. It flowed down over her model's cheekbones and dripped from her nose and upper lip. She let her tongue roam out and collect what was in reach, marveling again at the varied sub-tastes and textures of the semen as it passed across her tongue and slid down her throat like the rest.

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