Initiating the Twins

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2015 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A pair of nubile beauties eagerly take on their father and well-hung brother.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Incest   First   Size   .

Madison and Kimberly lay tangled together on Madison's bed with a plump thigh between each other's legs and their pelvises moving in a good imitation of coital exercise, humping steadily and grinding away, clitorises throbbing, mouths grunting and groaning, saliva drooling, eyes closed, minds busy, getting closer and closer to their mutual goal, to shattering and fulfilling orgasms.

They both were hot and wet and moaning into each other's mouth, their tongues busily exploring. And they were both virgins of a sort, young, nubile virgins who were eager to lose what was left of their cherries and find out what boys were for and what men's long, stiff organs felt like deep within their nubile bodies.

Madison pulled her head back, got her breath and gasped out, "Your turn to dive."

Kimberly nodded and moved down her sister's lush, young body sucking on a pink nipple briefly, lapping at the underside of the other upright breast and then deeply kissing at her twin's navel before she licked though her knot of sparse pubic hair and sucked out the girl's tiny clitoris, rubbed it with the tip of her tongue and then, with her hands gripping the writhing girl's firm buttocks, stuck her tongue as far as she could into her sister's vagina which stood quivering open before her, labia fluttering.

Madison whinnied and arched as an electric-like shock ran through her, her hands tangled in her sister's long, straight hair. "Oh, that's so good, so good, so good." The shock hit her again, and yet again, like a whip flicking her swollen clit, and she snapped her head from side to side, eyes tightly closed.

Kimberly eased her forefinger knuckle deep into her twin's anus and licked still deeper as Madison tried to get her big toe into her sister's slit.

The bedroom door swung open, and the girls' father stepped into the room and got a good view of one naked girl between another naked girl's legs; one's head buried in a youngster's groin while a bare foot seemed to be probing at the other's belly.

He cleared his throat loudly, feeling his cock jump and tremble as he admired the bare nubile bodies spread before him. The girls had only had their birthday a week ago and although they had started their womanly periods the previous year and were already getting birth control shots that lasted six months, he was not prepared to have to deal with sex so soon.

They were, he had to admit, the cutest pair of asses he had seen in years, and they were so pretty and photogenic they had been modeling since they were five. Both had very fat college funds.

The girls fell apart, both of them blushing with Kimberly's pretty face wet with her sister's juices.

"Hi, Daddy," they said in concert, wrapped in each other's arms, nipples fully erect. "You should have knocked." They blinked innocently at him and sniffed, a practiced and oft-used gesture that was sure to elicit sympathy, and tossed back their hair.

"I know," he said, watching their firm globular breasts bobble, "I'm sorry, but I've been calling you off and on for ten minutes. Cover up yourselves; I want to talk to you." They already had jugs the size of oranges but their nipples were just tiny nubs that jutted out like finger tips when they were excited

The girls rooted around under the covers and found the football jerseys they wore for nightgowns, presents from senior high boys for whom they had done wonderful favors with their tongues and lips. They struggled into them covering up the high, hard young boobs, narrow waists, soft little bellies and their bare and pulsing vulvas. They worked diligently to remove pubic hair because of their modeling and their extreme bikinis, but both had saved tiny curls just above their hooded clits.

They sat on the side of the bed, feet dangling and their father pulled up a desk chair after adjusting his trousers a bit. Although they had grown three inches in the last year, they were only five-foot-eight but they had very long legs, shapely ones too and they smelled of sexual musk. He looked into their dark eyes and tried to ignore their cute little noses and softly pouting lips and the sharp points their tits were making in the long-tailed shirts. Almost in unison, they tossed back their long hair and lifted their chins. They were growing fast and maturing even faster.

"Are you still virgins?" he asked them, making sure he kept his face serious. "Intact?"

They both nodded, looked at each other and nodded again, wondering what came next. By poking various things into their bodies they had enlarged the openings in their hymens as well as with tampons, and they had let a few determined boys finger them, but neither of the young beauties had allowed a prick to invade, despite many temptations and entreaties. Fingers yes and tongues naturally, but hard cocks no. Of course they had handled a lot of cocks, adult as well as adolescent, and they had sucked dozens.

"And, I assume, you are eager to stop being virgins and start enjoying boys and men?"

They nodded, licked their lips and both said, "Uh huh." They had talked about it many times and even discussed whom they would seduce. They wanted a real man to do it, not some eager little boy or brainless jock. Kimberly even had a list in her computer right under his collection of erection pictures.

Their father sighed. "You are both so pretty, I knew this was going to happen soon and I just wanted, well I thought you might like your brother and me to break you in, to pop you open and show you some things, you know, positions, techniques, things that feel good, ways to do it, to please yourselves and make boys happy. I mean before you start screwing pimple-faced adolescents." He smiled, feeling arousal, a very pleasant arousal, anticipatory he supposed.

Kimberly licked her lips and thought about her big brother lying between her legs and driving his huge, at cock into her little pussy. She blinked, having sneaked looks at him in the shower a time or two, and doubted he could do it. His thing just would never fit. She thought about the huge bulge in his black Speedo and trembled. Her mouth felt dry. It was the size of a baseball bat she was sure, at least half a one, the fat half. She had never seen a bigger or better one on her laptop.

Madison, who had peeked at her father's penis several times, sort of by accident, smiled and said. "Uh huh. That's a good idea I guess." She had never seen him with an erection but she had certainly heard him pounding on her mother late at night while she made do with her middle fingers and sucked on her pillow.

"We've been talking about it," Kim said, licking her lips and feeling her vulva quiver.

"And playing with each other," said their father with a smile.

"Oh we've being doing that for a long time," Madison said.

"Probably before we were born," said Kimberly. All three laughed.

"Well, good. I'll discuss this with your brother, and we will schedule your deflowering as soon as we can."

"De-whating?" said Kim.

Their father laughed, stood, bent and kissed them both on the forehead and left. The girls fell back on the bed, giggling and kissing, legs and tongues intertwined.

"You think we ought to tell him about the blow jobs?" Kimberly asked.

"Uh uh," said Madison as she tongued her sister's ear. "How many have you done now?"

"Fourteen, no fifteen. I did all three of the O'Connors when I babysat last week. Their father's prick was really fat. I couldn't swallow it."

"Great. You'll catch up soon. I got Joey in the back of the school bus. He made twenty-five I think. I forgot what I labeled my list."

"How was he?" asked Kim as she kissed the inside of her sister's smooth thighs.

"Disappointing," said her twin. "Go on and stick your tongue in it. It's so hot. Just thinking about Jimmy screwing me gives me the shakes. Have you ever seen that giant thing between his legs?"

"How big is he?" Kimberly asked as she licked a line up her sister's wriggling slit.

"Maggie Phillips said he must be at least a foot long."

"That cow. How would she know? Oh. You really are hot." They stopped talking as Madison held her sister's face to her pussy and closed her eyes to just enjoy her tightly-rolled tongue.

That Saturday morning when the girls' mother headed for the grocery store, their father and brother mounted the steps quickly and came to their room, both wearing smiles and both already tumescent.

"Ladies choice," said their father.

"I'll take Jimmy," Madison said quickly, jumping to her feet so that her baseball-sized boobs bounced. "Can we trade later? I love you both."

"Sure," their father said as he pulled his polo shirt over his head to reveal his hairy and well-muscled body. Twenty-year-old Jim took his little sister by the hand and led her back to his bedroom. He was well experienced with females, but he had been thinking about fucking his luscious sisters for some time, had even jerked off looking at their pictures. He was pleased and surprised when his father explained what they were about to do.

"Are you scared?" he asked his sister, whose head barely came up to his shoulder. Jim went six-two and about 175, and he really was well hung. He bent and kissed her forehead and then her lips, briefly, very brotherly, his hand on her rump.

"No, Jimmy," she purred. "I'm sure you won't do anything to hurt me." She was wearing her football jersey and nothing else and had been thinking about this moment for several days when she masturbated. She could feel her pussy oozing and her heart beating faster.

"OK," her brother said, sitting at his desk. "Let's start with a good old blow job. Have you done that?"

She shook her head and looked at him with innocent eyes. "Uh uh. What do you want me to do?" She had actually sucked twenty-two young men and three adults, once doing five in a row at a birthday party and making her tonsils sore.

"Well, kneel down right here between my legs," Jim said. He hadn't enjoyed many oral-sex experiences, but the few girls he had talked into going down on him had been totally exciting, and he wasn't going to pass up a good opportunity with one of the cutest girls he knew. "Now pull down my zipper and fish out my cock. Be gentle."

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