After Sales Service

by WelshWriter

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True Sex Story: A true story from my youth. Offer of help leads to much more

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I was just turned sixteen at the time this happened and living with my parents in Wednesfield in the West Midlands. My parents owned hardware store and, on Saturdays, I used to help out behind the counter to earn a bit of extra cash. I enjoyed chatting with the customers and got to know a few of them quite well. One Saturday one of the regulars, Mrs. Evans came in for a wardrobe hanging rail and, after I'd served her and she'd paid for it, she said. "Now all I've got to do is find someone to put it in for me." "What about your husband, can't he do it?" I asked, quite naturally. Mrs. Evans laughed. "You must be joking Mike," she said, "Jack's bloody useless at DIY. He couldn't knock a nail into a plank of wood and keep it straight." I thought for a moment then said. "Look if you don't mind waiting until tomorrow I could come round and put it up for you." Mrs. Evans smiled. "Oh would you Mike. I'd be really grateful. I'd pay you of course." "Don't be daft," I said, "it's all part of the service. "Oh that would be great, what time could you come round?" "Around ten in the morning," I replied, "it's not a big job. I should be done in half a half an hour." "Great," she said, then added, "maybe you can teach my useless husband a few things about DIY." We both laughed at that and she was still laughing when she walked out of the shop.

The following morning I had breakfast then grabbed a couple of screw drivers and made my way round to Mrs. Evans's. As I was walking down the street towards the house, Mr Evans passed me in his car. I waved at him but he didn't seem to notice and drove on. It was just after ten when I got there and I knocked on the door and Mrs. Evans opened it straight away. She smiled when she saw me. "Oh thanks for coming round," she said, "The rail's in the spare bedroom, that's where I want it putting up. Do you fancy a cup of coffee before you start." I told her I'd just had one but said I'd love one when I'd finished putting the rail up for her and she took me upstairs and showed me the wardrobe she wanted the rail putting in. She said the old one had snapped then laughed and said something about having too many clothes.

After she'd showed me exactly what she wanted, she went back downstairs and left me to it. It only took abut ten minutes to fit the rail and when I'd finished I looked round the room. Most of the clothes that had been in the wardrobe were piled up on a bed along one wall. Now back in those days, most older women wore full length slips and it was a neat pile of these that caught my eye and being the nosey, horny teenager I was, I couldn't help having a quick feel. Of course, my nether regions reacted to the feel of silky material and soon I had a semi hard on. My daydreams were interrupted though, when Mrs. Evans shouted up the stairs to see I was alright. I called back that I was and I'd be down in a couple of minutes once I'd tidied up.

When I got back downstairs, Mrs. Evans had already made the coffee and it was waiting for me in the kitchen. As we sat drinking and chatting, I mentioned that I'd seen Mr Evans driving away. Mrs Evans screwed her face and shook her head. "He's a waste of space Mike," she said, "I only mentioned that you were coming round and you'd show him how to put the rail up and he was out of the house like e bat out of hell, she said. Then added, "he's bloody useless downstairs and upstairs come to that." I didn't read anything into that comment at first but when she started to ask me about my girlfriends, I suddenly twigged what she was talking about.

Now I guessed Mrs Evans was in her mid forties at the time and she wasn't what you'd actually call a raving beauty, but she still had a tidy figure. Of course the three kids she'd had had taken their toll on it but she was still quite attractive in a mature sort of way. She had shoulder length blonde hair a pretty face and pleasant smile. As we carried on chatting, she kept returning to the subject of my girlfriends and I began to feel a bit uncomfortable as the conversation got more and more intimate and when she made one statement, I knew there was than just her wardrobe rail she wanted fixing.

"The girls today are so liberated," she said, "all they ever seem to think about and talk about is sex, sex, and more sex. I didn't see Jack's, errrr, you know, until I was turned twenty, and that was after I'd married him." She went silent for a time then said. "Now I think I'm a teenager all over again, because I see even less of it." That was it, I gulped my coffee down and said I had to get home. I was about get up from the table when Mrs Evans laughed. "Oh don't worry Mike, I'm not going to rape you," she said then added, "unless you want me to that is!!!" Now I was no virgin, I'd fucked my girlfriend plenty of times and even had a couple of one nighters with girls I'd picked up at dances but I'd never even considered sex with a woman as old as Mrs Evans, after all she was about the same age as my mother. I was still in two minds about getting out of there when she said. "Would you help me put the clothes back in the wardrobe Mike, you can hand them to me and I'll hang them up." Now I realised this was a definite come on and it was a no brainer and after all a fuck is a fuck and I was sure that was what she was offering me so I said I'd love to, putting an emphasis on the 'love'.

When we got back up to the bedroom, I asked her what she clothes wanted first and she told me just to hand them to her and she'd hang them where she wanted them. I started off by giving her the dresses and skirts and tops but eventually all that was left was the slips. When she took the first lot off me she smiled. "Nice aren't they Mike?" she said, "does your girlfriend wear slips?" Now this was back in the early sixties and most girls under twenty wore petticoats or half slips, they wouldn't have been seen dead in a full slip so I shook my head and told her no she didn't. I saw her smile and dropped the handful of slips I was holding out to her when she said. "Would you like to see me in mine Mike?" Of course by now, the tone of the conversation and the feel of the silky material had woken my wedding tackle up again and it was already half hard but then thought about her husband coming home. "Oh don't worry about him," she said, "he's gone fishing then he'll go down the pub. He won't be home till chucking out time."

I stood there for a moment then shrugged my shoulders. "Okay, if you're sure." She just smiled at me. "Oh I'm sure Mike," she said as she started to unbutton her blouse. I just sat down on the bed and watched her. I could see straight away that she was already wearing a slip, a pale blue one and as she undid each button I could see more and more of it and my cock started to get harder in my jeans. I could see she was wearing a bra, I could see the white straps alongside the blue ones of the slip. Once all the buttons were undone, she slipped the blouse off and dropped it onto the bed beside me. I put my hand on it and my cock twitched in my jeans, as I felt her body heat on it. Next she took her skirt off and put that over the back of a chair. Now I could see her slip in its entirety. It was pale blue with a white lace trim and I could see the edge of her bra and her cleavage where it dipped down at the front. "Do you like it Mike?" she asked, "it's new, I only bought it last week." I didn't really know what to say, so I just nodded and went Mmmm.

She did a little twirl then stood there for a couple of seconds looking down at me and there was no hiding where the main point of her interest was. "Pick another one Mike," she said, "and I'll put that one on for you." Now I was really interested, if she was going to put another one it meant taking off the one she was wearing so I looked at what was left on the bed and handed her the top one, a pink one with a lace infill down the front. "Oh nice choice Mike," she said, "that's my best one, I only wear it on special occasions. It's really sexy when it's on." Before I could hand it to her, she took hold of the bottom of the one she was wearing and pulled it up over her head and put it on the chair with her skirt. Now all she was wearing was her bra and a pair of knickers, and I could see her tits bulging inside the bra and the swell of her cunt lips in the panties. She took the pink slip off me and put it on and she was right, it did look sexy. I could see her bra through the lace in fill but the one thing I hadn't noticed was that it was split up both sides so when she did her twirl is could see most of her legs again.

Once again, she stood there for a couple of seconds then ran her hands down over her hips. "I love the feel of this one Mike," she said, "it's real silk, it cost me a fortune. Come and feel it Mike, it's lovely." I was on my feet before you could say 'Jack Robinson' and running my hands, as she'd done, over her hips. She was right it did feel nice, even nicer now that she was in it.

As I stroked my hands up and down over her hips I spread my thumbs out and they 'accidentally' brushed her inner thighs and it had the desired effect, as she suddenly wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me against her and groaned when she felt my, now fully erect cock press into her stomach. Before I knew it her lips were on mine and she was kissing me hard, sliding her tongue in and out of my mouth. Following her lead, I did the same and we were soon French kissing like there was no tomorrow. I moved my hands from her hips, round onto her arse cheeks and pulled her even closer and started grinding myself against her. She started to groan even louder and started moving her own hips and we stood there for about two minutes dry fucking until she pushed me away and looked down at my erection.

"That feels hard Mike," she said, "would you like me to do something about it?" I didn't need to think about and groaned, "Oh fuck yes Mrs Evans." With that she dropped to her knees infront of me and pulled my zip down and fished around inside my jeans until she found my cock, which didn't take much finding anyway and I groaned again as she started to rub her hand up and down it through my underpants. She was really going to town on me when she suddenly winced and pulled her hand out. "Bloody hell Mike," she said, "your zip's sharp, it's almost cutting my wrist." Of course I had the perfect cure for that and unbuttoned the top of my jeans and pushed them down. "Here," I said, "is that better?" "Oh yes, that's better," she replied as she looked back down at my erection, now only covered by my underpants, "much better." With that she moved her hand back onto my cock and started rubbing it again, but now with more room to move, it felt even better and the inevitable happened and I felt my balls tighten and I knew I was real close to shooting my load.

"Oh fuck Mrs Evans," I groaned, "I'm fuckin' coming." I expected her to stop. Which she did. She stopped stroking my cock and instead pulled the front of my underpants down and pulled my cock free. I knew what was coming next but couldn't believe it until I felt the warm, wetness of her mouth engulf my knob. Her hand was now sliding up and down my naked shaft and her head was bobbing up and down over the head of it and it was only seconds before the first wad of my cumm jetted into her mouth, followed by another and another and another. God knows how long I was coming for, my mind went blank as she sucked and swallowed everything I had to give, draining me completely. Eventually though I was spent and the flow stopped but she kept on sucking just to make sure. Once she was satisfied there was nothing left, she pulled her lips off my cock and looked up at me. "Jesus, Mike," she said, "I'd forgotten how good that felt. I haven't done that for well over ten years." She'd forgotten? I didn't have anything to forget, she'd just given me my first blow job.

When she stood up I could see my cumm glistening on her lips and in the corners of her mouth and I prayed to God she wasn't going to kiss me. I needn't have worried though, she didn't, instead, she pulled the slip up around her waist and sat down on the bed, spreading her legs as she did. "Your turn now," she said, as she rubbed the palm of her hand over her cotton covered cunt lips. Now I was in trouble, not only had I never had my cock sucked, I'd never tasted a cunt and I stood there like a lemon, not knowing what to do. Of course, I'd finger fucked my girlfriend but I knew that Mrs Evans wanted more, much more and I was in uncharted waters, up the creek without a paddle.

At that moment, I think Mrs Evans twigged my dilemma, because she suddenly smiled. "Was that your first blow job Mike?" she asked. I grinned and nodded, "Yes Mrs Evans my first." "So I take it you've never been down there," she said, patting the front of her knickers. This time I shook my head. "No never, well not with my mouth anyway," I replied, cheekily. Mrs Evans smiled again. "Well I think it's time you did Mike. Don't you?" Even though I hadn't done it I knew roughly what to do, I had a good stache of 'Forum' magazines hidden away in my bedroom. I crossed the the room towards her and went to get down on my knees between her open legs but she stopped me and stood up. "I think we'll get rid of these," she said as she slid her knickers down, "they'll only confuse the issue." Now when she sat down and spread her legs I could her naked pussy, well not really naked, she had a thick bush of blonde hair that covered her mound and partially hid her cunt lips. My girlfriend was only same age as me and her pubes were pretty sparse but Mrs Evans's were like a blonde forest.

This time I did get down on my knees and put a hand on each of her thighs to steady myself. My face was about a foot from her cunt and instantly my senses were filled with the scent of it. Obviously I'd smelt my girlfriend's cunt when I was fucking her but never from this close and my head began to swim.

I started with what I knew and used my finger, sliding it through Mrs Evans's cunt lips and into her fuck hole a couple of times which brought an instant response from her as she groaned loudly and pushed her hips up. Ah well at least I was doing something right. As I worked the finger in and out of her, her hips movements got even more frantic and her moans got louder. "Oh fuck yes Mike," she groaned, "yes that's it. Keep doing that." I'd expected her cunt to be all loose and flabby, after all she'd had three kids, but I was surprised to find that she was fairly tight, not as tight as my girlfriend's but still tighter than I'd expected. Dipping my toe deeper into the water, I slipped a second finger into her and she gasped sharply. "Oh that feels great Mike," she said, as she pushed her cunt out at me, pulling my fingers even deeper into her. "Keep this up and you'll have coming before long." Now I smiled. "Well that's the general idea," I thought and started to work the fingers in and out of her. She was now almost screaming as I felt her body stiffen and she pushed hard onto my fingers. "Oh fuck yes Mike," she yelled, "I'm coming. For fucks sake don't stop." I had no intention of stopping I was enjoying myself too much and worked my fingers even faster, feeling her cunt muscles gripping them as they moved in and out of her. Suddenly she let out an unholy scream and I felt cunt let loose on my fingers, bathing in her hot wet juices. The noise they were making as they slid in and out of her was almost obscene, squelching like a stopped up sink. She was having one hell of an orgasm and when she went all quiet I thought she'd passed out on me.

I was about to get up and check when one hand suddenly shot down between her legs and brushed mine away, while the other went to the back of my head and pulled my face against her soaking cunt. "Now Mike," she groaned, "now. Eat my pussy." Now I was really in uncharted waters and just did what came naturally and started to lick at her cunt lips. I thought back to how my girlfriend liked me to finger her and moved my mouth up a bit to where I knew her clit was. I almost died when I did find it though, it was huge, like a little cock and it seemed to be throbbing as I took it between my lips. "Yes, yes. Oh fuck yes," she yelled, "there Mike, right there." Something else I was doing right.

As I sucked and nibbled on her clit, I slid two fingers back into her and started working them again and the response was the same. Her hips started humping up at me and I pushed them deeper into her and sucked harder on her clit. This brought on her second orgasm but this time I was ready for it and whipped my fingers out and covered her cunt with my mouth. I heard her yell again, I don't know what she said because her thighs were clamped so tightly over my ears, but whatever it was, she was enjoying what I was doing, because the next second I felt my mouth fill with a thick, sticky liquid as she came and her cunt juices gushed into my mouth. I almost choked as wave after wave poured out of her filling my mouth and pouring down my throat. I swallowed as hard as I could but I felt some trickling down over my chin onto the floor below me.

Gradually her thighs relaxed and I was able to pull my face off her. As I rocked back on my heels I looked directly at her cunt. I'd never seen anything like it in my life. The lips were all red and bloated and swollen with the remnants of her orgasm dribbling down between then, making a wet mark on the sheet under her. As I knelt there transfixed by the sight infront of me, she slowly sat up and looked down at me. "Bloody hell Mike," she said, between gasps for breath, "that was amazing and you reckon you've never done it before?" I shook my head. "No Mrs. Evans. Honest, that's my first time." She smiled down at me. "Well if that's what you do as a learner I'd love to see what you do when you've passed your test" With that, she got off the bed and pushed her slip back down. "I don't know about you, but I could do with another coffee," then as she reached down and pulled me to my feet, she said, "and then we'll see how good you are with this," giving my cock a squeeze.

As we sat in the kitchen drinking our coffee, Mrs Evans in her slip and me in my underpants, she kept looking across at me, shaking her head and smiling. "What's up?" I asked. "Oh nothing," she said, "but I still can't believe that was your first time, you're having me on." "No Honest Mrs Evans it really was my first time." She shook her head again. "Mike you gave me two orgasms in less than half and hour and they were best I've had in years, in fact I think they were the best I've ever had. I think you could teach Jack about more than DIY," she laughed.

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