Paid in Full

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2015 by WelshWriter

Sex Story: An Accident With A Golf Ball Leads To Much More.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   .

'Crash!!!' "Shit Mike," Mike thought as the sound of breaking glass came from the large detached house backing onto the park. Mike was in the park practising his swing. He loved golf and wanted to be a pro golfer when he got older but for now he spent every spare minute in the park, the only large open space within walking distance, practising his swing and strokes. He was about to beat a hasty retreat when the gate in the hedge surrounding the garden of the house swung open. Through it stepped an angry looking woman with a golf ball in her hand. He knew her by sight as he lived in the same street. Her name was Mrs. Evans and he'd always found her to be a bit of a battle axe.

"Is this yours young man," she snapped. As there was no-one else in the park and Mike had his golf bag over his shoulder he knew it was useless denying it and started to walk towards her. "Yes, it is. I'm sorry did it do much damage?" "Damage," she snapped again. "I think you'd better come through and see just how much damage it did do." Mike followed her through the gate into the garden and his heart sank. Along the back of the house was a conservatory and the ball had crashed through the roof, smashing one of the large panes of glass. When she led Mike into the conservatory he saw straight away the the broken pane in the roof wasn't the only damage the ball had caused. It it must have bounced off the floor and had hit a patio door and also broken the glass in one side of that. "How could such a small ball cause such a huge amount of havoc?" he thought.

"Well?" she snapped, "what do you intend doing about it. I'm a pensioner and it's going to cost a fortune to fix." Mike just stood there like a scolded schoolboy. He had a job but it would take months to pay for the damage on the pittance he earned and his father was out of work so it was no good asking him. "I-I-I don't know, he said, "I haven't got that sort of money either." He could see that Mrs. Evans was enjoying his discomfort. "Well if you can't pay in cash, I suppose I'll have to take payment in kind," she said, the stern expression on her face suddenly softening. "In kind?" Mike said, "I don't understand." "Well," she said, "you can start with these."

Mike watched, amazed, as she stood there and began to unbutton her blouse, exposing a large pair of tits held in place by a light blue bra, her areola and nipples clearly visible through the thin lace. "Come here," she said, her voice softer now, "you can start paying off your debt by making my nipples hard." Mike couldn't believe his ears. The woman wanted him to pay off his debt in a way most boys his age would give they're right arm for.

He guessed Mrs. Evans to be in her sixties and apart from a few wrinkles on her face and neck, she didn't look too bad. Her tits were certainly more than a handful and from what he could see of the rest of her, she wasn't in bad shape at all. Mike was certainly no virgin, he'd had his fair share of girlfriends but this woman was old enough to be his grand-mother and suddenly the thought of repaying his debt the way she wanted excited him.

He walked towards her and placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed the blouse down over her arms. Now the full extent of her lace covered tits was on display and Mike reached out and cupped his hands under them, feeling their weight. Working his way back up, he stroked her nipples through the lace and felt her shiver as he did. He slipped the straps off her shoulders then pulled the front of her bra down, exposing her pale flesh and dark brown nipples. He ran a finger around her areolae, circling her hardening nipples and Mrs. Evans groaned out loud. "Suck them," she ordered, "Suck them, make them harder." Mike lowered his head, flicking his tongue out at the already stiffening buds. Mrs. Evans groaned again and pulled Mike's head harder onto her now bullet hard nipples. Sucking one deep into his mouth he heard her groans grow even louder. "Harder, suck them harder," she groaned and Mike was more than happy to oblige.

While he was concentrating on her tit's Mike felt her free hand move to her waist and the sound of the zip on her skirt being lowered. His fingers took the place of his mouth for a moment as he eased away from slightly. Mrs. Evans shimmied her hips, and the skirt dropped to the floor then she pushed Mike's mouth back onto her nipple. He felt her hand move again as she slid it between her legs and ran the palm over her lace covered cunt lips. He felt her tremble and she knotted her fingers in his hair, pulling his lips off her nipple.

"Good boy," she said, "you managed to get my nipples nice and hard, now let's see how much more of your debt you can pay off. Come with me." Mike followed her through the kitchen, his eyes fixed on her swaying hips and full ass cheeks covered in her sexy lace knickers. She was also wearing a suspender belt which was holding up a pair of tan coloured stockings. Mike's cock now as hard as he'd ever known it at the thought of what was happening to him and what was going to happen.

He followed her out of the kitchen, down the hallway and into a small lounge. "Now," time to get rid of some more of that debt. Kneel down," she said pointing to the floor in front of a large sofa. Mike just smiled and did as she instructed. Mrs. Evans sat down in front of him. "Now," she said, "you've got my nipples wanting you, now you have to make my pussy want you!"

She sat there, looking down at him for a while then gave a deep sigh. "Well, what are you waiting for?" she said, a hint of exasperation in her voice. Mike placed a hand on each knee and pushed her thighs apart. As he did, he heard her groan again. He rubbed his hands over the inside of her stocking clad thighs, up onto her soft white flesh. Now massaging her near her hole he could smell her expensive perfume, and the aroma of her cunt through the thin material of her knickers. Mike thought his cock was going to burst though his zip, it was that hard. He lightly ran his fingers along the edges of the knickers as she sat watching him, pulling hard on her nipples.

"For God's sake, don't tell me you're a virgin," she snapped, "Surely you know what to do. Rub my pussy! Make it wet." Mike placed his hand on her mound, and started running his fingers along her slit. She shuffled forward and opened her legs wider to give him easier access to her cunt. Her knickers were now stretched tightly across her fuck hole and Mike could see the outline of her slit and her outer lips and the wetness on her knickers caused by her inner ones between them.

Rubbing a finger over the wet spot on the lace he heard her moan. "Keep going," she groaned, "keep rubbing. It feels nice to have a young man like you rubbing my pussy." Mike stopped for a moment and moved his hands to the waistband of her knickers and tugged at it. Mrs. Evans moved her legs together and lifted her ass up off the couch allowing Mike to pull the knickers off. Now for the first time, he could see her cunt. The hairs above it were wispy, greying blonde and her cunt lips were wet and swollen. She opened her legs again, and Mike used fingers to part the shiny, wet petals, opening her up to him. The musky aroma of her sex drifted upwards filling his senses. He leant forward and ran his tongue between her cunt lips, tasting her for the first time. Pleasantly surprised, he continued to work his way up and down through her slit, starting at the bottom just below the entrance to her love tunnel and ending at her clit. Her moans of appreciation told him she was enjoying what he was doing. He could feel her stomach muscles clench every time his tongue made contact with the pulsing bud and her legs began to tremble.

Suddenly she pushed him away. "That's enough of that," she said, "hold out your hand." Mike held his hand out and she squirted some lubricating jelly onto his fingers. "Now you know what to do know," she said as she guided his hand back to her cunt. Mike knew exactly what to do and rubbed the jelly around her hole, instantly transforming it into a wet, slippery opening. "Now use your fingers while you suck my clit," she ordered

Eagerly now, Mike did as she asked and pushed two fingers into her, locking his lips onto her clit and sucking it deep into his mouth. He knew that she wanted more than his fingers in her cunt but for now, he was content to wait until she told him. Somehow it was really turning him on being under the control of this sexy older woman. Her gasp of pleasure were coming thick and fast now as he slid his fingers in and out of her, soon finding her G spot.

Mrs. Evans's stomach muscles were now permanently knotted as Mike took her to long forgotten levels of pleasure. For the first time in years her pussy was being fingered by a man and a young man at that. With the thoughts of what delights this young man between her legs could bring her, she felt her orgasm building inside her. Squeezing her thighs tightly around his head, she let out a loud yell. Her muscles contracted, gripping to his fingers as they slid in and out of her. Pulling his head even harder against her clit, she climaxed, wave after wave of her juices running from her onto Mike's face, his fingers still buried deep inside her.

The taste her cunt tipped Mike over the edge and he reached down and unzipped his jeans, and pulled his hard cock from inside them. Taking it in his hand he started to work his fist up and down it as he continued suck and finger her cunt. "Stand up!" she suddenly ordered. But Mike wasn't listening and continued to lick and suck at her clit and slide his fingers in and out of her. "Didn't you hear me," she snapped again, "stand up!" she snapped again, this time more forcefully. She reached down and pulled Mike's face from her away from her crotch. His fingers slid out of her with an audible squelch. "I said stand up!" this time Mike stood up. His trousers falling down to his ankles. "Well, well," she scolded, "can't keep it in your trousers can you? And where do you think your going to put that?" she asked. "I don't know! Maybe in your pussy," Mike replied cockily. "My pussy. My pussy?" she said. "I'm sure you don't call it a pussy when you're with your slutty girlfriends. Call it what you call theirs." Mike had heard that some women liked to be talked dirty to and it appeared that Mrs. Evans was one of those women. With that she reached out and grabbed his cock, pulling him towards her. "Well, where do you want to put this?" she asked. "In your cunt. I want to fuck your beautiful, wet cunt," Mike replied, smiling. Talking dirty to this older woman and her wanting him to was something he hadn't expected. "Well if your a good lad, I might let you do that. But first..." Looking him straight in the eyes, she pulled his cock towards her face and slid her lips over his knob. He could feel her tongue moving over it as she took it in even deeper into her mouth. Her head was now bobbing up and down on his shaft and he reached down and grabbed one of her, nipples, and pinched it hard. With the tip of his cock still in her mouth, she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and squeezed. Mike could feel his balls tightening and knew his climax was close.

He pulled harder on her nipple and she gasped as he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth and she sensed was about to cum. Now with her fingers wrapped around the base of his cock she slid her lips further down the shaft began to suck harder. She wanted to see just how much cumm she could make this young man deliver. With one hand on his cock the other stroking his balls, she felt him tense and with a grunt as he shot his first load of hot cumm into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, then pulled her lips off his cock and the rest of his hot load spurted out onto her tits. Still pumping his cock she took it back in her mouth, determined to drain him. She continued sucking until he finally softened in her mouth.

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