A Classic Car and a Classic Fuck

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2015 by WelshWriter

Car Sex Story: Two petrol heads get together and the sparks fly

Caution: This Car Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   .

I'd been a petrol head since my early teens and, even if I say so myself was a pretty good mechanic. Well my neighbours must have thought so as it was always me that they called on when they were having problems. I was way cheaper than the local garages but still made enough to by my first car, a Vauxhall Cresta PA, as soon as I turned eighteen, the nearest thing I could afford to an American car. It was my pride and joy and I'd customised it to the hilt. White side wall tyres, black vinyl roof and a top of the range sound system. I felt like the cat's whiskers when I drove round the estate in it. Even though most of my time was taken up working on my own car, I still did work for my neighbours, looking after a classic doesn't come cheap. One of my favourite car to work on was Hazel's, my next door neighbours' car. This was for two reason's, first was she had a fantastic car, another classic, a Ford Capri and the second was that she was hot, to a lad of my tender years she was the sexy older woman, she was in her late forties and had split from her husband a few months earlier when he ran off with his secretary.

One day when I'd just finished a job on the car I knocked on the door for my money when I heard Hazel call out. "Come in." Well that's what I thought I heard. I opened the door and stepped into the hallway just as Hazel was coming down the stairs with a towel held against the front of her. It was a small towel and she was reaching for a larger one off the banister. "Oh sorry." I said half turning away to go, "I thought you said "Come in." "No I said coming, not to worry you're in now." she said. "Is the car fixed?" I nodded. "How much, will twenty quid do?" she asked "Yes that's fine." I replied. Hazel, now with the large towel wrapped around her, she reached over to the hall table where her bag was, she picked it up, while trying to hold the towel with one hand and open the bag with the other, but her grip on the towel gave way. She managed to catch it but not until it had slipped down to her waist. I got a good look at her tits before she grabbed the towel and covered up again. They were magnificent, just as I'd imagined and her nipples were huge and my cock instantly stiffen in my jeans. She grabbed the towel and pulled it back over her chest.

"Whoops. We'll call it fifteen after the show eh. I think that's all I've got anyway." She opened her bag reached inside and grabbed her purse. As she tried to open it, the towel went again, but this time she didn't manage to catch it and it dropped to the floor around her feet. What a body, not as perfect as some of the women in the magazines I'd got hidden in my bedroom but good enough to get my cock hardening even more. "Sod it, well I'm sure you've seen it all before." She said and handed me the money. "Err no." I replied. "I'll give you the rest of the money tomorrow don't worry," she said quickly. "No, not that," I said staring at her body. "I haven't seen it all before." "Really?" she said. "Well only in magazines." I replied. "So what do you think of mine?" she asked moving closer. "N-n-nice," I stammered, "beautiful." "Thanks," she said, looking down at the swelling in the front of my jeans. "Looks like you've got something nice in there too."

Before I do or say anything, she'd taken a step forwards taken my hands and placed them on her hips, the feel of her soft skin caused the erection in my pants to become really uncomfortable and guess I groaned because next she reached forward and unclipped the top of my jeans and pulled my zip down. With no support, they slid down my legs onto the floor around my ankles. My cock was now fully erect under my boxers and she smiled when she saw it. "Mmm," she said, "it looks even nicer now." Again without me saying a word, she pushed my boxers down to join my jeans, leaving me naked from the waist down, then she reached down and wrapped her fingers round my cock.

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