Allied Warrior

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: The start of the second Deviant war begins with an attack of a Kaire colony. Deviants were sick bastards that used other races as entertainment. They would breed or capture them and force them to fight each other like some type of gladiator game. They were a type of Cephalopod that left the water to walk their world, only now they used drones to do everything for them.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I watched the army of Deviant drones as they pressed the attack on the company of Kaire warriors. They were more than holding their own but sooner or later the drones would break through. I sighed as I turned and slipped into the bushes and moved around the fighting. The column of drones were moving through the forest with aerial drones gliding above them.

I was moving a little faster than I should but saw the Deviant control vehicle at the rear of the column. I crawled closer and had slowed way down. A dozen combat drones slowly circled the vehicle and I knew one wrong move and they would kill me. I pulled one of the two implosion grenades from a shielded pouch.

I removed the safety and shifted before I tossed it. I rolled onto my side behind a tree as the drones spun and fired into where I had been. That was when the two Kaire warriors leaped out of the forest on the other side of the trail. They held force knives and struck two drones and stabbed.

The grenade had landed as the vehicle kept moving and went over it. It went off and suddenly there was the scream of metal tearing as it was compressed into a large ball. I rolled to my feet and walked out and towards the scrap that had been the vehicle. The two warriors straightened and looked at all the frozen drones.

I snorted as I reached the vehicle and yanked up the bent hatch, "that was surprising and brave."

I fired my demo pistol into the head of the Deviant. The bottom half of his body was crushed into pulp but I wanted to make sure it was dead. I put the pistol away as I turned, "it was also unnecessary and dumb."

I started trotting through the column of unmoving drones, "we need to get your people away as fast as possible."

The two warriors ran after me and one hissed, "why?"

I glanced at him as I kept moving, "because the Deviant maintained a link with the others while using combat drones. After a period of time when the link does not come back they will react by using a kinetic strike."

They moved faster and when we reached the company of Kaire I saw the females and young. The warriors in battle armor pointed weapons at me which I ignored, "who is the strike leader?"

They ignored me and I moved and slapped the armored chest of one, "will you kill those you protect?"

The warrior shifted and looked back and another suit of armor moved towards me. The face plate cleared, "why are you here human?"

I snorted, "I was left behind when the embassy evacuated. We can talk later, the Deviants will be sending a kinetic strike very soon and we need to be gone before it arrives."

He spun and started issuing orders and people began to move. I headed into the center and saw wounded. I caught one hopping with an elder who was limping badly. I moved in front of them and turned and bent and shoved my shoulders into their stomach. I held them as I tilted them and stood before turning to start walking as fast as I could.

Both had stiffened and started to struggle before holding still. The line of Kaire moved quickly into the forest and away. It was awhile before we heard the huge explosion behind us and I sighed, "I really hate those bastards."

One of the Kaire over my shoulder chuckled, "you humans hate every race, even your own."

I grinned, "well in this case I am more than willing to kill the bastards and leave them in the dark forever."

It was an hour before the warriors stopped and made camp. We were in a large cave and I was careful as I knelt and set the two wounded Kaire down, "I apologize for..."

They shifted as they sat and one gestured, "you did what was necessary."

Several teenage females appeared and started to help them and look at the wounds. One had two in his leg and the other had been hit in the hip. The strike leader appeared, "so human."

He had his helmet off and looked me over. I stood and stretched, "I was on the other side of the world doing an ocean survey for..."

He gestured and I nodded, "the embassy evacuated before I returned. The only weapons was a single demo gun in a case and a pair of implosion grenades. Your people had evacuated the city and I was doing the same. I was going hide and wait for your fleet to chase the bastards away."

He shifted, "but you killed the Deviant controlling the drones."

I shrugged, "I found you and had to help. Besides I hate Deviants and had a chance to kill one."

He smiled and a girl touched my arm. I turned and she gestured to the two Kaire I had carried. They were comfortable and had been given something for the pain. One touched his chest, "I am Kris Kinder Nas Nor."

The other bowed his head, "Grissl Den Elic Saj."

I nodded, "William Michael Kincade."

The first looked at me, "do you know our mating customs?"

I smiled, "yes and have been tempted many times."

The strike leader chuckled and slapped my shoulders, "males always think of mates."

I grinned as the other two males laughed and the young females smiled. Kris gestured to a girl that was solid black, "Cara Kinder Nas Nor."

I nodded and she touched my chest, "William Michael Kincade I see you."

I blinked and looked at her father who gestured. I cleared my throat, "Cara Kinder Nas Nor I see you."

She let her claws slip out a little and dig in, "I claim you."

The strike leader laughed as I looked at her in surprise. Grissl gestured and a girl that was yellow with black spots stepped up beside Cara, "I am Nara Den Elic Saj and I see you."

I looked at Cara who grinned and nodded. I sighed and looked at Nara, "I am William Michael Kincade and I see you."

She reached up and caressed my cheek, "I claim you."

She turned and looked around, "will we be here long?"

I looked at the strike leader and he shook his head, "there is a deeper set of caves a day's walk from here."

The two girls looked at me and I blushed before looking at the strike leader, "how long before we move?"

He turned at a call, "ten hours while the scouts search the way."

I was pulled away and deeper into the cave and then into a smaller one with a crack of crystal. Cara was looking around as Nara started trying to undress me. I caught her hands and slipped the pack I was wearing off. I dug inside for a poncho and a liner and spread both out. I turned and caught Cara and stripped off her loose blouse and then her skirt.

I turned to Nara and began to remove her blouse and skirt as Cara laid on the liner. When I was done I started to undress and set my weapon to one side on my clothes. I moved towards Cara and laid beside her and caressed her fur before I bent to rub cheeks. I moved down and she lifted to watch what I was doing.

I opened her pussy and licked and she shuddered and lifted her hips, "ooohhhh!"

I kept licking her and started to tease her clit as she spread her legs more. She shook and humped as she held my head. She jerked and spasmed as Nara sucked on one of her nipples. She bucked and struggled as I sucked and nibbled on her clit, "aaaahhhh!"

When she spasmed and twisted I stopped and moved up and over her. She was panting as I slowly pushed and forced my cock into her. She clutched me and hugged me tight as I sank into her, "mmmm!"

She shuddered while her warm and wonderful pussy seemed to milk my cock. I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts that buried my cock each time. She jerked and shoved up as her pussy clenched, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I kept fucking her and she wiggled and twisted and struggled. She yelled and howled and wailed as she started to buck and thrash, "mmmaaaattttteeeeee!"

Finally I shoved into her and held her while she was clinging to me. My cock erupted and I began to gush and pump spurts of cum. Cara spasmed while her pussy constantly squeezed, "YES!"

When I finished she slowly relaxed while I held her. She was panting and shivering and I rubbed her cheek with mine, "I claim you."

She grinned and nodded and I pulled out and turned. I reached for Nara and pulled her down beside our mate. I began to caress and feel her and cupped one of her breasts. I bent and sucked on the nipple and she gasped and grabbed my head. I nibbled and squeezed it as I kept sucking and she shuddered harder.

I moved down and over between her legs and she spread them. I licked through her pussy and began to nibble and hum and then sucked on her clit and teased it. She gasped and lifted her hips as she shuddered, "ooohhhh!"

I continued to lick her and wiggle the tip of my tongue on her clit and then squeezed it between my lips. She thrust up harder and wailed as her body almost vibrated, "aaaahhhh!"

Cara laughed, "take her now."

I looked up as Nara squirmed and tried to pull me up and moved over her. I rubbed her cheek while I slowly sank my cock into her. She clutched me and spasmed while her hot pussy began to grip and squeeze. I began to pull back and she gasped and tightened her hold, "nnnoooo!"

Cara snickered as I held Nara and started to fuck her and rub against her. She bucked and struggled and mewed while clinging to me. I looked at Cara and she was laughing and people were coming to look and watch us. I started to rub cheeks with Nara as I used long deep strokes. She bucked and thrashed while her pussy constantly tried to milk my cock.

It was a long wild ride as she twisted and spasmed and jerked. Finally I shoved into her and held her as I pumped spurts of cum. She screamed as her body convulsed, "YYYEEEESSSSS!"

I held her under me while I filled her with sperm and when I was done I relaxed and waited. It was a couple of minutes of her shuddering and twitching before she sagged to the ground. I grinned and licked under her ear, "wild kitten."

She shivered as her pussy squeezed and everyone watching laughed. Cara rubbed my back, "again?"

Again turned out to be awhile before they were exhausted and fell asleep. I lay between them and looked at them and finally shifted and rose. Most of the Kaire were asleep as I quietly moved through them and to the cave opening. A few warriors looked at me as I looked into the night.

The strike leader stepped up beside me, "you do not sleep?"

I glanced at him and shook my head, "the Deviants."

He nodded, "you think they will find us."

I looked at him, "I know the Deviants. They may not find us but I know they will have captured some of your people. They will try to force them to fight each other and take some to experiment on."

He hissed and so did the warriors and I nodded, "I do not like to think of what they will do."

I looked out, "your fleet will be to late to help those they hold."

I turned, "if I had a way back to the port I would find a way to break those they hold out."

The strike leader put his hand on my shoulder and then stiffened, "there might be a way."

I looked at him and then the others and he grinned, "twenty kilometers to the south is the underground tram line. It goes between cities and we can enter through one of the vents. Below and to one side there is always an emergency work float designed to use the tram line."

I grinned, "it can get us to the city?"

He nodded, "and we can use the underground system in the city to search for where they might hold our people."

I looked into the cave, "let me tell..."

I looked at him and smiled, "my mates."

He nodded, "I will ask for any that wish to go with you."

I returned to the smaller cave and knelt beside the poncho bed. I caressed Cara and then Nara until they opened their eyes. I smiled, "I am going out to hunt the Deviants. We are returning to the port to free your people they have captured. Go with your clans to the other set of caves and I will find you after we are done."

Cara sat up, "we are female but warriors my mate."

I grinned, "and you wish to come with me."

She nodded and Nara shifted as she knelt, "it is our right to guard your back."

I smiled, "go dress for war."

I moved to my pack and dressed before folding and putting the poncho and liner away. I checked my weapon and slung the pack before quietly heading towards the cave opening. Eight warriors were waiting and Cara and Nara ran to catch me. Like the other warriors they wore unpowered armor and held plasma rifles.

I looked at strike leader and he grinned, "now we hunt."

He spun and moved out and into the night and I was not the only one to follow. Moving through the forest quietly and at night is not easy or safe. Before morning we had gone halfway and a few hours later we had found a vent tower. We rested and drank water and I checked the girls. We had to force the door open and climbed a ladder down into darkness.

Next we had to move the emergency work float onto the mainline. When the float started to move I held the two girls and we napped. It took a couple of hours to reach the port city and we stopped at the first station. I went up with the strike leader to get a look around. I saw more than one sensor spike.

I pulled the strike leader back into the underground, "their sensors will pick up the energy in modern weapons and combat suits."

I scouted each of the next six stations before I got the hit. We were in the middle of the city and I brought the strike leader and a couple of others up. I led them out and into and through the bottom of a large warren. We peered out and across at another that had drones patrolling around it.

We moved back and knelt and I drew in the dirt, "this is the building. The drones are spaced this far apart. They are not combat drones but sentry drones. We start firing and they signal and the whole area will have combat drones in a matter of minutes. We would never get any prisoners out.

I grinned, "if we send three out and kill the sentry drones without them signaling, it will be five to ten minutes before it is noticed. A maintenance drone will go to their last position and report back before trying to fix it. What we need is time so the same three have to take the force weapons on the sentries and kill the maintenance drones.

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