Exploring the Caves of Crystal
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I never had any intention of going to Managua but now I was sitting pretty in the middle of plenty of pussy and about to make a killing in discovering a diamond mine.

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Let me say up front that I am not a bad guy.

Well, I guess the only one who ever told me I was a good boy was my mama, but that is certainly not my fault at all.

It is a hard world out there and a guy has to be on his toes all the time and watch out for all the cocksuckers who would stab you in the back just to get your wallet. I will admit I had a bit of a drinking problem from time to time, but it was usually teamed up with how some piece of tail fucked me with a capital “F”. I think it was because I was a sentimental prick and I had a habit of mistaking a pretty smile and wide open knees as a sign of love or romance and not just some broad that wanted to get laid.

I solved that problem by fucking them all first and foremost, not caring what happened to them after that.

I have to be honest and confess I don’t know how I wound up in this sleazy part of Rio, but I do remember signing up for a six month cruise as a stevedore on a freighter out of Mobile after a weekend of boozing and running from the cops. It was all because of some silly disagreement over a stolen Mercedes motorcar. Let me hasten to assure you that I was not involved in that business at all. It was my dodgy cousins in New Orleans that were the car thieves and I never got involved in that sideline even as a favor for a relative.

I mean, shit, everybody in my acquaintance knows I only buy American and don’t mess with any foreign crap even if it came as a bona fide gift.

They waived my papers at the hiring hall, because it was a Friday night. Usually, they are pretty strict about those regulations, but I hit them at the right time and got my boarding pass stamped all correct and proper. All the regular union guys wanted to get out to the hustling and bustling bars and line up some cheap pussy before heading back home to mama and the kids.

Rio was like our third port of call and I have to admit it was beginning to look like this ship’s captain was not quite on the up and up. I made that assessment based on the shady characters he kept shuffling around in the passenger’s cabins. They had all the looks of some sort of mercenary gang being reassigned in a new location for reasons other than what was stamped on their passports.

I have to admit it piqued my curiosity, but I learned a long time ago curiosity killed the cat.

It wasn’t any of my business and that’s a fact.

The pay was good enough for me, so I turned a blind eye and a deaf ear.

Anyways, I got hooked up with nice-looking piece of dark skinned fluff with a backside that could do a loop de loop. That was down near the wharf where the rats were still king and bad things sort of happened unexpectedly.

Bottom line was she wore me out in a satisfying sort of way and made me miss the ship pulling out for the next port of call further south.

I was upset, but those things happen in life. Shamefully, I stayed with her until my money ran out. That girl was so tight, I just continued to do her, right up until the time she ran away from me telling her friends I was far too horny for her liking. Personally, I think it was more the money issue than the sex looking at it from an unbiased point of view.

I got a job of sorts with an expatriate Yankee bar owner called “Toots” who had tits that sagged down to her waist. She told me, it was my job to tactfully get rid of the English speaking customers, who looked like trouble. Unfortunately, “tactfully” often turned into a fist fight with no rules of conduct. Naturally, I had to dump the bastards out in the gutter, so our place didn’t get a bad reputation. The old bitch had about twenty bar-girls working for her pushing drinks on the drunken sailors. Not surprisingly, one of the perks of the job was that I could periodically “inspect” them for fully functioning female parts and the welcoming attitude of their hard-working backsides. It was so rewarding that I even swore off the booze in order to keep pace with the supply of constantly-changing bar-girls needing emergency check-ups.

Toots was smart enough to have a real doctor on call to give the girls a clean bill of health on a weekly basis.

I liked that feature, because I sure didn’t want to catch anything nasty to slow me down in my pussy-inspecting duties.

The other bouncer was a real ugly pug called Rodrigo who spent most of his time either picking his nose or spitting his tobacco juice out into a can in the corner. He was one of the ugliest guys I had ever met and I had met plenty of mean looking pricks in tough neighborhoods. For some strange reason, his desperate looks turned a lot of the bad girls on and they were constantly pestering him to “do them” before they shed tears of frustration right out in the open.

I got to know him pretty good, because he was a smart fighter and he enjoyed showing me some tricks that saved my butt in future confrontations.

He never hurt a guy more than necessary.

We got a shipment of fresh “village” girls delivered from a derelict bus early one Sunday morning. It was about the only time, that the place was nice and quiet and the street mongrels were sleeping in the dust like defeated warriors after a losing battle.

I was drinking my steaming espresso in the corner of the bar with my eyes still blurry with sleep. It escaped my memory if I had already added the coarse brown sugar already. I was hesitant to repeat that step because “too sweet” was just as annoying as no sugar at all. A tentative sip confirmed everything was in order.

I had been on the wagon for a couple of months now.

My often abused body felt well rested, except for the wear and tear on my well-exercised dick from my bar-girl responsibilities to break the little darlings in on proper customer relations.

The three new girls looked a little scared and flustered because they had to run through the pelting rain. The mud had splashed their feet and legs almost up to their pretty knees and it was easy to see they needed a good bath before they could be put into service.

None of them had shoes or rain gear.

Their clothes were clinging like tissue paper to their young nubile bodies. Of course, I right away started to plan my priorities of “inspection” to fulfill my assigned duties. I concentrated on the pair in front with the big bazookas sticking out with youthful energy and the hint of ready pussy from the dark triangles of bushy black hair showing through their wet dresses in front. I barely looked at the little bedraggled one in the back who kept her head down and shivered the entire time. It was obvious that she was the “runt” of the litter no matter how you looked at it.

Rodrigo grabbed her up like she was his long lost cousin and pulled her up the stairs to show her the room assigned for her “hostess” duties. I knew he would also be showing her the sturdiness of the bed and the way it bounced nicely with the weight of two people on top of it. I felt a tinge of pity for the little thing but I was all booked up with the two girls that tag-teamed me into exhaustion. I spent most of the morning with those two girls, but my excuse was, I wanted them to feel welcome and understand what would be required of them.

They were both a couple of gigglers and I kind of liked that because it reminded me of silly schoolgirls entirely agenda free and a complete lack of deviousness. They proved to be hard little workers with good attitudes, especially, when I was in the homestretch and ready to give them the juicy part of the moment of truth. I would have to give both of those girls an “excellent” grade for performance and that was God’s honest truth.

That night was busy.

We had a ship in from Cuba with a bunch of troublemakers, who kept telling me how much they hated “Yankees”. My boss wanted us to make the Cubans welcome because they always had a lot of cash and I suspected they were doing a lot more than just ferrying trade goods to nearby countries.

It was almost funny, because I was about the only American in the place. I generally stayed silent and in the background, unless Toots told me to get busy and get rid of some drunk that was making a scene that disturbed the other customers.

Rodrigo was sticking close to the new skinny village girl, making sure she didn’t get bamboozled by some fast talking pussy-hound. I had to admit, the girl looked a lot better once she was cleaned up. She had one of those exciting faces that made guys think she was innocent as a new-born babe.

When we closed the place up at about two AM in the morning, Rodrigo tossed the girl, whose name was Crystal, up over his shoulder and marched up the stairs with her to the laughter of the other bar-girls who all knew the power of his crude demanding cock. I professed disinterest, but in fact, I had to wonder what the girl’s pussy was like and how tight she was in that secret brown eye in the middle of her crack. It made me so horny; I grabbed the first working girl available and nailed her to my mattress making her grunt in surprise at my frenzied thrusting.

I was sound asleep still in the arms of my well-fucked bar-girl, when Rodrigo woke me up in the middle of the night telling me,

“Come on with me, Yankee, I want you to hear what my Crystal just told me about her village.”

I followed him, because it was so unusual. I was suddenly overly curious about what he was so excited about. When we got to his room, I saw Crystal in the middle of the wide bed. She was face down with her ass up high, like she was waiting for Rodrigo’s cock to be inserted any second. It was so sexy that I wanted to jump on top of her and continue where he had left off.

The delicious little thing looked back over her shoulder and gave me one of those “come hither” looks that makes your cock stick right out. I know all you guys know what I mean and a lot of you girls have already used it to get what you need at the right time.

“Tell him, Crystal honey; tell my friend, the Yankee, all about the caves.”

The girl with the twin globes of brown flesh crowning her bottom turned over. I got a close-up shot of her pubic mound and the thatch of black hair that was dotted with Rodrigo’s spunk. She was so innocent looking and had such a shy halting voice that I wanted to arrest him on the spot for taking advantage of her inexperience. She looked up at me and smiled and started to wipe her pussy dry with some tissues from the bureau. That smile showed me that she was not as innocent as she looked on the outside.

“In my village, the village of San Isabella, we have the caves of crystal that sometimes we sell at the market to make money for our families. I was named Crystal in honor of the caves and how they have sustained us through the years when times are bad. I tell Senor Rodrigo about the funny stones I find in the back of the biggest cave where the ground has fallen away and showed me another cavern down below. See, he has the rock that I have kept as a keepsake of my memory of home.”

Rodrigo unwrapped the stone from the piece of cloth in his pocket. I saw an ordinary black stone, not unlike many others in the region, which resembled coal, more than actual rock. On closer inspection, I saw that it was shaped oddly and that the exterior surface was more like a shell than the actual rock itself. I rubbed it with my knife tip and found it flaked away and underneath was a hard surface of gemlike quality. I brought it up to the lamp and saw the light reflecting in every color of the rainbow inside and knew without a doubt that the thing was a rare and valuable diamond of gem-like quality. I hefted it in my hand and estimated the thing was around five to seven carets at least and was probably more valuable than the entire wealth of Crystal’s village and many other villages combined.

It was an effort for me to contain my excitement, because I could tell that neither Crystal nor Rodrigo knew the value of the treasure they had introduced me to. I was a bit reluctant to share my knowledge, before I knew the lay of the land.

“Well, this looks like a mighty fine crystal to me and I think that it might be worth our while to all make a trip to Crystal’s village to check out the caves and see if we might be able to buy some of them and make a profit. I still have most of my pay, because I haven’t spent any money since I got here. This looks like it might be a good investment for us, if you want to partner with me, my good friend.”

Rodrigo looked at me and said,

“It’s only fair that Crystal gets an equal share, since she is the one that found it. Is that all right with you, Yankee?”

The girl heard her name mentioned and watched us both with those secret eyes of her that sparkled even more than the diamond in Rodrigo’s pocket. She must have thought we were discussing her female assets because she spread her knees wide and spread her labia for us to see her pink inside and it was a “Crystal Cave” of special value.

I asked Rodrigo if he would be agreeable to sharing the girl between us, if she were willing. He slapped me on the back, and said,

“Fine by me, Yankee, but I get the pussy, you get the tail.”

In all honesty, I have to confess that was my particular desire when engaged in such three-way exercises. I loved to be buried in a female’s bottom, when she had her front stuffed with cock on the other side.

I fully expected the diminutive girl to squeal and make a racket because both Rodrigo and I had unusually large shafts that caused most females to hesitate before spreading their legs. However, Crystal just wrapped her arms and legs around Rodrigo and left her ass cheeks spread open for me to slide up deep inside her pretty brown eye. All she did was to gasp when I defeated her sphincter and I could tell she was no stranger to that unnatural way of taking cock. I wondered how many cocks she had entertained back there in her village, before coming to the port city and this particular den of iniquity.

It seems to me that I was filled with some sort of desire to show her how impressive my cock was in such matters. I, admittedly, gave it to her back there about as hard as I have ever given it to a female with a willingness to take it up the ass without objection.

Rodrigo was laughing at the way I was humping Crystal into his dick and he was forced to flood her long before he wanted just because her happy slit was squeezing him so tightly. I managed to shot my load inside her gut shortly after and the poor girl was floating in a puddle of sperm that ran down the insides of her legs like a faucet not fully turned off.

We both got a week of vacation from Toots. She was curious at why the three of us wanted to go into the interior, when all the fun was right there on the pier and bar. I gave some lame excuse like it was a “family thing” for Crystal and Rodrigo and I wanted to make certain she was safe.

We left early the next morning and I was beginning to have wild dreams about becoming a rich man while I was still young and able to enjoy myself.

I was already plotting on how to corner Crystal and get a good taste of her feminine wares without upsetting Rodrigo because he was adamant about me only getting squatting rights to her pretty ass. I knew the girl was all onboard with that program because she kept pulling my inquisitive fingers down to explore her pretty little cave of Crystal.

In the meantime, I was more than satisfied with humping her pretty backside because she showed pleasing appreciation for my efforts in deep exploration. I couldn’t wait to experience her other assets and finally get inside the other caves of crystal to search for treasure that would make me a rich man.

When I dropped off to sleep with my dick still buried in Crystal’s backside, I dreamed about sparkling diamonds and oodles of money stacked neatly in my closet and under my bed.

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