Babysitter Betty Is a Head Cheerleader

by Tony Sorrentino

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotica Sex Story: The time needed to practice her cheerleading routines was just as important to Betty as her babysitting duties for young married couples.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Babysitter   .

Elizabeth "Betty" Bubble was considered by most to be the best cheerleader on the Center City squad because of her world class splits. Her legs were so flexible that horny males in the audience could not help but picture her poised on the end of their species propagating friendly weapons in various positions and angles best suited to their imagination. Her father and brother got so hot and bothered watching her practice at home that they made excuses to be elsewhere when she perfected her moves. It was probably a good idea since they were a religious minded family and not prone to sinful thoughts like incest.

The male neighbors and one or two wives as well with secret thoughts of their own were not as circumspect and they hastened to watch her performances with a sense of guilty arousal and heightened excitement. The minister in church on Sundays preached against the sins of thought but he was just as filled with that certain feeling when Betty and her friends performed for the spiritual group get-togethers on Saturday mornings.

The cheerleader outfits were fairly modest in appearance but of course they were dreadfully short and the slightest bend at the waist revealed the skimpy last line of clothing defense to be woefully inadequate at hiding their female assets. Betty had made this basic problem more acute by switching out the thicker panty material for the sheer flimsy stuff that was used for nighties and other items of female attire when the mood is right for loving. When buxom Betty did her famous "split" routine, her business was on display in full nubile glory.

Betty was actually proud of the fact that parts of her female anatomy were hanging out when the cheerleader squad got into the hot and heavy part of the cheerleading routines. One thing was absolutely certain and that was that the male part of the audience was as attentive as they could possibly be whenever Betty was shaking her pom-poms and showing her stuff. She was lucky that most of the other girls were not jealous of her success because she had such a friendly attitude that most of them would not dream of making life difficult for her.

For an eighteen year old girl, she had precious little sexual experience. All she could boast of was the occasional oral favors she dispensed to some of the football jocks or to one of the male teachers that missed that sort of exciting interplay because their wives were either too proud or too disinterested to swallow their offerings. Betty had become quite proficient in oral skills and she wanted desperately to lose her unwanted cherry but was afraid because of the chance of becoming an unmarried mother. That was the biggest worry that she had. The last few months she had gotten into the habit of carrying around a supply of condoms wherever she went just on the off chance that one of her male acquaintances would try to bring her into the wonderful world of womanhood without any mention of the silly business of love or marriage. Her always watchful mother found them one day when she was doing the laundry and she put them in her drawer with her panties and her cheerleader uniforms with any comment at all.

Betty was ever so happy that it wasn't her father who found them because he would most likely take her down into the basement and tan her hide good and proper with the leather strap that used to belong to his long departed father. It had been a long time since he had taken it to her bare backside but she remembered like it was yesterday because it was the first time she had squirted so hard that she had flooded her socks and shoes. That had embarrassed her father and he didn't seem so eager to yank her panties down any more after that incident. Neither of them had mentioned it to her mother because it would seem too personal to involve anyone else.

Walking home after the cheerleading exhibition, Betty met the boy next-door, who had told her long ago,

"I'm going to bust your cherry, girl, and you better save it for me when the right time comes along."

His name was Juan and she knew he came from one of those countries south of Mexico but she couldn't remember which one. Even if she did know, it wasn't all that important anyway. She had seen Juan's huge cock one time at the drive-in movie when there were six of them in the car and all the girls were using their pretty little hands to get the boys off. She was supposed to be with Donald from her science class but he was all over the Johnson girl because she was practically pushing her fat behind in his groin just to make him shoot his load inside his trousers. They looked like they were having a fine old time and Betty was not included. That left her and Juan by themselves and she resigned herself to wrapping her delicate fingers around Juan's huge erect member and sliding all over it with ease because it was covered with the slick residue of his pre-cum of anticipation.

Juan whispered in her ear like some conspirator in a plot to overthrow the government.

"It's coming now, Betty, do something because I am going to make a mess all over us and maybe some of the others too."

She looked around but had nothing to cover the end and soak up the spunk. With no other alternative, she just lowered her head and wrapped her lips around the tip and when he started to spurt, she swallowed as fast as she could trying to get it all down in her belly and out of sight. When he came to the end, she sucked the remainder out and licked him clean. The others were all ready to light up cigarettes in complete satisfaction and she was the only one who had not actually gotten her jollies in the way that she needed to mellow out.

After that disastrous date, Betty vowed to never double or triple date again. She was a firm believer in dating one on one where she could get the boy to concentrate on what it was that she needed for a good time and not get distracted by some other bimbo.

Her babysitting business was steady and reliable but she really wasn't making much money because the entire region was a bit depressed after a string of mining strikes that had all but broken the backs of the local unions. Her father was a union delegate and he spent every waking moment thinking about how he could improve the union's position in supporting the men in their daily struggle against the upper-class structure of management and the authorities in general. He had come to the conclusion it was a losing battle because the overseas competitors were underpricing the industry at every turn.

Betty didn't care much for unions and strikes but she did like the muscles on the labor force men who came to the house for advice from her busy father. Sometimes they would sneakily goose her or cop a feel of her boob when her parents were not around and she never said a word or complained at the disgraceful treatment. She discovered that she really liked it when they treated her disrespectfully and whispered in her ear,

"Do you take it up the bum, dearie?"

It was not the sort of thing a well-behaved eighteen year old girl should be doing in her own home. The babysitting service was a way for her to get out of the house and give her an opportunity to interact with grown-ups other than her own parents.

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