Fed and Fucked - Being Neighbourly

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2015 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: 19 year old Tanya's boyfriend left her at home with no food in the house and no money for the weekend. 60 year old Grant (her neighbour) comes to the rescue with a meal and company. Company that turns onto a hot fucking session between them - he shows her that her pussy is not at all ugly and looks quite beautiful when impaled on a sizeable cock.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Size   .

I had met my next door neighbours when I discovered that my hot water system tank had been installed in their backyard when the row of derelict shops had been converted into units. Jimmy and Tanya were a young couple - he was 21 and she was 19.

My sixty year old eyes (and cock) certainly appreciated Tanya's petite smoking hot body. Jimmy on the other hand was a yobbo, and wasn't very nice to her at all. I don't why she was with him - and I got that opinion from a very short time spent with them.

The plumber had had a look at the hot water system on the Thursday afternoon, and had called me to deliver the bad news - it had to be replaced. At least I could get him to install it in my backyard instead of theirs.

It was late on the Friday afternoon when I knocked on their door. I was greeted by a very teary Tanya who looked very sad.

"Hey ... what's up" I asked her, concerned that she had been crying and was evidently very upset.

"Come in" she whimpered.

I went inside, and she just burst into tears. I put my arms around her and pulled her close with her large rounded tits pressing into my chest. That certainly stirred my cock into life, feeling her against me, and smelling her sweetness.

"Tell me what's wrong please" I asked her in a hushed tone as she continued to sob in my arms.

I waited for a couple of minutes before she was able to reply.

"Jimmy has gone away for the weekend ... and he has left me with no money and no food in the house" she explained.

"Oh..." I replied thinking that he was a right royal prick for leaving Tanya in that predicament.

"It will be OK, ... we will work something out" I said trying to soothe her.

She just clung to me, and I wasn't wanting her to move - I was enjoying the feel of her body against mine. Tanya was petite - a natural light coloured blonde with hair to her shoulders. Her face was beautiful, especially when she smiled. Her body was curvy - nice big tits and a curvy ass.

"Hey ... come have dinner with me tonight ... and stay and watch a movie so we can have some dessert" I suggested.

"Really..." she responded "I would love that ... but I want to help too".

"OK ... you can help me".

We worked well together preparing the meal, chatting all the time. It was surprising how much a sixty year old and a nineteen year old could find to talk about in common. We enjoyed the meal, and whilst I was cleaning up Tanya went to my DVD collection to find a movie to watch.

I was surprised with the movie that she selected. I had seen it before, and it had a couple of highly intimate sex scenes with lots of nudity and sex action, but otherwise it was a great story.

We settled down to watch the movie in the darkened lounge room. Tanya surprised me by sitting close to me in the large lounge chair. I slipped my arm around her shoulders and she cuddled in closer.

We watched in silence, and she was really enjoying being here - I could see her smiling with her laughing at the antics of the characters in the movie.

The first hot sex scene was coming up, and I glanced at her for her reaction. She watched very intently, and even squirmed in her seat when the scene was at its hottest.

"Wow ... that was intense" she commented at the end of the scene.

We paused the movie about ten minutes later to go and prepare our dessert. We returned to the seat and silently ate our dessert whilst watching the movie.

The second more intense scene came on within about twenty minutes. It showed a couple on a couch with the girl climbing on the lap of her boyfriend, removing her top and pressing her breasts against his face. The scene got very intimate very quickly with their naked bodies in the throes of love making very soon thereafter.

"I never realised how hot and sexy this movie might be" she whispered as she cuddled closer. She smelt so amazingly fresh, but I could just pick up an earthy smell occasionally.

"Oh wow" I thought "She is turned on".

We watched silently for a couple more minutes before she startled me by climbing onto my lap facing me. Her hands went to either side of my face and drew my face to hers - she kissed me gently, and when I didn't object the kiss became more passionate.

When we finally broke the kiss after what seemed like minutes, Tanya stripped her top off over her head. She was braless under it, revealing to me her large rounded tits with their conical areola and dark nipples. Placing a hand under one heavy tit, she cupped it and offered it to me.

"Lick it ... suck it" she whispered.

Her nipple became hard very quickly with my oral attentions. Licking, sucking and nipping it with my teeth before I switched to the other tit. I went back and forth until she gasped loudly "Oh god ... I'm cumming". She rubbed her pussy against my cock that was positioned directly under her excited womanhood.

She was light as a feather, so I picked her up and walked us into my bedroom where I gently laid her on the bed. My hands went to her hips, grabbing the waist band of her shorts to draw them off her. I snagged her panties with the shorts and they both came down together leaving her totally naked.

She had a small tuft of blonde hair on her otherwise naked mound. I noticed that she had a very large set of pussy lips that were currently engorged and slightly parted.

I quickly removed my shirt and my shorts to join her naked.

"Oh my lord ... you are very big" she observed as I knelt between her legs to bring my face into contact with her pussy.

"Grant ... what are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm going to pay homage to your sexy beautiful pussy ... it looks amazing ... and it smells so delectable " I responded.

Her response amazed me "Jimmy says that its ugly and won't touch it with his fingers or mouth".

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