Peter's Confession

by Linda Jean

Copyright© 2015 by Linda Jean

Sex Story: This is a "What if" story. How would my husband respond if he only knew?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Fiction   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   .

I wonder how this is going to sound? I am going to admit to the world just how naive I was. Maybe some would say "dumb".

I married as a virgin, however I knew my bride was not. I knew she dated a lot before we married. I actually felt lucky she said that she would date me. For months I watched her dating and it took me a long time to work up the nerve to ask her out.

After our third date I massaged her breast as we passionately kissed. My head was spinning as I heard her moan and kiss me the way she did.

On the fourth date I decided that I would go for the gold. I picked Linda up for the late movie at the drive-in. She was busy and I had to wait until nine-thirty before I could pick her up.

When we got to the drive-in we moved to the back seat of my Impala. We started out kissing and this time I put my hand under her skirt. When I did, she opened her legs giving me permission to touch her; I felt her hand on my crotch grabbing at my dick. I kept moving my hand up her skirt and I touched her bare pussy.

I was so excited!

My dick was hard as a rock, as we kissed I slid my fingers (three of them) into her very slick and sopping wet pussy. As I fingered fucked her, Linda moaned and said, "Yea baby, finger fuck me, harder, faster."

I never ever got to do that with a girl before. Linda was so slimy and wet. She moaned and told me just what to do and how to do it. She at the same time kept working my dick with her hand. She held me and as she squeezed it I came in my pants.

I finally got up my nerve to ask Linda why she wasn't wearing panties?

She told me that tonight she had hoped I would finally touch her down there and she did not want me to be slowed down by taking off her panties. She told me that she wanted me to touch her that night and that is why she was bare under her skirt. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, my old Impala was big and we had lots of room in the back.

Linda asked me if I would like her to suck my dick. I of course told her that I wanted that very much. She then asked me just how bad I wanted her to suck my cock. I told her I would do anything she wanted if she would suck me. Linda told me she would only suck my dick if I ate her pussy at the same time. It was as if she had jumped into my mind and discovered my deepest fantasy.

You see, years earlier when I came home early from school, I heard strange sounds coming from my parents room while the door was slightly ajar. I looked in and I froze.

When I quickly realized I was seeing something I shouldn't see, I ducked out of sight and watched. Dad had his head between mother's legs. From the sounds mom made and how she told him how wonderful it was, I knew it had to be a great thing to do. Then Dad got up on the bed, with her turned around, and mother took dad's dick into her mouth as Dad put his mouth back between mother's legs. I pulled out my dick and jacked off as I watched them.

For years that image was burned into my brain. So when Linda asked me to sixty-nine with her I could not believe my luck. She wanted me to lay down on my back and she pulled my pants down enough to get at my dick. She pushed her skirt up and Linda knelt over my face. She took my dick in her hand and before she could put her mouth over it, I came yet again. She stroked me and, when I finished and went soft, she then put me in her mouth.

All that time I had her pussy against my mouth, she pulled her mouth off of me and grabbed my dick with her hand. She held me and told me what to do. She arched herself and told me to suck on her clit. I had no idea what a clit was, but she guided me to hers. My nose was in her open hole and the aroma of her pussy was driving me crazy with lust.

Her mouth was magnificent the way she worked it up and down my cock. She had so much fluid oozing out of her pussy, rolling out of her open hole going all over my nose and face, as I sucked on her clit.

She smelled so good. I thought she smelled a little like fish and the liquid coming out of her tasted a little sweet and a little salty at the same time. My head was spinning in pleasure as she drove me crazy sucking me and letting me eat her sweet, lovely pussy.

I got hard again and I wanted to have sex with her, but Linda said she was saving that for her husband. She told me that if I wanted her to suck me off that she would, but I had to agree to eat her pussy at the same time.

I hate to admit it, but for me eating her pussy as she sucked my dick was so good, I was sure sex could not be any better than that. We dated for two more years, I worked at the coffee shop and got off after nine so I could only get to be with her after I got off work. So almost every night I would go over to her apartment.

I became very addicted to eating Linda's pussy, I loved being with her and the sixty-nine we did every night was just so amazing. Not ever being with another women in my life I knew nothing about them. I only knew that I loved eating Linda's sloppy wet pussy as she sucked me off. And like I said that happened almost every night that we got together. We would spend a long time pleasing each other.

Many nights she would get me off and then she would keep loving my dick with her mouth until I got hard again and came once more. She made me feel so special and so loved. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Linda, I asked her to marry me over and over. It took months, and I mean many months, before she relented and agreed to be my wife.

We married and I was so excited when we walked down the aisle as man and wife. I could not wait to have real sex with the woman I loved with all my heart. Our wedding party seemed to go on forever. It was almost too much for Linda. She told me she was not feeling well and wanted to go upstairs and take a short nap. I didn't want her to leave me but I relented.

About an hour later she returned all bubbly and happy, I was glad she took her nap. After about an hour or two of dancing we finally went up stairs to our room. We undressed each other. When I undressed Linda she had her white stocking on under her gown, and as usual no panties. I could see that on the insides of her stocking were some wet streaks. Linda saw me looking at them and told me that she was so hot and wet for me that her pussy was literally dripping out her juice. The aroma I came to love was coming from her; I knew she was as hot as she could be.

My dick was rock hard, I wanted to jump right into bed and fuck my new wife.

She told me as excited as I was, that I would climax way too quickly. She said that she wanted us to sixty-nine first so when we did make love I would last longer.

I laid down on the bed and I knew that Linda was as excited as I was, because she had never ever in the past three years ever been so wet and slimy. When I laid on my back I stared up at her red swollen lips. Her pussy was so wet and shiny and the inside of her hole was red as well. My eyes fixated on her sweet lovely pussy as she knelt over my mouth, bringing me my prize. It seemed like her juice just flowed out of her into my waiting mouth.

I was so thrilled, I was never so happy. I went crazy licking out her wide open hole and finally taking hold of her huge clit and sucking it as she moved her hips up and down, forcing my nose to go into and out of her open pussy hole. Once I came she kept working me until I was hard again.

We rolled over and I moved between her legs, she guided my dick to her hole and she felt like heaven, her pussy was warm and hot. It was so wet and ready and I loved the feeling as my hard dick slid into her open pussy. I felt the warmth of her insides gently grabbing my dick. I'd never ever had sex with any women or girl until that moment.

I was so excited and thrilled that I came rather quickly for my first time.

Linda was disappointed that I came so quickly, she suggested that we sixty-nine again to get me hard and for me to bring her to another climax with my mouth. I agreed and got on my back. Linda got above me and as she sucked my dick hard again, she had her sloppy wet pussy on my mouth again.

I fucking loved the way she reacted to the way I ate her pussy. I finally got hard again and we tried it a second time. This time I lasted a long time and Linda was crazy with excitement; telling me what a great lover I was, what a big cock I had. After she had climaxed, she told me she wanted to get me hard again, so we sixty-nine again. When I was hard again, she asked me if I would like to fuck her in her ass?

I had heard talk about that and how some girls liked it and others did not.

I told Linda that I had thought about it and I did want to try it. She was as excited as I was. I pulled out and she rolled over onto her tummy. She said for me to put the head of my cock against her asshole and in one fast hard thrust to ram my cock into her ass.

I had no idea what to expect, all I knew was her asshole was silky smooth and she was as slick at her asshole as she was at her pussy. I never knew women lubricated their asshole.

When I mentioned it to Linda she said that some of my sperm must have slid down covering her asshole, so when I pushed in I lubricated her with my sperm.

It made sense, so I thought nothing of it. After hours of sex, fucking her asshole, her pussy, and sixty-nine, we fell asleep. The next morning I wanted more sex while she slept, I got down between her legs and began to work her pussy and clit with my mouth.

I was a little surprised when she did not get as slick and sloppy as she always had been when I went down on her before we married or last night. I woke her with a climax and later when I mentioned that she was not as wet as she normally was, Linda said that early in the morning women do not get real wet. She told me by the night she would be soaking wet for me, she just had to think good old nasty thoughts of us and she would be real juicy for me that night. I did fuck her and of course she wanted to get me hard again so we would sixty-nine.

I knew she was starting to like it because her juices flowed out of her into my mouth as she sucked my dick hard again. We had different things to do that day, so we split up and met back at our room at five. The first thing I wanted to do was have sex again, and she was all for it. She got out of her clothes and as usual she wasn't wearing any panties.

I laid on my back and watched her dripping wet pussy with the swollen lips and her red open hole coming down to my mouth. She took my cock in her mouth while her juices just poured out of her into my mouth. Fuck, I was so turned on that my wife was so wet and excited to have sex with me like she was.

Linda was hot for me and I loved her for that. Some days the taste of her pussy is just so sweet and a little salty, but that evening it seemed like she was even more salty. After we finished I mentioned that to her and she said at certain times of the month women have a more salty flavor, about a week before her period.

It made sense to me so I never gave it another thought. I was thrilled because now, when she was on her period, instead of her just sucking me off, now she wanted me to fuck her in her asshole which I loved doing for her. She seemed to climax real hard whenever I fucked her in her asshole.

After our wedding honeymoon I had to report to Fort Carson and once there I was hard at work and our sex life took a backseat. I had to go into work early and it seemed that I always got home late, and beat. I don't know how Linda put up with all that but she did.

Oh we had sex, but it wasn't anywhere as hot as it was prior to our wedding or our honeymoon.

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