Teenage Handyman

by sourdough

Copyright© 2015 by sourdough

Coming of Age Sex Story: Spike finds himself living in an apartment complex filled with welfare mothers. He earns money by doing odd jobs for the tenants. Sometimes he has to take his fees out in trade.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   First   Pregnancy   .

My name's Spike. Well, actually my given name is Percy, but no one should call me that to my face unless he wants a fight on his hands. My parents named me that in the hopes of pleasing a rich uncle of the same name who might leave them some money when he died. Well, he died, but he didn't leave any of us a dime.

My parents divorced over Dad's drinking and being without work besides. My mom had to apply for welfare and she, my sister and I moved into one of these cheap one-bedroom apartments. They're pretty rundown and filled with nothing but other welfare mothers and their children.

I'm just 14 years old, but I'm pretty good at fixing things. Dad taught me how to repair most things, but I picked up a lot on my own, too. Mom made a deal with the landlord when we moved in. She would fix up the apartment, give him the receipts and then she would deduct that much from the rent. I had the whole place looking pretty spiffy in a matter of a week or so. The landlord liked what I'd done, but he didn't like what was charged against the rent and tried to back out of the deal. Mom took him aside and talked to him. She carries this knife with a wicked looking blade and I'm pretty sure she threatened his manhood. Anyway, we didn't have a problem with him after that talk.

"What did you tell him?"

"I told him the apartment would look exactly like I found it when we move if he reneged on our deal."

Oh, well. It would have been cooler if she really had threatened his manhood.

Mom made some acquaintances of the other tenants pretty quickly and one of them dropped over after I'd fixed the place up. Her name was Norma. She was 22 years old with two children.

"How do you fucking rate?" Norma said when she took a look around.

"What do you mean?" Mom asked.

"I've been waiting for two fucking years to have my fucking apartment fixed up and it still hasn't fucking happened. You're here for two fucking weeks and your fucking apartment is all fucking fixed up."

"Spike here did the work."

"I'll fucking hire him," Norma said. "How much will you fucking charge?" Norma said her apartment didn't look much different from ours when we first moved in but, I wanted to have a look first. I told her she'd have to front the cost of materials and I'd keep track of my time and charge her when her next welfare check came in.

"It's a fucking deal," said Norma and left.

"She sure likes to say 'fucking' a lot," I said.

"Maybe she likes fucking a lot," Mom replied.

Norma gave me the money for materials and it took a bit longer to do because now I had school. Anyway, after I finished the work and gave her the bill for my time, Norma said she didn't have the fucking money and besides, we didn't have a fucking written agreement. I was pissed! I told my mom what she said.

"What is it about people around here always trying to back out on their obligations? Go back and take it out on her ass," Mom said.

"How am I going to do that? She'll call the cops if I try anything with her."

"No she won't," Mom said. "Have you ever been with a girl?" I knew what she meant. I shook my head, but I told her I knew the basics. She said to go back there and fuck her brains out.

"What about the cops?"

"Just do what I tell you to do and there won't be any cops."

"What do you fucking want?" Norma said when I walked back to her apartment.

"I want my money."

"I told you there ain't no fucking money." She tried to slam the door on me but I stopped it with my hand and pushed my way in. Fear flashed in her eyes. Her two- and four-year-old daughters were sitting on the floor watching TV. They saw me and waved. They went back to their TV watching. They were used to seeing me.

"You can't squeeze blood out of a fucking turnip," Norma said. "I'll call the fucking cops if you don't fucking leave."

"We'll see about that." I pushed her toward the bedroom. In the bedroom, I pushed her onto the bed. It was just a mattress on the floor.

"Are you going to fuck me?"

"What do you think?"

"Will this make us even?"

"Cash only," I replied. "This is just interest until I'm paid back in full." I started taking off my clothes. Norma got real quiet and didn't struggle when I pulled off her pants and panties. I felt between her legs. Her cunt felt wet so I climbed on and shoved my prick in. It only took a few minutes to blow my first load inside her snatch but I stayed hard and continued fucking her. Norma had remained passive, but she was finally getting into it. She was making little grunting sounds. After a while, her cunt muscles squeezed down on my prick and I squirted my second load.

"What's Spike doing to you, Mommy?" We looked toward the door and her oldest daughter was standing there watching us. I wondered how for how long.

"Spike is fucking me, honey," Norma said. "He's trying to start a baby in Mommy's belly."

"Is Spike going to marry you?"

"No, honey. Spike isn't going to marry me even if he gives me a baby. Mommy isn't the type of girl men marry."

"Can he give me a baby, too?"

"You're too young yet, Annie. But you can ask him again when you have boobies like Mommy's. Now go back into the living room and watch TV with your sister. I'll be out soon to fix us something to eat." Annie turned around without another word and left.

"You can fuck me anytime you want," said Norma. "You don't even have to stop after I pay you your money. But please don't hurt my babies."

"I'm not going to hurt your babies," I replied. I meant it too, but I guess Norma felt my prick twitch when her daughter asked for a baby from me.

Norma was surprised when I told her this was my first time. She told me I was better than some older men she knew and asked if there was anything else she could do for me, like sucking my prick. I told her I'd let her suck my prick next time.

"You could do something else for me though."

"What's that?"

"You could stop saying 'fucking' every other word out of your mouth."

"Yes sir." I left her apartment and returned to my own. I told Mom everything that happened and she was quite pleased with what she heard.

"Don't be surprised if Norma has the girls calling you Uncle Spike from now on."

"I don't think so. Norma's not interested in me that way. There's too much of an age gap between us."

"We'll see." Mom seemed to know a lot more than I did. I went back to Norma's the next day and the kids were all over me. Both wanted kisses and hugs from me.

"You girls seem really glad to see your Uncle Spike," Norma said. They smiled and nodded their heads. Mom sure called that one right. I motioned Norma into the bedroom. There was no hesitation on her part. She stripped off her clothes and got on the mattress on all fours. She wanted to show me how to take her doggie style. I didn't mind being taught new positions. Of course, everything was new to me. I moved behind her and started fucking her. I heard a giggle behind me and knew one or both of the girls were watching us. Norma giggled too so I knew it was her doing. I wanted to show Norma who was boss so when I finished inside her, I pulled her over my lap.

"Do you want to see what happens to naughty girls?" I started whacking Norma's butt cheeks with my open hand. She started cussing and yelling at me to stop. The girls started crying because I was hurting their mommy, so I did stop. I felt bad about upsetting her daughters.

"Go calm them down," I said. Norma led the girls out of the bedroom and turned on the TV. She came back a few minutes later and glared at me.

"I hate you, you bastard. You really hurt me." She giggled then and sat down beside me.

"I just told them we were playing a game and you weren't really hurting me. If you want to spank me again, you're going to have to do it when the girls are visiting their grandma."

"Or put a gag in your mouth," I added. Norma playfully punched me in the arm.

"You know, I wish you weren't so much younger than me. I could really go for you." Mom warned me not to get emotionally attached with these women. They would use me if they could.

"It's not going to happen."

"I know," Norma replied. "I just hope you gave me a son this time."

"Why is that?"

"A man has a better chance of making it in this world. Annie and Megan will probably grow up to be welfare moms just like me." I thought Norma was most probably right. Their mother was already teaching them how to be little sluts.

"You seem pretty sure I've knocked you up."

"If I'm not pregnant now, I sure will be if you keep fucking me like this." I went home and told Mom about my visit with Norma.

"What did I tell you about those girls of hers?"

"You were right," I admitted. "Well, I just might be seeing her a lot more."

"No, don't. I don't want Norma getting used to seeing you. It should be a treat for her."

"I wouldn't mind her getting used to seeing me so long as I can jump her bones when I see her."

"That's not how the game is played. Just stay away from her for now. I'll have another girl here for you tomorrow."

"Who is she?"

"I'm not even sure yet. I just know she'll be a tenant who wants some work done on her apartment." That meant it could be anyone in this complex, so there was no guessing who she might be. I'd just have to wait and be surprised.

"Maria is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico," Mom said. "She came with her boyfriend to find work. Everything was okay until she got pregnant. He abandoned her and returned to Mexico. It turns out he already has a wife and children down there, so I doubt if she'll ever see him again. She lost her job and has very little money so the work will have to be done a bit at a time. She has some leaking faucets and a toilet that keeps running, so you can start with those."

"I can take care of that." I had the tools and washers already although I might have to buy a part for the toilet.

"She also has some holes that need filling." Mom smiled and winked. I returned the smile. Maria was a pretty little thing; dark hair, skin and eyes. She looked a lot younger than her 19 years. She could pass for a girl my age. She sat there passively holding a baby boy while my mother and I talked. English wasn't her first language so I wondered how much she understood, probably enough. She wasn't much for smiling; only a brief one when we were introduced.

I got my tools and followed Maria to her apartment. The place was in a worse mess than ours had been. There were heavy curtains, which made the living room really dark. There wasn't a lamp in there either. She pointed out the leaks and then sat down on an old sofa. Repairing the leaks wasn't any big deal. The toilet was a temporary fix but the replacement part was cheap and I could install that the next day.

Maria knew I was finished but she just held the baby and stared back at me. Was she waiting for me to get tired of standing there and leave? I wasn't about to leave without getting a down payment for my efforts.

"Put the baby in his crib." Maria shrugged her shoulders, stood up and walked to the bedroom. Interesting. She wouldn't move until told to do so. I followed the girl and watched her put the baby down. He had a pretty good temperament and didn't fuss.

"You want me for your girlfriend?"

"Sure," I replied. "You can be my girlfriend."

"But no baby."

"No baby," I agreed. She took off her pants and panties then lay down on the bed. She closed her eyes as if she was going to go to sleep. I felt between her legs to get her wet. I got between them and shoved my prick in.

"Ay!" Maria cried and her eyes popped wide open. I know Maria said no baby, but I didn't know how we were going to prevent it. I wasn't wearing a condom and I don't think she was on birth control. I mentally ordered Mr. Sperm and his brothers not to fertilize any egg they might come across while swimming around Maria's belly. We'd see if they obeyed.

"Ay!" Maria cried as I came. Her expressions showed fear, panic and then resignation. I stayed hard, but I didn't start fucking her again. I kept my prick inside and put almost my full weight on her body to show my dominance. She didn't try to push me off.

"He's hungry," she said when the baby started crying. I allowed her to get up. She breastfed him while we talked. She wanted more done to the apartment. I mentally kicked myself for telling her she was my girlfriend. To her, that meant I could do stuff for her for free. She was a tricky bitch! She wasn't going to be my girlfriend for long.

"I see you tomorrow?"


Norma was standing outside her apartment when I passed by.

"Do you want to come in?"

"I dunno. I'm pretty busy right now."

"Yeah, I can smell her on you. I bet you I'm better." I didn't agree or disagree. Norma was different from Maria and that's all I knew. I also knew my toolbox was feeling heavier. I shifted it to my other hand.

"I have something to give you. Come in. Just for a minute. Please?" I followed her inside her apartment. The girl rummaged around in a drawer and then handed me a key.

"You never have to knock now. You can walk in anytime of the day or night."

"Thanks," I said. This was getting kind of weird. I'd have to ask Mom whether I should keep the key or give it back.

"I haven't sucked your cock yet. I could do it now."

"No, thanks. Maybe later." She looked disappointed. I got out of there.

Mom listened to my latest adventure and told me both women were trying to get their claws into me in their own way. My guess was that they had to be mighty desperate to think a 14-year-old was a prize. Mom agreed that they were desperate, but chasing after me was probably one of the smarter choices these women had ever made in their lives so far.

"Don't make a commitment to any of them. You don't owe them a thing. They owe you." I kept that in mind when I went back over to Maria's to install the toilet part.

"You fix the light?" The bedroom light was out. For all I knew the light bulb just needed changing, but I wasn't going to check.

"Do you have money for the work I've done already?" Maria shook her head and started pouting.

"I'm not your girlfriend?"

"Not if you're expecting me to do things for free." She turned away as if giving me the cold shoulder.

"Fine, I'm leaving." I think she realized she was going to play hell getting me to help in the future because she called me back.

"I have ten dollars."

"Give it to me." I think she had more but it was a start. I pointed to the bedroom and she figured out she was going to get laid again. I don't think Maria liked fucking for a guy who didn't think her pussy hair was spun from gold, but she had absolutely no bargaining power. After fucking her, I checked the light and found the switch needed replacement. I told her I wanted more money by the time I returned. She said she'd try. I then told her I wanted a key to her apartment, an idea Norma gave me.


"I might want to fuck you some time when the baby is asleep and I don't want to wake him up with my pounding on the door." I was testing to see how much power I had over her. She looked at me like I was 'loco in la cabeza' but she wound up giving me the key.

It's funny how money can suddenly appear when the need is there. Maria paid me up to date the very next day and even Norma gave me a chunk of what she owed me. I offered it to Mom, but she told me to keep it, so then I had some spending money.

"Catering exclusively to welfare mothers is a moneymaker to our esteemed landlord," Mom said. "The rents are pretty close to market value. Some of the tenants get their rent subsidized. It's guaranteed by the taxpayer and is deposited directly to his account. However, things are not always rosy for him. The tenants' boyfriends are always trying to move in with them, a violation of the welfare rules. If the welfare authorities find out, they give our landlord grief. Also, the boyfriend usually has this entrepreneurial spirit, which usually means he starts dealing drugs out of the apartment. Then the police get involved and give our landlord even more grief. He recently has had to evict some tenants and currently has three vacancies. Does that pretty much sum it up, Mr. Goldstein?" The landlord was sitting at our kitchen table while Mom explained this to me.

"Yeah, except the part about it being a moneymaker. Believe me, I'm losing money like crazy. I'm not making a dime off this."

"So rent out the apartments. What's the problem?"

"The problem," Mom continued, "is that these units haven't been approved for rental by the housing authorities based on their present condition. Knowing your work, he'd like to hire you to fix up the apartments."

"Save the receipts and I'll take it off the rent just like last time."

"What about my time? I didn't charge my mom for the time I spent fixing the place up. I can't do that for you."

"That makes sense," Mom said.

"I'll give him minimum wage."

"You'll give him a lot more than that and the authority to hire contractors for work he can't do."

"What! He's just a teenager. I can't give him that type of authority."

"Then you can give me the authority," said Mom. "I think you need an on-site manager anyway. I could be that manager."

"I used to have one, but he was stealing me blind."

"You used to have an on-site handyman, too from what I understand. He got free rent and did absolutely nothing to earn it."

"That's why I fired him."

Mom turned out to be a pretty good negotiator. She became the unofficial manager and kept a watch on things. In return, she paid nothing on the rent. I had an after school and weekend job that paid twice what I could get working at a fast food joint and I wasn't even old enough to work at one of those places anyway. Mom insisted that schoolwork shouldn't suffer and I still had to get good grades. I could work only 20 hours a week. I even got the free use of the handyman's basement apartment. Mr. Goldstein told me not to turn it into a pussy palace, but I think he knew I would anyway. He already knew about Norma and Maria, but he didn't seem to care as long as it didn't affect him. Everything was unofficial and under the table. That was fine with Mom. She would get a debit card from the landlord and make the needed purchases for me.

"Your mother is a woman after my own heart," he said, "but I'd like to keep it for a while longer, thank you.".

Mom told me after he left that the landlord knew he got a bargain or he would never have agreed to our deal. He was nothing if not a businessman.

When I started working in one of the vacant apartments, tenants would stop by and ask me what I was doing. I know it's a stupid question. All they had to do was look and see what I was doing but I was always polite and answered their question. The next question was if I was the official handyman of the complex, and if I was, could I please come over to fix, repair or replace this or that. I told them I wasn't and the landlord just hired me to fix up the apartment I was working in. I always added that I did odd jobs, but I wanted cash up front and it was up to them to get reimbursed by the landlord.

Some asked me if they could take it out in trade. That meant they wanted to trade their pussies for my handyman services. I was already getting plenty of pussy from Norma and Maria, but who knew how long that would last. Some of these women packed up and disappeared over-night. Mostly it was because she wanted to escape an abusive boyfriend or because of money troubles. If she was someone I was attracted to, I told her I might be flexible even if she wasn't one of those that offered her pussy in trade. I knew she might eventually.

I always made a point of getting her apartment number and then dropping by when I finished what I was doing. I made notes of what had to be done. There was always something to be done that I could repair in a few minutes and I always did that repair for free. My thought was that she'd be appreciative and grateful.

There was this one girl who was just smokin' hot and I thought I was in love. Her name was Eden and she came across as the helpless, but oh so adorable type. I did some free repairs for her on two different occasions. I made a move on her after the second time I was there. She backed away.

"Aren't you kind of young for this?" she asked.

"Fourteen isn't young."

"It is for me. I'm not into cradle snatching." I didn't know her age, but she wasn't that much older than me.

"You're not into doing your own repairs either." She shrugged her shoulders.

"I have a boyfriend."

"Maybe he can do your repairs."

"He's too busy."

"Maybe he can pay for them."

"I don't think so. I've tried."

"He sounds useless. You'd better have some money next time you want something done or you can wait until the landlord sends someone." That was a waste of time unless it was a plumbing emergency.

"Just because I won't come across?"

"That's a good enough reason for me." I didn't hear from Eden for a while and then she told me she had a broken window and asked how much I would charge to replace it. I asked how that happened and she said she didn't know and that it was like that when she got home. I mentioned that to Mom and she already knew the story behind the broken window. That's because she had developed a network of snitches. Eden had had a fight with her boyfriend and she threw something at him. She missed him and hit the window. Mom told the landlord and he told Eden to get it repaired pretty damn quick because her rent subsidy was coming up for renewal and he didn't have to approve it. That meant she'd have to move.

Eden barely had enough money to pay for the window-pane replacement and no money to pay me for its installation. I made her give me a ring she liked to wear a lot as collateral for what she owed me. Then she had to let me fuck her. She said not without a condom and I refused. Then she said I had to pull out without coming inside her. I agreed to that. Eden was good in bed but she wasn't any better than the other girls I'd been with. I decided I wasn't in love with her anymore, if I ever was. She got all pissed when I came inside her.

"I hate you, you bastard! I told you not to come inside me. What if I'm pregnant?"

"Then your son is going to have a little brother or sister?"

"Get the hell out of here!"

"Fine, I'm going."

"What about the window?"

"Get someone else. Here's your ring back." I knew a professional glazier was going to charge her a lot more than I was charging. Eden knew it, too. She started crying real tears. I made her apologize to me and give back the collateral. Then she had to let me fuck her again. She knew I was going to come inside her again, but she didn't complain this time. I must have given her a good come the second time around because she actually kissed me when we finished. If she still hated me, she kept it to herself.

I heard later Eden tried to get her married boyfriend to leave his wife and marry her. He dumped her instead. She went to the guy's wife and the wife just laughed at her and told her to get lost. She wasn't divorcing her husband so Eden could marry him.

Eden still played the helpless female pretty well and she always has guys sniffing around her, but apparently none with the ability or desire to rescue her from her situation. She didn't even try to play games with me anymore. I got to fuck her anytime I wanted ... as long as she needed something done in return.

If I was dealing with someone I wouldn't want to touch with a ten foot pole, my service was always cash or no deal. There were plenty of those. But sometimes they had a daughter or two close to my own age. Hannah was one of those tenants I didn't want to get physical with. She was long past her prime. I guess she had a rough life because she was only 32 years old, but looked a lot older than that. She had a daughter my own age. Her name was Dani. We went to the same school, but I never talked to her before except to say hello.

Hannah wanted me to do some painting and repairs in her apartment but she was realistic about her chances of seducing me into doing it. I may have been a horny 14-year-old, but I wasn't desperate. I agreed to a discount as long as I got a roll in the hay with Dani. Dani was agreeable.

"You'll have to wear a condom." Here we go again.

"I don't wear condoms."

"I can't let you do Dani without a condom. She's not on the pill."

"That's not my problem. I guess we don't have a deal."

"Can you pull out without coming in her?"

"Of course I can." I can if I want to. I've never wanted to.

"I want to be there to make sure you pull out." The old lady wanted to watch. That was kind of kinky.

"That's fine with me." Well, fucking Dani wasn't all that great. Hannah kept yammering, "Don't cum in her. Don't cum in her." And Dani kept chanting, "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" like she was starring in a porn video. I was glad when I finally came in her.

"You didn't cum in her, did you?"

"Yeah, I did."

"But I told you not to cum in her."

"All I heard you saying was 'Cum in her. Cum in her.' so I did."

"I didn't say, 'Cum in her. Cum in her'. I said, 'DON'T cum in her. DON'T cum in her'."

"Well, with all the noise you two were making, it was easy to get confused. I thought you changed your mind."

"But what if she's pregnant?" I shrugged my shoulders. I wondered if she knew how to spell 'grandma'. "I need a drink."

"So go get a drink."

"I wish I had the money for a drink." I fished some money out of my pocket and gave it to her. As soon as she left, I fucked Dani again, but not without telling her to keep her mouth shut while we were fucking. She thought the whole thing was pretty funny. Dani wasn't a virgin for a couple of years and didn't care if she got pregnant. Hannah was sitting out in the living room when I came out of the bedroom. I thought she'd gone to the bar across the alley, but she bought a bottle of cheap whiskey at a nearby liquor store instead. Her glare told me she knew what we'd been doing. I went over to where she was sitting. I kissed her on the cheek and started groping her titties.

"Stop it," she yelled. "Don't you dare make me spill my drink." She was giggling when she said it.

"Put your drink down." She did and I gave her a nice, long titty massage. She was purring in seconds.

"I wish it was me you were fucking."

"Make yourself real pretty and I just might," I replied.

Well, it's amazing how a little motivation and a little makeup can do for a woman. Hannah started to look really good. She still wasn't my ideal, but I wound up giving her what I wouldn't quite call a mercy fuck. I used a condom. A short while later, Hannah got a regular boyfriend. She seemed happy and I was glad for her.

My sister Betty was a year and a few months older than me at 16. Like any girl, she liked to be fashionable, but when my dad lost his job and then the divorce, there was no money to buy clothes. She was pretty much stuck with cheap jeans, cheap tops and no-name shoes, nothing she could call fashionable. So the first thing that happened when she realized I was making some money was that she said she wanted some of it. She showed up at one of the vacant apartments I was working in and asked me for a loan.

"Why don't you earn your own money?" I said.

"I haven't got a job. Can't you part with some of it? I'm your sister after all. How about it, little brother? How about lending me some money?"

"How would you pay it back?"

"I dunno. I'd pay you back somehow. You can trust me for it, can't you?"

"Nothing doing."

"Thanks for nothing, Percy." A sister always knows which buttons to push if they want piss off her brother and Betty succeeded with me.

"You could earn the money right now," I said. "That way you wouldn't have to pay it back."

"How do I do that?" Betty's eyes lit up. She was very interested.

"You could let me fuck you for it." She gasped in outrage.

"I ought to tell Mom what you said."

"Go ahead and tell her," I responded. "I don't care." I did kind of care. I didn't think Mom would appreciate me being rude to my sister like that, but it still wouldn't get her any money from me. "What do you say to the proposition?"

"I say go jump off the tallest building you can find. I wouldn't let you fuck me for a million bucks."

"I know that, but what about a hundred bucks? You could buy some nice clothes with a hundred bucks."

"How can you even ask me that? I'm your sister, for Pete's sake."

"Oh, that's right. Then make it fifty bucks."

"Fifty bucks? What happened to a hundred bucks?"

"Family discount?"

"Ha! I should charge you two hundred."

"It's a deal, but I get all night and no condoms." My sister blinked as if she was having trouble processing what had just taken place. Had she just negotiated the use of her body to her brother? Two hundred dollars was a lot of money to her. Heck! Two hundred dollars was a lot of money to me. I wasn't sure if she was turning red from outrage or embarrassment.

"You're totally disgusting," my sister spluttered. She strode out the front door and slammed it behind her. I shrugged my shoulders and got back to work. Betty gave me the evil eye all through dinner that evening. If Mom noticed, she didn't say anything.

On the walk to school the next morning, Betty started bending my ear for a loan again.

"Ask Mom for the money," I said.

"I have asked her," Betty responded. "She said I'll have to wait until she gets caught up on some bills and she still hasn't received any support payments from Dad."

"Don't you have enough clothes?"

"They're all rags." I looked at what my sister was wearing, the standard uniform for all the girls: jeans and a top. They didn't look raggedy to me, but what did I know about clothing? At 14 years old, I was satisfied if the clothing covered my ass. I was sure that attitude would change eventually.

"I guess if you want money for clothes, you're going to have to earn it."

"I'm not going to earn it by going to bed with you. That's incest. Besides, I'm a virgin."

"Who are you saving it for, one of those guys at school? I overheard you complaining to Mom just the other day about how some of them were pressuring you for sex. Of course, they'd most likely want you to give it away. I doubt if any three of them could scrape together more than ten dollars among themselves with the exception of the ones dealing dope."

"I know it's an outmoded concept," Betty responded, "but I just might be saving my virginity for love and marriage."

"Good for you. I could never do that."

"So I've heard." I shrugged my shoulders. I wasn't surprised my sister knew I was getting pussy from some of the other tenants.

"You're likely to be giving up your virginity to some boy sooner or later."

"But I don't want to get pregnant and you don't want to use a condom." Aha! It sounded to me like my sister wanted to negotiate.

"A condom is no guarantee. At least, that's what I've heard from some of the single mothers in the complex. Accidents happen."

"I don't want to be an accident victim," Betty said, "especially with my own brother."

"So why are even talking?" I asked. "Is this all hypothetical?" I thought that this was the end of the topic. Not that I wanted it to end. I was getting a boner for Betty just thinking about getting laid by her. My sister was an attractive brunette. I don't think she would ever be a great beauty, but I've seen plenty of guys talking to her at school during lunch.

"One thousand dollars for one hour paid up front," my sister said. "Condom required." At least she had the grace to blush when she made that outrageous demand.

"No, thanks," I said. "I'm not that rich." And I'm not that stupid, I added mentally. "You already heard my highest and best offer. Two hundred dollars for all night. No condoms. No payment until after."

"No effing way," Betty retorted. "I trust you about as far as I can throw you." I felt the same way about her and let her know it.

We went back and forth like that all the way to school. Betty wasn't going to budge from her position and I wasn't going to budge from mine. I knew my lovely sister was going to be the one to break. I wasn't desperate. She was. I could get laid any time from one of several of the apartment tenants. Betty could get laid anytime, too, from one of the guys hanging around her at school, but she was unlikely to get much more than a thank you out of it along with a bad reputation.

Betty finally gave in on the walk back home, but it had to be on one of her safe days. I was okay with that. I did let her talk me into adding another hundred dollars to her fee. It looked my sister was going to be a prostitute. I didn't feel guilty about it. If Betty did, she could console herself with three hundred dollars.

"Can I get twenty dollars from you now?" Betty asked. "You can count it toward what you're going to owe me."

"Give me a blow-job," I responded, "and I won't bother counting the twenty toward what I'm going to owe you."

"I'll do it for fifty."

"Thirty," I countered.


"Thirty-five, but only if you swallow. Twenty if you spit it out."


"Was that a yes or a no?"

It turned out to be a yes. I led Betty into the handyman's apartment. As soon as I closed the door, I zipped down my fly and hauled out my already stiffening prick. My sister looked at it a bit nervously.

"Is this your first time?" I asked.

"Of course it is," she said. "What do you think I am, a slut?"

That's exactly what I was thinking.

"Any time you're ready. Don't be shy now."

"I can't believe you're making me do this," my sister complained. Jeeze! You would think I had a gun aimed at her head. Betty finally got down on her knees and I was soon enjoying my very first blow-job. There is no such thing as a bad blow-job, as the old saying goes. Either that, or Betty had natural talent. I didn't care which it was though. It only took my sister about five minutes before she had my wad gushing down her throat. She had to swallow hard twice. I snapped her picture with my new smart phone as she pulled away.

"Where did you get that phone?" Betty demanded.

"The landlord gave it to me to use in my job," I responded. "He gave one to Mom, too."

"I want one," Betty whined.

"Ask Mom." I was surprised she wasn't going ballistic about the picture I'd taken of her. She was more interested in getting a cell phone for herself. I knew Mom had already decided to give my sister a phone. But first, she wanted to let Betty know it would be confiscated if she abused the privilege. Well, my sister didn't really forget the picture.

"If I see or even hear about that photo from anyone else, I will slit your throat in your sleep. Do we understand each other, mister?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"You owe me thirty-five dollars," my sister said and stuck out her hand.

"It's a pleasure doing business with you," I responded and handed her two twenties. "You wouldn't happen to have change, would you?"

"No, I don't. I'll owe you."

"Let me fondle your bare titties for a few minutes and we'll call it even, okay?" Betty sighed and rolled her eyeballs. Then she got that aggravated look on her face that women are so good at. I thought she was going to refuse, but she pulled her top and bra up, exposing her tits. My sister's tits were nice handfuls and my prick started to stiffen again just from playing with them. Betty was getting excited, too, from the way she was reacting.

"Let me fuck you now, Betty," I whispered. My prick prodded her butt as I fondled her tits from behind. I was as gentle as I could manage.

"No way. It's not safe. I don't want to get pregnant."



"Pretty please?"

"I said no."

"Pretty please with sugar on it and a hundred dollars more?"

"Three hundred dollars more and no more negotiating." Betty sounded like she was going to stand her ground. Shit! That meant six hundred dollars to go bareback with my sister at a vulnerable time. My common sense told me to stop trying to be so kinky. I was already getting more sex than I could have imagined. This was my sister. This was incest. It was wrong. This was getting expensive.

My kinky side won out.

"Half now and the other half in a couple of weeks."

"Deal," Betty said.

I reached down and pulled the snap on her jeans. My sister flinched, but she didn't protest or pull away.

I had a small mattress in the bedroom that I occasionally used. Luckily, I had fresh sheets on it. We undressed in silence. Betty had always been careful to protect her modesty, even in a one bedroom apartment. This was the first time I saw her butt-naked. Her body was not too shabby looking. I began to worry if I should be romantic with her. Should we embrace? Caress? What if I tried to kiss her? No, I wasn't going to try any of that. This was a business transaction, pure and simple. Gash for cash. She wasn't any different from any of the other sluts in the apartment complex. I was never romantic with any of them. If my sister wanted to get romantic, she would have to make the first move.

We stared at each other for a moment and then I motioned for Betty to get on the mattress. She looked nervous now, but I knew she knew she could just walk away. I wasn't going to stop her. In fact, I was now looking for an excuse to call the whole thing off. That would save me six hundred dollars.

When she didn't move or say anything, I said, "Have you changed your mind? Shall we get dressed?" I picked up my shorts and that caused Betty to lie down on the mattress.

"I'm just a bit nervous. That's all," my sister said. "I certainly didn't expect my first time to be like this and with my own brother. You don't have to be so mean." The tears hadn't started yet. It wouldn't bother me if they did. I've seen Betty turn them on and off at will like a water tap. I've heard all women have that talent. Besides, I didn't think I was being mean. I just didn't want to pussyfoot around.

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