Seer Response Team

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: Seers see major things in the future. Ours look for and find violence like terrorists or bombers. The response teams are there to stop that but we can only act at the time the violence begins. Only now someone who knows and supports the terrorists is setting traps for us.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Cream Pie   .

I yanked the side door of the flyer back and waited until it hovered to leap out and onto the roof of the building. Seven men followed me towards the roof access door and I used my badge. I led the way down as the team spread out in a staggered file. Fifteen floors later I paused at the lobby door.

The team stacked behind me and I checked the time and finally yanked the door open and moved through. Armed and masked men were rushing through the large entrance doors as I brought my rifle up, "constables!"

The team was moving to the right and spreading out while aiming assault rifles. The terrorists hesitated and one lifted a weapon and I fired. The round struck him in the face and he spasmed and went down. The others panicked and started to aim weapons and that was when the others in my team opened up.

Seconds and they were down and thrashing and spasming while we moved in to put them in restraints, "remember to use the med injectors so they do not suicide."

The other people in the lobby had screamed and dropped to the floor. I shifted and fired into what looked like a civilian and she jerked and spasmed. I moved towards her and used the med injector from a chest pouch. I rolled her over and shut the stun bag off and took the concealed pistol from her hand.

I put her into restraints and stood to look around the lobby. I opened the comm, "this is Oracle six. The site is contained."

It was moments before dozens of constables rushed through the entrance doors. We were all masked and moved back to let the others take our prisoners. We headed up to the roof where our flyer would pick us up and take us back to base. We were one of several response teams sent out to stop major violent incidents one of the seers saw.

When the flyer landed I was the first off and headed towards the large building to the side of the landing pads. I stripped and changed in the team room and headed into the debriefing room. After that we cleaned weapons and equipment before leaving. I went all the way up to the top floor and walked down the hall to a door guarded by two men.

I nodded to them and one turned and entered a code. The door opened and I walked into a comfortable entry. I waited for the door to close before I crossed to open the other door. The living area was huge with soft lighting and couches. Four men and three women smiled as I came in and my mother crossed to me, "Cody."

She hugged me and gave me a kiss before turning to pull me towards the kitchen, "I am glad you came."

I smiled, "I come almost everyday."

She started to make tea, "the council has asked me once more to consider having another child."

I snorted, "and you are asking me because..."

She looked at me, "since your father left..."

I turned, "do not do this mother. I know you have already seen what happens. If you want to have another child than do it. I know you are not celibate and enjoy the men you work with."

I looked at her, "spread your legs and let one or more bred you."

She smiled, "thank you."

I shook my head, "I do not know why you play this game."

She pushed a cup of tea towards me, "it was the way I was raised. With your father gone you are the oldest male and must give me permission."

I sipped the tea and then looked at her, "what else?"

She winked, "Melissa wants you to breed her daughter Ivy."

I turned to look at one of the women who grinned at me, "Ivy is a teenager."

My mother giggled, "and loves to finger her pussy."

I looked at her, "and I suppose the council has approved it?"

She nodded as she sipped her tea and then set the cup down, "you are both intuits so they hope you will have talented children."

I shook my head, "will we?"

She shrugged, "perhaps one or two."

I pushed my cup towards her, "if Ivy wants a fuck buddy I would not mind."

I headed for the door as she laughed and waved at the other seers. When I left the building and walked towards my vehicle I saw a blonde girl waiting beside it. I smiled as I used my remote to open the doors, "hey Ivy."

She grinned, "mom said you would love a fuck girl."

I grinned, "actually I said fuck buddy but a fuck girl works too."

She climbed into the vehicle and I walked around to get in. I glanced at her as I lifted and turned to leave, "you need something filling you?"

She nodded, "your cock and lots of cream."

I laughed and reached over to caress her bare thigh, "before we go out to see a new vid?"

She wiggled and sat back, "if we make it out of bed."

My home was in a large sky building that was all constables and civilian support workers. I parked in the secure parking area and held Ivy's hand as we walked through the parking area and into the building. We took the lift up to my floor and walked to my suite. By the time I was closing the door Ivy was stripping.

The city council has wanted me to get a girl pregnant for awhile. That was why I had a four bedroom suite. I began to strip and guide Ivy through the suite towards my bedroom. When she saw the bed she jumped onto it and rolled and spread her legs, "now you can..."

I laughed as I moved onto the bed and over her. I bent to suck on a nipple and then moved up and slowly forced my cock into her extremely tight pussy. She groaned and put her arms around me as her pussy was stretched, "ooohhhh!"

Her pussy was hot and velvety and felt like the best thing in the world. She grunted and shifted as I began to press and rub and grind, "damn."

I kissed her and pulled back as I started to fuck her with long strokes. She clutched me and shoved her pussy up, "NO!"

I laughed as I buried my cock again, "in and out fuck girl."

She wiggled and grinned, "I forgot."

I kissed her again and pulled back and sank my cock back into her. A couple of minutes and she was thrusting up and shaking while her now slippery pussy kept clenching. I suddenly fucked her hard and deep and she stiffened and then went wild, "YES!"

She was bucking and thrashing and twisting as her pussy constantly tightened and squeezed. I fucked her hard and kept it up as she continued to struggle. It was not much longer before I shoved into her and held her while gushing sperm. She jerked and squirmed as her pussy massaged and milked my cock, "yyyeeeesssss!"

Even as I spurted the last jet of cum I began to fuck her again. She clutched me and screamed while my cock slid through her slimy pussy, "CODY!"

I laughed and buried my cock and kissed her, "another position?"

She shuddered and humped as her pussy squeezed, "yeah."

It was a long time before we got out of bed and Ivy kept looking at her leaking pussy. We made dinner and cleaned up and she pulled me back to bed. After I fucked her again I lay holding her and we talked. I had known Ivy all her life but not everything she wanted to do with it. When I woke in the morning I rolled her onto her back and fucked her.

I gave her a kiss after I had pumped her full of sperm and pulled out and rolled off the bed, "I will register you with the building AI so you can come and go when you want."

I went to wash and put a clean uniform on and stopped beside the bed. I bent over and gave her a kiss, "I have work and you have school."

She grinned and shivered, "see you when you get off."

I nodded, "I am normally very horny then."

She laughed as I left and went to work. Mostly it was serving arrest warrants but at noon we got a flash call. First we got a briefing while heading across the city and reviewed the building plans for the target location. We were suited up and masked with dark lense eye cover so no one could identify us.

I chambered a round in my rifle as I moved to the door and went over our plan in my mind. I glanced at the time and let my mind continue the count as I reached for the door release. This time something was different and I spun, "do not land!"

I turned and yanked the door open as I brought up my rifle and fired into what looked like a generator on the top of the building. I leaped out and twisted as I fired on automatic. The rounds sparkled as they struck a roof maintenance structure and then several vanished. I hit and rolled and moved to the flat package on the roof, "constables!"

I let my rifle go as my team leaped out of our vehicle and followed me. I pulled a small kit from a thigh pocket, "gunners behind camo screens!"

I worked quickly and then tossed a tiny cylinder away before I stood with the flat demo pack, "explosives disarmed."

The team had already entered the two hiding blinds and secured the men as well as stacked up at the door. I followed and leaned the demo pack against the wall and took my place at the door. I looked back and then turned to yank the door open and swiftly move in and then down.

I was getting flashes of images as I ignored the doors onto the upper floors and went down to the second floor. I gestured and signaled as I moved to the side and another team member moved up, "where?"

I tilted my head and then reached out to touch the center of the door, "the charge is shaped."

He snorted as he started placing a burn charge. I moved back and a moment later he joined me, "three ... two ... one..."

There was a hiss and flash and I was moving and yanking the door open and rushing in and to the side, "constables!"

I fired into one of two men that were spinning towards the door and he stiffened as energy sparkled around him. I changed aim and shot him in the head, "they have body screens!"

The other man jerked as someone shot him in the head several times. I continued across the room and slowed before my shoulder hit a door. It burst open as I let my rifle go and pulled the pistol from my thigh. I stumbled into the room as a man lifted a large weapon and pointed it. He did not get a chance to fire as I squeezed the trigger on my pistol.

He froze as energy sparkled around him and then my aim went higher and his head snapped back and he fell. I shifted as I turned and straightened my arm and fired. I shot a woman between the eyes as she reached for a detonation device. One of my team followed me through the door and headed across the room to look into the huge vault, "clear!"

I straightened and then moved to put restraints on the two people. I moved the detonation device and searched them before setting their weapons aside. I yanked them up and shoved them into the wall and then we waited. I opened the comm, "this is Oracle six. The site is contained."

Several minutes later constables were pouring onto the floor and into the room. I moved back and headed for the door and rejoined the team in the stairwell. We headed up and I grabbed the demo pack on the way to our flyer. Several constables were holding the men we had taken on the roof and they did not look like the terrorists downstairs.

I looked at them while heading towards the flyer and my intuition kicked in. I slowed and then stopped and gestured to the constables, "do not put these with the others. Put them in separate cells and question them under truth scan. Do not allow anyone to speak with them until they are questioned."

The constables looked at each other but nodded and I followed my team into the flyer. After cleaning up and debriefing I went upstairs. The guards let me in and I smiled at the seers as I crossed to my mother. She was frowning, "it was close today Cody."

I nodded, "someone and not the terrorists was waiting to ambush us."

She nodded, "they were targeting you."

I snorted, "or the first response team."

Mother shook her head, "no. They were after an Oracle team."

I sighed, "each team has an intuit. We caught the men so whoever they work for knows we will be coming for him."

I turned, "did Ivy come to see her mother?"

My mother giggled, "she was descriptive about her time with you."

The others across the room laughed and I grinned, "it was fun. Did you take one or two of the others to bed you?"

She blushed, "several times."

I reached for her hand and gave it a squeeze, "good."

I turned and sighed, "time to go and find Ivy."

She laughed as I headed for the door and waved. Ivy was waiting beside my vehicle doing her homework. I unlocked and opened the door, "no sex for you until you finish your homework."

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