Prisoner With No Name

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: I was taken and made a prisoner as a hostage. There was no name for me and I do not want to remember all they did. Day followed day and year followed year. When I saw the chance to escape I took it. With the help of those my mother had sent I was able to return home. Only the bastards had the balls to come after me and that was their mistake.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I was not a soldier or a spy and I sure did not commit a crime. So why was I put in a prison? I could only guess it was leverage against my mother. She was a noble and the ambassador from our empire. The only question I had was why was I in isolation and why keep me for twenty years?

They had taken me when I was fourteen and it was three years before they used me for tests, at least it felt like tests to me. They took tissue samples and injected me with bio drugs as well as pumped several liters of nanites into me. The drugs and testing went on as well as systematic torture at least once a week for two more years.

I did not have a lot to do so I practiced martial art katas and exercised a lot. I did get a reader and went through thousands of books. Since my twentieth birthday they had left me alone except for the occasional sadistic guard that was new. It was my thirty fourth birthday when I snapped and everything changed.

The blow came from the side when I was shuffling from my cell to the exercise yard. I should have known or seen it coming since the guard was new. The blow struck above my temple and the stunning shock from the stun wand cascaded through me. I was shackled wrist and ankle like every time I was removed from my cell.

I fell and spasmed as pain lanced through me and the guard began the systematic beating he must have planned. I curled up as the pain from the blows continued. Finally the asshole grabbed my long hair and yanked me up. I staggered as I shook my head to clear the blood from my eyes. He sneered and shoved me towards the outer door, "outer door open."

Of course with the ankle shackles I fell when he shoved me. I was under the vid camera and he bent to grab my hair again. I twisted and grabbed his balls and he screamed as he fell on me and I rolled until he was under me and brought my knees up. I fumbled with my other hand at his belt and took the keys for the shackles.

I twisted and snapped an elbow into his head and he went limp. I struggled to unlock the shackles and then bent to do the ones around my ankles. I looked at the guard before I stripped him and then took my clothes off. I quickly put his uniform on and tucked my long hair down inside the shirt before I dressed him.

I put the shackles on his unconscious body and grabbed his hair to drag him back to my cell. I dumped him inside and closed and locked the door. I walked back to the outer door and took a breath before pushing it open. I glanced around the small exercise yard and walked to the side gate.

I used the access key I had taken to unlock and open the gate. From there I headed towards the main buildings instead of the large exercise yard or the outer fence. Walking through the halls in the main part of the prison was not easy. I was surprised the AI did not sound an alarm.

Several minutes later I used the access key to unlock the outer door into the visitor area. From there it was almost a straight walk out. The prison was out in the middle of nowhere but luck was with me when I found the unlocked vehicle in the parking area. One of the many books had taught me how to hack into the vehicle.

I drove away with my heart pounding and I expected to be caught any minute. I kept the speed down and drove at a steady rate even though I had never driven before. When I saw the houses beside the road I slowed and then turned off. This was the prison guard quarters and I saw one parking structure open.

I pulled in and got out and looked around before I closed the outer door. I slipped into the house and listened but no one was home. The few pictures were of a single man I did not know so I relaxed and started to search. I stripped and changing my clothes and packed a bag. I found a small compact five millimeter pistol with a dozen spare magazines.

There was also boxes of ammo and folded targets that had been shot. I put the holster on and loaded the magazines and put one into the pistol. I put it into the holster in the small of my back and put everything else in the small bag. Ten minutes and I was pulling back out and onto the road and driving away.

It was an hour before I reached a city and parked in a public parking area. I grabbed the bag and walked away and tried to put distance between me and the vehicle. Several hours later my stomach growled and I stopped walking and started looking around. I went to look at a public comm and entered the comm address I remembered for my mother.

The man that answered almost made me hang up, "my name is Nicholas Christian James. I was trying to reach duchess James."

There was a pause, "the duchess was recalled almost two decades ago. What is your relationship?"

I looked around again as I thought of the man trying to keep me on the comm, "I am her son."

It was a long time before he answered, "there is no record of..."

I disconnected and walked away quickly when I saw a police vehicle down the street. I was trying to think of a way off the planet and out of the system when I walked into the girl. I had turned a corner and she was just standing there. I caught her and one hand was on her bare ass under her very short skirt.

She looked at me with wide eyes as I straightened her and let her go, "sorry."

She grinned, "no problem."

I looked away and shifted and started to go and she caught my arm, "are you okay?"

I smiled shyly, "I have not touched a girl before."

She slipped her hand down to mine and turned to walk with me, "what are you doing?"

I glanced back at another police vehicle and started walking with her, "trying to think of a way to make a starcomm."

She smiled, "just use your comm."

I gestured, "I do not have one."

She suddenly turned and pushed and I was shoved into a doorway. She pressed against me and I looked over her shoulder to see the police vehicle. I looked into her eyes and she kissed me and I forgot about anything else. She sighed and then shivered before stepping back, "dad never thought you would escape."

I tensed and looked around but she squeezed my hand, "first we need to cut your hair and get you new clothes."

She glanced back and turned and pulled me after her, "my father is arranging a ship but we need to change your appearance to get through the starport security."

I looked at her and then around as she kept pulling me, "who are you?"

She smiled at me, "Cassie Abrams. My father works for your mother."

I growled, "why has..."

She squeezed my hand, "they were trying to use you to force her into betraying the emperor. She resigned her post and told the emperor but they claimed they did not know anything and did not have you. We could not prove they were the ones to kidnap you or that they were trying to blackmailing her."

She kept looking around, "it took ten years to finally get someone in place. We thought you might have been killed but the duchess started getting vids of you being beaten. They were tormenting her but the vids are what gave us your location. After that we managed to slip a ghost sat into orbit."

She opened a vehicle and gestured for me to get in before moving around to the other side. Once we were moving she glanced at me, "we narrowed the thermal scan images down to you. We only got to see you during the times you were brought out to exercise. That was how we knew when you escaped."

I cleared my throat, "you keep saying we."

She grinned, "dad and I. He sent a coded message as soon as we saw you escape."

She pulled into an older looking building and drove through the underground parking area. When we left the vehicle it was to enter the building and go up to the third floor. She pushed me into a kitchen chair and pulled out a small box. The next thing I knew she was pulling my shirt off.

First she cut my hair and then the slightly fuzzy beard I had never touched since it had first started growing. She pulled me up when she was done and led me through the suite. In a room that was plainly a girl's she pulled me into a fresher. She stripped me and grinned as she stepped back and started to undress.

My cock was painfully hard and drooling as I looked at her teenage body. She pressed against me and backed me into the shower and turned on the water. I hesitated before I started to feel her. She bent and licked the head of my cock and then gave it a suck. She giggled and stood and kissed me, "your mother said I can have your first load of baby cream."

I grinned and then chuckled as I held her hips, "sexy I am going to pump so much sperm into you."

She wiggled and rubbed her firm breasts against me, "goody."

We both did a lot of feeling and caressing before I shut the water off. I pulled her out and grabbed the towel to dry her and myself. She waited and then grabbed my hand and pulled me after her. She climbed onto the bed and laid back as I hesitated. I looked at the open door and then at her, "what about your father?"

She grinned, "dad will be gone for a couple of hours."

I moved onto the bed and over her and she pulled me down and kissed me. I lifted and felt her hand as she guided my cock to her pussy. I pushed and groaned at the feel of her warm velvety pussy as I sank into her. She shifted and wiggled as she tilted her hip. I settled and held her as I enjoyed the feel of her pussy gripping my cock.

It was a minute before I started to fuck her with short grinding thrusts. That turned into long, deep, firm strokes as I buried my cock each time. A couple of minutes and she was clinging to me and humping while her tight pussy constantly clenched. She shuddered and bucked and wiggled a little later, "ooohhhh! yyyeeeesssss!"

I wanted to cum in her so bad and started to fuck her hard. She lifted and spread her legs as I shoved into her and kept planting my cock, "aaahhhh!"

She jerked and spasmed when I finally buried my cock and held her tight while pumping sperm into her. She arched her back as her pussy grasped my cock, "YES!"

Before I stopped cumming I was fucking her slimy pussy again. She twisted and squirmed as she kept hugging me, "mmmm!"

I fucked her four times before I stopped and laid beside her. She caught her breath and grinned as she looked at me, "you really needed to get rid of a lot of cum."

I laughed as I moved off the bed, "I better wash you before your father returns."

When he did come back we were clean and dressed. He slipped into the room and looked at me and shook his head, "you do not even look twenty, what did they give you?"

I was sipping tea and looked at him as I set the stolen pistol on the table, "besides the beatings and torture? A long time ago they did tests and experiments. I think one was nanites."

He hissed and moved to a cabinet and pulled out a bag. He brought a comp and bio scanner back and ran it over me and watched the comp screen. It was a few minutes before he relaxed and smiled, "not tracking nanites. It looks like a type of regen but they should have been out of your system by now."

He gestured, "I have a ship waiting and we need to go now. There is a major security alarm broadcast. They are posting your vid as an escaped prisoner but have not released your name."

It was thirty minutes before I followed Cassie into the lift of the cargo ship. Her father was not coming and was helping to load cargo. The ship crew ignored us as we went to the common area to wait. When the ship finally lifted hours later I slowly relaxed. The cargo master led us to a small crew cabin and that was where we stayed most of the time.

Two weeks later the ship settled to a pad and Cassie pulled me to the hatch and the lift down. Six ducal guards were waiting and I was nervous as they walked on both sides and escorted us away. A large armored vehicle sped us away from the port and through the city before it entered an estate I had not seen in over twenty years.

The old chamberlain had tears in her eyes when I stepped out of the vehicle. She turned and whispered and then held the door, "welcome home Nicholas."

With her it had never been Nick or sir. I smiled as I pulled Cassie after me, "mom?"

Mrs Cline shook her head, "with the emperor and the armed forces council."

I hesitated and she touched my arm, "she will be back as soon as she can. She sent me a message and told me to tell you that she will see them burning in hell now that you are free."

I smiled and then nodded, "my brothers and sister?"

She shook her head, "with her."

I nodded, "I need a shower and if the cook has something to eat I would be very grateful."

I pulled Cassie after me and towards the wide curving stairs. She sighed, "I do not belong here Nick."

I slowed and looked at her, "you do not want to stay with me?"

She grinned, "actually I want you back between my legs again."

I grinned and turned to pull her after me, "that is my plan too. Just as long as we wash and eat first so we can fuck for several hours."

She giggled as she started walking faster, "well if you are planning to pound my cunt for hours..."

The shower was fun and we had a lot more room than on the ship. When we walked into the kitchen I did not know anyone there but Mrs Cline had the cook make us lunch. We had just finished when Mrs Cline appeared and cleared her throat. She looked worried and glanced at the door, "the ambassador for the Clinton Protectorate is here with a request for extradition."

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