Teresa Scalia: Magical Mystery Tour

by obo

Copyright© 2015 by obo

Humor Story: Teresa and a "magician's assistant" add more to the magic show than anyone imagined with clothing malfunctions, catfighting, stripping and spanking.

Tags: Fa/Fa   Fiction   Spanking   Humiliation   Cat-Fighting  

Teresa and Dominic Scalia were busily brainstorming entertainment ideas for the upcoming Community Chest gala.

"We've got the band with a featured singer, but I think we need something else. Something for a change of pace." said Teresa.

Dominic thought for a moment. "How about a magician? It could be the first act right after dinner and before we clear the floor for the dance."

"Really, a magician? Seems a bit tacky." Teresa countered.

"Tell you what, I'll call my cousin Angelo in Las Vegas. He's got all the contacts and can fix us up with a good act."

"Well that's better than anything I can come up with. Have him send us a tape of some potential acts."

Over the next few weeks Angelo did come through for the Scalias. After a thorough review, Dominic and Teresa selected an act. It was a traditional male magician with an attractive female assistant. His repertoire was the usual sleight-of-hand illusions finishing up with what was called a "transformation" illusion. Basically the magician would have his assistant enter "The Magic Cabinet" and cause her "disappear". Then he would enlist someone from the audience and have them enter "The Magic Cabinet". The volunteer would then "disappear". The assistant and the volunteer have now disappeared into the magical vapors. The magician would then magically restore the volunteer. And then restore the assistant. Of course the success of this illusion was dependent upon the volunteer being in on how the trick worked. It was quite simple. The floor of the cabinet would rotate. There was a curtain, split in the middle and stretched from floor to ceiling dividing each half and providing a false backdrop. When the door closed the floor rotated and with dramatic flair the magician would open the door to reveal an empty cabinet. There was a curtain at the very back of the prop to allow the assistant to step off the platform while in rotated to cause the volunteer to disappear.

The day before the gala Omar the Great, as the magician was called, arrived in town with his assistant Jennifer. Dominic and Teresa met the entertainers at the venue and went over the evening's schedule.

"I think everything here looks fine. We can be completely set up prior to the event. Then do our act and make a quick tear down to clear the stage for the band. Who's going to be our accomplice with the transformation illusion? Omar asked.

Dominic thought for a moment and looked at Teresa. "Teresa why don't you help Omar out with this?"

"Oh Dominic I don't know. What do I have to do Omar?"

"It's really quite simple. You step into the cabinet, I close the door and the floor spins around and shows an empty space. Then we bring you back. I say a few magic words and then we bring Jenny back. We'll call you out of the audience and you act like you know nothing about it. And we've got plenty of time to rehearse." Omar explained.

"All right I guess I'm game for it." said Teresa. "Shall we start rehearsing?"

"Fine with me" said Omar "Jenny let's go over it with her."

Jennifer was sitting on one of Omar's trunks during this conversation. She had a box of Kleenex in one hand and slowly rose from the trunk. Jennifer was obviously ill. Omar, Jennifer, and Teresa practiced the illusion for about an hour. All the time Jennifer was sneezing and coughing. After about 30 min. she had to sit down and take a break.

"Omar I don't think I can do this performance. I need to get into bed and rest." Jennifer lamented as she held her head in her hands slumping onto a chair.

"How are you going to work if you don't have an assistant?" asked Dominic. Omar crossed his arms and rested his chin on his hand and thought. "If Jenny can't do the show, and I'm sure she's really sick to make this request, I'll have to find another assistant for tomorrow night."

"Can you do that, bring someone in new and still give a good performance?" Dominic said with some skepticism.

"Mr. and Mrs. Scalia don't worry about it. I'll make a few calls to folks I know here on the East Coast. I'll get someone in here pronto and we'll rehearse this afternoon." reassured Omar.

"All right everything is in your hands." said Dominic as he and Teresa left.

Omar did indeed make a few calls and much to his relief found someone right there in town that would work as an assistant. The attractive young lady stopped by the venue for a brief interview and try out with the various props. Omar was delighted. The young lady would even fit into the assistant's costume. She proved to be adept and personable at the task at hand. Omar hired her on the spot and told her the show time for tomorrow's performance. Omar then phoned Dominic and assured him that everything was in place for the show.

"Yes Mr. Scalia I found a very pretty young girl to do the show with me, she's local in fact, I think everything will go well."

"Very good Omar see you tomorrow night." Dominic replied. "Well our magician has found an assistant. So it's a go for tomorrow." Dominic told Teresa.

"That's good. Now I can quit worrying about this show." said Teresa.

What Mr. and Mrs. Scalia did not know was that Omar's local contact was a gentleman's club proprietor by the name of Roxanne Starr. Having several dancers in her employ, Roxanne polled the group to see who would be interested in doing a magic show. As it so happened Kathy Benson, the teacher/swim coach turned stripper took the job. Kathy is in her mid-20s. Her honey brown hair was worn past her shoulders. Kathy had a well-toned athletic figure. With a perky bust line, firm bubble butt, and her best feature a pair of very long, very well shaped legs.

Now Ms. Benson as a bit of a history with the Scalia's. Her initial run-in with Teresa was at the middle school swim meet. (Refer to the story Poolside Pandemonium) Kathy was also discovered sitting on Dominic's lap by Teresa at the gentleman's club. (Refer to the story Education at the Gentleman's Club) The two women's last dustup was at the charity boxing match. Teresa found Dominic having an intense conversation with Kathy at ringside. Kathy had been hired as a ring card girl and was clad in nothing more than a string bikini. For the most part in that episode, Kathy was occupied with Barbara Anderson while Teresa was tangling with Maria Ramirez, the mui calliente cocktail waitress from the gentleman's club. (Refer to the story Riot in the Ring) For her part Kathy had absolutely no idea the Scalia's had anything to do with this show. So then there were surprises in store for all.

The night of the gala was at hand. Omar's act was set up on the stage. In addition to the transformation box prop, there was a table with various items used in his act. There was of course the top hat, steel rings, scarves, magic wand and other magical utensils.

"Well I think we're all set." Omar said. "Kathy you do look great in the costume."

"Thanks Omar. I think we'll have a good show."

Kathy did look quite fetching in the magician's assistant wardrobe. The outfit had an old West theme. Kathy had the look of a dance hall girl. The dark blue and spangled one-piece outfit featured Kathy's bare shoulders and more than a hint of her perky cleavage. Two straps supported the bodice. To feature her lovely legs, the costume was cut high on each hip. And there was more than a hint of her very cute bubble butt revealed in the rear. Offering the slightest coverage to Kathy's derrière was a dark blue and silver ruffled bustle and short train just reaching the floor. Her hair was styled high on her head topped by an ostrich feathered headdress. Wearing dark blue opera length gloves and of course Kathy wore dark blue satin heel pumps and blue hose.

The audience had gathered in the ballroom and were finishing their dinner. The room was full with approximately 150 in attendance. Wait staff cleared dishes, took drink orders and the show was about to begin. The gala was not a strictly formal event, but nonetheless a dressy affair. As host for the evening Dominic was attired in a dark gray business suit. Teresa was wearing a champagne gold dress. Short sleeved with a scooped neckline, the dress followed closely all of Teresa's abundant curves. An interesting feature was a very prominent full-length zipper that ran from between the shoulder blades all the way to the hem. The pencil line skirt ran to just below Teresa's knees.

Dominic and Teresa had their table near the stage. Joining them was Michelle Smithson, the middle school principal, and her date for the evening. Also in attendance, but at a table further to the rear of the hall, were Mark and Barbara Anderson joined by Bill and Rhonda Wilson.

Dominic excused himself from the table and went on stage. He made a few comments about the cause that they were supporting that night and thanked all those who attended.

"And now to start this evening's entertainment please welcome the illusionist extraordinaire Omar the Great!"

At the cue the stage curtain was reeled back and Omar and his assistant Kathy stepped into the spotlight. Dominic turned to look at Omar and his jaw dropped when he saw Kathy Benson. Led by Omar, Kathy took a turn on the stage and posed with her legs at a fetching angle. It was then she noticed Dominic.

"Well hello Mr. Scalia, how nice to see you." said Kathy in a seductive manner.

Dominic had nothing to say in reply and swiftly left the stage and returned to his seat while Omar began his act. Omar's choice of assistant did not go unnoticed by Teresa. She first shot a few visual daggers at Kathy and then turned her attention to Dominic.

"What the hell is she doing up there?" Teresa asked Dominic vehemently.

"I don't know. How was I supposed to know he hired her? It's too late now."

While this conversation was taking place, Omar began his routine and Kathy was doing a serviceable job as the assistant.

Witnessing the heated discussion between Teresa and Dominic, Michelle was curious about what the problem was.

"Teresa what's going on?" Michelle asked.

"That little bitch up there on stage, that's the problem. She's a stripper from that dive on the outskirts of town. She and I have had problems in the past."

Needless to say Omar's choice of assistant did not go unnoticed by Barbara and Rhonda. Barbara leaned over to Rhonda and whispered "Oh My God! That's Kathy Benson on stage with the magician."

"Isn't she the stripper you tangled with the boxing match? Rhonda asked.

Barbara reflected for a moment and replayed in her mind what happened to her with Ms. Benson. Culminating with Barbara divested of her clothes and over Kathy's lap in the middle of the ring with most of the more well-to-do male population of their community as witnesses. Barbara's cute tush was subjected to some punishment that night.

Kathy Benson's presence did not go unnoticed by Mark Anderson who witnessed all that had happened in the boxing ring. "Well as I live and breathe Barbara, your old foe is now working for magician."

"Thank you so much for reminding me of that Mark." Barbara responded with just a touch of sarcasm.

Teresa sat and fumed all the while Omar and Kathy went through the routine. Needless to say the magic act was well received in the audience applauded enthusiastically at the appropriate times. Teresa was so caught up in her anger she failed to remember that she was part of this act until Omar introduced the transformation illusion.

Omar now addressed his audience "And now ladies and gentlemen for my final illusion. This is the marvel I call The Magical Transformation. For this illusion I need a volunteer to participate. Are there any volunteers?"

Several hands shot up in the audience with eager participants. Omar did a good job of pretending to search out the crowd. After a few seconds of scanning those with raised hands, he singled out Teresa.

"Ah yes we have our helper. Please, the lovely lady here in the front row." Omar directed the spot light to Teresa.

Teresa was shocked when the spotlight fell upon her. She then realized what she had agreed to do.

"I'm not going on that stage with that stripper." Teresa hissed to Dominic.

"For Christ sake you have to he can't do the trick without your help." Dominic demanded.

Omar had no clue why Teresa was so resistant. He motioned for her to come to the stage, but saw that she was intently arguing with her husband. He then solicited the audience to encourage Teresa.

"Folks let's give this lovely lady a big hand for helping out."

While the audience enthusiastically showed their support, Omar squatted down at the front of the stage.

"Come on I've got to have you for this trick. Get up here." Omar said to Teresa in a hoarse whisper.

"Teresa get up there and finish the trick." Dominic ordered.

"All right but you're gonna owe me big time for this" Teresa countered.

"Find just get up there." Dominic said. He also resigned himself that this would cost him several hundred bucks in a shopping spree for his wife.

Teresa her left her seat, walked to the side of the stage and climbed the stairs to the stage. All the while the audience applauded enthusiastically.

"Ha! Can you believe it? Teresa's going up on stage!" Barbara pointed out to Rhonda.

"Why would she do that?"

"Who knows? She might be up to something, but she looks very reluctant and not happy." Barbara observed. "This could get interesting."

Teresa reached stage center with Omar to her right and Kathy to his right. Teresa leaned over in front of Omar and greeted Kathy in a low whisper "Hello slut. Still taking your clothes off for cash?"

"Mrs. Scalia, well we meet again. At least I get paid when my clothes come off."

Omar hearing both sides of this conversation wondered what the hell is going on. Being a pro, he plunged forward with his act.

"Now my lovely assistant Kathy will enter the Magic Box."

Omar gestured with his left arm for Kathy to walk to the box. Kathy would have to walk directly in front of Teresa and Teresa was not about to let that opportunity go by without trying something. Kathy went into her best hips swaying walk flaunting herself in front of Teresa. As Kathy passed Teresa subtly extended her right foot. She got the desired result as Kathy tripped and stumbled forward nearly falling. Teresa reached out and grabbed the train of Kathy's bustle. With a sharp tug Teresa caused the already unbalanced Kathy to clumsily struggle. Teresa's intent was to separate the bustle from Kathy's cute bottom. Although some of the stitching was weakened the bustle held place. A few peals of laughter could be heard in the audience. Kathy shot Teresa a look of daggers then reached back to yank the bustle out of Teresa's hand. She took a step towards the laughing Teresa, but Omar blocked her path.

"Balance problem sweetie? I was only trying to help." Teresa said in the most condescending manner.

"I don't know what's going on between you two, but let's finish this act." Omar whispered to Kathy so the audience could not hear.

"Ms. Benson please be more professional, if that's possible." Teresa taunted.

Kathy was doing a slow burn as she entered the cabinet. Facing the audience she did a slight flourish with her arms while Omar closed the door. Omar then gave his magical incantation. Inside the box, the table turned and Kathy was at the rear. She stepped off the platform and through the false curtain at the back. On the other side Omar had opened the door and revealed the empty cabinet. Kathy having magically disappeared. Now it was time for Teresa to enter the box. She stepped in and waved to the crowd as again Omar closed the door and went into his incantations. The platform turned and Teresa was at the rear of the box. At stage front, Omar opened the door to the cabinet and showed the audience that Teresa had indeed disappeared. Kathy parted the false backdrop and confronted her nemesis.

"Listen bitch, keep your hands off me and quit trying to screw up this job." Kathy said trying to keep her voice down so as not to be heard by the audience.

Teresa stepped through the curtain and out the back of the box. "Don't try to boss me. I don't take orders from the likes of low class strippers." Teresa responded.

Meanwhile, at stage front, Omar was still carrying on. "And now I will produce our volunteer." The platform turned without Teresa on it, who was engaged in argument with Kathy. With a flourish Omar flung open the door to reveal an empty cabinet. The audience laughed at this snafu. It was also becoming evident to the audience that there was an argument going on backstage as the ladies failed to keep their voices down.

"Sounds like Teresa and Ms. Benson are having a bit of a disagreement." Barbara said to Rhonda. "I can't say as I'm surprised."

In a loud voice, so those backstage could hear Omar announced," I will now produce our volunteer."

Hearing the second cue, Teresa turned to enter the cabinet. But before she did she gave Kathy warning. "Don't think I've forgotten about you and Dominic. Stay away from him."

With that Teresa put her right hand on Kathy's chest, directly between her breasts, and gave her a shove. Teresa stepped into the cabinet. Kathy watched the departing Teresa and took notice of the full-length zipper at the back of her dress. The platform rotated and Teresa was returned to the front of the cabinet. She faced forward to make their entrance. Kathy slipped in the back of the cabinet and reached through the split curtains.

"And now our volunteer!" Omar announced to the crowd as he opened the cabinet door.

As the door opened Teresa raised her arms acknowledge the audience when she felt a touch on her back. At that moment Kathy found the zipper of Teresa's dress. Teresa turned her head when Kathy swiftly pulled the zipper down the entire length from Teresa's shoulder blades to the hem of her skirt. Fortunately for Kathy, and most unfortunately for Teresa, the zipper worked effortlessly. Given that the dress was very form fitting, the two halves readily opened widely.

"WHAT!!!" Teresa yelped as she felt her dress being undone.

"Now you can give everyone a show, bitch" said Kathy.

Kathy then gave Teresa a shove and forced her out of the cabinet. Teresa stumbled several steps forward into the spotlight, facing the audience. Her sudden, clumsy entrance caused some laughter in the audience. Omar, intent on finishing the illusion, failed to notice Teresa's predicament. Closing the cabinet door, he forged ahead.

"I will now bring back my assistant Kathy from the magical other side." Omar announced.

Hearing this Teresa turned to face the cabinet and confront her assailant, forgetting for the moment that her dress was completely open in the back. The audience soon erupted in laughter at Teresa's state. Her dress had fallen away on the sides and was being held by just the very short sleeves. Those in the audience were getting a very good look at Teresa's shapely derrière with ivory colored lace panties and her tan thigh high stockings with lace tops.

"Oh my God Rhonda!" Barbara exclaimed "Teresa's dress is wide open in the back and she doesn't even know it. This is great!"

"What do you suppose happened! That full-length zipper wouldn't have opened on its own." Rhonda asked.

"Who cares? It's worth the price of admission just to see Teresa having wardrobe problems. But I'll bet that little snot Kathy Benson's got something to do with it." said Barbara. "Come on let's go down in front and get a good look at all this fun."

Barbara and Rhonda quickly walk down to the stage. A dismayed Dominic covered his face with his hands at Teresa's display. Michelle Smithson jumped up from her place and ran to the front of the stage. She was at stage center with Rhonda and Barbara arrived. Rhonda to her left and Barbara to Rhonda's left. So concerned for her friend Teresa, Michelle didn't notice the presence of her past foe, Barbara. Michelle tried to get Teresa's attention.

"Teresa, Teresa!" Michelle called out. Teresa turned to see who was calling her name. "Teresa fix your dress." Michelle said.

Barbara snickered to Rhonda "She should tell her to cover her big Italian ass." Rhonda laughed and nodded in agreement.

Teresa now realized her exposure and reached behind her to try and pull her dress over her exposed back. She gained a grip on the left half and tried to pull it across her bottom. Because of the tight, fitting nature of the dress the other half pulled away causing even more exposure. Teresa tried a new tack and succeeded in getting a grip on each half. And with some effort managed to at least cover her derrière. Of course with both hands behind her back trying to cover her ass, Teresa was at a disadvantage.

Still adamant to finish the illusion, Omar opened the cabinet door and Kathy stepped out with a flourish. Kathy saw Teresa struggling to pull her dress halves together and could not resist taunting her.

"Mrs. Scalia whatever has happened to your expensive dress? I do believe you're having problems covering that big butt of yours. Seems you didn't get your money's worth, what a pity."

Teresa turned at the sound of Kathy's voice. She took two steps to close the distance between them still holding her dress together over her bottom.

"You did this you little bitch." Teresa said vehemently.

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