Unknown Heir

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: I never knew who my father was. When my mother took me to the fancy ball I was bored. Until the mercenaries struck and I had to protect myself and my mother. I failed and she and everyone else died. I staggered out with her body and my life changed. I found out who my father was but to me that did not matter, I wanted those that had killed my mother.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   First   Cream Pie   .

I never knew my father and my mother was a high class whore. Her clients were the rich and powerful. They were merchants and nobles and ambassadors from many governments. All I knew about my father was he was very powerful. From a very early age I began classes in martial arts and weapons and that was before all the other classes like law and business.

I have had good schools and tutors but since my mother was a whore I suffered a lot of ridicule and disdain. I also got into a lot of fights and won more than I lost. My mother was a temptress that would even flirt and temp me if she was bored. Long before I turned sixteen I knew I would fuck my mother if she let me ... I never got the chance.

I checked the fancy suit for the twentieth time and glanced across the busy ballroom floor. This was the imperial residence which did not mean the emperor or any of his family were here. The people that were here were nobles from a dozen governments and ambassadors as well as rich merchants.

With the rich and powerful were courtesans and escorts. There were also those that fawned over them and assistants. There were bodyguards and interpreters and the ballroom was filled with babbling noise. I turned and looked out the front window and did not understand why my mother had brought me.

I shifted and frowned when I saw the muzzle flashes before the faint sound registered. Men in uniforms were rushing around and the night came alive with a hundred more weapons firing. I spun and started down the room while people continued to babble. My mother was almost at the other end and I was moving along the wall.

The entrance was a open double door and just as I reached it four men stepped in. They were not wearing uniforms but they did have new weapon harnesses as well as assault rifles. I was using long strides and stepped into the one on their left. My right hand snapped out to grab the rear stock while my left struck the receiver.

The weapon spun until it was pointed at the other three and the man reacted by squeezing the trigger. The rifle was on auto and began spraying the head of two men before I shifted and the head of the last seemed to explode. The man jerked as he let go of the weapon and I spun around to my left.

I extended my left arm with it cocked and slammed the back of my elbow into his head. He flew back and down as I moved after him and brought the side and heel of my shoe down in a strike to crush the throat. I spun as I looked at the silent ballroom and knelt to strip the weapon harness off the man and put it on.

I took the rifle and the pistol in a thigh holster before moving to one of the other men. Four bodyguards had moved and were stripping the others as I tucked a second pistol under the belt in the small of my back. I stood and moved back into the ballroom and started towards the end where I had last seen my mother.

The whole room had become small groups of guards with one or two people in the center. I shoved a guard out of my way when I saw my mother. He growled but I ignored him as I knelt and pulled my mother to her feet, "mom?"

She hugged me tight, "Nick!"

I hugged her as I looked towards the kitchen door, "time to go mom."

I held her in my left arm as I started for the door and shifted so I held the rifle in my right hand. We were almost there when it burst open and three men rushed out. They were not in uniforms and were pointing rifles so I acted. I lifted the rifle I was carrying and flicked the selector to auto and sprayed them.

They went down without shooting but mom pulled away. I shifted and started to move after her when the world ended. An explosion ripped the whole front of the building off and shredded almost everyone in the ballroom. Those not hit and torn apart died from the concussion or when they were crushed against the back wall.

I was still in front of the kitchen door and was sent flying through it and into the kitchen where I crashed into stacked boxes. Fire alarms screamed and mixed with the few people still alive. Smoke and dust filled the air and debris was still falling from the ceiling. I struggled out of the boxes that had saved my life and staggered to the door.

I found my mother's body under a pile of debris and held her and rocked as I tried to understand. My ears were still ringing and I had blood coming out of my eyes, ears and nose. I slowly lifted her in my arms and turned to carry her into and through the kitchen. When I stepped out the back door soldiers were everywhere.

I ignored them as I continued to walk and one appeared to stop me. I looked up from my mother and growled and he shifted to one side, "put her down on the edge of the parking area sir."

With the damage to my ears I could not hear what he said. I started moving and when I reached the grass I stopped and slowly knelt. I could not put her down and just held her and rocked. I do not know how long it was before someone knelt beside me and slowly worked her out of my arms and onto the grass.

All I could do was look at her battered body and a medic pulled until he got me to my feet. I do not remember much after that as even more soldiers appeared and rescue teams and constables. I woke in a hospital bed with thick bandages on my head. My whole body ached and felt as if it had been run over.

I groaned as I shifted and a man stepped up beside the bed. He was in a constable uniform and cleared his throat, "can you hear me Mr Golden?"

I nodded as I slowly reached up to touch the bandages. He did not smile as he gestured, "they had to completely replace your inner ear and..."

He shook his head, "I will let the doctors explain about that. I need to know what happened inside the imperial residence."

I tried to sit up and he waited before I took a breath as memories returned. As I talked he listened and took notes and then he began asking questions. Why did I and what happened and where was and a lot of questions I could not answer. When he stopped I looked at him, "why and who did it?"

I knew I was going to go after whoever was responsible. He shook his head, "the bodies we have recovered were mercenaries. We are still following the few leads we have. At least the duke was late and not one of the dead. We have people from three dozen governments and at least six other duchies that want in on our investigation."

He looked at me and bit his lip, "the emperor has sent special agents and judges on a courier ship. He wants the ones responsible."

He looked at the door as a man in uniform stepped in. He looked at me, "your mother's body was buried this morning."

I stiffened, "what?"

He sighed, "you have been unconscious for five days. Besides the ears and cuts and contusions you had a severe concussion."

He nodded to me and set a card on the bed, "if you need to talk."

He left and the soldier stood aside, "we need to move you sir."

I blinked, "what?"

He cleared his throat, "the duke wants you."

I did not understand and thought it was for more questions and looked around, "my clothes..."

I remembered the bloody tatters I had been wearing but he gestured and another soldier walked in with a bag. It was not easy or fast but I managed to dress myself. I hesitated when I was done, "I had weapons."

He returned my look and I growled, "I want them back."

He smiled, "to kill the bastards?"

I stood slowly, "yes."

He gestured, "I will find or replace them if I do not."

The doctors and nurses protested but the soldiers, (two dozen) escorted me out. I sat back in the vehicle as a whole convoy streaked through the city. My mind kept returning to my mother and when I glanced up it was to see a huge walled estate. It was at least as large as the imperial residence but from what I saw it was better protected.

The manor was just as huge and when I walked into the study the man behind the desk stood. He gestured and the half dozen people in the room left. I looked at the door as it was closed and then I looked at the duke. He walked around the desk and gestured to a chair, "sit before you fall down."

I moved to the chair and slowly sat and he leaned back against the desk, "I am your father Nick."

I froze and then looked at him carefully. Everyone knew the duke did not have a wife or children. He smiled, "your mother was..."

I stood, "a whore and now she is dead."

He straightened, "she was a lady and my friend. You will not speak of her as if..."

I growled as I moved towards him, "and who the fuck do you think you are to tell me what to think? You were never her friend. She was just the whore you used."

He clenched his fists and started to reach for me before he stopped. He turned and walked toward a huge armored window, "there are reasons."

I snorted as I spun and started for the door, "no there are excuses."

He turned, "where do you think you are going?"

I looked at him from the door, "home."

He shook his head, "you are home. All your things have been brought."

He gestured to the chair, "sit."

I shook my head, "you think because you are my father..."

He sighed, "sit Nicholas. There are things you need to know."

I growled as I moved towards him, "the only thing I want to know is who killed my mother. When I find out they are dead."

He straightened and then smiled, "now that I can live with."

He walked around the desk and sat, "as you know the empire of Ren is not that large. Mist is the only system with three habitual planets. That makes me the strongest duke in the empire. I have no family or living relatives that will inherit."

He leaned forward as I sat, "except you. No one except me and your mother knew you were my son. One of three men were responsible for the attack on the imperial residence. The earl of Dragon, the earl of Griffin or the earl of Angel. One of them paid the mercenaries in a hope they would kill me."

He turned the chair and looked out the window, "now that they missed they are either going to try to hide or move openly. Since the emperor is now involved I seriously doubt they are going to move openly."

He turned to look at me, "in either case you are now in the center of the light. I have acknowledged you publicly so they know about you."

I turned to look at the window as I thought and then looked at him, "they will insist on a public bio scan to prove I am your son."

My father nodded and I stood and walked to the window, "one or all of them will bring their own scanner."

He leaned back, "there will also be barons."

I snorted and turned to look around the room, "some of the barons will be pawns but it is the earls that will try to push. They will all be there to look at me."

I looked at him, "they are not going to like what happens."

He sat up, "what are you planning?"

I headed for the door, "letting them know I am taking the head and patent of whoever killed my mother."

I stopped at the door and looked back, "I will tell them that when I become duke I will toss their family into the street so they will have to act."

He stood, "they will try to kill..."

I growled, "I hope so because that will leave tracks I can follow."

I pulled the door open and walked out and glanced at the four guards that started to follow and sighed, "where are my things?"

One gestured and I followed his directions to a set of double doors. It was on the second floor and on the other side of the building from the study. I looked around after I walked in and a girl turned quickly. Her eyes were huge as she looked at me and then at the guards closing the doors. I smiled as I crossed to look into the other room, "that is a huge bed."

The girl giggled, "you can have lots of fun on it."

I glanced back, "have you checked it to see how soft it is?"

She shook her head, "no."

She blushed, "I wanted to see you and..."

I looked at her, "me? Why?"

She looked at the doors and then back at me, "you were on the news vids and killed those terrorist and walked out of the imperial residence after they blew it up."

I frowned as I walked to her, "what vids?"

She turned and moved to the huge wall holo and switched it on and did a search and then I was looking down at myself as I fought the mercenary and used his rifle to shoot the other three. I moved to it and shut it off, "there was more to it."

Like the fact that I could not get my mother out and ... The girl touched my arm, "I am sorry about your mother."

I took a breath, "I am Nick."

She smiled, "Cassy."

I liked her and turned, "soo ... what do you do here?"

She blushed, "well my mom is a comforter and..."

I looked at her and smiled, "my mother was in the same line."

She smiled, "she is always flirting and flaunting."

I snorted, "my mother did too. It was like she was tempting me. I would have fuc ... bedded her if I had the chance."

Cassy giggled, "you would have fucked her you mean."

I blushed but nodded and looked at the open bedroom door. She followed my look and then grinned, "want to fuck me?"

I reached for her hand, "feel and taste and then fuck many times."

She laughed as I pulled her after me, "okay."

I turned her at the huge bed and started to take her clothes off, "you can be my comforter until I get you pregnant."

She sucked in her breath, "only..."

I kissed her, "if we get along and I get you pregnant I will put a ring on you and make it legal and permanent."

She grinned, "okay. Do you like to fuck? I ask because I do and..."

I touched her lips, "relax."

She smiled and I helped her into the bed before I stripped and stalked after her, "now we can feel each other."

I laid on my side and reached out to caress her and feel her soft skin. She hesitated before reaching straight for my cock and wrapping her hand around it. She squeezed gently and then gave it a long stroke, "your cock is amazing."

I had shivered as I pushed her onto her back and her legs opened. I felt her mound and then her pussy and slipped a finger through her slit. She shivered and lifted her hips, "that feels good."

I grinned as I bent and sucked on one of her nipples. She shuddered and gasped as she held my head, "ooohhhh!"

She was humping as I ran a finger over her clit and through her pussy and began pushing it into her. Her pussy was warm, almost hot and it was not long before it was slippery. A couple of minutes and she jerked and spasmed, "aaahhhh!"

Her pussy had clenched and squeezed my finger and I grinned and moved over her. I gave her a kiss and started to move down but she clutched me and pulled me up. I looked at her as one of her hands desperately guided my cock and she pulled on me. I pushed and then had to do it harder to force my cock into her extremely tight pussy.

She grunted and spread her legs wide as she tilted her hips. I buried my cock and settled on her and began to press into her while kissing her. She wiggled and squirmed as she hugged me and kissed me back. It was a couple of minutes before I had to move and started to fuck her. She gasped and clutched me as I buried my cock back into her, "yyyeeessss!"

I kept fucking her slowly but she just felt so good I had to do it a little harder. Soon I was using firm thrusts and planting my cock as deep as I could. Cassy struggled and shook while still lifting her hips. It was only a few minutes before I grunted as I shoved into her. I held her as I suddenly spewed huge spurts of sperm.

She jerked and twisted and spasmed when she felt the warm cum pumping into her, "YES!"

Even before I was done I pulled back and started to fuck her again. She shuddered and then giggled as her slimy pussy squeezed. She kissed me and hugged me tight while I kept fucking her. I think we did it for a couple of hours before stopping. I lay holding her while we talked and I caressed and fingered her slimy pussy.

I finally pulled her out of bed and found the fresher and the shower. After that I had to hunt for my clothes and took her hand and let her lead me through the building to a kitchen. I ignored the guards as I smiled at the cook and his helpers, "any chance we can get something to eat?"

The cook was a gnarled old man who pointed to the kitchen table, "sit."

I pulled Cassy after me and to the table, "thank you sir."

He snorted and then smiled, "no problem lad."

Ten minutes and we were eating lunch and after we were done Cassy had to go for her school classes. I kissed her and watched her walk away before I looked at the guards, "has anyone found the weapons I had?"

The one in charge smiled, "we have a new set waiting for you in the armory."

I gestured and followed him as the others closed in around me. I spent a half hour being fitted with a concealed holster and then thirty more on the underground range. When I headed back to my set of rooms one of the guards cleared his throat. I glanced at him and he gestured, "the public bio scan has been moved up."

I had been hoping to soak in hot water but nodded, "if there is a doctor or medic would you ask them for something to reduce the swelling of the bruises."

He nodded, "and a pain..."

I shook my head, "the one responsible for my mother's death will be there."

A new suit and bottle of pills was waiting on my bed when I got out of the hot shower. I dressed and slipped the pistol into the holster and headed for the door. The ride off the estate was spent across from my father who looked out the window. The huge assembly was crowded when we got there and a army of guards led us in.

The duke moved to the front and a podium while I followed after him. He introduced me and the huge hall rang with questions and demands. I stepped up beside him with a visible winch of pain and looked around at the nobles and their guards and servants. I waited and waited and my father looked at me and then smiled.

Finally they became silent and I looked around, "there will only be one bio scan..."

They yelled and shouted and demanded and I stood waiting. Finally they went silent again and I continued, "I will select three doctors from the city and they will do the bio scan..."

Again they yelled and I pulled the pistol and held it up and everyone shut up. I growled as I looked at them, "one of you is responsible for the death of my mother and all the other people."

They started talking and I fired into the roof. They went silent and I glared, "shut the hell up and pay attention! I came here for one reason. I will find the one that killed my mother and when I do I will take his patent and his life. I will take everything they have and leave their family in the street."

I looked around at all the faces, "we have narrowed it down to one of three people already and within a few days we will know who it was. Now the one who did it is thinking I am bluffing."

I smiled as I put the pistol away, "I am telling you now that I will be the one to cut your fucking head off and piss on it."

I looked around the room, "my father ... will conduct his investigation under the law. I am sure many of you wish to protest. You can yell and scream into the wind for all I care. I have lived all my life without my father or his guidance. My life is mine and I will decide what I do with it and not you and your petty demands."

I carefully moved to the side and stepped down as my guards moved in. A man stepped out of the crowd and in front of us. He was glaring, "you think you are scaring us. That we will have to live with your demands?"

I snorted, "I think more than one of you are traitors. The emperor has investigators here and I wonder how many of you are going to get caught?"

I pointed to him, "as for scaring you, I really do not care if I scare you. The one that killed my mother is a walking dead man while I live. If you wish to challenge me spit it out and I will kill you now."

His face paled, "you would not dare!"

I snorted as I started walking, "get in my way fool and I will bury you."

I shoved him to the side as the guards pushed through the crowd. A moment later I heard my father before we left the room. Once we were climbing into the vehicle my guards chuckled and one grinned, "that was earl Dickens. The earl of Griffin."

I sat back, "let the estate security know to expect a full scale attack and possibly missiles."

He grinned, "your father already did and we have an interdiction force screen ready."

I nodded and looked out the window as my father arrived and climbed in. He chuckled as he sat and the vehicle began to move, "they are still screaming. I reminded them under imperial law you only had to submit to one scan. That the only one that could demand the scan was me or the emperor."

He looked at me as we sped through the city, "one or more will have to make a move now."

I nodded and turned to look at him, "they will try to get others to join them and someone will break and contact you. The only way to keep from hanging now is if you are dead and they can take control of the system."

He snorted, "I already knew..."

I snorted like him, "you, like all nobles are limited in the number of armed men you have. How many do the earls have?"

He blinked and then looked at the guards before turning to use a comm. I nodded as I looked out the window again, "find the one breaking the emperor's law with to many soldiers and you find the traitor."

I looked at my father again, "the girl Cassy wants to be my comforter."

He glanced at me and then grinned, "her mother will want to have words."

When we reached the estate I headed straight to my room and found Cassy. I was very tired as I stripped and looked around. She grinned as she came to take the clothes and put them in a hamper. She pulled me to bed and pushed me in and stripped before laying beside me. I held her naked body as I closed my eyes.

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