The Perfect Cure

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2015 by WelshWriter

Fiction Sex Story: An elderly couple find the perfect cure for E.D.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Tit-Fucking   .

"What do you think your parents would say if they saw these David? They'd ground you for life wouldn't they?" David just sat and stared at the computer screen as picture after picture flashed up on it. Pictures that he thought no-one would ever see when they were taken. He was sitting in the lounge of his Mom's friend, Mrs. Russell looking at pictures of him with his girlfriend, pictures that left nothing to the imagination. David just stood there completely stunned and speechless but finally he managed his reply. "You wouldn't would you Mrs. Russell?" he said. "You wouldn't show my parents would you?" Mrs. Russell looked up at him. "Well David," she said softly, "that all depends on you doesn't it" David looked puzzled. "I don't understand," he replied. "Well from what I can see you understand quite a bit about the ladies David," she said, looking at the picture on the screen "and I think you're just what I need." David still looked puzzled. "I still don't understand," he said.

"Well David," Mrs. Russell said, "how much do you know about me?" David had known Mrs. Russell all his life, she'd lived next door since before he was even born. "Well I know you're my Mom's best friend but that's about it," he replied. "Well did you know that my husband suffers from E.D?" "E.D.?" David asked, "what's that?" Mrs. Russell smiled. "Well David, it means he can't get an erection." David was shocked that Mrs. Russell was sharing such intimate information with him. "Uh, no, I didn't, why would I?" "Well did you know that when a lady gets to my age, her sex drive is at it's strongest?" Again David was shocked but before he could reply, Mrs. Russell stood up and stepped infront of him and lifted the hem of her dress and David was amazed to see that she wasn't wearing any underwear. "Well David if you really want me not to show your parents those pictures, you'll have to do something about this for me. Do you understand now?"

Suddenly David realised where this was leading as he stared at the naked pussy that was already seemed to be showing signs of arousal. "I think so Mrs. Russell. You want me to give you what Mr. Russell can't," he replied, his cock already hard in his pants. "You've got it in one David," Mrs. Russell said, pulling her dress up even higher and sitting on a chair beside him, spreading her legs as she did. "Now if you want me to keep our little secret, you'll have to kneel down and take care of this." As she spoke she moved one hand down between her legs and parted her pussy lips with her thumb and forefinger.

David wasn't slow on the uptake and straight away knew what she expected him to do. He wasn't crazy about the idea, he had a good sex life with his girlfriend but he knew that if he wanted to keep his parents from seeing the pictures he had no option so he slowly got down on his knees between her legs. As he got closer to her pussy he could smell her juices and, poking his tongue out he moved even closer. As soon as it touched her pussy lips, Mrs. Russell let out a loud gasp and put her hands on the back of his head and pulled it harder onto her, grinding herself against his tongue!!! "Oh yes David," she moaned, "that's it. That feels good. You really know how to eat a lady's pussy." David was surprised, he was really enjoying this!!! Maybe it was the fact that Mrs. Russell was so much older than he was or that she'd seduced him or that a middle aged woman would go out of her way to get him to eat her pussy. Whichever it was it was a real turn on!

Mrs. Russell's pussy was soaked, coating his face with her juices, and her fully erect clit seemed to be begging for attention. He flicked at it with his tongue and Mrs. Russell cried out. "Oh yes David, that's it, do my clit," she gasped. David smiled, the tables were turning and he was gaining control now. He teased her for with a couple more quick flicks and Mrs. Russell groaned loudly. "You're doing that on purpose David," she groaned, "just teasing me." David chuckled into her pussy, and gave her clit two or three hard sucks. "Of course I'm doing it on purpose Mrs Russell, I want to hear you to beg to suck your cunt!"

Mrs. Russell was really close to coming now, and hearing David use such crude language to describe her pussy was turning her on even more and she pulled his face hard against her! "Okay if that's what you want David, I'm begging you," she moaned. "Suck my pussy, please make me come." David smiled up at her. "Your what Mrs Russell, don't you mean your cunt? Tell me you want me to suck your cunt. Say it. I want to hear you say it." "Oh God David, yes, yes okay suck my cunt, make me come. Please David please." To David the situation was totally unreal, here he was on his knees with his face buried in his neighbour's pussy while she was begging him to make her come. He had a massive hard-on and began to wonder if fucking her was going to be part of the deal. He was no stranger to sex, he and his girlfriend fucked regularly but he'd never fucked an older woman before, never mind one as old as Mrs. Russell.

He was jerked back to reality as her orgasm hit her and her cunt released a flood of juices into his mouth. She seemed to last forever as wave after wave poured out of her, with David having to swallow as hard and fast as he could to keep up with her. When she was finally finished, she pushed him away and looked down at him. "Now stand up, David," she said, "let's see if it's true that the camera never lies." David knew what she wanted and stood up and dropped his pants and boxers, allowing his fully erect cock to spring into view! "Oh, yes David," she said softly, "that's a lovely cock. The camera certainly wasn't lying about that, that's a nice cock. Would you like me to suck it for you!"

David didn't have the chance to reply and closed his eyes as Mrs. Russell wrapped her fingers around his cock and pulled him towards her. He gasped as she slid her lips over his knob and took his length into her hot, wet mouth. "Oh fuck yes Mrs. Russell," he groaned, "that feels great!" Now it was Mrs. Russell's turn to smile while she worked her mouth up and down the length of his thick shaft!!! She pulled her lips off his cock for a second and looked up at him. "Does your girl friend suck you off David? she asked. "Yes," David replied softly, "but not as well as you do." It was obvious that sucking a cock was nothing new to Mrs. Russell, and she really seemed to be enjoying it and David realised this was his chance to take control of the situation again!!!

"You really like this, don't you?" he asked softly. "You like sucking a nice hard young cock don't you?" Mrs. Russell moaned softly, which was all the answer David needed, and he pressed on. "You love the feeling my hard cock in your mouth, don't you? It really turns you on doesn't it?" Mrs, Russell groaned around his cock and looked up at him. When David looked down at her with his cock buried in her mouth, he could see that her left hand had slipped up under her dress and was furiously fingering her cunt while she sucked his cock!!!

All the years known her and he'd have never realised how hot and horny she was or how much she craved a nice hard cock! Both of them were now racing towards orgasm, with his cock in her hot mouth and her hand up her skirt, Mrs. Russell took them both to a huge climax, with him filling her mouth with a flood of hot, thick cum, while she fingered of her own soaking cunt!!! David rocked back on his heels and watched as his Mom's friend finger fucked herself to another massive orgasm "You're fucking amazing," he said weakly, "I'd never have dreamt a woman your age could be such a great cock sucker!!!"

Mrs. Russell smiled. "Now you can see why I prefer younger men," she explained, "I need someone who can keep up with me and you certainly did that David but I haven't finished with you yet. I want you back here at eight o'clock tonight." David suddenly thought about Mr. Russell. "W-w-what about your husband?" he asked. "Mrs. Russell smiled. "Oh don't worry about him, he loves to see me taking a nice hard cock off a young stud," she said, "it helps his E.D. no end and he might turned on enough to join in if I'm lucky." David thought for a moment then nodded. "Okay it's a date," he said, "I'll be there at eight sharp!!!"

Eight o'clock found David walking up the front drive of Mrs. Russell's house. He could see her husband's cars parked in the garage, so knew he was at home. For a couple of second, he stood at the front door, wondering whether he should go ahead with this. What if Mr. Russell wasn't okay with it, what if he turned nasty. All these things went through his mind as he stood there but in the end, he threw caution to the wind and pressed the bell.

The hall light came on and seconds later, the door opened and David found himself face to face with Mr. Russell. For a brief moment he thought about turning and walking away but before he could, Mr. Russell held out his hand and grasped his. "Glad you could make it David," he said, "Hazel is really looking forward to tonight and from what she's told me we could all be in for a great time." "Well I hope I don't disappoint you Mr. Russell," David replied as he stepped into the hallway. "You might as well drop the Mr. Russell David. It's Mike and Hazel while you're here, but when your parents are around stick to Mr. and Mrs. Okay?" David nodded. "If that's what you want, Mr ... errr, Mike, it's fine with me." Just before they reached the lounge, Mr. Russell stopped. "Just a couple of things before we start David," he said. "Firstly you let my wife make the first move and if either of us say stop, you stop. Okay?" David nodded, "Of course Mike," he said, "I'm your guest and what you say goes." Mr. Russell smiled. "Great David, now shall we go and join Hazel?" David nodded enthusiastically and Mr. Russell opened the door to the lounge.

When they entered the room, Mrs. Russell was sitting on the couch waiting for them. She stood up and greeted David with a kiss on the cheek. She was wearing a tight fitting, white blouse that buttoned up the front but the top two buttons were unfastened and David could the black lacy edge of whatever she was wearing under it. Her skirt was fairly tight and reached to below her knee, but as she turned to resume her seat, David could see that it had buttons up the side, half of which were undone and, as she sat back down a good expanse of what David hoped would be her stocking clad legs was revealed. She patted the couch at the side of her inviting him to sit.

As David sat down, Mr. Russell opened the drinks cabinet. "Red or white David?" he asked. "I'm afraid we don't have any beer, we're wine drinkers." David would have preferred beer but as it wasn't on offer, he opted for white wine. Pouring three glasses, Mr. Russell placed them on the coffee table and sat down at the other side of Mrs. Russell. "Oh just one more thing, David," he said, "we like something to look back on so I always take pictures. Is that okay?" David was unsure about this but Mr. Russell assured him that they would be completely private and David would also get a set as a sort of insurance. With his mind set at ease David agreed and Mr. Russell got back up and left the room.

As soon as they were alone, Mrs. Russell leaned across and kissed David again, this though, not on the cheek but a full blown lips on lips kiss. For the first time, David became aware of her expensive perfume and the taste of the rich, pink gloss that coated her lips. He held his breath as he felt her hand on his thigh just below the swell of his now full blown erection. As it moved higher, Mrs. Russell broke the kiss and looked at him. "It feels like you're ready to go David," she said as she squeezed his cock through his slacks. David hadn't put jeans on tonight, instead he'd chosen a pair of light grey slacks, the thinner material meant that Mrs. Russell's touch wasn't masked by the thicker denim. As she ran her hand over his bulge, David realised that it had been a good choice as his cock twitched and Mrs. Russell smiled. "Oh yes," she said, "you definitely are ready."

Pulling away from him, David watched as Mrs. Russell began to unfasten the rest of the buttons on her blouse, slowly revealing what she was wearing under it. As each button popped open David could see what appeared to be a purple and black corset with a black lace trim. Purple ribbons and little diamanté heart nestled where her cleavage dipped into the bra top. When the last button was unfastened, Mrs. Russell slipped the blouse off her shoulders and David could see where the corset disappeared into the waist band of her skirt.

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