Bath of Blood
Chapter 1: Brother and Sister

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Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1: Brother and Sister - Brother and sister hunt vampire and woman who bathes in blood.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Horror   Mystery   Paranormal   Vampires   Incest   Brother   Sister   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Slow   Violent  

"You sure you want to do this?"

Jaclyn Becket looked at the folder on the kitchen table in front of her, then at the .38 Special revolver resting in her brother's belt holster.

"Of course I'm sure," Dylan said. Noticing his sister's fearful stare, he closed his jacket to conceal his newly purchased weapon. "I'm just going to talk to her. That's it."

"God, Dylan," Jaclyn sighed. She knew if she really wanted to talk Dylan out of this, she'd had ample opportunities before tonight. She kind of wished he'd been the one to give up on his personal crusade so she didn't have to be the one to stop him.

"Why don't you take a night to sleep on it?"

"I've had five years to sleep on it, Jackie," Dylan said. "It's time to do this."

Dylan slipped the folder back into the manila envelope from which it came and tucked it under his arm.

"But Dylan-"

"I don't want to hear it, Jackie!" Dylan snapped. "That bastard needs to pay for what he did to us."

Dylan walked out the front door. Jaclyn stared pleadingly back at him.

"It's not going to bring Mom back," she said. Dylan shut the door behind him.

Jaclyn waited until she heard Dylan's car start before letting out her tears. Quietly she sobbed to herself. She stared at the family photo hanging on the wall. Mom, Dad, Dylan, and her. They all looked so happy. So much had changed in five years.

Jaclyn made her way to the bathroom, and stared at herself in the mirror. She was pretty, all the boys told her so. But to Jaclyn, the girl staring back at her in the mirror was the most hopeless lost cause she'd ever seen. Jaclyn turned the shower faucet, untied her light blue bathrobe, and let it fall disdainfully to the floor. She shifted her gaze to the window, where she watched the sun set over the forested horizon behind the house that had once belonged to Daniel and Gabrielle Becket.

As Jaclyn waited for the tub to fill, Dylan sat behind the wheel of his gray Honda Civic. He pulled out his cell phone and pressed the second number on his speed dial.

"Hi Riley, it's me," Dylan began. "I got your package. I'm going over there now. Jaclyn- well, she tried to talk me out of it. I don't know. Maybe she's right. Either way, I want to thank you for all your help. I- I'll let you know how it all turns out. Bye."

Dylan shut his phone. Damn it, he thought to himself. He pressed his cell phone against his forehead. Cursing, Dylan shut off the engine and went back inside.

The bathroom door was open, so Dylan didn't hesitate to look inside. He was somewhat taken aback to see his sister standing in her bra and panties, staring out the window. Dylan coughed.

"What is it, Dylan?" Jaclyn asked. Dylan bit his lip.

"If you don't want me to go, I won't," Dylan said. He tried not to stare at his sister's thong-clad bottom, but it was a bit distracting to say the least.

"I didn't say that," Jaclyn said, not turning around. For that, Dylan was grateful. He wasn't sure how he felt about seeing his sister's nearly nude body. Jaclyn hadn't let him see her naked in years, and the fact that he was seeing her scantily-clad body now was evidence enough that her mind was somewhere else today.

"Then what are you saying?" Dylan asked.

"That you shouldn't be doing something like this alone," she said. "If something happened to you..."

"Then come with me," Dylan said.

"I don't think either of us should go. This is something the police should handle. Or- somebody else."

Dylan sighed.

"I don't have any hard evidence against this lady," Dylan said. "That's why I'm just gonna talk to her. Then I'll figure out what to do from there. You can come with me if you want. If not, I'm going alone."

"Will you give me a minute to get dressed?" Jaclyn asked.

"Yeah. I'll start the car."

Dylan pulled his Civic in front of 2000 Blackwater Road. Jaclyn peered through the iron gate at the elaborate three-story manor in front of her.

"Not a bad piece of real estate, huh?" Dylan asked.

"Where did she get this kind of money?" Jaclyn asked.

"Riley said there were a lot of family businesses."

Dylan hopped out of the car and Jaclyn trepidatiously followed. She'd put on a pair of shorts and a tank top in spite of the cool weather, but that was typical for her. Cold weather didn't seem to bother Jaclyn the way it did her brother, who had on jeans and a leather jacket to shield himself from the brisk autumn air.

Dylan pressed the button on the intercom mounted next to the gate. There was a moment of silence before he heard a reply.

"Who is it?" a voice replied. It was a man, a very old man by the sound of it. Dylan pressed the button marked "talk."

"I'd like to speak to Mrs. Balko," Dylan replied. He waited for a response.

"And what does this concern?" the voice finally replied.

"It concerns Lukas," Dylan responded, sharply. He stuck his hands into his pockets and turned towards Jaclyn.

Dylan waited, but heard no reply from the intercom.

"I doubt she'll even want to talk to us," Jaclyn muttered.

"I don't care what she wants," Dylan said. "She's going to talk. She owes us that much."

Jaclyn shrugged. To her surprise, the gate opened. Without hesitation, Dylan walked through. Jaclyn followed, quickening her pace to keep up with Dylan.

He stepped onto the front porch and rapped his knuckles against the door.

"You said she lives alone, right? Who do you think that was?" Jaclyn asked.

"We'll see."

The front door opened, and a very old man stood in the doorframe. He looked to be at least eighty; with his thin white hair combed back and his skin wrinkled and pale. His eyes looked to be devoid of pupils as he stared at Dylan intently.

"Well, come on in, I'll go get the lady," the man said.

He opened the door so Dylan and Jaclyn could enter, and shut the door behind them. Jaclyn admired the décor of the house, which had an early 1900s motif. Dylan simply looked around, searching for the lady of the house.

Looking back towards the man, he realized to his surprise the old man was blind. He took up a sturdy walking cane and carefully but efficiently navigated his way down the hallway.

"Would you care for some tea?" the man asked.

"No, just want to talk to Mrs. Balko," Dylan answered.

"It's Ms. Balko," a voice said.

Dylan and Jaclyn's attention turned to the stairway, where their eyes settled upon an attractive woman descending. She was tall, about 5'11, looked to be in her mid-forties, with jet-black hair down to her waist. She wore a sheer black nightgown that showed off her figure quite nicely. Her black bra and panties were clearly visible through the gossamer material. Dylan tried not to stare as she stepped towards him and extended her hand. "But please, call me Catherine."

Catherine remained standing on the bottom step, leaving Dylan at eye level with her round, full breasts. He had to look up to meet her knowing gaze, and he shook her hand firmly.

"I'm Dylan Becket. This is my sister, Jaclyn," Dylan said.

"Pleased to meet you both," Catherine said. She stepped off the bottom step and turned to Jaclyn. She shook Jaclyn's hand, and squeezed it firmly. Catherine's long, black painted nails tickled Jaclyn's palm.

"What can I do for you, Dylan?" Catherine asked.

"I'm looking for Lukas Balko," Dylan said.

"I haven't seen Luke in over twenty years," Catherine said softly. "What interests you about my brother?"

"He murdered my mother," Dylan said. Catherine paused.

"You're Gabby Becket's son," Catherine said. "I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. Please, have a seat."

Dylan and Jaclyn took a seat on the large leather sofa in the den. Catherine sat in the easy chair across from them, and crossed her legs. As she did, the old man entered the room, carrying a tray with three cups of tea. He placed them onto the coffee table, one each in front of Dylan and Jaclyn, and handed the third to Catherine. He seemed to instinctively know where the table was and where each person was seated. Impressed, Dylan took a sip from his tea.

"Morris is quite capable despite his handicap," Catherine said. "He's been my faithful butler, ever since I was a girl."

Morris nodded appreciatively to Catherine and stepped out of the room. Catherine turned back to Dylan.

"I read about your mother in the paper. I was heartbroken to hear that Luke had killed again."

"Again?" Jaclyn said. "We were told he had no criminal record!"

"Luke has some powerful friends. No doubt one of them was able to erase his criminal history," Catherine said. "But he spent much of his youth in a mental asylum."

"Do you know where he is now?" Dylan demanded.

"Sadly, no," Catherine said. "I assumed after your mother's death he fled back to Europe. Most of his business connections are there. There, or China."

"Would you be able to give me a list of his business connections?" Dylan asked.

Catherine paused.

"I could give you a few names," she said. "But realize, he cut me out of his business dealings decades ago."

"Just give me what you've got," Dylan said.

"I would be more than willing to oblige."

Dylan looked quizzically at Catherine.

"If you don't mind me saying, I have a hard time believing you and Lukas are brother and sister."

Catherine tilted her head.

"And why is that, child?"

"Well, Lukas was over ninety years old, according to the police report. You don't look a day over forty."

Catherine chuckled.

"Well thank you, young man," Catherine smiled. "Truth is I've gone to great lengths preserve my youth. However, there is another explanation for our age discrepancy. You see, Edwin Balko was our father, however, we have different mothers."

Dylan nodded.

"Who else has Lukas killed?" Jaclyn asked. A cold chill ran over Catherine's face.

"Most of them have been young women. As well as a few police officers and a fellow patient at the asylum."

Catherine was being far more cooperative than Dylan expected. There was something off about how easily she was sharing information.

"How could we not know about this?" Jaclyn asked.

"I can tell you a very good reason why," Catherine said. "When I was a girl, about eleven, my family lived on a farm. My father married a farmer's daughter before he began buying businesses in the area. One day, Lukas came home from working overseas to surprise us. He brought a beautiful young girl home with him, Annie was her name."

Catherine took a sip of her tea.

"My father adored her; Luke talked as though they might be getting married. She was a very nice girl, very fun and lively. I wondered why she was interested in such a serious, business-minded man like Lukas."

Jaclyn squeezed her teacup nervously.

"One day I was in the yard, tending to the chickens, when I heard Luke calling my name. 'Catherine! Catherine!' He called. I followed his voice into the barn. To my horror, I saw Annie tied to a mast up in the hayloft. She was nude, and- the look on her face- I- I backed away. And that's when I saw Luke. The twisted smile on his face- when I saw that- I knew he was insane. He said 'Catherine, watch this!'"

"I turned to run, and he grabbed me and pulled me back into the barn. He shouted 'watch this, you bitch!' When I screamed, he threw me to the ground underneath Annie and he tied my hands and feet together. As I lay there, crying, I watched as he grabbed a scythe from the wall, and climbed up to the hayloft."

"That's enough!" Jaclyn snapped. "We don't need to hear any more." She set her teacup down and rose to her feet.

Dylan remained seated.

"What did he do?" Dylan asked, coldly. Catherine paused, unsure if she should continue.

"For the sake of your sister, I won't go into details. But, he killed her, and he made me watch. From underneath her. And when he was done, he held the blade to my throat and asked whether I liked it. I told him he'd lost his mind. And he laughed at me. And he said if I ever told anyone what he had done, he would do the same to me. And every once in a while, over the next few months, he would beat me, slap me, and make sure I remembered. One time, he even did this to me."

Catherine pulled down her nightgown, and showed her chest to Dylan and Jaclyn. She pulled her bra to the side, to reveal a deep, long scar on the side of her breast.

"He stuck a knife into my breast, and licked the blood. And he told me I should try it. And he held the blade to my lips until I licked my own blood-"

"Enough!" Jaclyn shouted again.

Catherine stopped. She pulled her bra and nightgown back to cover her scar.

"You have to understand, Luke had a way of intimidating others into silence," Catherine said. "Whether it be threats, bribes, or blackmail. Luke got away with many murders before he was discovered. Most of the bodies were never even found."

Catherine took another sip of her tea.

"Believe me, if I knew anything about my brother's whereabouts, I would tell you in a heartbeat."

"That's all I ask," Dylan said.

Catherine looked uncomfortably at Jaclyn, who was still standing.

"Dylan, could you go get the blanket from the car, please?" Jaclyn said, wrapping her arms around her slim torso and shaking.

"We won't be much longer-"

"Dylan, please," Jaclyn demanded. Dylan rose from the sofa and left out the front door. As he shut the door behind him, Jaclyn turned to Catherine.

"Does Lukas really believe he's a vampire?" Jaclyn asked.

Catherine looked up at Jaclyn and arched her brows.

"My brother-" Jaclyn started, "-thinks I'm crazy for bringing this up. But my mother's blood was drained from her body. And there was none found anywhere in his house. Why?"

Catherine uncrossed her legs and rose from her seat.

"Luke changed a lot the first time he returned from his overseas trip," Catherine said. "He made a different group of friends. He acted differently. I found out he joined a group, a very secretive fraternity, called the Blood of Seven. What they did in their meetings, I was never privy to, but I do know, that every time Luke returned from one of these meetings, he seemed much more calm, complacent even. He didn't lose his temper as often. Something he did at those meetings gave him a sense of peace he didn't find anywhere else."

Jaclyn felt a wave of goosebumps rush across her legs. She peeked out the window, watching Dylan retrieve the blanket from his car. As Jaclyn looked out the window, Catherine looked at Jaclyn, her short shorts in particular.

"How old are you?" Catherine asked. Jaclyn turned to Catherine.

"Eighteen," Jaclyn said.

"Are you a virgin?" Catherine asked. Jaclyn took a step back.

"I don't see how that's any of your business," Jaclyn said.

"Of course it isn't. My apologies," Catherine said. "I only ask because I hope you will make good choices. So many young women do not."

Jaclyn nodded.

"I know. I am a virgin actually, and I think I'm going to stay that way for awhile," Jaclyn said.

Catherine smiled.

"I'm glad to hear that. You're a very smart girl." Catherine looked down at Jaclyn's near empty teacup. "Would you like some more tea?" Jaclyn shook her head.

"No thank you, I think we're going to be going soon," Jaclyn said.

Dylan entered through the front door, carrying the blanket. He handed it to Jaclyn, who wrapped it around her torso.

"Thanks," Jaclyn smiled.

"Well, I'll get you that list," Catherine said, and retreated upstairs.

Jaclyn leaned towards her brother.

"I just want to get out of here," she whispered. Dylan nodded, but did not look to be in any hurry to go. Wandering around the room, Dylan soon made his way down the hallway, curiously examining the décor in the old house.

There were a number of framed oil paintings mounted on the hallway wall. It seemed most of them depicted nude women. Dylan tried to read the inscriptions, but they were in another language. He looked at each painting as he passed down the hallway. Each one seemed to depict a nude woman, all except for one. A large painting at the end of the hall. Jaclyn noticed it too.

The painting depicted Lukas and Catherine, standing together. Lukas looked to be many years younger than the aged old man Dylan and Jaclyn had seen living down the street from them growing up, but the dark eyes and narrow brows clearly identified him as such. Catherine however, curiously looked to be the same age in the painting as she was now.

"Creepy," Jaclyn whispered.

"Yeah," Dylan agreed, and he turned his attention to the other paintings. His eyes drifted to one painting featuring a pretty young blonde and brunette standing at the edge of a lake apparently getting ready to go skinny-dipping.

"Beautiful, aren't they?"

Dylan jumped, just slightly. He turned to see Catherine standing behind him.

"The paintings," Catherine said. "I have a special fondness for nudes."

"I see that," Dylan said. "You got a real nice collection here."

"Thank you," Catherine said. "My mother was a nude model, at a local university. That was how I first discovered the theme. That's how she met my father actually." Catherine smiled.

"Really?' Dylan said. "You ever done any modeling yourself?"

"No man has ever seen me nude," Catherine said. "And no man ever will."

"Oh," Dylan said, surprised.

Catherine handed him a piece of paper.

"Those are the names, addresses, and phone numbers, of everyone I know who has done business with Lukas," Catherine said. "I apologize that the list is so short, but as I said, Luke hasn't kept me very involved."

"I appreciate it," Dylan said with a smile. He handed Catherine a note of his own. "Here's my number. I hope you'll contact me if you learn anything new."

"I certainly will," Catherine said, and tucked the note into her bra. "I wish you good luck. Morris will see you out."

"Thanks," Dylan said. He watched Catherine make her way up the stairs. Her skimpy g-string showed through her thin nightgown, and Dylan noted that she had a very beautiful, firm ass for her age.

"Dylan!" Jaclyn whispered angrily. Dylan pulled his eyes away from Catherine's behind and faced his sister.

"Yeah, let's go," Dylan said, quietly.

Morris led them to the doorway and showed them out. As soon as Morris shut the door, Jaclyn spoke.

"She was creepy as hell!"

Dylan stuffed the contact list in his pocket.

"I think she was telling the truth."

"I hope she wasn't," Jaclyn said, shuddering at the awful descriptions Catherine gave of the murders. "So what are you going to do? Call those numbers?"

"Yeah," Dylan said, reentering the car. "But there's something I got to do first."

Dylan pulled into the parking lot of Pierson's Inc, and parked in one of the five available spots in front of the small gray building. Riley's red Taurus was in the spot next to his so he knew the P.I. was in.

"I'll just be a minute," Dylan said, and hopped out of the car. Jaclyn leaned her seat back and rested her bare feet on the dashboard while Dylan went inside. The door chimed as Dylan walked into the small, dimly lit lobby.

"Riley?" Dylan said. As usual, the lobby was empty except for a few chairs and a table covered with magazines, as well as a fish tank with several exotic fish swimming about.

"Come on in, Dylan," a light female voice called out. Dylan walked into the office.

Riley Pierson would be the first to admit she was not your typical P.I. Standing at 5'2, her small petite frame scurried around the office, with her fourth coffee of the day coursing through her veins. Her blonde frizzy hair was tied back into a ponytail, which bobbed about while she quickly paced between her computer and her printer waiting for her printout to finish.

"Hey, I brought you your check," Dylan said, placing his payment on Riley's desk. The desk was covered with so many papers Dylan hoped his check wouldn't get lost in the clutter. Normally Riley didn't accept checks from clients but she made an exception for Dylan. The truth was, she thought he was kind of cute.

"Thanks," Riley said. "So how'd it go?"

"She gave me a list of business associates of her brother's," Dylan said.

"Did she?" Riley said in surprise. "Let me see. I can make a copy, see what I can dig up on them, too."

Dylan handed Riley the list. Riley quickly scurried over to the copy machine, and slapped the paper onto the surface. Dylan loved that Riley just exuded energy all the time. It made him feel comfortable hiring her to be his P.I. It seemed she would always go the extra mile to get him what he needed.

The copy machine spat out three copies of Catherine's list. Riley grabbed them and handed the original back to Dylan.

"Why is it that a copy machine can make three printouts in less time than it takes a printer to make one?" Riley vented.

"I think you should consider getting a printer that wasn't made before the Bush administration," Dylan chuckled.

"Har har," Riley said. She was barefoot as she usually was around the office, though Dylan noticed her high heels were parked right by the door, since she wore those everywhere else she went. Riley always dressed nicely, which Dylan found surprising since she would be the first one to climb through an open sewer grate to rescue a trapped kitten if the situation called for it.

"So what did Jaclyn say when you got back?" Riley asked.

"She went with me, actually," Dylan said.

"Really?" Riley asked.

"Yeah, I think she was scared of me confronting this lady alone," Dylan said.

"Is she still going on about the vampire thing?" Riley asked.

Dylan shook his head.

"No, she hasn't mentioned it at all today," Dylan said. "Thank God too, I was worried she'd mention it to Catherine and make us look like a couple loons."

"Speaking of that," Riley said. She handed Dylan a newspaper clipping.

"Local Woman Found Dead," the headline read. The article described a young woman's body found in a drainage ditch several cites away. She was found naked with numerous cuts on her chest and neck and most of her blood drained and missing.

"Lukas," Dylan said out loud.

"I don't think so," Riley said. "Not his M.O. No sexual assault. In fact, the girl was a virgin."

"Well, maybe Lukas wised up and stopped leaving his DNA behind."

"Or it's a copycat," Riley said. "Just letting you know, not saying this is related."

Riley went to her filing cabinet and opened the bottom drawer. Her round bubble butt showed nicely through her black pencil skirt as she bent over.

"So, any plans for Halloween?" Riley asked.

"Well, Jaclyn's trying to talk me into going to a Halloween party tomorrow," Dylan said.

"Ooh, that sounds like fun," Riley said, tucking away a folder and shutting the drawer. "You gonna go?"

Dylan shrugged.

"I don't think so."

"Why not?" Riley asked.

"Ah, you know. It's not a fun time of year for me," Dylan said.

Riley looked at Dylan, and sighed sadly. Few things depressed her more than a young person who had grown up too fast.

"You shouldn't let this hang over you for the rest of your life, Dylan," Riley said, stepping towards him. "This revenge quest is going to ruin you if you let it."

Dylan sighed.

"I know, but-"

"No, Dylan, you need to start enjoying your life," Riley said. "Get out of the house, get a girlfriend, do something other than obsess over finding your mom's killer- THAT- will be more helpful to you in finding peace."

Dylan looked into Riley's bright blue eyes. She wrapped her arms around him, and pulled him close.

"Will you do that Dylan? Please?"

"Yeah," Dylan said.

"Good," Riley smiled. She planted a kiss on his cheek. "I'll look into those names you gave me but I WANT you to do something fun, okay?"

"I will, I will," Dylan said.

"Glad to hear it. Now get out of here. I got a badminton game in twenty and I need to get changed." She gave him a pat on the butt and hurried over to her closet.

"I'll see you around," Dylan said.

"You too, honey," Riley said, taking a polo shirt and a pair of shorts out of the closet. With that, Dylan walked out of Riley's office, and for the first time in a long time, he smiled.

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