April 1st

by DG Hear

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Romantic Sex Story: An April Fools Day joke backfires and I meet the girl of my dreams

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   First   .

It was late March and I was reading the newspaper and I found some interesting information from Wikipedia about April Fools' Day I thought I'd share it before telling my story.

April Fools' Day is celebrated every year on the first day of April. Popular since the 19th century, the day is not a national holiday in any country, but it is well known in Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil and the United States, and it is celebrated as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other. The jokes and their victims are known as "April fools". Hoax stories may be reported by the press and other media on this day and explained on subsequent days.

In the UK, an April fool joke is revealed by shouting "April fool!" at the recipient, who becomes the "April fool". A study in the 1950s, by folklorists Iona and Peter Opie, found that in the UK, and in countries whose traditions derived from the UK, the joking ceased at midday. A person playing a joke after midday is the "April fool" themselves.

In Scotland, April Fools' Day was traditionally called 'Huntigowk Day', although this name has fallen into disuse. The name is a corruption of 'Hunt the Gowk', "gowk" being Scots for a cuckoo or a foolish person. The traditional prank is to ask someone to deliver a sealed message that supposedly requests help of some sort. The recipient, upon reading it, will explain he can only help if he first contacts another person, and sends the victim to this next person with an identical message, with the same result.

In Ireland it was traditional to entrust the victim with an "important letter" to be given to a named person. That person would then ask the victim to take it to someone else, and so on. The letter when finally opened contained the words "send the fool further".

In Poland, it's a day full of jokes; various hoaxes are prepared by people, media (which sometimes cooperate to make the "information" more credible) and even public institutions. Serious activities are usually avoided. This conviction is so strong that the anti-Turkish alliance with Leopold I signed on 1 April 1683, was backdated to 31 March.

Norwegians, Danes and Swedes celebrate April Fools' Day. Most news media outlets will publish exactly one false story on April 1st; for newspapers this will typically be a first-page article but not the top headline.

In Italy, France, Belgium, and French-speaking areas of Switzerland and Canada, April 1st tradition is often known as "April fish". This includes attempting to attach a paper fish to the victim's back without being noticed. Such fish feature prominently on many late 19th- to early 20th-century French April Fools' Day postcards.

In one famous prank from 1957, the BBC broadcast a film in their Panorama current affairs series purporting to show Swiss farmers picking freshly-grown spaghetti, in what they called the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest. The BBC were later flooded with requests to purchase a spaghetti plant, forcing them to declare the film a hoax on the news the next day.

I had no idea that April Fools' Day went back to the 19th century or that so many countries celebrated it. I know that when I was just a kid that I was gullible and the butt of many jokes. I never paid much attention to the date and got caught most every year. It was usually something stupid like my friends hiding my books or telling me something happened.

It was when I became a teenager that the jokes were more like my friends telling me that some girl I liked wanted to see me and I would go up to her and they would all laugh at me and say, "April fool". Other years they would give me a note saying it was from one of the popular girls, which it wasn't, and they got a big laugh at my expense.

I would get embarrassed and walk away without talking to the girls. I was actually smart but when it came to girls I was somewhat shy. I rarely dated and never had a real girlfriend. The few dates I went on were ones that my parents set up with their friends daughters for special occasions like Home Comings or church events.

The girls were nice but we didn't click. I had a strike against me when the dates were set up by our parents. Since I was shy, I wasn't outgoing and didn't have many second dates. I did blame myself; it wasn't the girl's fault. It was my sister that was honest with me and told me I needed to lose some weight and exercise more.

It was my junior year when she told me about being shy and overweight. I was somewhat short at 5' 8" and was a little chubby which didn't help much. I did play football and was on the defensive line but was on the second string. My senior year I sprouted a couple of inches and worked out a lot more.

It gave me more confidence and I played a lot more but it was hard overcoming the shyness. In science class I was paired off on an assignment with one of the cutest cheerleaders. Kayla was really popular as well as being smart. She had it all, the looks, personality and brains. We got an A+ on our assignment and she thanked me for being her partner and even said she hoped I could overcome my shyness because I seemed like a nice guy. I made the mistake of telling my friends and they teased me about Kayla being my girlfriend.

Football season and the holidays were over and when I went back to school my friends didn't bring up Kayla except when it was close to Valentines Day and kidded me about taking her out for dinner. She and I did talk in class but we were just friends. She was one of the few girls I could talk to.

Time went by and I didn't realize the date but it was April 1st, when Jim, one of my friends gave me a letter and said it was from Kayla. After he walked away I read the letter.

Dear Rob, I know this is unusual but I was wondering if you would like to go with me to the prom? It's on May 23, and I would be willing to go with you if you asked me. If you want to go please ask me today, I have two other offers and have to get back to them by tomorrow with an answer. If you're not interested, that's fine, just throw this letter away. Your Friend Kayla

I didn't see Kayla till lunch time in the cafeteria. She was sitting at a table with the other cheerleaders and when I saw her from a distance she did give me a light smile. I got my lunch and sat down at a table with Jim, and four other guys I somewhat hung with.

Jim asked me what the letter from Kayla was about and I told him it was about an award we received for our science project. We really did get an award but it was a few days before. I wasn't about to let him know what the note said.

I ate my lunch and kept thinking about the letter from Kayla. I got up from my table and walked up to Kayla sitting with her friends. She looked up at me and said "Hi".

I was nervous as hell but decided to ask her to the prom. I handed her the short letter I received and asked her, "Kayla, would you like to go to the prom with me?"

She read the short letter and looked over at my friends who yelled out "April fool, Rob". I didn't look at them and stood my ground looking at Kayla. Her friends laughed and then Kayla looked at me.

"I'd love to go to the prom with you Rob and it's not an April Fools' Day joke." Her friends looked surprised and stopped laughing. "We can talk about the details later if you don't mind," Kayla said with a smile.

"Thank you!" I said. She gave me a pretty smile as I walked back to my table.

"Well, Jim, I guess the April Fools' Day joke is on you this time. It wasn't a very nice joke to play. I don't care what you do to me but you put Kayla on the spot and I'm not happy about that. You see, I really like her and would hate to see her embarrassed. Maybe I need better friends," I said as I got up and left the table.

The next day Kayla stopped by my locker first thing in the morning. She was so pretty. "Rob did you know I didn't send you the letter?"

"I was pretty sure you didn't but I was hoping you might have and decided to take the chance. I'm sorry I put you on the spot in front of your friends. You don't have to go with me, I understand the spot I put you in."

"Rob, I do want to go with you. I know everyone thinks I date a lot but the truth is, my parents are rather strict and I really haven't dated much. Usually only group things like the ballgames and dances. I talked to my parents last night and they want to meet you. Can you stop by tomorrow after school?"

"I'd be happy to stop by and meet them. Is there anything I should know or do?" I asked.

"Just be yourself. My mom is a psychologist and can probably read you like a book. My Dad owns his own business. He's somewhat of a computer geek."

"He and I have that in common, maybe that's a good thing," I replied.

My sister stopped me in the hall and asked if it was true that Kayla Davis was going to the prom with me. I told her it was and that I was going to her house the next day to meet her parents. I asked her for advice and she said the same thing as Kayla, "Just be yourself and be honest. You're a good person Rob. You just need to get by some of this shyness. I know you've tried hard and lost weight and you really are a good looking guy, even if you are my brother."

I hugged my little sister, (she was only a year younger than me) and thanked her. She was going to the prom with a friend. They weren't going steady or anything like that. My sister was a smart girl and was popular in school also.

I stopped over at Kayla's house and met her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Davis. They were cordial to me and mentioned that Kayla spoke well of me. They asked me about school and my plans for the future. I explained to them that I was going away to college and studying computer engineering.

I was surprised when they told me that Kayla would be going away to college but was going on the west coast while I would be on the east coast. She was going to college and study nursing. Other than stopping home to visit periodically she expected to be gone for four years. Mr. Davis did tell me to stop by his company and apply for a job after college.

They agreed to let Kayla go to the prom with me. I have to say that made me very happy but I knew we weren't going to have a life together after that. We weren't in love but I really did like her a lot.

I picked her up the night of the prom and she looked absolutely beautiful. I rented a tux and looked pretty good. When they had the drawing for prom queen, Kayla was chosen. I had to watch her have pictures taken with Larry who was the prom King. It made me a little jealous but I didn't have a lot of choice.

A little about Larry, he was somewhat of a showoff and a ladies man. He thought every woman wanted him. He played sports and was popular since he was the quarterback but to be honest, our team wasn't very good. Since I lost weight and did a lot of exercising and built up my body Larry was one of those that didn't tease me anymore.

Kayla and I ate at the buffet dinner set up by the school and afterwards we danced. Thank God my sister Cheri practiced with me and taught me how to slow dance. I believe I did rather well. Needless to say a number of other guys wanted to dance with the Queen.

On our way home she did tell me that she liked me and was happy that I asked her to the prom. She mentioned that I acted like a gentleman and she didn't have to wrestle with me all night. I felt she was trying to tell me something.

I asked her if anyone else tried anything with her and she went quiet for a few seconds. It pissed me off when I found out two different guys tried to feel off my date. Larry, our king, grabbed her ass and another guy Zack tried to pull her closer against him when they danced. He laughed when she pushed him away.

I told her I was sorry and would have done something about it if I would have known. She smiled and told me I was a really sweet guy and too bad we were going to colleges in opposite ends of the country. I did ask her if I could see her a couple of times during the summer before we left for college and she said she would like that. I walked her to the door she gave me a peck on the lips before walking into the house. She said she had a wonderful time.

The next day of school I saw Larry walk in the locker room and followed him in. "Where do you get off grabbing my date's ass at the prom, you fucking pervert."

"What's your problem? She didn't stop me and by the way, she has a nice ass," he laughed.

I cold cocked him and blackened his left eye. I told him the next time he saw Kayla he better apologize or we would be having a real fight. He grabbed a towel and went to the ice machine and held the towel against his face. I always felt he was somewhat of a wimp but always was surrounded by other guys.

Everyone was asking him what happened and he said he walked into a door in the locker room. Later I saw him walk up to Kayla and talk to her. She saw me in the hall and asked me why I did it.

"Did what?" I asked.

"I saw Larry's black eye. He didn't walk into any door. You hit him didn't you."

I didn't know if she was mad or happy about it. "Yes, for that night you were my girl and I didn't like him touching you."

She smiled and thank me for being her knight in shining armor. We walked together and sat at the same table and had lunch. We only had a week of school left and it was all tests and meetings.

At graduation my parents and sister were there and I could tell they were proud of me. I said hi to Kayla's parents and Mr. Davis reminded me to come see him after I graduated from college. I went to the senior party after graduation and Kayla went with me.

There was some drinking from kids that had smuggled it in but Kayla and I didn't drink any liquor. We had pizza and danced. I told Kayla how much I would miss her and hoped we could stay in contact at least as friends.

Zack asked her to dance and I told him to get lost. He said he didn't want any trouble and walked away. Kayla looked at me and smiled. "I guess I've outgrown some of my shyness since I've met you," I said.

I took Kayla home and she asked me in. She said her parents would be gone for the night. After our graduation they had to drive fifty miles to a nephew's graduation and would be spending the night there.

I sat on the couch and Kayla sat across from me. She offered me a beverage and went and got us both one. While she was up her house phone rang. After hanging up she told me it was her parents checking up on her to make sure she made it home safely.

"Do they know I'm here?" I asked.

"No, even though I turned nineteen they don't want to leave me alone with boys or men now," she laughed. "Rob, this is going to be very hard for me to ask but I like you a lot."

"I like you too..."

"Please let me finish. I'm a virgin going off to college and I don't want to be. Would you have sex we me? I want to lose my virginity to someone I care for and I believe you would be gentle."

To say I was lost for words would be an understatement. I stood up and took her hand and pulled her to me. We kissed lightly a few times and then got more passionate. I was a virgin too but I'd read enough books and had seen enough porn that I had no doubts what to do.

We walked in her bedroom and she told me she was very nervous and yet excited. She pulled down the blankets on her bed and put a couple of towels on the bed. "How do you want to do this?" she asked.

"I would like to undress you and have you sit on the edge of the bed. Then I'll undress and we'll see what happens." She smiled at me as I slowly unbuttoned her blouse. I kissed her as I slowly slid her blouse off her shoulders leaving her in her bra and Jeans.

I quickly slid my shirt off so she would be a little less embarrassed. She looked at my chest and even leaned forward and kissed it. "Wow! You really have slimmed down," she said.

I reached behind her and unclasped her bra and put it on a chair on top of her blouse. "You are so beautiful," I said. I leaned over and kiss both of her tits and sucked lightly on each nipple. I knew I was starting to get hard and left her breasts and undid her belt and unzipped her jeans and let them fall to the floor and she stepped out of them.

"Your turn," she said, waiting for me to drop my jeans which I did very quickly leaving us both standing in our underwear and me with a hard-on. Her tiny panties were silky pink, she looked so sexy. I dropped to my knees and slowly pulled down her panties. Her muff was trimmed neat, I guess it was for wearing a bathing suit.

I put my hands behind her on her bottom and pulled her toward me kissed her muff. It was so silky and soft. She was standing against the bed and I gave her a slight nudge and she sat down on the edge of the bed. I asked her to lay down and spread her legs. I put my mouth on her pussy and kissed it softly over and over.

She was so hot and her pussy was so wet. She put her hands on my head as I kept sucking and licking her pussy. I couldn't get enough of her, she was so beautiful and I felt I was in love with her. That wasn't suppose to happen, it was just suppose to be sex. I couldn't let her know or she might stop.

"Rob, take me now, I'm ready," she exclaimed in a very sexy voice.

She got in the middle of the bed and I slipped off my briefs, put on a condom and joined her. She spread her legs and I took my hard cock and rubbed it against her pussy lips. "Just be gentle, that's all I ask," Kayla said.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked. "There's no going back." Hell I probably couldn't stop at this point if I wanted too.

She reached over and grabbed my cock and guided the head into her pussy.

"Easy now," she said. "Yes, that's it. Push it in easy." As I was slowly pushing my cock into her she said "Ahh!" I stopped knowing I had just broken her hymen. She looked at me with a tear running down her cheek but a smile on her face. "Ok, just start out slow," she replied.

Within a few minutes we were both into it rather heavy. I told her I know that I wouldn't last long, it just felt to good. She smiled at me and then yelled out, "I'm coming, oh God I'm coming." I felt her pussy muscles tightened as she had an orgasm. As soon as her muscles relaxed I came. She was smiling at me and said she felt me coming and her pussy was still pulsating.

I lay on top for her for a few minutes, leaned over and kissed her and pulled out of her pussy. There was a box of tissues on the bed and she handed me a couple. She took a few more and put them between her legs and ran to the bathroom. One thing for sure is that she was a virgin as I pulled the condom off and wrapped it in the tissues and threw it in her waste basket.

I slipped on my briefs and she put on a nightgown after returning from the bathroom. "Thank you," she said. I will never forget this night as long as I live. I really do care for you Rob, that's why I wanted you to be the one that I remember."

"Can we do it one more time?" I asked.

"When do you think we can get together?" ask Kayla.

"Right now. I'm already getting hard just looking at you."

She looked down and saw my hard-on. I handed her a condom and asked her to put it on me. I slipped off my briefs and sat in a chair she had in her room as she opened the wrapper and took the condom out and slid it over my very hard cock. I couldn't believe she leaned down and kissed the head of my cock, looked up at me and smiled.

"Let's do it in the chair," said Kayla. She raised her nightgown and straddled me. She took hold of my cock and put it to her pussy and slowly lowered herself onto it. Once it was all the way in she rocked back and forth pelvis to pelvis.

I squeezed her tits through her nightgown and rubbed her nipples till they became hard. We kissed very passionately and she was groaning into my mouth when I felt her pussy tighten up and squeeze my cock. There was no doubt she was coming and so was I.

As the pulsating subsided she got off my lap took a tissue and took off the condom and took the condom and flushed it down the toilet. I began to dress and we talked a little more. She told me that she had kissed other guys and a few even felt her off but nobody got as far as we did.

The last thing she said to me was that she was glad that I was her first and would never regret it. I kissed her goodnight and went home both a happy and sad man. Happy for what just happened and sad because I loved her and couldn't do much about it.

I called Kayla the next day and her mother answered the phone. I asked to speak to Kayla and her mother said, "I know what you and my daughter did last night. I told her she lost our trust and is not allowed to see you as long as she lives under our roof. I hope you have the decency to leave her alone." She hung up and didn't let me say a word.

I drove past her house a few times hoping to get a glance at her and at least find out what happened but I knew better not to go buy her house too often. It was a couple of days before I was to leave for school when I saw Kayla and her mother shopping, probably for school clothes for Kayla.

I ducked so they couldn't see me. I saw Kayla walked into the dressing room with an arm full of clothes and when her mom walked away I snuck into the women's dressing room. Thank God there weren't any other women in it. Kayla door was unlocked as I snuck in.

"Rob! What are you doing here? My mom will have you arrested and kill me if she see's you in here."

"I just need to know what happened. Did you tell your mother we made love?" I used the word love because that's what it was to me.

"No, she found the condom you put in the waste basket. I forgot about it and went to bed. The next morning she came in the room and saw it. I broke down an told her it wasn't your fault, but she told me it took two to have sex and said I wasn't to see you again. I'm so sorry but I don't regret it, now get out of here."

I kissed her and left the women's dressing room watching out for her mother. I wasn't happy but at least I knew what happened. It's a bit funny but I never told her she was my first also.

I headed off to college but kept a special place for Kayla in my heart. I would never forget her.

As I mentioned earlier I was going after an engineering degree in computers. I wanted more than to just learn the ins and outs of a computer. I wanted to know everything I could find out about them. I felt computing was the biggest industry of our time.

I studied hard learning everything I could. I did find time for socializing and joined a fraternity and they partied most every weekend. I joined them maybe twice a month. I wasn't shy anymore and dated a lot of women and the sex was good but many times I found myself thinking about Kayla.

It wasn't as much dating as it was meeting them at parties and having sex afterwards. Some of them wanted to get more serious but I told them I wasn't ready for a commitment. My studies came first and it wouldn't be fair to them putting them second. Some women understood, other didn't.

I only came home during the holidays. I would always find myself driving by Kayla's but never seeing her. I asked my sister about her and she told me that Kayla made the cheerleading team at college. She didn't know much else.

I did my best to not let anyone know about Kayla and me. It was our secret other than her mother finding out. For some reason I hoped her dad didn't know.

I was known as the good looking geek on campus and on the first of April each year while at college I made it a point to remember that is was the day Kayla agreed to go to the prom with me. I would go up to a woman I didn't know at school and ask her if she would like to go out for dinner.

They would always say the same thing to me. "Is this an April Fools' Day joke?"

"No, I'm very serious, don't ask me why but it's a special day for me and I like to celebrate it. There is no obligation other than having a nice dinner."

In four years I was never turned down and the evening usually ended up with us having sex. Again I let them know that there wasn't any commitment, just a date.

During my summers I worked as an intern for a computer company. I was paid well and used the money to help pay for college and save a few dollars. I was on a scholarship but there were always other expenses.

During my third year of college I decided on a whim to fly to Kayla's college and watch a football game. Really it was to see Kayla, for some reason I felt I had to do it. I arrived on Saturday morning and my flight back was that evening. I bought a great seat on the fifty yard line from a scalper. I had binoculars to make sure I could see Kayla.

The teams came out as well as the cheerleaders. I spotted Kayla and she seemed happy. I watched her more than I did the game and at the end of the game I made my way down to the front rail. I was probably within twenty five yards of Kayla.

Their team won and everyone was jumping around. A male cheerleader grabbed Kayla and kissed her. Time froze for me as I watched from the stands. After the kiss Kayla was still jumping around and when she turned, she saw me. There is no doubt she knew it was me. I saw her lips say the word Rob. I quickly turned and disappeared into the crowd. It was a stupid idea to even come to this game. For such a smart guy, I was pretty stupid.

I got on my plane and headed back to college. I began to party harder. I drank but never got drunk but did get a lot looser. I had sex with more and more women but wasn't serious about any of them nor do I believe any were in love with me. Many would say they were but they knew I would have a good future and was hoping to be part of it.

My parents flew out for my graduation. I was the top in my class in computer engineering. I received my degree and many special awards. My parents said they couldn't be more proud of me and asked what my plans were. I told them I was going to stay at the firm I was at till at least the first of the year and then come home and see what was available.

Dad said that he received a call from Mr. Davis, Kayla's dad. He had read in the paper where I received my degree and special awards and he asked dad to tell me to come and see him. He could use a man like me.

I did mention to dad that if he spoke to him again to tell him I would be home during the Christmas holiday if he would like to interview me. My parents stayed for a couple of days and I showed them where I worked and my apartment. I made sure I cleaned it before they saw it.

They did ask me if there was any woman in my life and I told them I have a lot of friends but no one serious. We enjoyed the next few days together and I told them how much I missed them. After they left I thought about my future and had to wonder if Kayla had gotten her degree.

After college, life was more lonely. All my friends went their own way and I had no family close to where I lived. I wrote to my dad and told him I was coming home for Christmas and planned on staying. I let my employers know I would be leaving and they gave me a sterling recommendation. I asked dad to contact Mr. Davis about an interview.

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