My First Lover

by Lucky Mann

Copyright© 2015 by Lucky Mann

Coming of Age Sex Story: A naive young man learns the art of love from his first girl friend.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   .

I was a sixteen-year-old high school sophomore in the Spring of 1964. Like many boys my age, I had a major case of insecurity, especially around girls. I had heard all the guys' locker-room talk about what they had done with their girlfriends. All I had ever accomplished with a girl was to get a quick kiss in the bushes when I was about eleven-years-old. I guess I was a late bloomer.

About a month before school let out for the summer, I obtained my first driver's license. I bought an old car and enjoyed my first taste of freedom. No longer was I dependent on Dad for transportation.

The car was a 1951, two-toned green, Chevy Deluxe, with an in-line six-cylinder, and an automatic transmission. It cost me all of $50.00. It was old, but it looked decent and ran well. It only used a quart of oil a week, and the six cylinder engine got pretty good gas mileage, not that gas mileage was a major consideration in 1964. Gas was 25-30 cents a gallon.

I was the only guy in my group to have his own car. That made me rather popular among my peers. Four or five of the guys would each chip in 50 cents for gas, and we could cruise all night.

Throughout the nearly completed school year, I had been enamored with the younger sister of one of my classmates. Ann and I had chatted many times at ball games or in the school hallways. She had, and still has, a giggle in her voice when she spoke, and I just loved hearing her speak. She seemed so sweet, but since I had no car, there was no way I could take her anywhere on a date.

Shortly after getting my car, I was able to work up the courage to asked Ann out. I asked her if she'd like to go for a burger at the local A&W. I began breathing again only when she said she'd like to go out with me.

Ann had just turned fifteen-years-old, and she was a cute and petite young lady. She stood 5'5", and weighed a little over 100 pounds. Her eyes were deep brown. She wore her hair in the typical bouffant styles of the 60s. It was either piled high in a beehive or was flipped up at her shoulders. Her hair was usually held in place by a heavy coating of hair spray.

Ann, and her friends, must have kept the hair spray industry in business. Many of the guys joked about not smoking around their girlfriends' hair out of fear of an explosion. Many of the hairsprays of that time were basically lacquer, a highly flammable basis for paint.

When I went to Ann's home Friday evening to pick her up, instead of honking the horn and waiting in her driveway, I got out and knocked on the door. She invited me in to meet her parents. I was scared to death, but I stood up straight and walked in behind her.

Her mother gave me a look that could have frozen a tropical paradise. Her father, however, seemed friendly enough and offered me a beer. Hoping to make a good impression, I told him that I couldn't drink at that time. I would be driving with Ann to the A&W, and I didn't want to get into any trouble. I then told him I'd be happy to have a beer with him when I brought Ann home later, if he still wanted me to. He smiled but said nothing.

Ann's mother asked me a million questions. Her father just continued to smile at Ann and I. He winked at us as we headed for the door. He then said, "have a good time."

Ann was wearing her typical attire, a colorful blouse and snug fitting blue jeans. Her blouse seemed a bit too small. Ann's breasts were small, about the size of oranges. However, her tight blouse tended to show them off.

During the 10 mile ride to town and the A&W, Ann sat near the passenger door. We talked about many things, but mostly school stuff. As we pulled into the A&W, I told her this was my first real date, and I was nervous (scared to death was more like it).

Ann smiled and slid over to sit close to me. When I got the car parked in a stall at the A&W Drive-in, she took my right arm and draped it over her right shoulder. She then leaned over and kissed my cheek.

WOW! I had been kissed by a real girl! I'd been kissed by a girl that was not my mother, my younger sister, or a figment of my imagination in my dreams.

The carhop came and took our orders for Trojan Burgers, onion rings, and root beers. The Trojan Burger was a feature of that particular A&W. It was named for the local school's sports teams. Over the succeeding 35 years, I have never been able to find a burger that tasted quite as good, or made quite as much of a mess.

After finishing our burgers, and a second root beer, it was well after dark. Ann and I began heading back to her home. She suggested we take a different route. We followed a route that took us over the county's back roads.

About half way to her place, Ann pointed to a secluded turn-off and said. "Pull in there."

The turn-off wound about 100 yards into some woods. If she hadn't pointed it out, I would never have seen it.

I was so naive! I had no idea why she wanted to stop in such a secluded place, or how she knew it was there. Ann was about to show me why.

When I parked the car and turned the engine off. I left radio on. It was on the local station that was playing 60s rock-n-roll.

Ann turned and gave me a firm tongue-in-cheek (her tongue in my cheek) kiss. She then twisted around until she was lying cradled in my left arm. She was holding my right hand tightly to her left breast.

I moved the seat all the way back to give her as much room as possible between the steering wheel and my body. I may have been inexperienced and naive, but I was not stupid. I began kneading her breast through her clothing. I felt her nipple begin to harden.

Ann softly told me. "Unbutton my blouse."

As I opened her blouse, it fell away leaving just a bra covering her tits.

"That too!" She said. She then rolled onto her right side and hugged my neck.

I thus had access the bra's clasps. Reaching behind her, I fumbled with the clasp until I eventually got it open. With Ann's help, I removed and tossed her bra into the back seat.

Her firm young tits were a little more than a good hand full, and her nipples were very hard. I gently rubbed, squeezed, and pinched her tits and nipples.

Ann was soon moaning and rocking in my lap. After a short time, she took my hand from her chest and guided it to her crotch. As I rubbed her crotch, she began lifting her hips to meet my hand.

Becoming bolder, I unbuttoned her jeans and

lowered her zipper. Reaching inside her pants, I found and began rubbing her bush through her panties. Ann pushed my hand down further until I was rubbing her pussy's slit through her panties. Her panties were soaking wet. Pushing them aside, I continued stroking up and down her slit.

Near the top of one of my strokes, I must have hit something tender because Ann abruptly tensed. I felt what seemed like a small, hard, pebble above her love hole. When I caressed it, Ann grabbed my hand, pushed it harder into that little hard spot. She gasped. "Oh yes! Right there!"

After a short time of gently rubbing that little pebble, Ann was violently thrusting her hips up to my hand. Not knowing what else to do I just continued rubbing her little pebble.

Ann soon began to relax and, with a deep sigh, lowered her hips back to the car's seat. She then rolled onto her right side and slid back from my belly a bit. She started rubbing my dick through my pants. It didn't take her long to loosen my belt, unbutton and unzip my pants. She pulled my shorts down, and took my dick in her hand. That alone nearly got me off. Her's was the first hand to ever touch my dick other than my own, at least since I was a baby.

Ann was stroking up and down my dick with her left hand while she kissed and licked its head. I was soon about ready to cum. When I told Ann of my impending eruption, she tightened her grip and sped up her stroking.

When I erupted, she kept pumping until I was dry. She then sat up, wiped her hand on tissues from her purse, and gave me a very passionate kiss.

We reassembled our clothes and, while holding each other tightly, I slowly drove to her home.

When we got to her place, I had that beer with her father. He seemed to enjoy my company, and I enjoyed his. I came to find out he drank heavily.

Most of Ann's family resented her father's heavy drinking. Ann had explained to me why he drank so much. I soon understood his drinking. He was very ill, and he used beer for pain relief. He suffered from cancer and passed away just a few months later.

I didn't drink very often, so I nursed one beer for nearly an hour. By that time it was getting late. So, I said goodbye to Ann's father. Ann accompanied me as I headed to my car. On the way out the door, Ann's father told her to be sure to give me a nice kiss. I almost felt bad knowing what we had already done. Almost!

Ann and I made a date to see a movie at the local drive-in the following night which was a Saturday. As I opened my car door to leave, she passionately kissed me goodnight. With her body between me and any possible prying eyes from her home, Ann firmly rubbed my crotch. She smiled broadly and went inside.

About 6:30 Saturday evening, I picked Ann up at her home. Her mother had gone to work. Her father asked where we were going. I told him we'd be getting a burger and going to a movie. I didn't tell him the movie was at the drive-in theater. He told us to have a good time and waved as we pulled out of the drive.

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