by Dafafu

Copyright© 2015 by Dafafu

Erotic Sex Story: A young school girl is seduced by her father, and she enjoys sex so much that she is willing to do it with her teacher.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

Cherri was a sixteen year-old school girl. The loveliest and hottest looking young girl in school.

Since she reached puberty folks have been saying that she was a very beautiful girl. Recently they have described her as being exceptionally gorgeous and voluptuously sexy.

She had a baby face with sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks and luscious lips. Her blond hair cascaded in lovely curls down to her shoulders. Her face alone, together with its captivating smile, could arouse even an impotent man, if that were possible.

Equally gorgeous was her figure with a narrow waist and curvy hips and full shapely thighs. Extremely delicious thighs! Her most magnificent asset was her chest with fabulous forward thrusting big boobs. Big round boobs that swelled out and thrust forward excitingly. She looked absolutely young, voluptuously sexy and extremely hot. The hottest and sexiest school girl one can ever know.

Her father, Jack, was three times older than her. At forty-eight, he was still well-built, very handsome, and very virile. He loved sex.

Her mother, Julie, was 33 and still very sexy looking. An older version of her daughter. And she too loved sex. She was at an age where she wanted plenty of sexual attention. She felt she needed sex more than her husband. But that wasn't true. He was over-sexed also. She sometimes thought of sex with other men.

Cherri's parents usually watched TV after dinner. Cherri would be in her bedroom, doing her homework. After that she would go to bed while her parents would continue to watch TV.

One evening after dinner her mother went to visit Bill. Bill was her father's older brother. He was 51 years old.

Before she left she had told Cherri, "Keep your father company, my dear. He might want someone to watch TV with him."

"Alright, mom."

So, when Julie had finally left the house, Cherri was invited by her father to sit beside him to watch TV.

"Why has mom gone to visit Uncle Bill, daddy?"

"Didn't she tell you?"


"You know that Uncle Bill is a rich man with several business interests, don't you?"


Her father got up to fetch two glasses of orange juice. As usual he was in his white shorts only. But she noticed that the shorts he wore that day were smaller and tighter, giving prominence to his bulge. The rest of his body was bare and manly. She looked at the bulge and got mildly excited.

She was simply dressed, in yellow skirt and white T-shirt. But the white T-shirt was thin. Her forward thrusting breasts pushed out her T-shirt by at least six inches, big and full and lovely. The cloth bra didn't suppress the forward bulge.

"Your mom has gone to see whether she can get a part time job in the evenings."

"What for, daddy?"

"She says it's boring to stay at home all the time."


"Yes. Now that you are grown up she wants to work a bit."

."Uncle Bill might not agree to give her extra job, daddy. After all, you two have not been close."

"I know, but then he might also agree to give your mom a job."


"Well, there is something about our past which you don't know. Since you are grown up, may be I can tell you about us ... about Bill, your mom and me."

An excited Cherri yelped happily, "Yes, daddy, tell me." she giggled and sat close to her father. He gathered her against his left side with his left arm around her. His big palm and fingers rested beneath her left bosom, the thumb making soft contact against the firm swell of her bulging left breast.

Her father's right hand took her right hand and put it casually midway on his bare firm strong left thigh. It was all done very innocently, but Cherri was aware of the exciting physical contact that her father was making with her. Her body quivered with thrill. Pretending unawareness, she giggled as if she was only eager to hear what her father had to tell.

"All right, but you mustn't tell your mom what I'm going to tell you."

"No, daddy. I won't tell her," Cherri giggled. She could feel her father's left thumb press gently against her full firm swell of her left breast.

Her father said, "When your mom was about your age, she and her parents came to live near our house."

"You mean you met her when she was almost 16, like I am now?"

"Yes, and she was exceptionally beautiful ... like you are now."

"Really, daddy?"

"Yes, and she had a fabulous figure ... like yours. She was curvaceous with a narrow waist ... like yours (her father's left hand caressed her waist), her cute buttocks were round and exciting ... like yours (her father now caressed the outer side of her round firm left buttock) and she had full shapely thighs ... like yours (her father caressed her vibrant left thigh)"

The touches excited Cherri and she asked. "Am I really as beautiful as mom was when she was young?"

"Yes, dear. The most fabulous thing was her bosom ... just like..."

Giggling playfully Cherri finished the sentence for her father, "Just like mine?"

"Yes," laughed her father, and gently caressed the swell of her left breast. "Your mom had very big beautiful breasts ... like..."

"Like mine?" giggled again Cherri, as her father's hands came up and cupped the underside of both huge bulging breasts and squeezed them softly. Oh God! Her body tensed as a strange thrill coursed through her.

"See, yours too are very big, vibrantly firm and voluptuously beautiful." Her father continued to knead gently the lower swell of her big breasts. Cherri was getting aroused, but pretended to giggle as if it was all playful.

Then her father's hands returned to their original positions; the right hand took her right hand and rested both their hands on his left thigh. His left hand went around her body and the palm and fingers rested beneath her big left breast. In fact, he made sure her young breast nestled in the concave of his left thumb and first finger, so that the thumb and finger pressed gently into her firm tender breast flesh. Cherri felt her father's fingers and was getting more aroused. Did her breast love the touch? YES!

"So, you fell in love with mom?"

"Yes, but she wouldn't date me at first."


"Because she liked Bill. He was older and was already a successful business man at 31. So, she dated him for a few weeks but broke off after that."

"Why?" Cherri could feel her father's thumb and finger press softly into her swelling breast again and again.

"Because Bill dated other girls in between his dates with your mom. So, your mom didn't like that. Your mom felt Bill was fooling around with other girls. And in fact he was."

"What happened then?"

"Only then she agreed to go out with me."

"Oh, that's great. Otherwise I wouldn't have been born!"

"Yes, and I wouldn't have such a gorgeous daughter!" Her father's thumb and finger pressed her left breast several times as they laughed lightly.

"And I wouldn't have such a gorgeous father," said Cherri, laughing with him. Cherri realized that her father was making her right hand play with his bare firm left thigh.

Her father's right hand pressed her palms and fingers into his solid thigh flesh. Then he moved her hand to make her hand rub along his bare inner thigh. When they finished laughing, her right hand remained on her father's inner thigh, right close to his shorts covered loins. Embarrassed, Cherri slowly pulled her hand to the top of his thigh. But her father slowly pushed her hand back to his inner thigh. This time her fingers were touching his bulge. Cherri was worried even though her excitement increased.

"Tell me more about you and mom, daddy." Her father's left handle continued to squeeze gently her left breast, her nipple hardening with excitement.

"At first your mom wouldn't let me touch her."


"Because she didn't trust that I really loved her. She had engaged in heavy petting with Bill."

"What is that, daddy? What is heavy petting?"

"Well, you will come to know soon. Let me tell you about your mom and uncle Bill. He had betrayed her by fooling around with other girls, by having sex with them."

"What about you?"

"She wouldn't let me touch her at first. But I desired her so much that I stopped dating other girls. This finally convinced her that I really wanted her alone."

"So, what happened?"

"After four weeks she let me kiss, hug and touch her."

"Where did you touch her?" Immediately she realized that it was not a good question.

"Here," her father indicated by touching her bare tender thigh. Cherry giggled.

"Also here," her father's palms gently cupped her huge breasts and gently kept squeezing. Cherry pretended to take it lightly by more giggling.

"And especially here, " her father's right hand slipped under her skirt and seemed to approach her private part.

Cherri panicked. That was going too far. She got up. "No, daddy, we mustn't do this," she chided her father playfully, smiling at him nevertheless, and ran to her room giggling.

Her father didn't pursue her. She changed into her pyjamas. Her panty was wet, soaked by her pussy juice. She tried to sleep but kept thinking of what her father had done. Was she angry? No, she told herself. After all he didn't inflict any pain. He only touched her here and there. And, if she was honest about it, she had liked it. So, how could she be angry with her father?

She rubbed herself for a while and eventually slept.

The next day she learnt that Uncle Bill had offered a job to her mother. It wasn't much of a job because Julie didn't have much of an education. She was to accompany Uncle Bill to supervise the activities at one of his dance casinos.

Cherri's father objected to her accepting the job offer as it would mean working close with Uncle Bill. Cherri thought that her father was jealous. "NO!" her father had said firmly.

Next two nights Cherri thought about what had happened with her father. To Cherri, her father was the most handsome and the most attractive male she had known. She wished she had a boy friend as attractive as her father to hug and kiss. In fact, she often wished that she could hug and kiss with her father. But she knew that it was taboo. Now that her father liked to hold her and even touch her here and there excited her.

She admitted to herself that she had liked her father's touches! So, she didn't blame her father. In fact she wished that she and her father could resume their closeness. The only way that would be possible would be for her mother to take up Uncle Bill's offer of a job. That would enable her to be alone with her father. But could that happen?

As luck would have it, her mother came into her room one evening. "Are you asleep, dear?"

"No, mom."

"Can mom speak to you for a while?"

"Of course you can, mom."

"I need your help darling."

"How can I help, mom?"

"You know your father objects to my working with Uncle Bill."

"Yes, I know."

"Can you speak to your dad? Try to persuade him to let me go to work with Bill?"

"But will daddy listen to me, mom?"

"I think he will. He has always said that you are a bright girl."

"Alright mom. I'll give it a try."

"Thank you, dear." Her mother hugged and kissed her. Then she went out.

Cherri went to her father's study and spoke to him. "Why hasn't mom started her work daddy?"

"No dear. I don't think it's a good idea. I don't like her to be close with Bill."

"Oh daddy! Don't be jealous! She has been a good wife to you and a good mother to me. It's only fair that we trust her and allow her some freedom to do what she likes."

"But if she goes out working in the evenings, I will be alone."

"Oh daddy. I'm here. I'll keep you company."

"No, you won't. Remember how you ran up to your room that day because you were angry with me?"

"Oh no daddy. I wasn't angry with you."

"May be not. But then you wouldn't want to sit with daddy anymore, would you?"

"Well, if you really like me to, then I will daddy."

"Really?" Her father looked happy.

"Yes, daddy. But we can't sit together with mom around the house."

"Well, in that case let's encourage her to take up the evening job with Bill."

"Mom will be happy, daddy." Cherri smiled to herself. She knew that she too would be happy.

Just then they heard Julie come into the study to ask what they were doing.

"Just chatting with daddy, mom. There's good news, mom. Dad has agreed to let you work."

Her father added, "Cherri has persuaded me to allow you to work."

Her mother exclaimed, "Oh! How sweet of you, Cherri!" She gave Cherri a kiss and whispered into her ear, "Thank you, dear."

Then, Julie sat on her husband's lap and hugged him, saying, "Thank you, darling!" As they started to kiss and her hand caressed his crotch, Cherri ran up happily to her room.

The next day, after dinner, Julie dressed up smartly and left to work at Uncle Bill's place. Cherri and her father saw her off.

"Better go and do your homework, dear," said Jack.

"I've finished all the homework, daddy." Cherri lied.

Actually she hadn't finished some of the maths problems, and she knew that if she didn't finish her homework she could be in trouble with the maths teacher at school the next day. But she wanted to sit with her father; hence she lied.

"I see." Her father didn't say anything else.

Cherri didn't move. She stood there looking at the TV.

"Would you like to watch TV with me?"

"Yes daddy." She smiled.

"Come then, sit with me."

Like that day Cherri was simply dressed, in short skirt and white T-shirt. But the T-shirt she was wearing that day was much thinner. Luckily her bras concealed her breasts. Still her big forward thrusting breasts pushed out her T-shirt by at least six inches. Cherri sat next to her father on his left side. She expected her father to put his left arm around her but he didn't.

"Are you angry with me, daddy?"

"Of course not. Why should I be angry with you, darling?" He turned and smiled lovingly at her.

"Because I ran up to my room that day?"

"Oh no. I shouldn't put my arms around you if you don't like it, dear."

"I didn't say that I didn't like it, daddy."

"Then why did you go away, dear?"

"Because I felt embarrassed, daddy."

"Oh, I see."

They continued to watch the TV. Her father still didn't put his arm around her.

"Are you sure you are not angry with me, daddy?"

"Of course, I'm sure. I love you, darling. How can I ever be angry with you?"

"Then why don't you put your arm around me, daddy?"

"But you said you feel embarrassed."

"Oh, daddy. That was that day."

"Does that mean I can put my arm around you today?" he looked at her smiling hopefully.

Cherri didn't answer the question. She merely looked at him, smiled and nodded.

"But I suppose you would run up to your room if I touched you here and there lovingly?"

"No I dad. I won't. Not today." She knew she was inviting her father to touch her.

"Are you sure?"

Cherri nodded.

"Does that mean, I can hold you tight and caress you the way I like because I love you?"

Shyly she nodded.


Cherri nodded again.

Smiling happily her father sat close to her, put his left arm around her shoulders saying, "Thank you, darling."

Cherri shivered as mild excitement coursed through her young body.

"Why darling? Am I embarrassing you?"

She smiled at him. "No daddy. I'm sorry."

"Remember, I was telling you about your mom? Do you like to hear more?"

Shyly Cherri nodded, anticipating her father to touch her body here and there.

"You know, you're so much like your mom was when she was young?"

"Yes daddy. You've told me that."

"You know, I'd like to recapture those wonderful days."

"How daddy?"

"I wish you could be as good to me as your mom was to me."

"Oh, daddy. Of course I'll be good to you. I love you, daddy."


Shyly Cherri nodded.

Her father pulled her close against the side of his body and kissed her on the right cheek. "You are a wonderful daughter!"

"You are wonderful father, daddy!"

"Can you do something to please daddy?"

"What do you want me to do, daddy?" She thought he would want her to kiss him or touch him intimately. But he asked for something else.

"You know, when your mom was young she used to wear nice clothes for me. I still have a bagful of those clothes. Do you think you can wear them for me as your mom used to do?"

What could be wrong in dressing nicely? "Of course, I'll be happy to do that, daddy."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes daddy."


"Yes daddy I promise."

"I mean do you promise to wear what mom used to wear for me?"

"Yes, daddy, I promise. If they were good for mom, I'm sure they would be good for me."

Her father hugged her once more and kissed her right cheek. Cherri felt very nice.

"You know, after she got to know me your mom never wore any bra when I dated her."


"Yes, dear. Do you think you can do that for me?"

"What do you mean, daddy?"

"Today, you don't have to wear any of mom's clothes. But can you remove the bra you are wearing? Wear only the T-shirt?"

"Daddy!?" Cherri looked at her father exclaiming surprise.

"Well, you don't have to if you don't like me."

Cherri sat quietly next to her father, thinking. Only a moment ago she had promised to wear the way her mother had dressed for him.


"Yes, dear."

"Are you ... do you really want me to remove my bras?"

"Only if you want to keep your promise and if you like me. Not otherwise."

"Oh daddy! I do like you and ... I ... I want to ... keep my promise, daddy."

"You mean you agree to remove your bras?" Her father looked eagerly at her.

Shyly Cherri nodded.

"Thank you, darling. Thank you very much." He planted several kisses on her right cheek.

"May I do it in my room?"

"Yes, of course. Let me come to your room with you." How could she tell him no?

Her father walked on her left holding her left hand. She couldn't help looking at his shorts, especially the bulge in his crotch area. She also noticed that her father was looking at her bosom, as her massive breasts jiggled gently as they climbed up the staircase.

In the room Jack sat on the edge of the bed while Cherri went behind him on the other side of the bed. "Don't look daddy."

"Okay darling."

Cherri removed her T-shirt, then her bra, and wore back her T-shirt. The thin semi-transparent white fabric clung to her upper body, clearly moulding itself around her big round bulging breasts, revealing her full boobs, pink aureoles and the rosy bud-like nipples.

Cherri felt shy to show her bosom like that to her father. But what could she do? She had agreed to remove her bra. Covering her breasts with her hands she said, "I'm ready, daddy."

"Come here, darling. Come and stand in front of me."

Shyly and slowly she came and stood in front of her father, with her palms cupping her big breasts. Her eyes dropped and saw the big bulge of her father's crotch.

"Don't hide yourself, darling. The reason I asked you to remove your bra was to see you. Please, darling."

Not daring to look at her father, but smiling gently, she removed her hands and dropped them. Her eyes now and again got attracted to her father's bulge.

Her father's hand came up to cup her revealing boobs but he stopped inches away when she withdrew involuntarily a bit.

"I'm sorry, Cherri."

Instead he took both her hands in his two hands and looked appreciatively at her big bulging breasts much revealed by her thin T-shirt. "Beautiful, darling. They are absolutely lovely."

Her father raised her arms up sideways several times while he kept smiling at her and looking intently at her bosom. Her big boobs jiggled gently and showed through her thin T-shirt, the pink aureoles and cute nipples semi-visible. "Your bosom is so much lovelier than your mother's when she was your age. You are gorgeous, darling."

"Thank you, daddy."

Cherri expected her father to touch her more intimately but he didn't. He kept looking at her body and breasts and smiling at her and praising her gorgeousness. She kept smiling at him. Her breasts were firming and nipples hardening!

After several minutes of moving her hands this way and that way to cause her marvellous breasts to jiggle, her father said, "Thank you, Cherri, for removing your bra. I love to see you like this, like the way your mom used to let me."

Cherri just smiled.

"Do you think you can wear like this for me every time we get to see each other?"

"What about mom?"

"I mean when we are alone ... when your mom is not around?"

"Alright daddy. I won't wear bras when we are together."

"Thank you, my darling."

"From tomorrow can you wear what your mom used to wear for me when she was young?"

"Yes, I will, daddy."

Cherri was surprised when her father said, "Go to bed, dear. You have school tomorrow". Then he went out after saying goodnight.

They both went to their bedrooms and changed into pyjamas. Cherri removed her panty also. Without bra and panty she felt nice. She knew she was aroused.

Jack changed into a thin pyjama bottom but didn't wear any brief underneath.

Both couldn't sleep. They lay restless, aroused by what had happened earlier, Jack by the sight of his daughter's big boobs and Cherri by the sight of her father's bulge and by the way he had admired her boobs and by the he had touched her.

After a while Cherri heard her father go downstairs. Probably he was going down for a drink. She also felt thirsty. So she wanted to go and join her father.

And she remembered what her father had told her about the way she should be dressed. Although she wasn't wearing any bra under her pyjama top, she wanted to wear the T-shirt because he had liked it earlier. So, she took off the pyjama top and put on the thin revealing T-shirt. As before her breasts were semi-visible and they pushed out the T-shirt amazingly. She came out of the room and went downstairs to join her father.

"Hello, daddy. Are you having a drink? May I join you?"

"Yes, yes, please come." Her father sounded and looked happy.

When Cherii got near she was surprised to see her father wearing his pyjama bottom only. The pyjama bottom itself didn't surprise her. But what surprised her was that it hung very low on his hips, and he wasn't wearing any underwear underneath. She could see the outline of his manhood as it pressed against the pyjama.

"Why darling? Can't you sleep?"

"Not sleepy daddy."

"I too couldn't sleep. Why, Cherri?"

Cherri didn't answer

Her father poured a glass of milk for her and a glass of wine for himself and they went and sat down in front of the TV. He switched on the TV.

"Thank you, darling, for wearing the T-shirt without your bra. I like you like that."

Cherri just smiled.

"Why darling? Why can't you sleep?"

Shyly she smiled and looked down. How could she tell her father that she was very aroused sexually?

"Is it because of the same reason that I couldn't sleep?"

"What's that, daddy?" she asked softly.

"You see, after seeing your lovely body I have become excited. Are you also excited?"

Shyly Cherri smiled gently. Inwardly she wanted her father to know that she was excited sexually.

"Can we help each other?"

She looked at him inquisitively, as if to ask, "What do you mean?"

"You see, we are both excited, and we can help each other."

"How daddy?"

"First tell me whether you would like me to help you, and whether you can help me?"

Slowly she nodded. Surely she couldn't say no, she thought.

"Well, in that case, just do what I do."

Her father put his left arm around her and pulled her close against the left side of his body. His left hand, the fingers and palm rested supportively under her big left breast. Cherri tensed a little and her eyes rested on her father's crotch area where his manhood was lifting up the pyjama.

"I love you, Cherri. You have a gorgeous body."

Cherri merely smiled. Her father's left cheek came against her right cheek, his mouth slowly seeking hers. She just waited. His right hand rested on her right thigh and slowly caressed her firm full thigh moving to her inner thigh. It was then that Cherri realized that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

Her father's right hand kept caressing more and more of her right inner thigh, his mouth slowly reaching hers, his tongue starting to lick her lips. At the same time his left hand cupped her full left breast and caressed it lovingly. Cherri was getting more aroused. She loved this thrill.

"May I kiss you, darling?"

Cherri didn't answer him.

Taking yes for an answer his mouth descended on her mouth and he kissed her slowly, licking and sucking her tender young lips lovingly. Cherri seemed to welcome the kiss. As the kiss got more arousing, Cherri felt her father's right hand caress her excited loins through the pyjama. She knew that she couldn't protest; she had agreed to allow him to caress her the way he liked, didn't she?


"Why darling? Am I hurting you?"

She shook her head. She shook her head several times to mean no.

Her father resumed kissing her. She got more aroused and unable to control herself, she kissed back. Her father's left hand caressed and fondled one breast and then the other, rolling her hardening nipples with his thumb and fingers. His right hand lovingly fondled her loins. Not resisting she opened out her thighs to give him better access. She could feel his fingers moving excitingly against her moist vagina lips. Her body shivered with thrill.

"Cherri, is daddy helping you enough?"

"It's getting worse, daddy."

"What is getting worse, darling?"

Cherri didn't reply.

"Am I making you more excited?"

Cherri nodded. She nodded again.

"Oh, that's good. That means I'm helping you, darling. I want to stimulate you sexually until you are fully satisfied. That's what I mean by helping you."

Cherri wanted that but she didn't say anything. She joined her father in kissing, and allowed him to fondle her breasts and loins.

Oh God! What thrill!

Her panty-less loins and braless breasts were fondled and fondled and fondled, arousing her very intensely.

After a while, her father asked, "Can you also help me, Cherri?"

"How daddy?"

"Here, let me show you."

Her father took her right hand and placed it on his hard erect cock that was lifting up the pyjama.

"Wrap your fingers around it, Cherri."

She pretended that she was reluctant to do so. He helped her fingers to grab the thick cockstem through his pyjama ... Her fingers couldn't go around it completely because it was so thick. Still, she followed her father's help and wrapped her soft young fingers around the hard thick cockstem as best as she could, feeling its pulsing throb. What a mighty cock! Thick and long and so alive!

"Good. Thank you, darling."

Cherii almost said, "You are welcome, daddy." But she realized it would be embarrassing to say that. So, she kept quiet.

Her father urged, "Stroke my co ... stroke it, darling."

Cherri knew what he wanted, but she didn't do anything. She again pretended that she was reluctant.

Her father's right hand guided her right hand to stroke his cock. Cherri could feel the skin slide up and down the hard fat cockstem. She could also feel it throbbing against her fingers.

"Good! That's good, darling. Now cup the head with your left hand." Her father guided her left hand palm and fingers to cup the bulbous cockhead.

"Caress the head, darling. Squeeze it again and again."

When she didn't do as he wanted, her father again guided her left hand to show her what he wanted, making her palm and fingers to caress and squeeze the cockhead again and again.

"Keep doing it, darling. You are making daddy very happy."

Cherii continued to stroke the cock and squeeze the cockhead simultaneously, unaided by her father. He returned to mouth kissing her, fondling her breasts and caressing her cunt lips. Cherri twisted and moaned softly with increasing sexual arousal. "Hmmm ... hmmm ... hmmm..."

"Thank you, darling. Thank you," her father moaned into her mouth as he kissed her.

Cherri's sexual stimulation intensified. After a while, during which time she moaned and squirmed as her sexual arousal coursed through her young body, her father's right hand slipped inside her pyjama bottom and the fingers sought her naked moist stimulated pussy. Cherri realized that her thighs opened out wider to give her father greater access. She just couldn't control herself. She wanted his fingers but was embarrassed at the same time.

Cherri stiffened for a moment, but her father was gentle. His fingers gently caressed her moist young pussy lips for a while before touching tenderly her swelling throbbing clitoris. The arousal was delicious, thought Cherri.

Slowly his thick long middle finger slipped inside her wet vagina, sending electric-like sensations of thrill through her young body. She loved it.

"Daddy ... daddy ... hmmm..." Cherri groaned into her father's kissing mouth.

Slowly her father's fingers explored the warm wet inside walls of her young vagina for a while, the thumb rubbing her swollen excited clitoris.

Cherri moaned, "Ahh, ahh, ahhh, ahh, ahh ... ooo ... ooo ... ahhh ... daddyyyy ... daddyyyy..."

"Like it, Cherri?" She didn't answer him, but she continued to moan with delight.

YES, I liked it, daddy! Don't stop, daddy! She felt shy to say that.

After a while her father's fat middle finger started to move inwards and outwards in her aroused juicy cunt, fucking her wildly aroused cunt.

Her bottom lifted up with wild excitement. "Dad! Dad! OHHH ... DADDY..." Cherri loved the way her father's finger excited her. The way his fingers fucked her!

She kissed him harder and started to squeeze his cockhead more firmly and stroke his cockstem more vigorously. Suddenly she found her father's cock had slipped out of the fly opening. She changed her hand and used her right hand now to stroke and squeeze his naked cock, in rhythm with the movement of her father's finger in her pussy

God! How big and alive her father's cock seemed as it jerked and throbbed!

Her father also started to moan with her and the two shuddered with unusual thrill. They hugged each other, their mouths were now kissing and sucking their necks and throat flesh.

"Yes, Cherri ... yes darling ... pump me ... stroke daddy ... yes ... yes ... that's good ... I love this darling."

"Daddy ... oh! Oh! Oh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Daddy! Daddy! Ooo ... ooo ... ahhh ... ahhh..."

After several minutes of moaning and shuddering with delight, father and daughter exploded, climaxing violently, gushing forth their cum, moaning and panting for breath. Their cum flowed profusely, her father's cock shot non-stop, soiling her hand and the floor carpet as if a glassful of cum was being shot out. Fiercely he shot out his cum, spiraling into the air.

Cherri also cummed profusely. Her cum also soiled her father's hand and seeped through her pyjama and dripped on to the carpet.

When their climaxes eventually abated and their rocking bodies slowed down, her father asked, "Have I helped you enough, darling? Has daddy given you enough pleasure?"

Of course you have, daddy. You have given me marvelous thrill! Cherri didn't and couldn't say that, of course. She was shy. She merely smiled and took away her hands from her father's still erect cock.

"Thank you for helping me, Cherri. Your hands were so good! You have given daddy fantastic pleasure." Cherri didn't say anything. She merely smiled.

Was that what her father had meant by heavy petting, she wondered?

"Please go to your room and clean up, Cherri. I'll clean up here before your mom sees all our cum on the floor."

Her father added, "Before you go, let me tell you that what we have done so far is petting only, not heavy petting."

Cherri looked puzzled. She had thought it was heavy petting.

Her father seemed to have read her mind. "No dear, heavy petting is yet to come. I'll tell you when we do it."

"Oh daddy!" If this was only petting, she wondered how wonderful heavy petting would be!

Cherri ran up to her room. Jack cleaned up the carpet, but he didn't notice two big globs of his sperm shot some distance from where he cleaned up. His wife Julie would notice them when she returned home later. She would think she knew what had happened. She would smile to herself and would want to ask her husband about it when she would go to the bedroom.

Jack then went to his room to clean himself. Then he wore a thin pyjama bottom, without underwear, and went to Cherri's room.

Meanwhile Cherri had cleaned herself, put on a pair of pyjamas without under garments, switched off the light and went to sleep. But sleep wouldn't come. Her body was still in a state of sexual arousal. She lay tossing about, wishing she had played longer with her father.

Half an hour later Cherri heard her father come into the room and switch on the light. Jack was instantly aroused by the voluptuous body of his daughter as she lay supine on the bed.

"Cherri, darling, can daddy come in?"


"Are you sleeping?"

"No, daddy."

"Why darling? Are you still aroused?"

Yes, but how could she say so? She just kept quiet.

"I know you must still be aroused. Daddy has come to help you some more."

"I want to sleep, daddy." She knew she had lied.

"But you can't sleep, darling. You know that. You need more stimulation and more satisfaction."

"Oh, daddy!" How embarrassing to hear that!

"Let me help you, Cherri. Let me sexually stimulate you some more."

"No, daddy." Again she had lied.

"Yes, you need it, darling."

Cherri needed some sex but she didn't say anything. Her father pulled her legs so that she lay face downwards across the bed, with her legs dangling over the side of the bed. He pulled her pyjama bottom down her legs and removed it. Cherri's gorgeous full shapely smooth thighs and cute round buttocks quivered and shook delightfully.

"Daddy, what are you doing?"

"Removing your pyjama bottom, dear."

"Why daddy?"

"Because I want to kiss you, darling."

Cherri knew what her father had in mind.

Her father caressed her full young thighs. "Gorgeous thighs, Cherri. Hot young thighs, dear."

"Thank you, daddy." Cherri was getting more aroused by her father's caressing.

"Please turn over, darling. Lie on your back."

Slowly, she turned her body over to lie on her back. Her father smiled at her and gently opened out her thighs to stand between them. Cherri saw how manly and bare his upper torso was. The pyjama bottom was being lifted up by his aroused manhood.

She saw her father admiring her young body. She was naked below and only her pyjama top covered her big upward thrusting breasts, the lower ends having crept up to the lower edges of her breasts. Her father saw a voluptuous young vibrant shapely body. His cock jerked with excitement, and Cherri saw that and was inwardly thrilled.

"May I kiss you, darling?"

Shyly Cherri nodded. Her father pulled her by the legs until her buttocks were at the edge of the bed, stood between her shapely thighs and bent over her to kiss her on the mouth. His hard aroused cock, covered by his pyjama, pressed against her young loins, arousing her some more.

Her father's mouth sought hers, his lips licking and tasting her lips. Cherri didn't resist. Aroused, she responded by kissing back. Encouraged, her father lay his bare upper body on hers and his hands sought her big breasts, cupping them over the pyjama top and gently caressing them as they kissed.

Cherri started to moan as her father's sucking kiss, his bare body on hers, his fondling of her breasts and the way he gently rubbed his cock against her loins sexually stimulated her more and more.

"Hmmm ... hmmm ... hmmm..." Her body gently rocked and shivered, accompanying her moans.

Her father broke the kiss for a moment to say, "Cherri, you are good. Good for daddy. You excite me. You are a wonderful sexy daughter."

"Thank you, daddy."

"Is daddy good for you, darling? Do you like daddy? Is daddy stimulating you enough?"

"Hmmm ... hmmm ... hmmm ... hmmm ... yes, daddy, yessss."

They resumed their eager kissing. Her hands wrapped themselves around her father's bare upper torso, caressing his firm back. She felt her father unbuttoning her pyjama top, opening it out and caressing her bare breasts. Oh God! I'm practically naked!

Her father's mouth left hers and descended to her big bare breasts, and started sucking her turgid nipples, first one and then the other. Gently but excitingly he sucked slowly, his palms and fingers caressing her full firm boobs.

"Hmmm ... hmmm ... hmmm ... daddyyyy ... daddyyyy,,, daddddd..."

For several minutes her father sucked her breasts, eliciting pleasurable moans.

Then his hot mouth descended wetly down her young torso to her loins. Wrapping his arms around her full vibrant thighs, her father's mouth licked her pussy lips.


"Relax, honey. Let daddy stimulate your vagina"

"Daddy, is it okay to do this?" She pretended.

"Yes, darling. This is what your hot young body needs ... daddy's mouth and tongue in your hot young pussy."

Cherri's thighs quivered and her hips swiveled as her father's tongue began to delve inside her young warm pussy. He licked and licked the warm wet tender inside of her young hot cunt.

"Ohhhh ... oooo ... oooo ... god ... oooo ... daddyyyy ... daddyyyy..."

Cherri couldn't help but lift up her hips to welcome her father's tongue deeper inside her moist aroused vagina.

She yelped, "DAD! DAD! DAD! OH DAD!", when her father's mouth caught her young swollen clitoris and sucked it lovingly. Her thighs shook with thrill and her body squirmed with pleasure.

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