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by WelshWriter

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Fiction Sex Story: Hazel's first time with a woman.

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It was Saturday night and Hazel had taken a nice relaxing shower, slipped into her dressing gown and was settling down to watch TV. After flicking through the channels and finding nothing worth watching, she turned on her computer to check her e-mails. Normally, she'd have automatically deleted the junk page but tonight something caught her eye. It was a message about an adult dating site and out of curiosity, she opened it. It was full of profiles of people around her own age, Hazel was in her early sixties, and a lot of them had pictures attached. Interested to see the sort of people that used the site, she clicked on a few. Most of them just ordinary head and shoulders shots, but some were more explicit, much more explicit. Pictures of men flaunting their cocks and women with their legs wide open, leaving nothing to the imagination.

She was so engrossed in the pictures on the screen that she didn't hear her next door neighbour, Jacquie, until she walked into the room. "Oh sorry Hazel," Jacquie said, "I did knock but you couldn't have heard me. What are you looking at?" Hazel blushed and made to close the page, but instead just sent it to the bottom bar of the screen. Jacquie came and stood behind her and obviously noticed the name of the site Hazel had been looking at. "Oh yeah," she laughed, "Nude Web? Getting desperate are we?" She reached over Hazel's shoulder and clicked on the site name at the bottom of the screen and the page Hazel had been looking at popped back up. Hazel couldn't remember what the picture was but she almost died when it came back. If it had been a picture of some guy flashing his cock, it wouldn't have been so bad, but it wasn't. It was a picture of a middle aged woman sitting in an office chair, her legs draped over the arms of it and her fingers buried deep in her pussy.

"Mmmm," Jacquie said, "I didn't know you were into the ladies Hazel." There was a tone in her voice that Hazel hadn't heard before. A sort of sultry, seductive tone. There were rumours flying around that Jacquie was heavily bi-sexual, but they'd been friends for so many years and Jacquie had never tried anything with her that Hazel just put it down to viscous gossip. Checking a couple more of the profiles, Jacquie quickly flicked over the ones of the men concentrating more on the female profiles and a couple of times Hazel heard her groan at the more blatant ones. As Jacquie leant over her, Hazel could feel her tits brushing against her back of her neck. She could feel that she wasn't wearing a bra, and could feel how hard her nipples were and realised Jacquie was getting turned on.

For a reason that Hazel couldn't understand at the time, she felt the crotch of her panties suddenly moisten and the aroma of a woman aroused, drifted up from between her legs. Jacquie must have noticed it too because suddenly she tilted Hazel's head and kissed her on the lips, sliding her tongue into her mouth. For a moment, Hazel froze, this was the first time she'd been kissed this way by a woman and her mind was in turmoil. Half of it was telling no, this was wrong, while the other half was hoping that Jacquie wouldn't stop at just kissing her. The decision was taken out of her hands though, as one of Jacquie's hands slid into the top of Hazel's dressing gown and started to stroke her rapidly hardening nipple. Hazel groaned and suddenly the crotch of her panties wasn't just moist, it was soaked as her pussy creamed uncontrollably and the aroma of her sex got even stronger.

Hazel did nothing to stop her as Jacquie spun the chair round to face her and reached down and pulled the dressing gown, open and eased it down over her shoulders. Now it was Jacquie's turn to groan as she feasted her eyes on Hazel's mature, 36B breasts, each one now tipped with a fully erect nipple. She smiled and ran her tongue over her lips, as the robe slipped of Hazel's knees and the source of the aroma was exposed.

Still smiling at her, Jacquie took Hazel's hand and gently pulled her to her feet, leaving the robe laying on the chair, and led her over to the couch and eased her back onto it. She stood for a moment looking down at Hazel's almost naked body, the only thing protecting her modesty, her white, lacy panties, the crotch of which clearly showed the height of her arousal. Jacquie's eyes never left Hazel's as she sat down beside, putting her arm around her shoulder and pulling her close. Hazel groaned softly as Jacquie's lips met hers and again, her tongue slid into her mouth.

As Jacquie kissed her, Hazel felt her friends hand slide down over down her body until it rested on her lace covered mound. Hazel's stomach muscles clenched and she groaned loudly. Jacquie broke the kiss and smiled at her. "You like that, don't you Hazel?" she whispered. Hazel didn't reply, she couldn't, her vocal chords seemed paralysed. Her only response was to move her own hand down and cover Jacquie's with it, opening her legs wider as she did. Hazel's pre-orgasmic juices were now flowing freely and their aroma filled the room as the crotch of her panties got even wetter. She felt Jacquie's hand move under hers and slide down over the soaking lace, and gasped when it passed over her hidden clit. Their hands moved in unison as Jacquie stroked her fingers up and down over Hazel's pussy lips then pulled it from under Hazel's and moved it back up over her body and Hazel watched as she slipped the finger between her lips.

Hazel's own hand was still between her legs as Jacquie sucked the faint traces of her pussy juices off her fingers. Without even realising what she was doing, Hazel found herself sliding a finger under the edge of her panties and she gasped as it touch her outer lips. Jacquie looked down at her friend's hand and smiled. "Here," she said, softly, "let me do that. But first, let's get rid of these," and slid her hand under Hazel and gripped the top of her panties. Hazel raised her hips and allowed Jacquie to remove the last barrier then lay back and surrendered herself to her friend.

A moan escaped out Hazel's lips as Jacquie slipped off the couch and knelt infront of her. Looking up her, she smiled. "What do you want me to do Hazel?" she asked softly. Hazel groaned again. "I think you know what I want Jacquie," Hazel whispered, the need obvious in her voice. "Yes Hazel I know what you want, but I want to hear you say it. I want you to tell me what you want?" Jacquie was teasing her now and Hazel gave a sigh of frustration. "I want you to touch my pussy. Play with it. Play with it and make me come," she almost sobbed. Hazel couldn't believe it was her saying the words, but she knew it was and knew she meant every one of them.

Jacquie smiled up at her again. "This your first time with a woman, isn't it Hazel?" she asked. Hazel nodded. "Yes," she groaned, "yes it is." "Well," Jacquie whispered, "they say you always remember your first time and I'll make this as memorable as I can for you." With that, she leant forward and planted a kiss on Hazel's mound. Hazel gasped, as at the same time, she slid her hand between Hazel's trembling legs. Hazel's body stiffened as Jacquie slid a finger into the top of her slit and gasped loudly when the tip of it stroked over her clit.

Whether it was because this was her first time with a woman or because she was still turned on from looking at the big hard cocks on the site she didn't know, but every nerve ending in her body seemed to be on fire and when Jacquie moved her fingers lower and slid them into her wetness, Hazel's hips shot up off the couch and an orgasm shook her to the core. "Oh my," Jacquie laughed, "we are hot aren't we?" Hazel was hot, she hadn't felt this hot in months and her first female induced orgasm was a welcome relief. Jacquie pulled her hand out from between Hazel's legs again and once again, sucked the juices off her finger, then stood up and began to undress.

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