Night Watch

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: A select group of the Watch hunts the night to enforce the king's law. My squad were misfits but very good at what we do. I had two halfbreed mages, two dwarves and two men taken from the normal Watch. We raid everything from drug houses to gambling dens.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I watched from the shadows as men, elves and dwarves came and went. I looked back as another shadow slipped up beside me, "it looks like they are still in business."

The halfbreed mage grunted, "the others are ready."

I nodded as I let a long thin silver chain unwind from my wrist and hang from my left hand. I started out of the alley and walked down the dimly lit street and towards the building we had been watching. I pulled a sword breaker as I reached the door and swung the chain to slap the door before I kicked out.

There were sparks and a shriek when the spell breaker hit and then the door splintered and crashed open. Besides Dent the halfbreed, two other men followed as I walked into the building. I caught a lunging dagger with the sword breaker and twisted to yank it away. I lashed out and slugged the foul smelling man and he crashed into a table and fell.

I started across the room as I heard another crash from a back room and knew the other two Night Watch had entered. I lashed out and to the left as I went past an elf and used the sword breaker to push a long knife away. I stabbed a knife welding human in the chest as the elf jerked and screamed.

I yanked the sword breaker out as I whirled my left hand to wind the spell breaker chain around my wrist. I reached the stairs and started up as I pulled a dagger with my left hand. Before I reached the landing a dwarf rushed out with a very large axe and I brought the dagger up and threw. The dwarf fell with the dagger in his throat and I reached the landing.

Two large men came out of the office as I pulled a long knife with my left hand and caught a short sword with the sword breaker. I twisted and the man struggled as the sword was pulled out of his hand. I slid a long sword to the side from the other man and followed it in and stabbed him in the groin.

I caught his shirt and yanked him to the right and into the other man as he started to stab me with a dagger. He twisted to avoid the man but I had followed and slashed out with the long knife and cut his throat. I shoved him back and into the office door and he jerked as spikes snapped out and into him.

I kicked out and the door broke and swung open and I followed it in. A halfbreed elf looked up from the large bag he was pouring silver into from a chest. I brought the sword breaker back and threw as I kept moving towards him. He was reaching for a sword when the sword breaker slammed into his throat and I reached him a moment later.

I yanked the sword breaker out as I shoved the long knife through his ribs and into his heart. I pulled it out and let him fall and looked around. I went to the desk and looked at the ledger before taking it and tucking it behind my belt. I poured all the silver back into the chest and checked the office one last time.

I used a belt from one of the dead men and pulled the chest after me and to the landing. Only my men were standing as I retrieved my dagger and started down. Trevor and Growler pushed three girls out the basement door as I reached the bottom of the stairs. I looked at the girls and then at Trevor, "did you find and destroy the drugs?"

He nodded and gestured, "halfbreed slave whores."

I looked at Growler and gestured to the chest, "would you mind?"

He was a dwarf and chuckled, "no."

I looked at the frightened girls and then at the others. Dent grinned, "we have mates or girls and it is your turn."

I gestured, "bring them."

The few people that had come out to see what was going on vanished when we came out. I glanced back at the two men, "Dorran watch for followers. Harris take the lead and keep your eyes open."

We moved through the quiet streets and into a better neighborhood. The large walled estate we turned in at had an old man at the gate. He grinned as he held it open and we walked towards the manor. Inside the entrance was a large comfortable hall with lots of comfortable chairs. A grey haired man turned and grinned as we came closer.

He ignored the girls as we sat and then started telling him everything. He listened and glanced at Trevor and Dent, "any sign of where the drugs came from?"

They both shook their heads and he sighed, "so we only removed the den and another will appear in a month or week."

He shook his head and finally gestured, "start looking for the gaming den. The duke is getting a lot of complaints about the collectors."

We stood and I looked at the girls before I gestured, "come with me."

I led them out and towards one of the back corners of the estate. Around the inside of the walls were small cottages and mine was in a corner. Once through the door I stopped and touched a mage lantern. I looked at the girls and closed the door before I gestured and led them into the kitchen, "are you hungry?"

I was not sure what I was going to do with them. One was plainly a human dwarf halfbreed with human features and a tiny slim body. Another was a human elf halfbreed with long pale hair. The last looked human but the mage collar told me she was probable a human mage halfbreed.

They looked around before finally nodding and I moved to the cabinet and pulled out bread. From a mage chilled cabinet came ham and cheese. I started the stove and then began to slice the ham, cheese and bread. I gestured to the kitchen table when I realized the girls were still standing.

I toasted the bread with the meat and cheese folded inside it and sat to watch them eat. The half dwarf was Gem and the half elf was Silver. The half mage had hesitated before telling me her name was Adar. After they had eaten I took them to my water closet and stripped them. I almost growled at the whip marks I found.

I let them go to the bathroom while I pumped water into the large fire hardened clay bath. I sat them in the bath and knelt and reached for the collar Adar wore. I removed it and then the others and tossed them away before I started to wash them. When I was done I dried them and pulled them out and to my large bed.

I held the blanket and they climbed in before I left and went back to wash myself. When I climbed into the bed Gem was beside me and stiff. I sighed as I laid back, "sleep girls."

I woke to daylight peeking through the window and sighed. I glanced at the girls in bed with me and lifted the blanket to see their naked bodies. I let the blanket drop and moved off the bed and began my morning stretches. I glanced at the bed when I was done, "you do not have to pretend to sleep."

Adar sat up, "you did not want to ... have one of us?"

I snorted as I headed towards the door, "if you asked I would do all of you. First you must accept and ask me."

I was in the kitchen making a large pot of hot cereal when they came out. They were still naked and I hesitated before continuing, "you can use one of my shirts until we wash your clothes and buy new things."

Gem stopped beside me and slowly reached out and wrapped her small hand around my hard and drooling cock, "you want us."

I glanced at her, "yes."

Silver cleared her throat, "we are whores."

I shook my head, "you were forced to service men. A whore is a woman who does many men for pleasure."

Adar chuckled as she sat, "well I did enjoy it."

I glanced at her and then at Silver as she frowned but nodded and then Gem who was stroking my cock. I reached down to cup one of her breasts, "want something?"

She looked up, "yes."

The other two giggled and Silver moved towards the stove, "sit and I will finish the cereal."

I pulled Gem to the table and sat and then helped her straddle me and lifted her. Her hand never left my cock and she positioned it. I lowered her and she wiggled to force it into her extremely tight pussy. She wiggled and rolled her hips as her tight pussy was stretched and she was impaled.

I groaned and hugged her and she sighed before looking up into my face, "you do not mind that I am part dwarf?"

Her pussy kept massaging my cock as I bent to give her a kiss, "you are all woman."

She blinked as Adar and Silver giggled and then smiled and began to rock. Adar moved and reached under her and cupped my balls and whispered. I looked at her and she stood and kissed me, "to give her more seed."

I shook my head and then chuckled, "okay."

Gem began to pant and shudder as she thrust back and forth and her tight pussy clenched. She continued to fuck my cock as her pussy became slippery. A few minutes and she spasmed and jerked and twisted, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I kept caressing her sides as she struggled and shook. She went back to fucking my cock and shoving down harder while twisting. It was not long before I grunted and caught her and pulled her down suddenly. My balls were churning like never before and my cock was throbbing and jerking.

It erupted and Gem gasped and began to convulse as a strong geyser of warm seed became a fountain inside her, "YES!"

I gushed and spewed and finally spurted as it leaked around my cock. Gem leaned against me while her pussy kept squeezing. She sighed a few moments later and looked up and grinned before slowly lifting off my cock. She moved back and bent to start licking my slimy cock and Adar joined her.

They licked my cock and balls clean and Adar grinned as she cupped my balls and whispered again. She let them go and pushed Gem towards Silver and the stove, "your turn Silver."

I laughed as she turned with a grin and handed the wooden spoon she was cooking with to Gem. She crossed to me and climbed onto my lap and straddled me before rubbing her pretty pussy and lifting. She pushed down and wiggled as my cock entered her and she settled. She shivered and shifted before looking into my face, "you have a nice cock."

Adar laughed and hugged her and kissed her on the mouth, "his stuff tasted good too."

Silver began to rub her pussy back and forth and then rock. She would roll her hips and lean forward and then tilt them when she sat back. A few minutes and she was shaking and twisting and her slippery pussy was grasping and squeezing. She shuddered and kissed me hard a minute later and her pussy clenched, "aaaahhhh!"

She struggled and jerked and spasmed as she almost bounced up and down on my cock. The feel of her tight pussy around my cock as it kept squeezing and milking it made me want to fuck her hard. She was panting and shoving down harder and after a couple of minute I clutched her and held her down.

She spasmed and jerked as her tight pussy clenched and my cock began to gush warm seed. She wiggled and squirmed when she felt it and her pussy tightened, "YES!"

She sounded so much like Gem I grinned as she writhed around and shook. I gave her a kiss and she looked at me in surprise. I rubbed her back and she grinned and slowly stood before moving back and then bending to lick my cock clean. Adar helped Gem bring the bowls of hot cereal to the table and Silver stood.

I caught Adar and pulled her onto my lap, "how strong are your powers?"

She frowned as she looked at me, "not very unless I touch what I want to enspell."

I gestured to Gem and Silver and they sat to eat and I looked at Adar, "can you animate something?"

She nodded, "if I touch it."

I grinned as I held her and touched her bowl, "I might have a job for you later."

She looked at me worriedly, "what..."

I took a bite and caressed her, "a thick candle. Well, maybe three thick candles. I want you to shape them like my cock and enspell them to stay warm and throb."

She blinked and then grinned and wiggled, "that will be fun."

I ate and she turned to eat while Gem and Silver giggled. When I was done I lifted her and turned her so she was straddling me. She looked down at my cock and bit her lip before slowly sitting and impaling her pussy. She wiggled and shifted and squirmed and then looked at me. I pulled her face close and kissed her and her pussy clenched.

She shuddered and I moved my hands to her hips and began to move her back and forth. She sighed and hugged me and began to roll her hips. A few minutes and she was shaking and twisting while she panted. Her pussy was wet and slippery and kept grasping. She jerked and then gasped as she began to spasm and wet me, "YES!"

She kept struggling and bouncing while her pussy constantly tightened, "aaaahhhh!"

She twisted and wiggled and hugged me tight. Finally several minutes later I hugged and held her while spurting and gushing and spewing. She jerked with each one and her pussy seemed to ripple and massage my cock. When I was done she was still panting and looked at me before she smiled, "thank you."

Her pussy squeezed and she shivered before lifting and standing up. She looked between her legs and then grinned at Gem and Silver. We spent the next hour cleaning their dresses before they followed me out. I led them out of the estate and through the large city until we reached a shop. I walked in and saw a woman that had to stand two and a half paces tall.

She grinned as she moved towards me with the grace of a master swordsman. That was probable because at one time she had been. She had also been the one to teach me to be a Night Watch guard. I smiled, "Grace I need a few dresses for my ... ladies."

She snorted as she looked at the girls before patting my shoulder, "could not get any of the others to take them?"

I grinned, "it was my turn."

She laughed and gestured, "go do something while the ladies and I work."

So I ended up walking around and looking at things in the marketplace. I also did a little talking to a few of the merchants and the few private guards. When I returned a few hours later I had several things. Most were in one of the bags I carried but I also had the location of the gaming den.

The three girls looked very nice when I saw them. They each had several dresses and I grinned as I paid Grace, "thanks."

She snorted, "they were a pleasure to work with."

I walked the girls home and stopped at the gate. I asked if the standing chests I had bought had been brought in. The old man grinned, "aye. They left and said they set them inside."

We walked to the cottage and went in. I handed the bags I was carrying to Adar and began moving the three wooden standing chests. It was a little crowded in the bedroom but not to bad. When I finished and came out the girls were naked and sitting in the small common room. They were giggling as Adar shaped the three thick candles I had bought.

My cock was hard and I undressed before I pulled Silver up and sat. I pulled her back onto my lap and she lifted my cock and slowly sat as it pushed into her. I fucked each of them before I had to go. I made sure they had dinner and went to the manor. The others arrived and I led them out and through the city.

There were still a lot of people moving around so it was easy to slip up close to the old wooden tavern. Dent went to the back with Dorren and Harris. We waited and watched as men kept going in and only a couple came out. It grew dark and still men were going in. I gestured to the two watchers and Trevor grinned and whispered.

I finally straightened, "time to strike."

I started for the door as I let the spell breaker unwind from my wrist and hang from my left hand. Growler was walking beside me and grinned as we reached the door and I swung the chain. The door sparked and splintered before Growler struck it with a mace. It shattered and we walked through, "NIGHT WATCH!"

I spun the chain as a mage threw something and there was a crackling and lightning spun off to strike the floor, walls and ceiling. A jagged bolt went over my shoulder as I started for the closest guard. The mage jerked and spasmed before falling. Trevor might be a halfbreed but he got his power in full measure.

I pulled my sword breaker and caught a dagger with it before I kicked out and into the guard's groin. He doubled and went back and down as Growler suddenly appeared and swung his mace. The second guard tried to block and screamed as the mace shattered his arm. There was a load crash from the kitchen and Dorren and Harris came through the door.

They were shoving three men in front of them. I looked around the room before I headed towards the stairs, "break their arms and search the basement."

I started up and began kicking open the doors. The first rooms were empty but the last room at the end of the hall was locked and barred from the inside. I swung the spell breaker and there were sparks and lightning that spun off. The second strike and the door exploded into the room and I walked in.

There were three men in the room and one started to gesture. I swung the spell breaker as I caught a sword another stabbed at me. The chain caught the spell as I twisted the sword breaker to yank the sword away from the other man. I moved towards the mage and swung the spell breaker as he lifted his arm to block it.

The sparks lit the room and there was an explosion before he was thrown into a wall smoking. I spun and brushed a dagger away the third man tried to stab me with. I swung the spell breaker chain and it wrapped around the man's neck. He began to scream as the other man leaped towards me.

I yanked as I sidestepped and the men crashed into each other. They went down and I shifted and stabbed through the neck of one at the base of his skull. He dropped as I yanked on the chain to free it and the man spun as his throat was ripped open. I looked at the three men before I looked around the room.

I moved to the two chests and looked in each. The first was full of coppers and the second held a little gold and a lot of silver. I wrapped the spell breaker around my wrist and wiped my sword breaker clean. I bent to lift one of the chests to my shoulder and pull the other after me. When I reached the main floor men were against one wall as they cradled broken arms.

Dent held another unhurt man that was red faced as Growler came to grab the chest I was dragging. I looked at the men, "the next time we catch you we will take a hand."

I started for the door as the others followed. I glanced back once we were in the street, "what did you get Dent?"

He chuckled, "our friend here was willing to trade broken arms for the location of where the drugs are made."

I looked at the man, "make sure he tells the truth."

I started walking back towards the estate, "Trevor make sure no one follows."

After we walked into the estate I gave the chest I was carrying to Harris and went to make the report. Dent and Trevor had taken the man to a nearby tavern to question him. When I walked into the cottage Gem, Silver and Adar turned from sipping tea. I smiled as I headed for the bedroom, "ladies."

They stood and followed while undressing and I stripped beside the bed, "have you taken baths?"

Silver stroked my cock, "after we used the cocks Adar made."

I grinned as I looked at Adar, "we will have to see if we can get them to spurt seed."

She grinned as Gem giggled and I laid Silver back on the side of the bed. I knelt and pushed her legs open before I licked through her warm and swollen pussy. She shivered and humped and I kept licking and teasing her clit. Adar laughed as she pushed Gem back on the bed and knelt to copy me. Silver wiggled and lifted her hips and moaned and shook.

It was awhile before I stopped and stood up. I lifted and spread her legs and then bent over to kiss her and slowly push into her tight pussy. She sighed as she wiggled and tilted her hips and I began to slowly fuck her. It was not long before she was shuddering and humping while her pussy kept grasping.

I continued to fuck her with deep strokes and rubbed and pressed each time I buried my cock. A few minutes and she twisted and struggled while her tight pussy clenched, "yyyeeeesssss!"

She jerked and bucked and kept shaking as I began to use firm thrusts. A couple more minutes and I was fucking her and planting my cock. She was still howling and spasming as her pussy constantly grasped. I finally shoved into her and held her while she struggled and gushed spurts of seed.

She stiffened and her pussy clamped down and gripped my cock, "YES!"

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