Help the Aged

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2015 by WelshWriter

Erotic Sex Story: Hazel's working alone in the charity shop when three young lads come in and do there bit to help the aged

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Gang Bang   First   Oral Sex   .

It had been a really quiet day in late November and Hazel hadn't had many customers in the 'Help The Aged', charity shop where she worked as a volunteer, so she was quite pleased when the door opened and three young lads walked in. She smiled at them as they made their way to the CD rack. They seemed to be your normal run of the mill teenagers and Hazel watched as they sorted through the shelf of CDs, picking up discs that were of no real interest to her, but suited their young age. Hazel was tidying the shelf under the counter, when she heard the lads giggling. Getting up, she saw that they'd got bored with the CD rack and were now looking through the clothing rails. But not the rack of men's clothes. They were looking at the racks which held the ladies wear, in particular, the underwear rack. The reason for their giggles soon became clear. The taller of the three, a lad she judged to be around seventeen was holding a black lacy bra against his chest. The other two were egging him on and were in fits of laughter. Hazel ignored their childish antics, after all there were no other customers who might be upset by them so she knelt back down and carried on with the job in hand. She was so engrossed in her work, that she didn't notice the three lads approach the counter. The first she knew about it was when one of them walked around and stood behind her.

"What are you doing," she said, "you're not supposed to be round here."

She suddenly realised she was in trouble, when she looked over the counter and saw one of the lads walk to the door lock it and turn the 'Open' sign round. She got to her feet and tried to push her way past the lad standing behind her but he spun her around and pinned against the counter.

"What do you want?" she asked again, "there's no money in the till, you're the only customers I've had today."

The lad laughed. "We don't want money missus," he laughed, "we just want a bit of customer service."

Then Hazel noticed that he still had the bra in his hand, plus a pair of panties.

"What do you mean, customer service," she said, more than a hint of panic in her voice.

The tall lad laughed again. "We want to see what these look like on a real woman."

Hazel was in her mid sixties, old enough to be the grandmother of any of the three lads, so she was probably what they meant by 'a real woman'.

"What do you expect me to do about that," she said, already knowing what he meant.

"We want you to strip off and put them on," the lad who'd locked the door said, as he too walked behind the counter.

"Are you serious?" Hazel said, getting angry now. "I'm old enough to your granny and if you think I'm going to take my clothes off in front of you, you're out of your mind."

The tall lad laughed again. "We're not asking you luv, we're telling you, you can either strip off or we'll do it for you."

Now Hazel knew she was in real trouble. The charity shop was in a back street and with the weather the way it was there was little chance of anyone else coming in but she tried that as an excuse.

"What if somebody comes in?" she said, "or someone sees us through the window?"

"Oh don't worry about someone coming in," the tall lad said, "and there must be a staff room at the back of the shop."

"There isn't," Hazel bluffed, knowing that she was lying through her teeth.

"Will, go and check will you," he said to the lad who'd locked the door.

The lad nodded and headed for the door at the back of the shop. Hazel knew that he would soon be back and her lie would be found out. She was right!!! Seconds later he was back.

"Good try luv," he laughed. "There's a room back there Mike."

"I knew there would be," the tall lad, Mike, said. "Right luv, it's your choice. You can come with us to the back room or we can make you come with us, it's up to you. The easy way, or the hard way?"

It was plain that Hazel didn't have much choice, their were three of them but just one would have been too strong for her so she grudgingly walked towards the back of the shop.

As she walked in-front of the three lads, she felt a hand stroking her rear.

"Mmm, she's got a lovely arse."

She looked round and saw that it was Mike who was groping her. He looked round as they went through the door.

"Will, bring that rack of bras and things into the back will you, she might as well try on a couple of outfits for us. We've got all afternoon."

Hazel knew that this was an afternoon she wouldn't forget and to her surprise she found that she was strangely excited at the thought of it.

At sixty six, Hazel was pretty well preserved. Her marriage had ended over ten years ago and she had no desire to make the same mistake again. She had a nice little flat in a retirement block and liked the freedom of being on her own. She wasn't short of boyfriends and her love life was pretty hectic. She was on several adult contact sites and she was never short of men to satisfy her sexual needs. She'd always stuck to contacts around her own age and the thought of stripping off in-front of three teenage lads was what was getting her excited.

The lads just sat there as Hazel stood nervously in the middle of the room. "Here you are," Mike said, as he handed her the bra and panties, "put these on."

Hazel took the garments from him. Whether by luck or judgement, he had picked out her size. Hazel stood there, the bra and panties in her hand. Should she strip off or should she refuse? She knew if she refused, the lads would do it for her. She thought for a moment. Well one way or another, she was going to have to be naked in-front of them and, she thought, she might as well enjoy it.

"No," she said "I can't."

Mike sighed. "Oh well if that's the way you want it. Will, strip the lady."

Will took a step towards her and Hazel moved away from him. She didn't want to appear too eager. The third lad, who she later learnt was named David, got up and stood behind her, stopping her moving any further. Will reached out and began to unbutton her blouse. Hazel had good tits and the uplift bra she was wearing accentuated them nicely, pushing them together, giving her an inviting cleavage. When Will had finished unbuttoning her blouse, David pulled it off, down over her arms and let it fall to the floor. Mike whistled under his breath.

"Mmm, nice tits," he said out-loud.

Will now moved to the zip on her skirt and that too fell to the floor. Now Hazel was standing there in the middle of the room in just her bra and panties and, to her dismay, the crotch of her panties was starting to get wet and she hoped the lads wouldn't notice the fact.

"Oh shit," Mike said, from his perch on the table, "she's got a great body lads. Bring her here."

Mike didn't move as Will and David pushed her towards the table. It was only when she was in range that he reached out and cupped her bra covered tits. His fingers were soon working on her nipples through the white lace and try as she might, Hazel couldn't prevent them hardening under his touch herself or from stopping herself giving a low groan. She felt fingers working on the clasp at her back and the pressure on her tits eased as her bra was unclipped. She felt the straps being slipped down her shoulders and then Mike's fingers on her naked nipples. She groaned again, louder this time and the other two lads took this as a sign and soon there were hands all over her. Her breasts were cupped by one of the lads behind her, causing her nipples to stand out even prouder.

Mike leant forwards and took one into his mouth, sucking it between his lips. A hand came up between her legs and her lace covered pussy was cupped in it.

"Fuckin' hell, her cunt's all wet, the old biddy's turned on." The voice was Will's.

She felt his hand move to her hips and then her panties being pulled down. She looked down and saw the hand come back between her thighs.

"Fuck, she's really wet Mike," he said, as she felt him alter his position behind her.

The next thing, she felt lips on her ass cheeks and a finger slip between her lips then into her hole. Her panties slid down her legs, with a little help from Will and now she was completely naked and her legs were beginning to tremble. She felt hands on her shoulders as she was pushed down to her knees. Hazel was experienced enough to know what was coming next and she watched as Mike's now empty hands unbuckled his belt and unclipped the top of his jeans. The zip was next and she found herself staring at a huge bulge in his underpants as he pulled his waistband apart.

She couldn't actually see his cock yet, but judging by the size of the bulge, he had a cock that wouldn't disgrace a man twice his age. Her judgement was proven right as Mike raised his hips and pulled his jeans and underpants down. His cock reared up, long and thick and her pussy got even wetter at the sight of it. He reached out with both hands and pulled her face towards it. She'd been right, she was about to be made to suck it. Not that in her present state she would take much making. She loved sucking a nice hard cock and Mike's looked so inviting. He increased the pressure on the back of her head and her lips brushed the tip of his knob. There was already a bead of pre-cum oozing from it and she flicked her tongue out as it got nearer her mouth.

Hazel had already decided that as she had no say in what was about to happen to her, she was going to at least enjoy it and as Mike's knob nudged her lips, she parted them and slid them over his shiny knob. Mike's body tensed as she took more and more of his thick shaft into her mouth.

"Oh fuck," he groaned, "she really knows how to suck a cock lads. I told you she was hot didn't I?"

Hazel's dangling tits were receiving attention from the other two lads and now it was her turn to groan, as both nipples were pinched and twisted. Suddenly she felt hands on her inner thighs and she was raised to her feet, Mike's cock still clamped between her lips.

The hand returned to its position under her pussy and she felt a finger slip inside her again. She pushed back against it, no sense in pretending she was going to object now. As the finger slid deeper to her, she began working her lips up and down Mike's shaft.

"Fuck Mike, her cunt feels great."

Again the voice was Will's.

Mike laughed. "Well what are you waiting for? Fuck her, that's what we came for ain't it and I'm sure she ain't gonna complain."

Will didn't need telling twice and Hazel felt his finger slide out of her, to be replaced by the pressure of his knob against her pussy lips.

"Do you want my cock missus? Do you want to feel a nice young cock in your cunt?"

Hazel couldn't answer, her mouth was full of Mike's cock, but she just grunted softly. Will took that as a yes and his knob slid between her pussy lips. Hazel groaned louder as his length slid into her stretching it as he slid deeper into her. She hadn't seen Will's cock, but from the way it filled her, she guessed it was as big as Mike's if not bigger.

The boys couldn't have known but there was nothing Hazel loved better than two hard cocks. One in her mouth and the other buried in her pussy and as Will started to work his length in and out of her, her head started to move in sync and soon she could feel Mike's knob nudging the roof of her mouth. Each time it did, she gagged slightly, but Mike pulled back each time he felt her react.

"You know the best part about this Will?" he said, "you can cum inside her, she's too old to get in the club."

This spurred Will on and he increased the rate of his thrusting.

"You'd like that wouldn't you missus, you'd love to feel my thick cum filling your cunt, wouldn't you?"

This time Hazel lifted her mouth off Mike's cock.

"Yes, oh yes, cum inside me," she groaned.

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