Not All Magik's Are Equal

by Etherielink

Copyright© 2015 by Etherielink

Fantasy Story: The adventures of three friends as they leave their homeland and travel the world of Etamre. Magik, Swords, and mystery this is the first installment of many in the Realm Walker Universe.

Tags: Magic   Slavery  

A Few Notes From The Author

I just though I would take a second and explain a few things to clear up any miss-understandings before they come to fruition.

Wile each different culture and kingdom may share or have their own units of measure I am going to write in easily understood American measures unless it is plot specific for easy of reading and writing.

Wile we are on this note the same wile prove true for language, I am not a linguist and I will not scar you for life with my amateurish attempt to create another language let alone the many that would be required by the story and worlds I have planned for this story. I will refer to the language being spoke if required for plot point but im not going to re-write the dictionary here :)

This is my second attempt at taking the random ramblings of my twisted mind and the abstract compilation of 1000's of different fantasy stories swirling around in this demented head of mine, putting my own twist on it and dishing it out to you the reader because as they say ... Misery loves company.

I have said this plenty of times however I'll say it again. Please give me your feedback, what you liked, didn't like, things you would like to see. I'm open to all suggestions and who knows you may see your idea come about. If its Constructive I will defiantly read it and take it into account.

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