Wife and Daughter Abandon in Blizzard
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - To save his own life a man abandons his wife and fifteen-year-old daughter at a cabin in the mountains during a blizzard. The wife and young daughter are rescued by four brothers, but must pay a price for their rescue.

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Thirty six year old Dan Bradford was spending his vacation at his uncle’s cabin in the High Sierra Mountains. Along with Dan were his thirty five year old wife Kerry, and their fifteen-year-old daughter Kay. Kerry and Kay didn’t really want to go spend two weeks in the wilderness, but Dan had kept after them until they agreed to go with him. What none of them expected was a huge unpredicted snowstorm that hit the second day at the cabin.

Dan had planned to use the motor cycle his uncle kept at the cabin to go down the mountain and get supplies, because it was small enough to ride up and down the trails, but the blizzard hit. They only had the few things that they brought with them in their backpacks. There were no roads leading to the cabin, they had to park Dan’s pickup truck at a parking area at the country store down the mountain, and hike almost five miles to the cabin.

The one good thing was that the cabin had a generator that supplies running water and electricity, Kerry and Kay was very happy because they were able to take a hot shower after the long hike to the cabin. The problem though was, they only had enough gasoline for a few days, and Dan needed part of that for the motor cycle. They only had the food they brought with them, enough to last three days at the most, even if they ration it, Dan knew they couldn’t all survive on what little they had. He knew with the blizzard going on, he couldn’t even find enough firewood to keep them warm when the generator ran out of fuel.

Dan knew it was just a matter of time before they would all freeze to death, if they didn’t starve to death first. He panicked and decided the only chance any of them had to survive was for him to abandon his wife and daughter, leave them at the cabin and go for help.

Kerry and Kay were both crying, begging him not to leave them.

Dan told them he had to go far help and would be coming back to get them, knowing it was a lie. If he made it down the mountain and if he was lucky enough to get to the store and his pickup truck, he did not intend to go back though the blizzard. He heated leaving his wife to starve or freeze. She was a very good fuck, but her pussy wasn’t worth him losing his life over.

It had been two days since Dan left, the food was almost gone, and they have only enough gasoline for two or three more days. What they didn’t know, was that somehow Dan had made it down the mountain on the motor cycle in the blizzard. He had loaded the motor cycle in the back of his pickup and left without telling anyone his wife and daughter were stranded in the cabin, with no food and not enough gasoline for the generator, for them to survive.

On the morning of the fourth day, Kerry and Kay heard a pounding on the door.

Kay screamed, “Daddy’s back!”

Kerry ran to the door, unbolted and opened it. To her surprise, in came four hunters covered with snow, each carrying a large backpack and rifle. The four brothers shook off the snow, put down their packs and rifles, and then took off their overcoats. The men looked around and saw only an attractive blonde woman and a beautiful young teenage girl.

Hennery Miller introduced himself, and his three brothers, Darrell, Ted, and Timothy to Kerry and Kay.

Kerry told the four brothers her name was Kerry Bradford and the teenager was her daughter Kay.

Darrell asked Kerry, where is her husband?

She told him, he went for help two days ago and never returned. The four brothers looked at each other and then back at the attractive wife.

Her pretty long blonde hair hung past her shoulders and her beautiful blue eyes had fear in them. With the generator going, the cabin was warm enough that both Kerry and Kay didn’t need a jacket, Kerry was wearing tight jeans and a shirt; Kay had on jogging pants and a pull over jersey with her high school logo on it. The four men could see that Kerry’s breasts were quite large, and even in the baggy Jersey they could tell the young teenage girl has a nice set.

Kerry told the brothers how glad she was they found them, but Hennery said after they got warm and ate they’d be going on down the mountain. It was a lie, they weren’t going anywhere until the storm let up, but he wanted to see Kerry’s reaction if she thought they were going to leave her and her daughter there.

“Please you can’t leave us! We’ll starve or freeze to death.” She cried.

That’s when Hennery looked at the attractive wife and asked, “What are you willing to do for us if we help you and your daughter?”

Kerry wasn’t nearly naïve enough that she didn’t know precisely what he was asking, and told him even if she was willing; she couldn’t do it in front her daughter.

The cabin consisted of only one room; even the shower in the corner had only a thin shower curtain that was mostly transparent. There were four single beds, two against one wall and two against the opposite wall.

Hennery informed Kerry she has an hour to decide before they left, and for her to talk it over with her daughter. He then asked her was her privacy worth her and her daughter’s life?

Kay was sitting on the side of the little bed where she’d been sleeping since they got to the cabin.

Kerry went over, sits beside her fifteen-year-old daughter, and put her arm around her shoulder. With tears in her eyes, Kerry told her daughter the men would help them, but only if she had sex with them. Tears are rolling down her pretty face as she told Kay she didn’t have a choice, it’s the only way to save their lives.

She told the fifteen year old she’d have to see her mother do things she should never have to see. The teenager was crying as her mother got up and told Hennery she’d do what they wanted, if they’d save her and her daughter. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she looked at Hennery and asked, “Who’s first?”

Hennery told Kerry, not so fast, they wanted to see her strip first.

Knowing she really has no choice, Kerry started unbuttoning her shirt. All four men were intensely watching the attractive blonde mother as she slipped it off her shoulders, and then leaned back with her arms straight, letting the shirt slide down her arms, and fall to the floor. Kerry then reached behind her back and unhooked her bra.

She held it to her breasts with one hand, while slipping her bra straps off her shoulders with the other hand. Kerry turned her back to the four men watching her, and then leaned her head back shaking her head, giving the men a good look at her beautiful blonde hair and her naked back. Before turning back around Kerry pulled her bra away from her breasts, she then turned back around to face the men. Kerry tosses her bra to Hennery; he looks at the little tag, thirty-eight D.

Kerry had her other arm covering what she could of her nude breasts and nipples. She looked each man in the eye, but saw no sympathy, only lust. Kerry then dropped her arms to her sides, giving the four brothers an unobstructed view of her fantastic nude breasts. They were flawless and stand out nicely, Kerry hated the fact that her nipples were hard and sticking out, which the men noticed immediately.

“Are her nipples always this hard? Hennery asked Kerry.

Kerry’s face turned bright red with embarrassment, she felt total humiliated, as she shook her head “No.” Kerry knew she must continue to strip for the men, if she was going to save herself and her daughter.

Kay had been watching her mother the whole time. Kerry went over, sits beside her daughter, and whispered in her ear, “Sorry but there’s no other way.” The fifteen year old just looked at her mother with tears in her eyes, but said nothing. Kerry bent over and took off her hiking boots and socks, and then stood up and reached for the snap on her jeans.

After unfastening her jeans, Kerry worked them over her tight ass, shoved them down her long legs, and then stepped out of them. She was now standing in front of four men and her daughter, in nothing but her panties. Kerry took a deep breath and then eased them down, revealing a large patch of soft blonde hair on her pussy, then down farther until she could step out of them, leaving her completely nude.

Hennery started taking off his clothes.

Kerry went over to the bed where she’d been sleeping and sat down and waited. She and Kay were both watching Hennery undress; Kerry was amazed at the size of Hennery’s cock, because it was longer and a lot thicker than her husband’s was.

Kay was staring at the first real cock she’d ever seen, and wondering how it was going the fit inside her mother’s pussy.

Hennery walked over to Kerry; she lies back on the small bed and spread her legs, as she told him she has one request. It was that they pull out, before they go inside her, because she wasn’t on birth control and could get pregnant.

Hennery told her she’d have to take her chances, it was better than starving or freezing, as he crawled between her legs. Hennery lined his hard cock up and shoved about half of it into her snug pussy. He pulled back, and then shoved into her again, completely imbedding his hard cock in Kerry’s pussy.

Kerry let out a loud grunt and a groan as he went all the way into her.

Fifteen-year-old Kay saw Hennery’s cock disappear inside her mother pussy; she couldn’t believe it went in that easily.

It was the largest cock Kerry has ever had shoved inside her, it didn’t hurt, but she felt completely stuffed, and could fell her vaginal muscles clinging tightly to Hennery large cock.

Hennery started fucking Kerry with long hard stokes; her vagina was starting to lubricate itself, allowing Hennery to slide in-and-out of her hot pussy easily.

It had been almost three weeks since Kerry and her husband had sex, and a lot longer than that since her husband had really given her a hard fucking. That fact, and the snugness of Hennery cock sliding in-and-out of her vagina, was getting to her. Kerry started moaning louder and louder, as she wrapped her legs around Hennery’s ass, and started fucking her pussy on his large cock.

Kay couldn’t believe her mother’s actions.

The other three brothers were all smiles, watching Kerry fuck Hennery; they knew they were going to get one hell of a ride on the attractive blonde mother’s hot body.

It wasn’t long before Hennery couldn’t hold back any longer, and ejaculated his load of cum in Kerry’s hot pussy.

When Kerry felt Hennery go inside her, it triggers a massive orgasm; she wrapped her legs tight around his back and screamed. Kerry had always been very vocal when she had an orgasm.

Kay had sex education in school, she knew what was going on, and she was a little disgusted with her mother acting this way, her mother was not just some whore for them to fuck.

When Hennery pulled his cock out of Kerry’s pussy, and got off her, she just lies there panting.

Before Kerry could even catch her breath, Darrell had his clothes off. He climbed on her incredible body, and wasted no time in shoving his hard cock in her hot pussy. His cock was a little shorter than Hennery’s but it was thicker. Darrell fucked Kerry for about fifteen minutes before she had another very vocal orgasm. He continued to fuck her for another five minutes before he cummed in her hot pussy and climbed off her, leaving her lying there with cum oozing out of her.

The next brother to climb on top of Kerry’s hot body was Ted. His cock was somewhat in-between Hennery and Darrell’s cocks. He was sorter than Hennery, but longer than Darrell was, and was thicker than Hennery, but thinner than Darrell was. He fucked Kerry for about twenty minutes before he added his cum to her already well-used pussy. While he was pumping his cum in Kerry’s pussy, she had another loud orgasm.

Kay was really disgusted with her mother now; she knew her mother shouldn’t be enjoying being fucked by these strange men. What would her father think if he saw her acting that way? At fifteen, Kay knew she would never act that way, not even with her future husband, much less some complete strangers. Her mother was acting like a wanton slut; she would never be that way.

The last brother to fuck the thirty five year old blonde mother was Timothy, and out of all the brothers, he had the longest and thickest cock of all. When he shoved it in Kerry’s pussy, she gasped; she couldn’t believe how tight she felt, even after being already fucked three times, and all three men ejaculated in her pussy. Timothy really started pounding Kerry’s pussy hard, and in no time, she was having her fourth massive orgasm.

He fucked her a little while longer, before he empties his cum in Kerry’s pussy. As he was letting her pussy milk him dry, Kerry had her fifth orgasm. Timothy got off the attractive blonde-haired mother, and looked over at her daughter telling her, that her mother was one hot fuck.

The fifteen year old just frowned and turned her head away, as if she wasn’t paying any attention to what he’s said.

Kerry was completely exhausted from all the fucking, and could barely sit up on the side of the bed. She had to grab her shirt and use it to catch the enormous amount of male semen oozing out of her pussy in huge globs. After her pussy stopped leaking cum, Kerry got up, found one of her husband’s sweatshirts, and slips it over her head, it was just long enough it covered her blonde pussy. She didn’t try to put her tight jeans back on; it would have been too painful with her sore pussy.

The men told Kerry her husband was an ignoramus for going off and leaving her behind. They said they would never have left a hot piece of ass like her behind. Kerry didn’t respond to their remarks. By then its midafternoon, the men shared their food with Kerry and Kay, and then checked on the generator and figured they have enough gasoline to last three more days. The blizzard was still going strong, but they thought it would blow past them in two more days.

The attractive blonde mother was not looking forward for the night to come. She knew she’d probably have to fuck all four mem again, and her pussy was still sore from fucking them the first time. They all just lounged around until it got dark. Kerry was sitting on the bed with her daughter; they were talking about what they were going to do when they got back home.

Hennery walked over and got Kerry by the arm.

She got up and went over to her bed with him, sits on it and then slipped the sweatshirt over her head, leaving her nude once again. Kerry then lies back on the bed and spread her legs, while Hennery was undressing.

When he was also nude he climbed on top of Kerry’s hot body for the second time and shoved his hard cock in her sore pussy, and started fucking her.

Up until now, the men had left Kerry’s fifteen-year-old daughter alone. Kay was sitting on her bed watching her mother and Hennery go at it again, when the other three men came over to her and asked which one of them she was going to sleep with tonight. Saying there’re only four beds, so she’ll have to share her bed with one of them.

The fifteen-year-old girl looked at them as if they were crazy. Kay took after her mother; she had beautiful long blonde hair that reaches the middle of her back and blue eyes. She had perky teen breasts that bounced when she jogged or ran. Kay’s tight little ass was possibly her best asset. Kay was on the track team at her high school, she was wearing her jogging pants and pullover jersey.

The three men drew straws to see which one of them got the cute little fifteen-year-old first. Ted won, and told Kay she should take off her jersey and let them see her breasts, because they couldn’t tell a whole lot with her in her baggy jersey.

Kay told him there was no way, and looked over at her mother for help, but Kerry was on her back being fucked by Hennery.

Ted told the fifteen-year-old blonde; when they left, they were going to take her mother with them because she had been good to them. He told Kay they were going to leave her behind, because she wasn’t worth the trouble.

Kay started crying, saying she was only fifteen and were grown men, older than her father was. She told them she’d never even been on a date with a boy yet, and she’d certainly never had sex.

Ted told her she may be only fifteen and still a virgin, but she had a hot sexy little body that was made for fucking, and if she weren’t willing to use it, she’d just have to stay behind when they left.

Kay wanted to scream at her mother for help, but her mother was for too busy having sex.

“She’s not going to cooperate” Darrell said.

“You’re right; we’ll just have to leave the ungrateful little bitch” Ted replied.

All three men turned and stared to walking away from Kay’s bed. The fifteen year old told them to wait. She was deadly terrified they mean what they said about taking her mother and leaving her behind. Crying she said she could be good to them, if they promised to take her along with her mother when they left.

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