I Have a Crush on My Best Friend

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2015 by mysteria27

Erotic Sex Story: My best friend sleeps over.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Fiction   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Petting   .

I'm so excited my girlfriend from school is coming over tonight for a sleepover. I really never had a best friend before, but she's new to our school. We just have hit it off and I really like her. My name is June and my girlfriend's name is Tina. She's just the nicest girl I've ever met. She's so friendly and really pretty too. She used to live in Montana, but moved here to Florida.

I'm kind of a quiet girl at school and sometimes people call me a nerd. I guess because I'm smart they say these things. I'm still a virgin and have never had a boyfriend. Some of the girls at school have boyfriends or girlfriends. I really have just been more interested in my studies. My parents have always told me to pay attention in class and get good grades. This way I can do good on my SAT's and get into a really great college.

Tina is in a lot of the same classes as me and my Science teacher told her to be my lab partner. We got to talking and we really hit it off. In her last school, she told me that she was on the honor roll. I've always been on the honor roll ever since I can remember. From the first day we met we became friends. We eat lunch together and talk on the phone. She's really my first best friend. I'm just really excited to finally have a friend to share stuff with. It's nice to finally fit in.

I'm hoping this year will be different with having a best friend. I'm still kind of surprised that she'd want to be friends. She's such a pretty girl and already the boys seem interested in her. I just hope that hanging around with her people will start to talk to me more. I never get invited to parties or anything like that. I'm hoping that this will be the year that people will accept me. I may be smart, but I like to have lots of fun too.

I asked Tina to sleep over my house tonight. She accepted and I'm just so excited to hang out with her. She's never been to my house before. I'm pretty sure she's going to really like it here. I just can't wait for her to get here.

My mother said we could order pizza. She also bought lots of soda and snacks for us to enjoy. My mom and dad have gone out to dinner and to a club so they won't be home until much later. So we can do whatever we want and not have to be bothered with my parents.

Ding Dong

I ran to the door to let Tina in.

"Hi, Tina. Come in."

"Hi, June. You have the greatest house. It's so big."

"Come in. I could give you a tour if you want. Let me take your bag. I'm so excited that you're here."

"Show me around. I can't believe how big your house is. I live in a condo with my mother. This is like the biggest house I've ever seen. Do you have lots of siblings?"

"I'm an only child. It's just me and my parents."

"You must be really rich. I just can't get over your house."

"My dad is a doctor and my mother is a lawyer. I guess they're pretty rich. Let me show you around."

I took Tina through my house showing it to her. Her eyes sparkled like diamonds as we went around the house. She seemed to really like what I was showing her. We do live in a very nice house. We have five bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, den, and five bathrooms. Then outside, we have an in-ground pool, hot tub, and a three car garage.

"Wow, June this house is incredible. I can't believe you have a pinball machine. You're the luckiest girl on the planet. I wish I lived in a house like this."

"You can come over whenever you want."

"You have the best room too. I can't believe you have a king size bed. Your room is like meant for a princess. I've never seen a bedroom like this in my life."

"Like you said, my parents are kind of rich. Do you want to listen to some music?"

We sat on my bed and I put some music on. A really popular song came on the radio and Tina got up and started to dance to it. She looked amazing. She was wearing jeans with a pink tank top with no bra. Her breasts were firm and her nipples were hard and poking through her shirt. She wore flats on her feet.

Tina is a beautiful looking girl. She has brown curly hair that's shoulder length. She has the biggest brown eyes you've ever seen. She has amazing lips that she always has pink lipstick on with gloss. She wears eye liner and her eye shadow is always put on so amazingly. She's very blessed with a big chest and has the greatest ass in her jeans.

We are both the same height around 5'7," but I have black long hair, which I wear straight and I have green eyes. I have a smaller chest then Tina. I guess I wear a 34B cup size. Tina is probably around a 38D cup size. We both have long legs.

I guess you could say I have a little crush on her. She's just so beautiful and she's smart and very funny. I've been noticing a lot of the boys checking her out at school. They all want to help her carry her books and stuff. I'm just thankful that she likes me.

"Come on June, dance with me. You do like to dance?"

"I'm not really good at it. I kind of have two left feet."

"Just shake your ass and move your hips. It's easy I'll show you."

I stood up and Tina showed me how to dance. She had her hands on my hips moving them around. Kind of like when women strip. Although, when she did it she looked really hot. She has the best body and her face is just so damn pretty.

"You got it. Keep doing that. You look great."

We danced for a little while and then we sat on the bed and Tina started asking me a bunch of questions. I knew she'd ask the big question if I was a virgin. I was kind of nervous if she did ask sexual questions. I'm a virgin and have had no experience whatsoever.

"Do you like any of the boys at school?"

"I used to have a crush on Michael Ponzo, but he doesn't give me the time of day."

"Have you ever tried to talk to him?"

"The kids at school really don't bother with me too much."

"I don't know why, you're like the nicest girl ever. Who cares they are just a bunch of freaks. I'm glad I met you. You're so smart and funny. They don't know what their missing."

"You're so nice, Tina."

"Have you ever smoked any pot?"

"One time my parents had a party and they were getting high. I found a joint and I did smoke it. It was a lot of fun. I haven't done it again. Have you?"

"Sometimes, I have gotten high. It's a lot fun. Especially if you're making out with a guy or a girl. I do like to make out sometimes. Hell, I really like to have sex."

"Have you ever had any sex?"

"No, I'm still a virgin. I'd love to have sex, but it just hasn't happened yet."

"It'll happen. You'll see. If I were you, I'd save it for somebody special. I just had it with some guy and he really didn't love me like he said he did. So make sure to do it when you meet somebody really nice that say's he loves you. Make sure to make it memorable. My first time was really nothing great."

"Have you kissed anyone? A guy or a girl?"

"No. I've never been kissed or kissed anybody ever."

"You're kidding. You've never had a kiss before?"

"I'm not kidding. Unless you mean with my pillow or teddy bear."

We both giggled with that comment. In fact, Tina laughed so hard she fell off the bed.

"You're so fucking funny. A teddy bear or a pillow. We could kiss if you want to. I could show you how to kiss. You can practice on me. It's so easy, but you really need to practice. Especially with French kissing."

"Okay. If you wouldn't mind. I'd love to practice kissing with you."

Tina then approached me and she put her lips on mine and we shared a kiss. Her lips were very soft.

"Open your mouth just a little so I can French kiss you. Just breathe through your nose. You can do it. Relax and just kiss me."

She again put her mouth on mine. I opened my mouth a little and she pushed her tongue inside of my mouth. Our tongues danced in each other's mouth. It was really just one continuous kiss. My heart was beating fast as she continued to passionately kiss me.

"You know we could play with each other's breasts, while we kiss. Would you want to try that? It'll feel really good, while we kiss. Don't worry it's not like we're lesbians. We're just experimenting. I won't tell anybody I swear. We're best friends."

"Only if you don't mind. I'd love to try this with you. I feel so foolish and inexperienced. I've never even played spin the bottle. If you want to show me stuff that would be really cool."

"Let's take off our shirts and we can play with each other's breasts, while we continue to kiss. Just baby steps. We're just experimenting. It's no big deal. Just relax and let's enjoy one another."

Tina took her shirt off and then she helped me take mine off. I was wearing a bra and she unclasped it and took it off. Tina's breasts were so firm and her nipples were pink and stood straight up.

"You have nice breasts, June. They're small, but very firm. I like your nipples too."

Tina was kissing me deep and passionately and her hands were cupping and massaging my breasts. She then took her index and middle finger and rolled my nipples in her fingers.

"Put your hands on my breasts. Just hold and cup them. Do what I'm doing, June."

I put my hands on Tina's beautiful breasts. I caressed them and played with her nipples. Her kisses were getting harder on my mouth the more I played with her breasts. She then broke away from my kiss and just started to moan.

"Oh God. Your hands feel so good on my breasts. June, you're driving me crazy."

"You're driving me really crazy too. I like feeling your breasts. You have the greatest body."

"So do you. You're a really pretty girl, June. Don't sell yourself short."

"Do you have any baby oil? We could give each other massages."

"Yes, we have some. I'll go and get it."

I was enjoying feeling Tina's breasts and kissing her. I was also enjoying her playing with my breasts. I was wondering what else she had in store for us. When I got back to my bedroom, Tina had taken the rest of her clothes off. She was completely bare on her vagina. Her body was just amazing to look at.

"I took the rest of my clothes off. Let me help you with yours. I'll massage you first."

Tina then helped take my jeans off and then she pulled my panties down.

"Wow, you have a full bush. Did you ever think of shaving it?"

"Not really. Do you think I should?"

"I could shave it for you. We don't have to take it all off, but I can make it much neater."

"You can take it all off like you have. Let me go get a razor, washcloth, and some shaving cream."

"I'll be really gentle, June."

I ran and got all the supplies and a towel to put down on my bed. I got comfortable and had my ass on the towel. Tina then sprayed the shaving cream in her hand and wiped it all over my pussy. She carefully shaved me bare. It took about twenty minutes, because she was very careful.

"All done June. Go look in your mirror. It looks so much better. In a little while, I'll show you why it's better."

I went to the mirror and looked at my reflection. It did look much better. I then went back to the bed.

"Get on your stomach and I'll massage the back of your body."

I got on my stomach and Tina put the baby oil all over my back. She then sat on top of me and moved her fingers up down my back and worked her hands all over my shoulders.

"Boy, you have a lot of knots. I'll try and get them out."

Tina worked her hands all over my neck. Her fingers felt wonderful. She then worked on my back. She was really good at this. I loved how she was massaging me. I've never been massaged, while I was naked before. She then stood up and put the oil on my legs and feet. She worked her hands up and down.

I can't tell you how amazing it felt. Then she worked her hands all over my buttocks. I even felt her fingers brush at my pussy. I kind of got a little embarrassed, but tried to just deal with it. I didn't want to seem nerdy. Even though I was absolutely terrified.

"Okay, June turn over. I'll do your front."

I was really nervous. I turned over on my back and now my breasts and my vagina were in full view to her. I swallowed really hard and just tried to relax. She then squirted the oil all over my breasts and my stomach.

She then sat down again on my legs and worked her hands all over my breasts. I could feel all sorts of sensations happening in my vagina. I was certain she was really turning me on. I really wanted her so much at the particular moment.

She worked her hands all over my breasts. Again, she played with my nipples to make them nice and hard. She pushed them together and really worked them. I felt very relaxed as she was doing this. She then got up and poured the oil all over my legs and calves and again on my feet. It felt so good.

"I want to massage your pussy. I'm going to pour the oil all over your vagina and make you feel really great. Just relax and don't move."

I thought I'd die. She then put the oil all over my vagina and worked her fingers all around it. She lightly squeezed my pussy lips together and rubbed her fingers all over my clit. It felt really good. I had masturbated a few times, but it didn't feel as good as when Tina did it.

Tina then slipped her fingers inside of my vagina and finger fucked me. She started with one finger and then after a while she put a few fingers in. She was fingering me really hard.

"Oh Tina, that feels so good. You're really turning me on. I've never felt these kinds of feelings before."

"Could I lick your pussy? I know you've never done this, but it'll feel really good. I'm just going to do the same thing I did with my fingers, except I'll use my tongue. I think you'll love it."


Tina then spread my thighs and worked her tongue all over my pussy lips. She was licking my pussy like an ice cream cone. She'd lick really fast and then start sucking at my vagina. It felt really good and my legs felt like butter. My heart was beating really fast. I was very turned on. I wanted her to keep doing it.

"Grind your pussy over my face. I'll tongue fuck you really deep. It'll feel really good. Just let your body enjoy what I'm doing to it."

I did as she said and grinded myself over her face. She now was tongue fucking my cunt. In and out went her tongue. She was so deep inside of my cunt. I've never felt something so amazing in my life. I was feeling my pussy get so warm and wet and I was very excited.

"Play with your breasts. You look so sexy, June. Squeeze them together. Let your body have an orgasm. I know I'm turning you on. Have an orgasm. Just do it. It will feel amazing."

I was playing with my tits as Tina was licking my pussy. She then put several fingers inside of my cunt. She was licking and finger fucking me faster and harder.

"Oh God. It feels so good. I'm going to come! Fucking hell."

With that, I had an orgasm on Tina's face. She was licking my pussy really fast, while I had my first orgasm. I couldn't believe it finally happened. I dreamed of having oral sex. I was so glad it was with Tina. She really turns me on so much. I guess I might be bi-sexual or maybe even a lesbian. I just wanted to hold her in my arms and kiss her again.

"Oh God! That was fabulous."

"I loved being your first. Your pussy tastes so good, June. I could lick you all day. Can I kiss you again? You can taste yourself on my lips."


Tina came back to me and we kissed deep and passionately. She played with my breasts and her other hand was rubbing at my clit. I was just so horny and wanted to return the favor to her, but was enjoying her hands all over my body. She really was driving me crazy. I too wanted to enjoy her and her body.

"You can massage me. I'll get on my stomach."

I was kind of nervous. I've never massaged anybody before. I knew eventually she would want me to lick her pussy too. I tried not to think about it until I got to her other side. Her body was absolutely beautiful. She smelled so beautiful she was like an angel with this gorgeous and amazing body.

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