After Work Fun

by Kevin Burns

Copyright© 2015 by Kevin Burns

Erotica Sex Story: An erotic tell of some fun after a long day of work.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   BDSM   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Oral Sex   Squirting   Cream Pie   .

After what had to be the longest day of work ever I finally was on my way home. Not yet sure was I was going to do with myself over the long holiday weekend. No one was going to be home and all my friends had plans, so it was a full weekend to myself.

As I neared town my truck lost all power and died. I had to fight the wheel to get it pulled off the road. I was very upset after numerous times trying to restart my truck failed. Get out of the truck I slammed the door, as I did the sound of shattered glass explored around me. I looked in amazement at the broken glass that had been my window. "Fuck me this day just keeps getting better." I look around and see the neon sign of an old bar that I had stopped at a time or two in the distance. I grab my backpack that I always carried and started walking.

About 15 mins later I entered that bar hot, sweaty, covered in road dust and still pissed off at the world. I walk to the bar and before the bar keep can I ask I order a double whiskey. In no time the drink was before me and even faster I downed it and asked for another one. After finishing the second one I ask for a phone I could use since my was dead. I bar keep pointed to the back of the bar.

As I near area I see a woman talking on the phone. Talking was a nice way of putting it. More like yelling at the phone and whoever the poor fool was on the other end of the line.

"You mother fucker. Your going to cancel our plans this late. I'm already here, wearing that way to short skirt you wanted and you can't make it. This is the third time this week. Well you know what to 2 sec fuck this was your last chance, lose my number."

As she slams the phone down she stairs there for a min and slowly turns around. I get up to walk to the phone as we pass not really paying attention she runs into me hard. I have to catch her so she wouldn't fall. For a moment we stare at each other. It's like time stops. Finally able to speak I say

"Are you OK?"

"I ... I'm OK thank you for catching me. I don't normally do that."

With a smile I teasingly say

"What don't you usually do, fall for the first guy you see after being left waiting."

Taken aback for a sec she finally smiles after looking me up and down a few times.

"Well when they look like you sure why not. I have to say I do have a thing for guys with long hair and kilts."

My smile got bigger as I see the flush of blush on her cheeks.

"I tell you what let me make a quick call and I'll buy you a drink."

She quickly accepted the offer and went as sat in a booth in the dark corner of the bar. I call a friend of mine and make arrangements to get my truck towed. I then quickly walk to the booth and sit across from her. We make small talk and quickly find that we are both enjoying talking to each other. As we continue to talk and drink, her hand finds my arm. She's slowly runs her fingernails up and down my forearm.

"Why don't you move a little closer."

She asks in a voice that sounded like a cat on the prowl. As I slide closer she takes my hand and places it on her thigh. Once hand is there her hand is on my thigh and slowly working its way under my kilt. Not wanting to be out done I do the same. As i move up her leg she bit her lip as I near the top of her leg I slide my hand to the inside of her thigh and quickly allow my finger to push into her now very wet panties. As I'm doing all this she has worked my massive hard on free from their underwear and has began to slowly work her hand up and down the entire length of my shaft.

I slide my finger under her panties and began to slowly make circles around and over her clit. She continues to bit her lip but her eyes are rolled back and her breathing has increased to very heavy breathes. He hand also has tighten around my cock as she continues to stroke the entire length of it. I lean over and whisper,

"It's OK for good girls to come in public".

As if in command her body constricts her face flushes and her breathing almost stops as she cums very hard and wettly. After a few more moments she can once again speak and whispers to us to get out of here. I quickly agree. She runs to the ladies room as I pay the bar tab. As we step outside she looks around for something.

"whatcha looking for I ask."

"Your car silly."

I laugh and explain that mine had broken down. She then tells me that she was dropped off by a friend. I look across the street to an old motel and ask if that would work for her. Without saying a word she grabs my hand and basically pulls me across the street. I quickly pay for a room and we almost run to it. Before we even get to it her hand in under my kilt holding my cock. I fumble with room key because as soon as at the door she is on her knees and my cock quickly disappears into her mouth.

The feeling of her tongue swirling over and around my head was unbelievable. It was almost impossible to open the door but I finally did and basically carry her inside. Once the door is closed she is back on her knees my kilt over her head as she worked all of my hardness into her mouth and down her throat. The feeling is amazing. Knowing I can't hold off much longer I pick her up and throw her on the bed. As I start to undress she does the same but she doesn't remove her skirt. I look at her for a moment wondering why. As if knowing what I'm thinking she spreads her legs wide to reveal that her panties are no longer on her but I can just see a part of the sticking out of her pussy.

"Mmmm when did you do that?"

"While you was paying for the drinks, now come and take them out of me."

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