Testing the Waters

by Write or Wrong

Copyright© 2016 by Write or Wrong

Erotica Sex Story: I thought watching my brother and my best friend having sex would be the wildest experience I had this year, but it turns out college, and my fellow coeds, offer amazing opportunities to...how should I say...expand my horizons. Author's Note: This story involves characters from "Fun and Games," but it stands alone if you haven't read that one first.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Public Sex   School   .

I knew campus would be dead the day of July 4th, but I wasn't expecting it to be this dead. Normally, even during the summer session, my Psych 101 class would have a hundred people in it. Today there was maybe twenty of us scattered around the auditorium. But that didn't stop Dr. Mallory from droning on at the front of the room.

I shouldn't complain. Psych was an easy A for me and watching Dr. Mallory was not without its perks. Like the tight khakis he always wore that cradled his amazing butt. I can't be the only girl to notice how he clinches his buns as he writes on the dry erase board. Yummy. I could just imagine kneeling down behind him and undoing his belt, pulling down his slacks and boxers, then running my hands over those buns of steel. Fuck.

Usually watching him gives me the low down tingles, but I've been on edge all week so today it was giving me a low down full-on itch. Good thing I came prepared. I kept my baby blue eyes on the teacher, but my hand slipped into the pocket of my magic pants, or what was left of my pocket. Instead of touching lint lined cloth my slender fingers caressed firm, naked flesh. I had cut the pocket right out of my loosest fitting jeans last spring after I heard about a boy who did it to wank himself at the movies.

Why should guys have all the fun?

My fingers brushed through the bristly dark hair of my bush and touched my pussy-lips. I usually do this at night in front of the mirror in my bedroom. I love to watch myself and imagine other people watching â€" and yes, lately my fantasy audience were people like Gwen and my brother Andy. Since our encounter earlier this year they had featured in my fantasies a lot.

It was tough because I had listened to Gwen crushing on my big brother for years. Now that I've seen them in action, I couldn't stop thinking about them. Both of them. Gwen had apparently not been lying about the size of 'the beast' that she raved about. Thinking of Andy, my loving brother, using his massive tool on me was a recurring fantasy even before they started hooking up. But now I can't look at Gwen in the same way. She had her tongue in my cunt! I've loved her like a sister for years, but now ... now I want to have a taste of her.

God I'm so fucked up. No wonder I'm going to be a Psych major.

But with Gwen on a family trip for another month, and Andy was back home working like twenty hours a day this summer, I'm not going to get to act on those fantasies for awhile ... if ever.

My fingertip brushed over my big clit, bringing me back to the class room. This was the first time I've been so blatant about Jilling off in public. I had fantasized about this so many times the past few weeks. Now with the lights in the auditorium low and no one within ten seats of me I stroked my fingers over my lips and mound, uninhibited by fear, concern, or panties.

My curvy, young legs parted under the desk and my middle finger found my nubbin again, that special spot I imagine all girls love. My bright eyes watched Dr. Mallory's buns of steel as he once again wrote on the board as my finger began to slowly rub and stroke and massage my little clit.

I slumped a little more in my seat to make my pussy more available. My eyes lost focus, and probably got glassy while my fingers clawed my now stiff clit. My thighs opened farther and I slipped one naughty finger into my juicy fuck-hole. God it had been so long since I had anyone else touch me like this. Since I had break up sex with Shawn just after Prom. Sex with Shawn was never great with a capital "G," but it was nice. And he shot so much cum...

"Karl Jung." The clear voice rang through my sex thoughts and I looked a row back and to my left to see Linda Jennings answering some question.

I'm kind of new to crushing on girls, but whenever I see Linda in the locker room after our swim class on Tuesday / Thursday, I get that old Katy Perry song running through my head. I'm pretty sure I would like it.

With my slender finger inside my pussy and my thumb on my stiff, clit I slowly, very slowly rolled my hips. My pussy responded by turning and twisting on my finger and thumb. The creamy, dreamy sensations I liked so much filled my cunny as my fantasies of Linda's hand on my hot box took Dr. Mallory's place. I thought of running my hands over Linda's big breast and hips, then down to her shaved box.

My breathing quickened as I got hot, and my firm young tits began to rise and fall a little faster in my tight T-shirt. Thank God I was wearing a denim vest today or everyone would see my high-beams flashing. My nostrils flared and I felt my pretty face flush slightly. I slid my middle finger inside then a third filling my box. A familiar tickle started up, deep in my belly, and I started moving my fingers and thumb in time with the rolling of my hips. That's it Linda, I thought lost in the fantasy, fuck me lover.

A second later, my body froze in the seat and my mouth fell open. I fought back a gasp as I worked my fingers in and out of my cunt and rubbed my clit hard. With no one the wiser, I came wetly on my naughty fingers. I sat there for a while lost in the pleasure of cumming in a room of people with no one knowing. When the bell sounded, I snapped back to reality and pulled my wet fingers out of my pocket and quickly wiped them on my jeans. Then I shut my laptop, noticing my notes for this lecture were non-existent, and shoved it in my bag. Grabbing my books to my chest I got to my feet and shuffled to the aisle.

I was at the door of the lecture hall when I heard someone call out, "Robin? Hey Robin?" I looked back and saw that it was Linda waving at me. We talk some in the locker room before and after swim class since our lockers were right next to each other, but this was the first time she seemed to notice me in this class. I waited at the door and she caught up saying, "Hi, locker buddy."

"Hey girl. What's up?" I stopped short of the outer vestibule, not ready to face the hot sun. Linda stood next to me, trying to stay out of the way of the others leaving.

"Well, this is lame of me since this is the first time we've talked outside of the Nat, but you have a car, right? I mean, you don't live on campus?"

"Uh, yeah?" I was living in Andy's apartment until the fall when Gwen and I would move in to the dorms for our Freshman year.

"So, I have to get to the bus station to go home for the long weekend, and my ride fell through, and I don't have money for a taxi. Is there any way I could beg a ride off you?"

Wow, I didn't see that coming. "Okay. Uh, sure, no problem. When is your bus?"

"I have to be at the bus station by five, but if you are leaving now I'd just need to pick up my bags at my dorm."

"It's fine. I have a 3 o'clock class. I was just going to hang out at the library."

"Cool. Since you're helping me out, can I treat you to lunch at the dining hall?"

"As long as 'lunch at the dining hall' means 'mochas at Starbucks, ' then fine." I said and we finally went out into the steamy summer day.

"He really never gave you the 'big O'? Here, try these with that." Linda fastened a pearl necklace around my neck as I modeled one of the dresses she let me try on in front of her mirror. Linda was a little wider than me, but the stretchy fabric still clung in all the right places.

"He was okay, but never made my toes curl." I said turning so I could see my butt in the mirror. My boobs are a nice C cup, my chestnut hair is always bouncy with lots of body, and I know my face is pretty, but I think my bubble butt is my best feature. Linda had laughed when I blushed about not having any panties on and made a joke about having seen it all before. Now I was glad I had no panties on so the black material clung to my cheeks with no lines to distract from my smakable ass.

There was a scent of the Orient about Linda's dorm room from the three candles she had lit - heady but comforting. Her mother was an interior decorator and instead of posters and Target furnishings, her room was filled with framed prints, cushions and plush rugs that caressed my toes. Linda had a room to herself because she served as an RA for the summer sports camps that came to campus. But since it is a holiday week, her floor was almost deserted.

We had been relaxing enjoying some girl-talk over Frappuccinos, comparing music on our phones, until Linda started repacking. That led me to peeping at her cloths and before I knew it I was trying things on. Now her papasan chair had my clothes and stuff piled on it and I was wearing this LBD that was to die for.

It was crazy how easy it was to talk with Linda. Being a commuter pre-frosh student had made it hard to meet many people. All my friends from high school were back home goofing off after our Senior year. Meanwhile I had elected to get some Gen Eds out of the way, so it had been a lonely semester at my new school without any friends around. Here was someone I had chit-chatted with for a few weeks, but I felt closer to her than anyone besides Gwen. We liked the same music, the same movies, the same books and were still finding out about what else we liked.

Now we were bonding over crappy men. Linda had told me about braking up with her cheating boyfriend last month, and I had told her about how Shawn dumped me after Prom because he didn't want to even try the long distance thing. Of course the subject of sex came up and I told her how I had never really cum hard with him â€" carefully avoiding any mention of Gwen and Andy and the mind blowing orgasm I had with them.

"I hear you honey." Linda belly flopped on her bed and was kicking her feet slowly back and forth softly booting her own butt. I couldn't figure out how she had so much room to move since her jeans were almost painted on, but more than once I caught myself looking at her tight backside as her heel lightly rebounded off a cheek. I'm such an ass girl today, I thought. Then Linda dropped a bombshell, "The only lover I have ever had who could really ring my bell without detailed directions was this chick, Zoey."

"Holly shit, are you gay?" I asked shocked.

"I wish. I think it would be easier if I was. No I was just experimenting. You've never tried?" Linda replied.

"I'm not a lesbian," I said, firmly, and then felt ashamed of myself for saying it. After all hadn't I just been fantasizing of her in class? Then I thought of that night, and the feel of Gwen's tongue tentatively tasting me, about the fantasies I had entertained about her before and after that night. I AM fucked up.

"No shame in trying out the home team, Robin." she replied, a little frostily. "Anyway, how do you know you're not? Deep down? You were the one saying guys hadn't really rocked your world"

"I ... I'm sorry, Linda," I sighed. "Shit you're right. Maybe I'd really get off if I went that way. It's not like I haven't thought about it."

"Maybe you should just test the waters before diving in," she suggested her dark eyes meeting mine and holding my gaze steady.

"How do I do that?" I blushed as I said it, feeling a pleasantly warm glow between my thighs.

"You find someone you can trust who is interested."

I stood silent looking at the floor, not sure how to move things where I wanted them to go. But Linda took care of that by asking, "Do you trust me?"

"I don't know. Should I?"

"You should." she said with a quiet laugh. Linda stood up and walked towards me. She was around 5'5" like me, but had a more athletic build and full D cups with Hershey Kiss nipples that I had admired in the locker room shower. Her black hair was cut in a page boy that swayed around her face.

I stood like a manikin in her black dress and pearls saying nothing. I remember Aallyah's "Choosey Lover" was playing softly from her phone. All I could do was stand there and wonder, will she choose me?

Linda came toward me with her arms spread wide, letting me know to expect a hug from her, and hug me she did. She held me very tight and when she moved back just slightly, our faces were only a few inches apart.

"How are you doing so far?" she asked.

"Oh, okay. Good. I mean it's good." I stammered. Then, before I could change my mind, she planted one on me. Right on the lips. Her lips were very full and felt so very sensuous pressed against mine. I was surprised, and a little scared, but a pleasant feeling of warmth rolled over me as the kiss went on.

Linda pulled away very slowly, as if our lips did not wish to part. I could feel her breasts pressed to mine as she looked at me, smiling. Then I realized I was smiling back at her. She leaned in again and I shut my eyes, shivering slightly. Then I felt her lips brush mine soft like a feather. Her warm breath broke against my face as she asked, "What do you think?"

I said, "Linda ... I..."

She smiled at me and put her arms around me. "It's OK Robin, I was scared my first time too."

She let her hands stroke up and down my back while I held her tight. Our lips came together again this time with more passion from both of us. I felt her hand slide around to my breast, while her tongue was dancing in my mouth. I slid my hands down her back and squeezed her trim little ass.

It felt like time stopped, as we swayed together, kissing and fondling. My heart was beating really fast and I just kept thinking, Oh God, don't let me mess this up. I'd been peeping at this young hotty for weeks now and here she was feeling me up.

"Don't tease me woman" I whisper in her ear as she leaned into me, making us rest against the closet door. "You don't know what you're starting."

"I think I know." she said while running her fingers through my chestnut locks. "For weeks I could tell there was a raging sexpot just waiting to get out." she whispered.

She kissed my ear and then the little scar under my chin. Then my neck ... lightly at first, nibbling on the pearls she had put on me. I could smell her; clean, fresh with a slight musk that could only be her body chemistry. As she kissed the top of my chest, just above my breast, I grasped for breath. Linda looked up into my eyes and noticed my lip trembling slightly. Is this desire or fear? I couldn't say for sure myself.

"Are you sure you want this. You can tell me to stop at any time Robin. I mean it, Jesus, you're shaking" She says, hugging me close.

"No. YES. I mean, I may be in over my head. I've had fantasies of you and me together, fantasies about other girls, but I just have no idea what I'm doing here" I could feel a tear slip down my cheek and felt so embarrassed.

"Hey, come on now..." She said pushing me back to arms length, "this is me you're talking to. We are friends from here on out no matter what, you know. After all, I don't let just anyone try on my clothes." I laughed and she rubbed the tears from my face. "I want you more than anything right now, but I have no problem doing without."

"Don't be silly" I said. "I'm a big girl, I can handle it. And I like what's happened so far." I take her hand and pull us slowly back until I feel my legs hit the bed. I released her hand and reached back to unzip the dress. She pushed the hem up over my waist and I raised my arms as she brought the black material over my head, leaving me only in her pearls.

"So tell me," Linda said looking at my naked body for the first time, "why didn't you have panties on today."

God could this be more embarrassing? "I was ... I was touching myself ... in Psych class."

"Oh you naughty girl." She laughed and kissed me, pushing me back onto her bed. "Do you do that often?"

"No. This was the first time."

Linda looked lustily at my body and said, "Lots of firsts today."

I reclined on the bed with Linda bent over me, gathering my hands above my head. She kissed my small mouth, gently at first, adding her tongue again only when invited. My God, the smell of this woman is intoxicating. She smiled and sat back, starting to undo her shirt. I could feel myself relaxing ... willing and ready to experience the pleasure she had in store for us.

Linda unhooked her bra and slipped out of the shoulder straps, but held the cups over her chest. "It was when I saw you checking out these a few weeks ago," she said lightly juggling her full breasts, "that I knew this would happen someday." I sat up and pulled the bra from her. Before she could react I licked her hard nipple and she responded with a mumbled groan. As I manipulated her stiffened flesh with my tongue, I could feel the excitement shooting between us.

With a light push I fell back on the bed and Linda was there kissing me again. My hands were on her back and then I slid them lower, lower, gripping her young buns. Suddenly I needed to get the denim off her and touch her skin to skin. I reached between us to release the button on her jeans. They were so tight it took both of us pulling and tugging to get them down over her flaring hips, legs, and finally off.

This time I voluntarily lay back, with my arms over my head and waited to see what she would do. After kicking off her panties she knelt on the bed and bent over to put her lips on my thigh. Slowly and wetly she kissed her way back up to my stomach. When she passed the area around my mound, my body responded ... unable to remain still. Muscles tense at the pleasure to come.

Linda used her hand to lightly touch the hair atop my sweet pussy. She softly pet the kinky brown hair covering my clit as if to hide a treasure. She let her finger gently glide over my pussy lips, occasionally slipping inside to feel my wetness. I was so excited at that point, I just had to kiss her sweet mouth once more. I gave her a long stroking kiss ... one meant to show her how serious this was.

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