Ants in Her Pants

by Morganna Roberts

Copyright© 2015 by Morganna Roberts

Erotica Sex Story: Finishing school was not supposed to be like this.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

Anne took pride in the fact that she was without a doubt the cleanest young lady in Mrs. Thompson's finishing school.

Just ask anyone.

She took a shower every morning and a bubble bath every night. Her fingernails and her toenails were impeccable without blemish.

Her hair was admittedly magnificent and a tribute to the one hundred strokes administered by one of her adoring school mates each and every day. Her best friend Agatha kept her tiny ginger bush neatly trimmed with the special little scissors that she kept hidden inside her school uniform and sometimes caressed lovingly because it was so familiar with Anne's magic garden. Sometimes the shockingly weak and impressionable Agatha would press the small tool between her legs and revel in the thought that it had been so intimate with her best friend's private parts on so many pulse-racing occasions during the past four years. She had desperately wanted to express her feeling to the proud and confident Anne but held back because she knew the young woman was gloriously heterosexual. In point of fact, Anne was ever quite scornful of the Sapphic pursuits covertly practiced by the majority of young nubile females in residence.

Both Agatha and Anne were on the verge of graduating from the prestigious academy which produced virginal debutantes for masculine consumption on an annual basis. Mrs. Thompson's "girls" were in almost every little cubbyhole of power and prestige throughout the nation and indeed internationally as well. She had high hopes for young Anne because of her impressive adherence to matters of hygiene and her devotion to pursuing proper decorum and tone of behavior at all times.

Today was a happy day for one and all.

They were taking advantage of the unusually bright and warm weather to conduct an exercise in correct procedures to be followed when partaking of a picnic with a young beau in a rural environment. The location was one that was used quite extensively by Mrs. Thompson because of its seclusion and privacy which was ever paramount in her mind when exposing her girls to field exercises. Of course, there were no males in attendance because the headmistress had discovered to her infinite chagrin the ultimate results of such consort was the inevitable loss of virginity by one or more of her charges as soon as they were out of her sight. As a result the girls were all paired with each other and one of them would play the role of the male escort and the other would be the nubile young maid.

There were more giggles and laughter than productive conversation because the girls found the situation to be a source of great humor and stilted exchanges as they played their roles with a high degree of enthusiasm.

Anne was playing the role of the female to Agatha's male escort and she was excessively amused at her best friend's role-playing use of a masculine lowered voice and flirtatious tone of conversation that complimented her as she would expect in the company of a prospective suitor. She even allowed the normally passive Agatha to kiss her cheek and let her fingers run through her perfectly coiffed hair in the same generous way she allowed her to groom her well-tended muff. After all, they were trying to make the scene as realistic as possible and she noticed that most of the other students were diligently participating with eager interest. She had to agree that it was much more comfortable to be of like gender in the exercise because there was no fear of the "boys will be boys" attitude that the other schools seemed to tolerate.

Things progressed nicely and the "male escorts" made half-hearted attempts to compromise their companions with innuendo and covert movements hidden from Mrs. Thompson's watching eyes.

She was surprised that Agatha had inserted her hand under her dress and was petting her buttocks with the kind of effrontery a high-spirited lag would be expected to muster in the same circumstances. Since the headmistress was not aware of it, she allowed it to continue because in all honesty her imagination ran away with her and she daydreamed that the exploring hand belonged to the handsome young soldier who had opened the doors to their car on the train. He was such a nice-looking chap with broad shoulders and tight trousers that attested to his trim flanks and noticeable bulge in the proper place. She closed her eyes and held Agatha's arm tight directing her to that area of her special liking knowing that the girl would be more than compliant to her demands.

Some of the other pairings were twisting and groping in similar fashion making sure that Mrs. Thompson saw how reluctant they were to actually engage in anything of a sensuous nature. Meanwhile, Anne pressed Agatha's fingers into her heated slit placing her finger on her lips to warn her not to give away the distraction. Soon, the perspiration was gathering on Anne's pretty face. A face that was absent even the slightest hint of cosmetics as that was Mrs. Thompson's forte to prepare the girls for a life not dependent on such foppery to attract male attentions. She looked at the pleading look in Agatha's eyes and opened her legs a bit wider to give the girl's fingers sanctuary in her womanhood. It was a bit obscene but only the two of them were aware of it and in all honesty it brought a great deal of hidden pleasure to both of them and eliminated the boring aspects of repetitious instruction.

Anne hid her face from Mrs. Thompson's knowing eyes so she could not see the fast approaching release that was beginning make her juices flow with familiar warning. She knew that it would be imperative to mask her orgasm when it hit her to allay any suspicions about her naughtiness. It did hit her unexpectedly and she pretended to have a coughing fit to hide her convulsing nervous system.

Some of the girls requested permission to repair to the comfort station and both Anne and Agatha joined them to restore their clothing and facial expressions to normal. On the way back to the riverbank, they sat on a convenient log to talk about their recent session of sexual expression. For some unexplained reason, Anne felt it necessary to inform Agatha that she was not of the nature to seek female companionship unless of course there was absolutely no opportunity to secure a male to satisfy her urges. Agatha shook her head in agreement because she had no illusions that the beautiful Anne would ever compromise her heterosexual reputation to linger with her in the depths of abnormal lovemaking. That was not to say there were a lot of advantages to such a partnership since child-rearing and husband-tending were not at the top of her list in desired activities. She was a bit leery of the concept of "giving" her body to a single man for life with little chance to experience the much-vaunted pleasures of the "wild side" of life.

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