Dickgirls of Faeruhn 05: My Little Peony: Friendship Is Tragic

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2015 by Honey Moon

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Peony is a Golden scholar. She has discovered the legendary statue said to have been the portal that brought Starswirl the Seeder to Faeruhn over a thousand years ago. Twilight Sparkle is a Princess. She has discovered a second magic mirror left by Starswirl the Bearded over a thousand years ago. What will happen when Twilight and Spike go through the portal and visit the violent and brutal world of Faeruhn? Read on to find out!

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Magic   Slavery   Hermaphrodite   DomSub   Rough   Humiliation   First   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Bestiality   Squirting   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Size   Big Breasts   .

Jasmine looked on with interest as Peony's nimble fingers slid the beads rapidly on their wires. "You number crunchers are sure a strange breed." She said with a smile.

Peony sighed. "Healer Jasmine, My breed is the same as yours."

Jasmine tried not to laugh. "Peony, that's not exactly what I meant."

Peony looked up from her abacus, waited a few heartbeats, and then giggled. "Jasmine, I know what you meant." The Golden said with a lopsided grin. "I just decided to play along with the stereotype most hold us scholars to."

Jasmine pretended to steady herself. "Faeruhn just shook! A scholar told a joke!"

"I'm not that bad." Peony said as her face grew flush. "I'm not serious all of the time."

"I know, my friend." Jasmine turned to look at the statue Peony had devoted much of her young life to recovering. After years of chasing down clues to its location in ancient fragmented written accounts, Peony had been granted permission to take a small archeology team into the forbidden zone to dig. "Are you serious about that?" She hooked a thumb at the imposing marble Faeruhnite with the impossibly large phallus. "That's really Starswirl, The Seeder?"

"No!" Peony exclaimed. "Why do I always need to explain this to everyone? That figure is just some ancient war deity. She's from some dark time when Faeruhn had many more than four archetypical races. She's not important. It is said that the plinth of the statue is the gateway Starswirl used on her numerous visits to Faeruhn."

"Now I know you aren't being serious." Jasmine grinned, enjoying how flustered Peony became when teased. "Next you'll be telling me that you believe the legend that Starswirl had a magic elixir that allowed her to become erect any time she drank it. Or that she founded the Snowflake race single handedly."

"It was well over a thousand years ago." Peony said with a grin. "Who is to say she didn't start the Snowflake line. Intact records of that period are extremely rare, but all the legends describe her as a huge Snowflake. It is my theory that Snowflakes are dying out because they aren't true Faeruhnites. If an alien from another reality founded their line, they couldn't be. There must have been some subtle incompatibility if a great being such as Starswirl produced what have ultimately proven to be such a biologically inferior race."

"We are not inferior!" A diminutive Snowflake shouted angrily. "You must tell me all you can about this elixir, and then I will show you inferior when I recreate the formula!"

Jasmine's hand lashed out. The crack was quite loud when she slapped the Snowflake's face and sent her reeling across the floor. "Iris, I let you get away with a lot since you used to be a healer, but I will not stand for a slave butting in on two citizens having a conversation!"

"By the looks of it, shorty is in danger of losing her status in a very few more rutting season!" Iris shouted as she picked herself up.

Grabbing the Snowflake's golden hair, Jasmine yanked her upright, lifting until she and Iris were eye to eye. "You watch that tongue, or I shall remove it!"

Iris cowered before her mistress's anger and dangled limply with her feet several inches above the floor. She had no doubt that the healer had the skills to remove her tongue without outright killing her, despite the intense pain such a procedure would inflict. "I, I'm sorry!"

Jasmine let Iris drop back to the floor. "That's better. Please excuse my servant's behavior, Peony. I'm too softhearted and grant her far too much freedom."

Peony sighed. "It's okay. I don't give a damn about what a slave says." She smiled. "I'm still on an emotional high since digging up the statue! All of my calculations paid off admiralty. I swear that my cock almost became erect outside of rutting season when we stripped off the decaying animal skins it had been wrapped in." She giggled. "Besides, I'm safe enough now that the school has decided I am a valuable asset. I need never worry again about losing more stature."

A young and dangerously undersized Golden paused in her sketching of the statue. "That's true. There's a standing order in place now. Every rutting season, students and staff take shifts protecting Miss Peony. I, uh, volunteered to skip rutting entirely and keep an eye on her all day tomorrow."

"That was very nice of you." Jasmine said kindly, pretending she didn't know that Lilac was afraid to venture out on the hunt when just one more pregnancy would shrink her down to slave status.

The rather short student sighed. It humiliated her to be literally within an inch of losing her citizenship. Healer Jasmine was sure an inspiration though. She came all the way back from Spritehood, to proudly take her place in society again. Just look at her! Three successful rutting seasons in a row, coupled with vigorous Sprite eating that bordered on gluttony, had let her surpass the five foot five of a Golden's initial maturity. Jasmine was very respectable five foot SEVEN! Lilac shook her head and smiled. "Miss Peony is such an egghead that sometimes she doesn't even notice she has become erect. You never know if a rogue will strike within city limits, and try to make a move on her while she happily studies the hours away."

Peony blushed. "I notice ever blessed erection, I'll have you know. I just always have more important things to think about."

"You weren't thinking important things last rutting season." The student said with a giggle."

Jasmine raised an eyebrow. "That sounds like a tale worth telling."

Peony smiled sheepishly. "The university staff decided to surprise me on my birthing day. I was in the middle of some very complex calculations, when they literally threw a bound Snowflake at my feet." She looked around as if expecting trouble. "Don't tell the Enforcers, but I went a little goofy at the sight of a Snowflake only one good rutting away from losing her citizenship. The intent was that they would help me carry her to my retreat in the forest, but everyone was kind enough to look the other way when things, uh, escalated. It had been quite some time since I had a conquest. I didn't even bother untying her. I, um, did it right where you're standing."

Jasmine pretended she had stepped in something messy, and took a giant step back. "That's a little too much information." She said with a laugh.

"Healer Jasmine, you should have seen it!" The student said excitedly. "Miss Peony pounded that Snowflake like a feral canine that hadn't mated for a dozen rutting seasons! You wouldn't believe how long she lasted before depositing her genetic material though! I was glad I had a pitcher..." Lilac blushed. She had nearly slipped and admitted that she had drained her own genetic material while watching, instead of going out on a hunt and risking the loss of her citizenship! "Um, everyone was simply in awe at how much honey she managed to consume as well! Nobody had ever seen a Snowflake lose that much stature at one rutting season."

Jasmine winked at Iris. "We have, haven't we, little one? If it weren't for your insane womb sibling's perversions, you wouldn't have brought my clone into the world."

"Yes Mistress. I remember." Iris said woodenly. Her figure had finally returned to normal. Just in time for her mistress to sire another damnable Golden clone on her tomorrow. She shuddered. "How would I ever forget?"

Healer Jasmine had kept a memento of her servant's horrifyingly deviant womb sibling. Lily's tiny bleached skull sat in a place of honor on the mantle over the fireplace. Iris was forced to dust it every day when she cleaned the room. Several of the spinners that had hatched out of her dying body even visited from time to time. They seemed to like napping next to the relic of their first meal.

Peony nodded, familiar with the amazing story of the massive cooperative Sprite attack on Iris's womb sibling. It was a fitting end for one of the twin Snowflake clones that had nearly killed Jasmine when she had been forced to endure the horrifying rarity of twin births. She giggled. "I did get a serious stomachache from forcing myself past the limit, but it had been a while."

Jasmine smiled. "I did notice you had grown quite a bit after last rutting season. Good for you!"

Peony smiled proudly. "I used to be just as short as Lilac. One more pregnancy would have destroyed me." She paused. "Oh, I'm sorry about that Lilac." She said softly when she saw the stricken look on her student's face. "It's true enough though."

"That's okay, Miss Peony." Lilac said with an obviously false cheerfulness. "Keeping you safe will keep me safe."

Iris interrupted again. "None of these books are about chemistry or medicine." She said indignantly. "They're all about things like "Electricity". What good is that? What can an electricity do?"

Peony casually walked to her workbench and picked up a length of cable. She dipped the end into a large jar and stirred it around a few times. She thrust the greasy metallic end at the offensive little Snowflake. "Hold this." She ordered. She then kicked the Snowflake until she was standing on a small metal plate on the floor. "Now if you'll oblige Lilac, let us have a little demonstration of what electricity can do."

The student threw down her sketch pad and ran to a strange contraption. Sitting on a small stool, she placed her feet on two rests, and began pumping her legs energetically. The wheel the rests were attached to turned at a dizzying rate. A belt connected this wheel to an even smaller one, which became a blur of speed. It reminded Jasmine of the mechanism of a waterwheel, only on a much smaller scale.

Iris looked dumbly at the metallic end of the cable she held. Her free hand rubbed her sore bottom where she had been kicked. "What is all this?" she demanded as she glanced down at the shining metal plate she stood on. She shifted her feet and nearly fell. "It's slippery. Why is it all covered in thick grease?"

"You'll be glad of that lubrication in a moment, if it works." Peony said as her hand closed on the thick wooden end of a knife switch. "Pay attention." She said as she yanked the lever down to its closed position.

Iris let out a shriek as her hand closed convulsively tight on the metallic cable. That shriek became a strangled moan through tightly clenched teeth. Her back arched as every muscle in her body contracted with nearly enough force to tear sinew and break bones. Her urine sparkled in the sunlight as it suddenly jetted from her body.

Peony yanked the lever back to its open position and Iris instantly collapsed to a heap on the floor. "That's about enough. If Lilac pedaled faster, or I let it go a little longer, your slave would be dead, cooked from within by the electrical current."

"We killed a sprite that way last week." Lilac said with a grin as she dismounted the machine. "We didn't have Miss Peony's electrical conductive grease then, so it burned pretty badly." She laughed. "To be precise, I had to stop peddling when it caught on fire. My ears rang for an hour from its shrieking. The smell was so horrid that nobody had the nerve to try eating it when it finally died. We ended up throwing the nasty thing down the privy."

Peony stared down at the prone Snowflake. "Lilac, would you please resume your seat and peddle about twice as fast? We're about to lose Healer Jasmine's servant. She isn't breathing."

"Oh, okay." Lilac hopped back on, and peddled furiously.

Peony shoved the motionless body until the heels of her feet were once again on the lubricated metal plate. She scooped up some of the grease and wiped it liberally just under the Snowflake's still breasts. Donning a heavy leather glove, she picked up the cable. "Jasmine, would you close that switch?"

Watching with interest as a lifeless Iris stared unblinking at the ceiling; Jasmine casually reached over and pulled the lever back down. Peony tapped the end of the cable to the edge of the plate, and was rewarded with a shower of sparks no steel against flint could ever produce. She then pressed the cable to the greasy spot on the Snowflake's chest. Peony held it in place for a second or two while Iris jerked and twitched convulsively.

"There, I think that does it. You can stop peddling now, Lilac." The scholar said. "We'll know for sure in a moment."

The seconds dragged by, until Iris suddenly sat up. She gasped and took a huge ragged breath. "What did you do to me?" She groaned softly. "I hurt all over!"

Peony yanked Iris up, and examined the palm of her hand. "I was right! The lubricant I prepared has saved your hand and feet. I think we can turn the technology over to the Enforcers now. Electricity will make a merciful form of punishment, or even execution, now that we've licked the problem of charred flesh."

Iris whimpered as she stared at her hand. Her flesh wasn't charred, but there was an angry red welt across her palm. "Mistress Jasmine, I, I think I was dead!"

"Don't be such a crèche baby." Jasmine snapped. "Peony revived you, so why are you complaining? She didn't have to go through the trouble. I wouldn't have been overly concerned if you had joined your mad womb sibling in the afterlife." She turned to Peony and changed the subject to one of actual importance. "So this is the actual statue Starswirl the Seeder is supposed to have emerged from?"

"Yes!" Peony said excitedly. "What's more, by my calculations, it should become active again at any time!"

In another when, in another where, a pony named Applejack tilted her hat back. "So this here is another ah those Starswirl magical mirrors, right?"

"Yes!" Princess Twilight Sparkle said excitedly. "What's more, by my calculations, it should become active again at any time!"

"I dunno about this." Rainbow Dash said as she flapped her wings and slowly circled the large ornate mirror. It could be dangerous." She lashed at the air with her front hooves, punching out imaginary enemies. "If you go, I should go with you. Somepony has to watch your flanks."

"How could it be dangerous?" Twilight asked. "According to his notes, Starswirl frequently used this world as a place to relax and unwind. He went there quite often before he disappeared from history. He states in his notes several times that he always returned to Equestria feeling so mellow and satisfied." She frowned. "Oddly, he gives no real details other than to mention how much he enjoyed "Sprite dining". He must have meant sprightly dinner conversation. Spelling and grammatical errors are so unlike him though. Anyway, he must have really wanted to keep his tranquil vacation world a secret place for himself."

"Is that why it was hidden so deep?" Fluttershy asked softly. "Maybe he didn't want anypony to find it and get hurt."

Spike laughed. "I'll say it was hidden deep! We found the thing way down in one of the sub basements under the Castle of the Two Sisters."

Twilight nodded. "Yes, it was in a locked closet, in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying 'Beware of the Leopard'." She shook her head. "It must have been there for well over a thousand years. Oddly, when I asked Princess Celestia, she said they never had any leopards when she and Luna lived there."

"Leopards can be cranky." Fluttershy offered. "If there are leopards in the other world, you should stay home." She gulped. "Or maybe I can come with you to talk to them."

"I reckon we all should go." Applejack said. "We ain't ever gone visiting no alien world b'fore. It might be interestin'."

Rarity gracefully, yet swiftly moved to Twilight's side. "Yes, we should all partake of the journey." She laughed in pure delight. "Imagine the ideas I could get from observing alien clothing trends! I could base my new fall line on all that is chic for humans!"

Pinkie Pie grinned. "Road trip!" she shouted. From nowhere she pulled out and fired off one of her confetti canon. "It'll be a blast!"

"Sorry girls. I can't risk it. I know mirror travel is safe if it's just me and Spike making the journey. There are far too many variables involved if we all tried to go." She smiled. "We'll only be gone for about a day. What could possibly go wrong?"

Spike stood tall. "Don't worry guys. I got this. You know I have the princess's back!"

Twilight felt a surge in the ambient magic of her basement laboratory. She turned just in time to see the mirror give off a shimmer. "My calculations were right! The portal is open!" Twilight started the pendulum swinging on a clock with only one hand. "It will remain open until midnight tomorrow, then close for three moons, and then repeat the cycle."

Pinkie trotted up to it, and stuck her head into the mirror. She backed up and nearly fell over. "I'll say it's open." She said shakily, as her eyes spun. "What a trip!"

"Are you ready, Spike?" Twilight asked excitedly.

Spike took a bipedal runner's stance. "Ready, Twilight!"

Hooves thundered and claws clacked on the basement laboratory's stone floor as Twilight and Spike charged full tilt at the mirror.

Wings tight to her body, Twilight closed her eyes and leapt. Spike entered just a split second behind her. The two were accomplished dimensional travelers now and only felt a mild sense of all encompassing terror as they careened wildly through the twin vortexes of space and time.

Twilight thought she was used to her human form, but she staggered from the mirror and dropped painfully to her knees. "Something's wrong." She gasped, as a curious heaviness over her ribcage nearly toppled her forward onto her face. The heaviness was accompanied by a strange fullness in her lower body that seemed to center between her legs.

She opened her eyes, and let out an explosive gasp as she glanced down at her body. "No clothes." She said softly. At least that was one positive thing about this world. Clothes were for special occasions only, much as Rarity tried to get her to dress as a princess. That irrelevant thought vanished like a popped soap bubble as she beheld the huge purple hued orbs riding high on her chest.

Twilight had only just become accustomed to her human self having teats on her upper body, instead of sensibly under her hindquarters as nature intended. Her human friend Rarity had told her about a garment called a bra, but Twilight had been forever grateful when Rarity had declared her an "A" cup, whatever that was, and said one was not necessary. This was ridiculous though! She was monstrous!

"If, if I was an "A" before, what are these?" she whispered, crossing her slender arms under the mighty globes. "Am I, um, are they a "Z" now?" She whimpered. "They're bigger than my head!"

She slowly reached a shaking hand downward to investigate the other feeling of fullness. Her fingertips gingerly touched a thick fleshy object nearly as thick as her wrist. It was warm and alive, a living part of her body! Twilight squinted down her abundant cleavage to see what she was grabbing. "Oh sweet Celestia, it, it's a penis!" She whispered fearfully as she snatched her hand away from the masculine apparition. A quick touch assured her that although in their ridiculously small size as a human, the tender lips of her labia were still there.

Twilight was stunned. The shaft between her legs was capped by a large mushroom shaped head that matched the deep indigo coloring of her nipples. It looked weird, nothing like the pictures of erect pony members on the handsome stallions she had seen in Play Filly magazine, um, during her studies of equine anatomy. The obscene thing was soft and flaccid, but still large enough to make any stallion proud. "Oh Spike, what have I become?"

Spike let out a mournful moan, lost in his own problems. "Twilight, what's happening? I feel different this time!"

Twilight turned to stare at her number one assistant. "Spike, you're not a dog this time. I think you're a wolf!" She gasped. Spike was quite a bit larger than his doggie form in the other human world. The green eared green tailed canine had also become strikingly feminine in appearance, despite the presence of a large sheath with just the tip of a red canine penis peeking out. It seemed that he too had suffered a misdirection of teats. The sleek purple fur of his body seemed to accentuate the firm roundness of the mammaries between his front legs. "Spike, you're lovely!"

Spike spun around, and got a good look at his best friend. "Holy Guacamole Twi, what are those big round things? They look like beach balls!" He cleared his throat and tried again. "Twilight, is, is that a cock?" Spike blinked. "Is it me, or do I kinda sound like a girl now?"

"You're still a boy." Twilight said softly. "At least one part of you is still male, anyway."

Spike curled up like only a dog could, and let out a sob as he stared at the delicate slit beneath his male member. "Twilight, I, I have a pussy! What's happening?" He turned from Twilight to hide his shame, and froze. "Twi, um, we have company!"

Twilight slowly turned. She managed to stagger to her feet when she saw that Spike was right. She saw four human females looking at her with wide disbelieving eyes. Three of them were identical aside from variations in height and mane styles. The golden skinned females were colored something like Applejack's lovely coat. They were graceful beings, with long strong looking limbs. They all had shimmering black hair sprouting from their heads. Their eyes were lovely, with a sort of almond shape, like ponies from the far eastern religions of Equestria.

The fourth being was a little shorter than the rest. Twilight realized she had no frame of reference in this new world, but the delicate being with pale white skin would only come up to where her nipples were now located. She had wide round blue eyes that looked lovely with her pale coloration. Her hair was a bright yellow, and looked silky as it hung against her shoulders.

Twilight felt her face grow flush. The beings of this world shared two distinct characteristics with her new form. All had a strange bulbous headed shaft hanging between their legs, as well as the more expected vaginal folds. Aside from that, they all had rather large mammaries on their upper chest. It gave Twilight no comfort to know that her attributes were the by far the largest in the room, and that she stood nearly half a head taller than the tallest.

Peony stared in awe as with no warning, a Faeruhnite emerged from the statue's plinth and immediately dropped to her knees. She was magnificent! The statuesque creature had dark indigo hair, streaked with purple and pink. She had a build much like an Ebon, but with breasts that despite their formidable size rode higher and quite bit firmer than an Ebon of matching stature.

Peony shuddered as she tried not to stare at the newcomer's penis. Even flaccid, it was an organ to inspire fear in one who had lost her share of rutting season battles. Even an Ebon would be fearful of that mighty weapon!

Fear aside, Peony admired the strange purple coloring of the visitor's flawless skin. Points of blood concentration, namely her lips, gums, nipples, areolas and cockhead gradually darkened to an intriguing deep indigo.

Jasmine was the first to move after the newcomer's arrival. She pointed. "That purple and green wolf spoke!"

Spike panicked, and said "Woof?"

Lilac stared at the canine. "I heard it too. Wolves in the other world can talk! This is amazing!"

Peony tore her eyes from the massive penis on the statuesque newcomer, and smiled. "Welcome!" she shouted. "Welcome to Faeruhn! Are you an emissary of Starswirl?"

They knew of Starswirl the Bearded! Twilight felt relief spreading through her. "I guess you could say that." She said cheerfully.

Iris darted forward. "Why do you have stars tattooed on your ass?" she demanded. "Body art is against all custom!"

Jasmine slapped her slave again, once more knocking her to the floor. "What did I tell you about your tongue?" she hissed. "Please forgive me my slave's attitude. I'll punish her suitably when we get home."

Twilight gasped. She ran with breasts bobbling and cock swinging, to the fallen little human. "Are you alright?" she asked kindly, as she took her hand and helped her up.

Iris gulped fearfully. The alien thing was already trying to make a claim on shooting a clone into her! "I'm fine!" she squeaked, pulling back. "I, I have to show more respect. I, I'm sorry."

Jasmine smiled. "If you like her, she's yours."

"What? No! I don't know your ways here, but slavery is not tolerated in my world!"

Peony sighed. "Healer Jasmine, I think you insulted our guest. Look at her. Do you think such a magnificent Faeruhn would need a domesticated non citizen as a conquest?"

"Conquest, what are you talking about?" Twilight asked in confusion. "Why would I want to take her as a conquest?" She blushed. "If it means what I think it means, um, I, I don't even know her!"

Jasmine looked thoughtfully at the otherworldly Faeruhnite. This was the day before rutting season, and she saw no speculative hunger in those strange purple eyes. This alien deviant should be practically drooling at the thought of seeding a Snowflake slave, not turning her nose up at the mere thought. Jasmine was a realist. The large newcomer should really be looking them all over as prospective conquests, as they were looking at her. Things were not as they seemed. It was all she could do not to lick her lips in anticipation. "Please forgive me, great one." She said with just the hint of mockery in her tone. "Of course you will be free to make your own conquest."

Great one? That was worse than ponies calling her princess all of the time. She couldn't bear to think of anypony treating her like Trixie! "My name is Twilight Sparkle." Twilight said, trying to smooth things over.

"Twilight is the Princess of Friendship!" Spike announced proudly.

The females were all staring at her strangely, even the white one. They looked almost ... Hungry. It wouldn't do to antagonize her hosts, no matter how wrong she felt their society was in the treating of those weaker than you. "Yes, I'm a princess. I come in the spirit of friendship to learn of your ways. Please forgive any social faux pas I may commit in my ignorance."

Jasmine gave a slight, almost condescending bow. "Princess, I am Healer Jasmine. She nodded towards her friend. "This is Scholar Peony, and one of her gifted students, Lilac."

Twilight nodded in return. "I'm very glad to meet you." She smiled as she looked down at Spike's surprisingly large sleek lupine form. "This is my number one assistant, Spike."

"Hello." Spike said, his tongue lolling in a big canine smile.

Twilight looked at the diminutive white skinned humanoid. It almost looked as if she were built on a different scale, instead of just shorter than the others. "And who might this be?" she asked casually.

Jasmine laughed. "She might be anyone, but she's actually nobody. That's my slave Iris."

Twilight felt bad for the cowering little beauty, but she had to study their society before she could do anything about a system that supported slavery. "I'm very glad to meet you, Iris."

Iris stepped back away from the imposing purple visitor. Her heart pounded fearfully as she hid behind her mistress. "The feeling isn't mutual!" she managed to say, before Jasmine's foot came down hard on her instep. "I, I mean, it's nice to meet you!"

Peony looked out of the window and noted the position of the sun. "It's nearly supper time. Why don't we all sit down to share a meal? I hear that the vivisection department has arranged a special treat." She grinned slyly. "Hopefully no Enforcers were invited to spoil the festivities."

Lilac jumped up and pulled a length of stout cord from a spool hanging from the wall. "I'm famished. I bet the wolf is too."

Spike hardly had time to react before the cord was tied rather snugly around his neck. "What are you doing?" he gasped, swallowing against the uncomfortable tightness against his throat. He grabbed at the knot, but his large paws had no way to untie it. "Get that off of me!"

Jasmine stared down at the unusually colored animal. "Any who bring a canine within the city limits are required to keep it on a lead. Do you wish your mistress to run afoul of the Enforcers?"

Twilight knelt and gently rubbed Spike's head. "It's just for a little while." She assured. "I'll make it up to you tomorrow, I promise!"

Spike's tail thumped as he happily licked his friend's hand. He knew Twilight well. When all of this was over and they were safely home in Twilight's castle, she'd let him stay up late and binge on rubies and ice cream! "Okay Twilight, I'll do it for you, but expect me to be an animal tomorrow!"

Twilight laughed. "I'm looking forward to it."

Feeling sick at the pit of her stomach, Jasmine managed to hide her revulsion as she watched the purple one fawn over a trained animal, when all that was needed was a sharp kick to keep it in line. She knew that a very small percentage of canine owners let their beasts mount them, and it looked like this Twilight was one of that depraved lot. It was a sickening, yet simple way to keep the beast loyal to you while keeping yourself from being seeded in rutting season.

The canine seed, while being unable to put a clone in the womb of a Faeruhn, would make the Faeruhnite unattractive to potential conquerors. She would have the scent of one already with clone and be left alone. What manner of creature would go through such indignities to avoid a rutting battle? Who would risk the harsh penalty if caught being mated by a beast?

Jasmine shuddered. Being staked out with a wooden phallus jammed in your vagina to keep you locked in climax was horrifying. Feral Sprites would feast on your honey until you shrank small enough for the phallus to split your belly open. It then sometimes took hours to die as scavenging insects ate your spilled out intestines and internal organs. She would rather birth another set of twin clones than befall such a fate!

Most canine trainers were aggressive seeders, to prevent even a hint of impropriety over how they handle their beasts. Enforcers were forever citing animal owners for mating just inches beyond city limits, to insure plenty of witnesses to their conquests. A few would even claim one of their own genotype out of desperation, preferring that disgusting act to being branded as a beastwhore. This one was shameless, practically flaunting her deviant ways!

Peony gulped. "You, you seem to like your wolf a lot." She said, thinking much the same things as healer Jasmine.

"Spike is my best friend and number one assistant!" Twilight proclaimed loyally.

Lilac couldn't stifle her giggles. "I'm sure she gives you lots of assistance. I bet tomorrow she'll..."

"Lilac, watch your language!" Peony snapped.

"Sorry Miss Peony." The Golden stepped back from the wolf, as if fearful being close would taint her. "Let's go eat!"

"What was that all about?" Twilight whispered to Spike as she led him on his leash.

"Twilight, I don't like this world. Let's go home right after supper, okay? Maybe we can go visit Sunset Shimmer and our other friends in that NICE human world."

"Don't worry Spike. We'll leave soon. I'm just curious what kind of vegetation these humans eat." She shuddered, trying not to think about the hamburgers and such that humans ate in that other world. Thank goodness not all humans were carnivores and fruits and vegetables were readily available!

Twilight was lead to a dining hall. She looked around and saw dozens of females, but only four actual different faces. Everyone turned to stare at her as she entered the room. She guessed that was only natural. They probably never saw a purple human before.

It suddenly dawned on Twilight. This world had no stallions, uh, males! Every single being she saw was hermaphroditic in nature, taking the aspect of a lovely human female with a large penis. "Hello every, um, everybody." She said shyly as she took a seat. "It's nice to be here with you all."

Peony stood tall. She heard the he whispers spreading throughout the room. All of the scoffing was gone. She enjoyed her vindication as both student and faculty stared in awe at their visitor from another world. "Twilight Sparkle comes to us from Starswirl the Seeder's world!" she announced loudly. "She has come to learn of our ways. Please make her feel at home."

"Seeder?" Twilight said softly. "His name must have been garbled over the centuries. Perhaps he appeared as a female with a phallus. Would such a being still have a beard?" She shut her mouth, fearing another faux pas. Twilight smiled shyly when her tummy rumbled. "Goodness, I am hungry." She announced loudly.

A white skinned blonde female wearing a chef hat and nothing else nervously rolled a cart up to the table Twilight shared with her new friends. She placed a huge covered serving tray directly in front of Twilight. "Please enjoy, Miss Twilight." She said nervously, peeking downward at the purple one's lap. She gasped. "T-Take as many as you want. As usual, the vivisection department has a surplus of the little beasts. I'll bring you more any time you need them."

"There's that word again." Twilight said to herself. "I wonder what vivisection means." Suddenly nervous, she hesitated before uncovering the tray set on their table. "Thank you, I think," she said softly as she managed to align her fingers properly to grasp and lift the lid. The sound of pitiful cries filled her ears. "Sweet Celestia!" she gasped in horror.

There were several dozen tiny winged hermaphrodites piled on the tray. They cowered in terror as they squinted in the sudden brightness. Twilight couldn't tear her eyes away. They represented all of the four races of this world, only with wings something like a Pegasus. Was she seeing this world's version of the gentle Breezies?

Twilight forced herself to look closer and felt her heart would break in anguish for them. They all had one wing, and a bloody stump where the other had been torn off. She choked back a sob. It looked like their legs were broken as well. Quite a few were actually missing their lower limbs entirely. This was obviously done so they couldn't escape when the lid was raised!

"Are there any Enforcers here?" Jasmine said with a laugh." She looked at Twilight and smiled broadly as she picked up a struggling being with beautiful mahogany skin. "They do frown on Sprite dining before the season officially starts."

"Sp-Sprite d-dining?" Twilight stammered, while watching in shock as Jasmine opened her mouth wide. She was filled with horror when she finally understood that Starswirl hadn't miss spelled anything. Starswirl the Bearded had written of his enjoyment of the obscenity commencing around her!

"No, oh creator no!" the tiny female screamed as she dangled between jasmine's fingers. "Not like this! Kill me first! I beg you!"

"Go ahead and dig in." Jasmine said, eyeing Twilight suspiciously. "Legend says Starswirl had a hearty appetite!"

Twilight felt sick as she watched Jasmine thrust the lovely little female into her mouth. "No, you can't do this! Please, I beg you! Spit her out!" she pleaded. "You can't eat them!"

Iris stared at Twilight from where she sat unmoving at the table. Iris had sucked off and carefully taken the honey from countless Sprites, but never in her life had eaten one. She may have used them in her research, but by her lights she had treated them very well. This was the first time she ever met another Faeruhnite that seemed to share her view on the matter.

Jasmine made a great show of slowly chewing her squirming mouthful. She preferred to swallow them whole, but she was interested in Twilight's reaction. Her lovely purple face had a decided green tint when Jasmine finally swallowed the juicy remains of the dead sprite. "I know it's not as good when they aren't in season, but go ahead. You'll need your strength for tomorrow."

Twilight whimpered. Had she imagined it? No, she hadn't. Her dreams would be forever haunted by the scream of "Help me! Somebody, anybody help me!" followed by a sickening crunch coming muffled from within Jasmine's mouth. "I, I'm not hungry." She somehow managed to say, without becoming sick. She turned away, but the same sight met her eyes no matter which table she looked to.

Spike recoiled in horror when someone placed a bowl containing two badly injured and frightened females before him. "Twilight, let's get out of here!" he sobbed when he saw them hug each other in fear.

Watching in horror, Twilight felt faint when she saw that Peony was actually biting off the heads of the tiny living beings before she ate them. She lined the sightlessly staring heads up on the edge of her plate before selecting another screaming victim.

Peony felt eyes upon her. "I don't like to swallow the hair. It always gives me a case of the wind if I do. I wish that someone had thought to take a blade and scalp them before being served. They always seem to bite my fingers if I do it while they're alive. Oh well, you can't have everything in this world." She picked up a rather tiny white skinned Sprite, and motioned with her to make a point. "If they were in season I'd risk passing wind and eat them whole to save time and trouble. You can't waste time on delicacies while on the hunt though." She said before forever silencing the screams of another Sprite with her gleaming white teeth.

"Stop it!" Twilight cried, concentrating with all her might. With no horn, she was powerless! She couldn't freeze everyone with her magic force field and free the poor little creatures! She jumped from her chair, knocking it over. "This is madness! This is Tartarus!"

Twilight struggled to untie the cord from the table leg. "Come on Spike, we have to get out of here! We have to get Shining Armor to bring a division of guards so we can rescue the tiny human Breezies from this nightmare world!"

Jasmine picked up an exceptionally small Snowflake by its wings while she listened to Twilight spout her treason. For some reason the one she selected was still whole and unbroken. It was an astonishingly old one, with white grizzled hair instead of the usual lovely yellow corn silk of a Snowflake's crowning glory. Its breasts hung like limp empty sacks and its penis looked all shriveled and lifeless. She had a bit of a pot belly, and a face that looked like a sun dried apple.

How many years had this one managed to survive as a feral insect? Faeruhns had no set specific lifespan. No one really knew how long they could live if they avoid death through accident, disease, or eventually being eaten as a Sprite. This one could be centuries old, but its long life was over now!

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