Babysitter Secrets

by Tony Sorrentino

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotica Sex Story: How bad can it be when a brother replaces his sister on babysitting duties?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   .

Andy Rodman was a bit of a geek but he was still a fine physical specimen and was enthusiastic, if not unsuccessful, in his pursuit of the opposite sex. Of course, since he was still just recently eighteen years of age, it was not an unusual situation to be in a virgin status because the girls at his Catholic high school were notoriously prim and proper whenever boys were in attendance. Andy estimated only about a third of the male students had actually participated in carnal relations and at least half of them had paid some slut from outside the neighborhood to do the dirty deed. He was considering that route to losing his cherry but being a thrifty lad he hated to part with his hard-earned cash. His yard mowing business was flourishing in the spring and summer months and in the winter he earned extra money by clearing the driveways and walkways of the snow that clogged up traffic for law-abiding citizens.

His sister Pamela was not quite half as intelligent as Andy but she was equally as money conscious and she ran a lucrative babysitting service that catered to the young mothers in the surrounding residential neighborhood. For some reason, the town had recently gone through a period of heightened per-capita conception and baby strollers were in evidence on every street and in every store. It was jokingly suggested that it was "something in the water" that caused the booming baby production levels but in all likelihood it was related more to the fact that a number of the husbands were out of work and had nothing but time on their hands both day and night and found plenty of time to use their equally bored spouses for nocturnal entertainment.

Andy and Pamela's mother was pregnant again as well as most of the other nubile females in the surrounding houses despite being almost forty if she was a day. Their clueless father was embarrassed beyond belief and refused to go to church to be ridiculed for his lack of discretion in using contraception properly. That seemed a contradiction of philosophy within the church teachings but it was only common sense in such dire economic times for the poor people of the parish.

Pamela was sometimes generous with allowing young Andy to view her entering and exiting the shower in her altogether and she really didn't mind when he copped a feel of her bottom when her mother was distracted by household duties. The fact that she never reported his indiscretions made Andy obligated to her and when she asked him with her soft pleading voice,

"Andy, I have a date with my boyfriend tonight and I don't want to babysit the Andersons little brats. They are a handful and I need to go to that movie with Frank and relax in the back row. If you take my place, I promise I will make you feel good using my hand but you have to swear not to say a word to mama or I will be in big time trouble."

It didn't take Andy long to answer in the affirmative to that request because his efforts to find a suitable jerk-off candidate at school had met with failure. He figured all he had to do was to shut his eyes tight and he could imagine his sister was any one of the nice-looking girls at school taking care of business when they were alone. The thought of her delicate little fingers wrapped around his throbbing shaft was enough to set his feet in the direction of the Anderson's house almost immediately.

The Andersons were a nice couple but the husband was a bit of a drinker and there was no getting around that fact because he was often in his cups at parties and special events. The wife was part gypsy or at least that is what the rumor was because she had long silky black hair that came almost down to the crack of her ass.

They had two young children and Maria had sworn she would not have another until she was able to get a break from caring for the first two. They were both boys and were in constant trouble getting underfoot like little devils with their parents and their babysitters. They annoyed the young babysitters by grabbing their crotches and their backsides like little perverts but they were far too young to even know what they were doing. It was just that they liked to see the reaction of adults when they acted with complete disregard for their caretaker's feelings or sense of privacy.

The two little monsters were surprised to see Andy show up and quickly lost interest in him heading up to their bedrooms and an early night's sleep.

The Andersons were dressed up in their Sunday best because they were going to a wedding reception at the upscale hotel across from the park on Main Street. Maria was wearing a black dress that fit tightly across her buttocks drawing Andy's attention to the fact her ass cheeks were of superior design and far too nice for someone as dense and undeserving as her husband Arnold. He watched her putting on her lipstick in the hallway mirror and imagined how it would feel sliding his shaft between her heart-shaped flanks with a little lubrication on it to help it slide inside her brown eye with ease. The thought of the attractive mother and wife giving up her backside to his use in that manner almost made his spurt inside his trousers and he was startled to see Maria looking intently at his groin as if she could read his depraved thoughts like some mind-reader of olden times. He was tempted to cover his obvious erection with his hands but realized that would be too close to revealing his evil thoughts and he just looked off into space with an innocent lack of concern.

The three hours went quicker than Andy had expected and he almost got caught with a pair of Mrs. Anderson's knickers in his hand rubbing his excited cock all over it pretending she was taking all he had to offer with respectful silence.

He quickly returned it to the laundry hamper and scampered back to the sofa to resume reading his textbook like the perfect babysitter.

They came in the front door with Maria holding Mister Anderson up so he wouldn't fall down on the oriental carpet in the hallway. He rushed over to assist her and they got the drunken man back to the master bedroom and on top of the bed fully clothed.

Mrs. Anderson took off her high heeled shoes and got up on the bed to take off her husband's shoes and socks. Andy could look up her dress and see the flash of her red undies like a beacon guiding him in for a landing. He helped her take off the man's trousers and his jacket and they threw a blanket on top of him hoping he would sleep it off by the morning.

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