Bananas Are My Step-sister's Downfall

by Tony Sorrentino

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotica Sex Story: Teenager discovers new step-sister not as stuck-up as he thought her to be.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Incest   Humiliation   Anal Sex   Food   .

My name is Randy X and I was born in one of those southern states where kinfolk are generally closer than most families up north. My mom had me when she was only eighteen and now I am the same age. Recently, she has been going through male friends on a regular basis and one day it was "Uncle Bill" and then the next day it was "Uncle Harry". I didn't mind too much because I am still a virgin and I can easily understand how important it was for her to have a daily dosage of sex since she was still young, beautiful and over-sexed. The banging on the walls with the noise from her bedroom gave me at least some satisfaction to know someone in the family was getting some.

I had a girlfriend of sorts who was a straight "A" student and sort of religious freak as well since her entire family spent a lot of time praying down at their church not just on Sundays but pretty much most of the other days as well. As you can imagine that didn't give me much of an opportunity to explore female issues with Debra even though I suspected she was harboring an inner core of hot passionate desire to get laid. We did manage to play stinky finger in the school storage closets and she was good kisser with lots of tongue action when we were in private. She never really ever took her panties off when we were fooling around. Debra liked to keep them on like they were a defense against actual screwing and just pushed them to the side for some penetrating action with my over-active fingers.

The truth was a session with Debra usually left me more frustrated than if I had never touched her at all. I once caught her doing the same thing with her older brother Jeremy but she begged me not to speak a word of it to anyone because the worse sin ever was the dreaded act of "Incest".

It sounded real bad to me but in all honesty I have to say it seemed like they were just playing around like a couple of little puppies getting to know what the other equipment was like on the opposite sex. I never did let on about her indiscretion and she paid me back by letting me explore the mystery of her tiny pucker hole in the rear. It was a joyful experience and I will always remember my first brown eye when the beautiful Debra bent over for my promised prize. It seemed to me unlikely that any boy would be able to get even an average sized cock up there and my big boy was quite a bit larger than average.

My mom's latest overnight guest was called "Uncle William" and she announced one morning that her new friend William would be moving in with us as her new husband and he would be bringing his darling daughter Nicole with him. Because this Nicole was the same age as me, it was decided she would not share my bedroom even if she was my half-sister. As a result, I wound up on the divan in the study and she inherited my tiny bedroom. I was more amused than put out because I liked the fact that I was off by myself and could masturbate freely without any dreaded knowing looks the next morning at breakfast.

Nicole turned out to be a bit of a disappointment because she was a bit overweight and she still wore braces that make her look like some experiment Frankenstein had invented. The only thing I liked about her being there with us was the fact she didn't keep good tabs on her panties and I was able to "borrow" her dirty ones from time to time just to keep my pecker nice and straight when I was dreaming about some nice young girl spreading her legs for me on the sofa. I once caught her coming out of the shower totally nude and had to admit she was a lot more mature than I had imagined an eighteen year old girl to be. I even liked the way her backside drooped down a bit because it made me think how nice it would be to lift up those handfuls of flesh and slide inside her crack with my sex-deprived big boy. She saw me ogling her body and gave me a look of contempt that made me want to bend her over right then and there even though my mom and new step-father were in the next room.

I listened to her creeping into the kitchen.

She was sneaking some snacks against the rules of the house about not eating after going to bed. It gave me an opening I was not going to ignore. I used the opportunity to catch her in the act and told her I would snitch on her sneaky activities unless she let me feel her up with the lights still off. At first she was all huffy and told me,

"You are a filthy boy and you need your mouth washed out with soap."

I just looked her straight in the eye and she folded like a cheap cardboard box.

We stood there next to the refrigerator and I slipped my greedy paws down inside her pajama bottoms hitting the solid meat of the Promised Land with my fingertips. I was surprised that she was wet inside her slit and I figured she kind of liked the confrontation of my degrading demands and the blackmail to give up her goodies in the dark. I lingered with my greedy fingers on her soft boobs rolling her nipples with my fingers and listening to her pant like a little contented pussy cat almost purring with her need to get screwed. We both knew she was ready for it but she kept up the pretense of being under duress and performing only because she had no other choice.

My hand that was roaming all over her plump teenaged ass headed straight to her tempting brown eye and she gasped when I started to rim her edges like she was a stubborn lid I was trying to loosen up and unscrew from a jar. All of a sudden, most of my finger was inside her trembling anus and her feisty sphincter muscle was surrendering without much of a fight.

I gave it to her pretty ass good and hard in the dark and she grabbed hold of my arm to keep her balance without falling down in a heap on the floor. I could hear her moaning softly under her breath and there was no disguising the fact she was as hot as a two dollar pistol looking for a target to line up in her sights.

Since my new step-sister was in no hurry to escape my kinky exploitation of her body, I broke off a banana from the fresh bunch on the kitchen table and told her to open her mouth.

"Open up, sis, I am going to show you how a smart girl takes dick in her mouth even if she is wearing braces."

I shoved the banana in and out of her stretched lips and she looked up at me with a look of disbelief at my shameful treatment of her face and mouth. Some tears of indignation were at the corners of her shining eyes but she fought to keep them from rolling down her cheeks. I couldn't help but think it was a good thing she had the banana between her braces and not my tender dick because I think she was in a mood to bite me just out of spite.

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