Finding a Husband and Training Him!

by Linda Jean

Copyright© 2015 by Linda Jean

Sex Story: A young 22 year old woman knows what she wants and decides to get it. She want's a husband who will have make the money to keep her form working. A husband who will love sex the way she wants sex in their marriage. A Husband who can only have sex under her terms which in this case is very nasty! A husband that she can train and use as she want's and a husband that will insist that she has sex with other men because it is the only way they can enjoy sex together. This is a twisted story of Cream.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   .

During my last year at college I realized that, while I was having the most fun of my life, I had no ambition to continue to get my (or any) degree. I had chosen the medical field so I could find a man who was going to make money in a profession that would give me the finer things in life; and I did plan on living a very comfortable life.

Now I went on dates almost every night since I was fifteen and seldom more than three times with anyone special. I decided very early in life I would not get hooked on anyone who could not, or would not, give me the life I planned for myself.

Now, do not get me wrong, the boys that I dated were Ok; but when I began dating it was to be social and meet others. Then of course came the sex. So once I had a taste of it, my dates with the boys became more for that than anything else. I have been into having sex since age fifteen in High School and I knew that I was known as "easy". I partied with boys all the time and that meant I watched dirty movies with them; and when I did not watch them, I did a lot of reading of dirty stories and about sex. Since I lived for sex all the time, honestly that was all that interested me in life at the time.

Since age fifteen I have to honestly admit that I just wanted sex and thank god so did the boys. So by age 22 I had a great knowledge of what men wanted and what made them tick; and it was all in their little brain at the head of their dicks. I had one last year in College and I decided to take advantage of my face book and the school matchmaking program to try and find that perfect man to marry me and take care of me.

Now I say that because I had decided that no matter what happened, I was not going to stop having my sexual fun. So either I got hold of a very dirty man (filthy in his mind that is) or I had to train the man that I would marry to meet my sexual needs, which I had grown accustomed to over the years.

I knew that when I married, I would have to be the one in control of the marriage; if I wanted it to last and hold onto whomever I choose to marry me. There were two reasons. First, I would make sure that my husband always had a good job and made lots of money for me to spend. And second, I knew that if he ran our marriage I would not have the freedom to do the things that I just loved doing.

Now I have to tell you right up front that I am not into BDSM. I read a lot about that topic and, while it appeals to many, it did not appeal to me. I knew my control would have to be mind control. I new that I would have to use my knowledge of sex and men to gain and keep control of the man that would end up being my husband.

So the first requirement I decided I needed to find in a man for myself was, he would need to be a virgin; and in college that meant he had to be a real big non-attractive Nerd or a big Dork. I decided if I started with a clean slate (someone who never had sex with a girl) that I would be the one who teaches him anything and everything to do with sex the way I wanted.

I also decided that no matter what, whomever I chose would have to wait until my wedding night to actually have sex with me (make love to me). Don't get me wrong, I did not want to, or wish to, be cruel. I just had to make sure that whomever it was to be, knew that I was the one in control in our lives; and sex was going to be my tool.

To be honest with you I did not care what he looked like. As I said already, I honestly expected a dorky looking nerd. I already knew that no matter what field they chose they would succeed and make the most money when they graduated; and since I was only marrying for security and the way of life I envisioned for myself, I knew what to look for in the husband choice.

I did keep going out on dates, looking for a husband did not stop me. I just knew from which gene pool I wanted sex from and which I wanted to marry.

It took time and I picked out several Dorks that I began to select from. I got it down to four and began my email campaign. I began every one of them with an innocent "accidental" email. They worked; and I began my campaign writing them when I got in from one of my dates.

Finally, after many emails back and forth, I chose two of them. I stepped up my emails, becoming much dirtier in every one, looking for a certain response. When one of the two men began to open up and respond back in kind, I decided to begin and prepare him to be my husband. I choose the man named Peter.

I did my homework and Peter never went on dates at all, he had another Nerd for a roommate, he never did anything but study, and he stayed in his room. It took some time, but I managed to skip my classes and followed him around to his. He was a dork all right; he wore glasses, never talked with any of the girls, and was really involved with the classes he took. When I asked around in his classes about Peter dating anyone, they laughed at the question.

In my emails I got him to open up to me and I steered the subject to sex. Slowly at first; but after a good month of just one on one, I made sure that it was all that we ever talked about. So it was sex all the time, emails, texting, and online chatting.

Once I woke up the sleeping topic (for him), like any boy it began to be always on his mind. Get this, he was twenty-four and would seldom allow himself to even think about sex; because in his words it was a distraction. I kept at him and once I woke him up, he began to masturbate; telling me that he was thinking of doing the things that I wrote about.

I convinced Peter that there was nothing wrong with a great sexual fantasy life, that it was just fantasy. It was only wrong when someone crossed from fantasy into real life. It took time, but I managed to get him to fantasize and enjoy my fantasies. Well, for me, they were my every day sex life. However for Peter, I told him it was just my fantasy. I convinced him that it was very normal and natural for women to lose themselves in dirty nasty fantasies; because they could not, and would never, live any of them out in real life.

Now every boy I had ever known jerked off, some many times a day. So once I convinced him that it was normal to do, and that as I girl I even masturbated many times a day myself, it helped me break down the barriers for him. Once I got that across, he began his quest to be a normal male with me. As his self-appointed sex guide I really got into his brain.

Once I got him to admit it, I got him to really open up. I told him how turned I would get, knowing that he laid in bed at night, holding his dick and stroking it. I began telling him of something I read in a sex story, which led to then sending specific parts from a sex story for him to read.

I told him how they always turned me on (which they did) and how I would picture myself in the fantasy stories. I wanted him to read them as well and go into the fantasy story with me. I told Peter that I could not help but lose myself in them and masturbate like crazy. It did not take long before he was asking where he could get stories to read like that.

I found several websites that had just the kind of nasty, filthy, stories that I loved and wanted him to read. I would go in to the sites and download stories. I began sending them to him to read. I chose stories of gangbangs and one new theme that began to really interest me. I really liked reading stories I came across called creampie eating. I began sending him stories that I told him to masturbate to as he read them, thinking of me and my fantasies. I told him that I wanted him to read them and write back what parts turned him on and got him to climax, so I could see if those same sections turned me on as well.

I got to the point where I told him specific sections that took me way over the top and I would masturbate like a crazy woman reading them. I in turn wanted him to open up, like I was doing, and tell me which parts really turned him on. I told him that when he got to those parts, to stop reading the story and text me every time he got hard and wanted to jack off.

I remembered the first time I heard a text notification and saw it was Peter telling me he was hard and ready to jerk off. It really thrilled me to my core. That first time, I told him to stop doing anything else and to stroke his cock to a climax. I told that to him every time he did text me after that. I always told him to go someplace and jack off.

I upped the game by then having him text me when he finished, to tell me where he was at when he'd jerked off and what in the story turned him on. I told him to give me details, so I could get turned on and masturbate.

At first, he only did it in his room when his roommate was out, or in the bathroom, and of course in the shower.

When I began to tell him how doing it in those places did not turn me on, he began doing it in different places. I told him it was a turn on, doing it in places where he could get caught. I also told him that I loved fingering myself in public places. It took some time, but I finally got him to go jerk off in public restroom, under the field bleachers, behind a dumpster, and finally on the side of a dumpster. I told him that when he did it in public places it got me so hot I would always masturbate, picturing him jerking off.

In the stories that he told me turned him on, if it was not where I wanted his head to be at, I told him that I read that part and it was boring to me. I then proceeded to tell him what really got me on fire; and it was always the sections of the girl being a real nasty slut in the center of a gang-bang. I'd never done that and it did turn me on thinking of myself in that position. I also told him that the sections that told about a woman being eaten always made me climax.

It was not long before those were the same sections that Peter told me took him over the top and he would jerk off to and climax. I decided that he was finally ready for the next step, so I told him I wanted to meet him face to face.

Now I never sent him or gave Peter a picture of myself. I did not want him to think that I was out of his league. I wanted it to be a surprise with that little fact. So when I walked up to him as he sat there on the quad, I said, "Hi Peter, I am Linda. I am so thrilled to finally meet you in person. Why don't go we grab a cup of coffee and come back here to talk." His eyes almost bugged out of his skull and if his mouth had not been attached, I am sure that it would have fallen off of his face.

You see, I know that I am a knock out. I work very hard to be the prettiest girl in school. I have a great figure that I work hard at keeping in shape and to be honest I am a bombshell. I wanted him to see that, as long as he did exactly what I wanted, I would be his.

We grabbed a cup of coffee and walked back over to the Quad. Wow, talk about being shy. When we texted back and fourth, chatted, and emailed, Peter was a "Chatty Cathy". But one on one, I had to do almost all of the talking. I ended up having to ask direct question, which got me very short answers.

I put on the charm and told him that we had become so close that I wanted him to date me, but that he would have to be the one ask me. When he finally did ask, he stuttered so much it was embarrassing. I told him to just pull out his phone and text. He quickly did that and I responded speaking very softly and sexy, "I was hoping that you would ask. I am dripping wet, my pussy is on fire. Is your cock all hard just talking to me here?" (Long ago Peter told me that he had gotten to the point, from reading the sex stories, that he loved a woman who talked dirty; so I obliged him.)

He typed back, "Yes, I am hard as a rock."

I said, looking up at him, "You poor dear, we need to take care of that don't we?"

He began typing again, "Yes, please."

Now if Peter were any other boy at school, and not the one I choose to marry me, I would have taken him anywhere behind a bush, in a building entrance, or laundry room, where I would quickly suck his cock or just fucked him. But he was not just any boy; he was going to be my meal ticket.

I looked up at him and pointed to the porta-johns and his eyes lit up. I said, "We both can't fit in one of those, besides someone may see us. (Yea like I really cared.) You go over into one of those johns and take out hard little Pete and make him spit out his sweet nectar just for me. I want you to come in your hand, and then bring me your sweet nectar back to me. I want to finally taste you. I am so turned on right now, picturing you standing in there jerking off like you tell me you do when we chat. Go now Peter, quickly, go jerk off just for me."

I watched as Peter almost ran to the port-a-john. He went inside and was not in there very long. I saw him open the door and walk back to me, holding his hand cupped in front of himself. I patted the seat next to me and he sat down. I took his wrist in my hand and I held his cupped hand in front of me, putting it on my lap.

I said, "Open your hand sweetie, show Mama what you have in it." (He once told me that he once had a crush for his stepmother when he was in high school. He told me that she married his father for his money and was a very sexy woman. I decided when he told me that, I'd use that memory every chance that I could get.)

I watched as he opened his hand and I could take in the aroma of his sperm. He had a handful and it looked nice and thick. I put a finger in the puddle and brought it to my mouth. I sucked in on my finger and made a low moaning sound as I put the wet finger between my lips.

I closed my eyes and made a big deal out of the way it tasted to me. I repeated it three more times; and on the fourth time, I brought up my wet finger to his lips. He did not open his mouth and actually turned his head away from me.

I said, quickly and sternly, "Don't you turn away from me young man. You taste good and if your sperm is good enough for me to lick, it is good enough for you to lick up as well. Besides, if you are going to eat my hot pussy, this is what it smells and taste like. So get use to it."

Peter turned looking at me and said in a tiny stutter, "But I can't. Men don't lick their own sperm. Men eat pussy, you know how I told you I can't wait to eat you, but I can't do that." I said again, just in case he did not hear me the first time. "But Peter darling, this is what I taste and smell like, if you are going to be my loving husband and eat my pussy, you have to know what I smell like and how I taste."

I said, "Look, if you are not willing to be with me in every way we talked about, just why are we here? You know what turns Mama on, and I know that you want to eat out Mama's nasty hot pussy and your hot Mama wants her cunt licked and tongued. I want you to suck my hole; but if you can't do this with me now, what makes you think you can eat me after we have sex?"

We had many a masturbation nasty dirty talk sessions, talking about his mouth on my pussy. But never, until that moment, did I ever bring up the fact he was going to eat me out after we had sex.

I said, "Oh come on honey, it tastes good; a tiny bit salty, but very thick and good. I love the way you taste. Here I'll do it, then you do it." I began scooping up more sperm with two fingers this time and I made sure it all ran back out onto his cupped hand. I then put them in my mouth and moaned again.

I then used two fingers and scooped as much as I could into his mouth. His face told me he did not like it, but too bad; he was going to do what I wanted, not what he wanted. I slid my fingers in and out of his mouth while looking all around the quad, seeing if anyone was paying any attention to us. I saw no one.

I repeated the process until his hand was empty. I then lifted the palm of his hand up to his lips and said, "There you go sweetie, lick it all clean now for Mama. I am so fucking hot right now, it is my turn to go masturbate." I got up, walked over and into one of the Johns and did just that. I took my sweet time and finally went out. Peter was still sitting there waiting for me to return.

I walked up to him, and standing I said, "That was mind blowing. Now you go back to your dorm and get some rest, I have a little homework for you. I want you to go home and jerk off again, text me when you are ready to do it. I will wait, so I can finger myself and we can pretend we are together. I will picture it is my wedding night with you and I will swallow every drop of that come from you. Since I won't be there, I do not want your sperm going to waste. So you make sure to catch it in your hand and swallow every drop, just as I would. I will picture you doing that as I climax myself, with a nice big fat cucumber."

Peter stood up and we kissed. It was a deep, long, French kiss; and while he may be a nerd, he sure knew how to kiss. I could almost picture the next time that we meet. I would get him off in my mouth, just to deposit his sperm into his and make him swallow all of it. I walked away, knowing that I just blew Peter's fucking mind, and I smiled because the training had begun.

That night he texted me before jerking off and I was just walking out the door on a date. I'd already decided that because of what had happened between Peter and myself, I was going to ride my date until he begged me to stop.

I wrote back that Pete had to contact me when he came and after he swallowed his sperm, to describe to me what it tasted like to him. I made it a point to meet with Peter in the quad daily after that for about a week.

Peter wanted to take me out to dinner. I finally told him I would, just as long as he did not try anything with me. I told him up front that there would not be any sex, as I was saving myself for my wedding night. I would of course allow him to eat me and I would even suck him off if we had time and a place to do it. But I made it clear that there would not be any sex at all until my wedding night.

On the way home from our first real date, I had him park so I could suck him off. When he exploded in my mouth I held his warm seed in my mouth until I could get up and French kiss him, giving him his seed. As I pushed his sperm from my mouth to his, I moaned and made sure that he could not pull away. Once it was all in his mouth, I pulled back and said, "Swallow it baby, no one can share their love like we do."

I herd him gulp and swallow. When he finished I kissed him again, this time more gentle and caring. He wanted to eat me that first night, but I was not ready for that. I needed to prepare myself and Peter before that happened.

I wanted a few days to pass, to allow myself time to prepare. I told Peter to be at my room at 10:30PM; not one minute sooner or later, and if he were prompt, I would let him eat my hot nasty pussy.

The next two days I had sex with four boys (two each day) and the last two at 4 & 5 PM, hours before Peter was due to show up. I made sure that I did not clean myself at all from the first day with Joey and Ronny; so when Ace and Tommy added their sperm in me, I was literally dripping sperm when I answered the door for Peter.

I closed the door and knelt in front of Peter, getting his pants down at his ankles as I sucked on his dick. I made sure that Peter did not climax, but that he wanted to very badly. I stood up walking backwards to the sofa, pulling him with me. I said, "First, I think it is time that you went down on me and found out what a real women smells and tastes like, darling." I backed up to the sofa, sat down, opening my legs. My naked pussy exposed itself as my dress slid up to my belly while I lifted my knees.

Peter knelt down and groaned as his lips touched my pussy lips. I said, "That's it baby, suck out Mama's nasty cunt. Yea, right there. I'm so juicy right now baby, make sure you swallow it all. Don't let my love juice come out and go on my white rug."

I said that and I released my kegel muscles; allowing the sperm I had been holding inside, from the day before and from the two boys hours earlier, to flow out of me into Peter's mouth. The way he sucked, it sounded like a pig snorting as he moaned. I felt his head jerk and I realized that he had climaxed, eating my pussy.

I did not know if he had been jerking off as he ate my pussy, or if he was just so turned on that it just happened. I took hold of the back of his head and held his mouth tight against me as I pushed out all the sperm in me into his mouth. I was so fucking turned on by all of it that I came myself.

Peter fell away from me, back onto the floor. I sat up and looking down I saw where he did climax and he shot his sperm onto my white rug. I asked, "What happened Peter, did you jerk off while you ate Mommy?"

Peter very shyly said, "No, I just could not help it, I came without even touching myself. I could not help myself. The way you smell and taste, it was all just too much. I came."

I said, "Well, clean up your mess while I go get a drink. I love the way you eat pussy baby. If you do that again Sunday night, I'll let you watch me use a cucumber to fuck myself with."

You see, I told Peter that, while I was saving myself for my wedding night, I was also practicing to make sure that on our wedding night I would be ready for his great big cock. Peter was fascinated with my describing to him the feelings I gave myself fucking myself with different things. I told him how I even practiced fucking my butt hole, in case my husband wanted to fuck me in my behind.

That was the beginning of the second part of my training. I managed to convince Peter that all women had lots of juicy liquid in them and it always came out when a real man knew what he was doing and ate her pussy, sucking out her hole. Yea I did say he was a nerd, he only knew about sex what I chose to teach him.

I had Peter being groomed to be my husband. By the end of that term we were talking about where he was going to work. He told me that his family owned a large corporation in NY and he already had a place as a VP when he graduated. He told me they'd sent him to college to sow his oats and grow up. That was a very nice surprise for me. His father and stepmother flew in to meet me and weeks later they flew us back to NY. Where his stepmother and I began planning the society event wedding (for her of course).

One evening his father and I were sitting out on the terrace drinking champagne. He said, "You have turned my little boy, who was afraid of his own shadow, into a confident young man. Whatever you are doing, keep it up." Then he said, "Our attorney will be bringing by a standard prenuptial in the morning and I expect you to sign it. I know you and Peter are in love, but this is a billion dollar business, you understand."

I set down my glass, stood up, and walked to my room; I called a cab and packed. When I was at the door, Peter came running down to meet me, he was in a panic. "What's going on, why are you leaving?" he asked.

I told him what his father said and that he was preparing our marriage to fail, even before we married or slept together. I was hurt and I could not marry him. I told him I was returning home. Peter begged me to wait a few minutes and I did. He returned and said, "We'll both go. He thinks you are after our money."

I reminded Peter that I had no idea who he and his family were. I was prepared to marry him before he told me. Peter told me that is what he told his father but it ended in a fight.

We left and a month later his father showed up at my dorm asking me to forget all about the prenuptial. His son had become a man and he turned his back on his family over me. So to bring peace, he relented. I told him how I felt and it ended there. A week later Helen and I were back planning her big society wedding.

As the wedding date came closer, I made sure Peter knew me very well. I made it very clear that I am an extremely jealous woman. I told him I would literally kill any woman who came between Him and I. I also made it clear that I was my own woman and I hated anyone who would not allow his wife the freedom to have her own friends, male and female.

By that time, I had Peter sucking out different men's sperm from me daily; all the time thinking that the aroma and taste of my pussy was all 100% natural for all women. This continued right up to our wedding day. I was going out of my way to fuck any man that I could get to fuck me and by that I do mean any man. I guess I was trying to see if there was ever going to be a line I could cross before Peter realized that he was being used by me.

One thing for sure, Peter always came when he ate me; sometimes without touching himself and other times when I told him to jerk off as he sucked out my hole. So for over eight months and almost every day straight, I had Peter clean me out from my day of having sex with the other men at school. We had a set up a time for him to be at my door.

He had to be at my door at 11PM sharp. I told him I studied from after school to 11 and then I allowed myself personal time. He always showed up right at 11; and by 11:15 or 11:18 he was back out the door. I was clean and knew I chose well and trained Peter very well.

We picked out an estate. His mother said she would hire all the help for us while we were on our honeymoon. I told her to wait until I returned, that Peter and I needed to discuss that. I wanted to choose who would be in my house all day. She didn't like my response, however she did not fight it either. I had plans for who would be around me all day.

For our wedding I invited everyone I knew. The cathedral was packed. When we left and went to our hotel in New Hampshire, I knew that it was time for Peter and I to consummate our wedding with real love making sex. I was hoping that my training had paid off. I decided that because it was my wedding day, that I would not have sex with anyone before Peter, the day before or on my wedding day. I wanted it to be special for both of us that very first time we made love.

The first thing we did that night was sixty-nine. Now for the very first time ever, when Peter's face was between my legs, my pussy was 100% empty of sperm. So when Peter went to eat me and suck out my hole, what he normally received was just not there. His dick did get a little hard, but clearly it was not the turn on for him that would be normal for a new husband. It took me some time to get him hard; but once I did I laid back, lifted my legs, and told him to fuck his new wife.

I knew that he was in me, but I needed to really drive it home. I said, "Come on honey, put it in me darling. Put your big fat hard cock in my pussy. Come on baby, fuck this hot nasty pussy darling."

Peter was humping against me and I said it again. Only this time I said, "Oh no, I have used those big fat giant cucumbers for so long I can't feel you inside me. Come on baby, fuck me. Please baby, I need to feel you inside me baby. Mama needs to feel that cock of yours in her hot nasty cunt."

I knew that the pressure I was putting on him to perform was taking its toll, because his dick began to so soft. I said, "Try eating me some more, maybe because it is our wedding night you're just having a little performance problem."

He got off of me and went back to eating me when he said, "It isn't the same, you are just not as wet. You don't even smell like you normally do when you are turned on and hot. We waited so long for this night and you are not even turned on."

Peter stopped and turning onto his back and he just laid there. I said, "Baby, don't worry about it. That happens every once in awhile. You'll do better tomorrow night. Why don't you go to sleep? I think I'll go downstairs to the bar for a quick drink."

I expected some sort of objection, or something, but Peter was feeling so bad about his lack of performance he just turned over. I got up naked went to the closet and pulled out my little black dress. I put it on with my heels, fixed my face, and went downstairs, total commando. It was late and the bar was thinning out. I ordered a Gin and Tonic and before I could give the barman our room number to charge it to, two men walked up and one said, "Put it on our tab. Would you like to join four old men from DeMoines?"

I looked at the man talking and then over to his friends. I said, "I would love to." After the one drink, one of the men said, "Let's take this to the room, I have a feeling this is going to be a long night." I smiled, lifted and emptied my glass as I said, "I sure hope so."

After spending a good three hours fucking all four men twice, I went back to our room. I got in bed and I reeked of sex; my whole body smelled like I took a bath in men's sperm. I had many, many loads of sperm in my cunt; and I wanted my new husband to eat it all out of me right there in our wedding bed. I had taken several loads in my mouth, so I knew my mouth reeked of sperm as well.

Peter was on his back sleeping. I turned on the light next to the bed and leaning over Peter I began kissing him. Tender at first but, as he awoke, it became passionate. When he was fully awake, I said, "Want to give it another try darling?"

Peter moaned and I said, "Lets try this different this time. You lay there and I will kneel over you so you can eat out my cunt. I want to watch you come while you are eating me."

Peter was hot and ready. I turned and knelt over his upward face; I was having trouble holding in the sperm and it dripped out of me. Peter turned to catch the sperm in his mouth as I lowered myself down onto him. I just looked at his stiff cock all hard and swollen, I watched as it twitched as he moved his hips up and down. I pushed my cunt onto his mouth and I climaxed. I did so with a very loud moan and working my hips, putting pressure from his lips to my cunt. I saw Peter's cock swell up and get real thick, right before it began to shoot off his sperm. He moaned loud into my groin, never stopping his attack.

I had my answer, he was fully trained, he got off eating sperm from my pussy; and that is what I'd wanted from day one. Now the next step would be a little tricky. I mean after all I did want to keep Peter around. Because I needed him to pay for the things I knew I wanted in life. I somehow had to get him to the point of telling me, or asking me, to go out and have sex with others; since he could not function otherwise.

When Peter began to relax I brought my face to his tummy and licked up his spent drippings. I rolled over and said, "Wow that was the best ever. This is the best wedding night ever. I will never forget it until the day I die." And I meant every word of that!

Peter, catching his breath said, "Yea, me too." I smiled to myself because I knew I was halfway there. All I had to do now was to get Peter to suggest that I seek out other men, since he could not fuck me because of his size. I had to make him believe that it was 100% his idea and I would have to put on a shocked face of disapproval. To tell you the truth, Peter was not all that small; he is pretty average, about 6 or 7 inches if I had to guess. I had sex with many men who had dicks much smaller than his. The thing is, he had to believe that he was the problem and, being a loving husband, would want to satisfy me sexually no matter what that meant.

Now I'd had this in on my mind for months. We had two weeks at the hotel and the next night after dinner we tried again. Of course I did not smell or taste like sperm, so Peter did not get turned on because that was his signal that I was aroused and wanting sex. I had a special story picked out, about a slut wife who got married and on her wedding night she did a gang-bang with the best man and seven other men in the wedding party.

When Peter failed to get hard enough, I pulled out the story and said, "Tell you what, I have an idea. You take this story and read it. You think of me being the slut in the story. I'll go down to the bar and I will read my copy. I am positive it will turn us both on and when I come back you can pretend I just returned from a gang-bang and your new bride needs to fuck you before going to sleep."

Peter's eyes lit up, because it was just like when we did our fantasy role-playing on-line and when we chatted. Peter knew just how hot and turned on I got with this fantasy. I told him I would even dress the part and I pulled out another of my short dresses, put on heels, and again went downstairs commando. It was 6 PM and I told him, to make this fantasy seem real true, I needed to return around 10 or 11 PM. I asked him, "Do you think that is enough time for you to get your head into the fantasy?"

I already told the men I was with the night before that I would meet them for drinks at 6 and if they had any friends to invite them; I had a very special fantasy that I wanted to live out. I met them downstairs and I never sat down. Ken stood up took my arm and said, "The boys are all upstairs waiting on you. I thought you would not show."

I smiled at him and said, "Are you kidding, this is my honeymoon; I am going to enjoy it to the fullest." We took the elevator to the same floor Peter and I were on. Our room was 1252 and Ken walked up to room 1254, right next door to where Peter was. I got so fucking turned on knowing that, that when I went through the doorway, I was all over Ken.

Ken lifted up my dress and I kicked off my heels. I stood there naked, French kissing him and stroking his cock, as we both made it to the bed. When my legs hit, I laid back and Ken was in my hot hole all in one simple easy movement. For the next four hours I experienced my own fantasy of being the center of a gang-bang; and I was living out the story of the slut wife. Only in this story, my husband was right next door without any idea that his wife was fucking man after man for four hours, different men, bell boys, and any man they could get to help them out.

I was a mess at 10:45 when I got up wiped the sperm off my face and brushed it through my hair. I did not wipe off any crusted sperm from my breast or belly. I had a plan in my mind to cover that. I slipped on my dress, put on my heels and walked out. I walked down the hall until the room door closed; I turned and walked to my room. I tapped lightly on the door and Peter opened it. His eyes were big; I knew he was really turned on.

I said, "Wow, that was some story wasn't it honey? I must have masturbated in the ladies room six or twelve times. I even spread gobs of my juice all over my body so you can smell just how hot your little slut wife is. Can you smell me dear?" I wrapped my arms around his neck and we kissed. My mouth smelled of sperm and I said as he pulled back, "I even licked my fingers, can you smell my breath?" His cock was stiff and sticking out of his boxer shorts. I took hold of it and guided him to our wedding bed. I said, "Are you ready to eat out your nasty slut wife baby? Mama needs her nasty cunt cleaned and I want to come so bad. Lay down and let me sit on your face while I take care of little Peter here."

I was using the wording of the story that I had him read. I squatted over his mouth and let it all come out. He licked and sucked; he came without my touching his dick, he moaned and groaned as I told him what a great pussy licker he was and how great he made me feel as a woman. I watched his dick as he came and went soft; but as I kept talking filthy to him, I watched it grow and become ready again.

I said in a hurt voice, "Oh baby I see you are ready again, I want you in the worst way. I just wish I had chosen the right size cucumbers when I was preparing myself for you and our wedding night. I thought you were so much bigger. Oh honey I need to get fucked. I need you fucking me hard and fast. I need to be fucked so badly. Darling I am on fire, I waited so long for this honeymoon. I wish I had a big fat cucumber to fuck myself with, you could watch and jack off." (Everything I said was 100% true.)

The story I had him read was a slut who was newly married and her new husband could not fulfill her. He told her to go have sex with a man and just tell him all about it. I kept waiting for him to say those words. I saw him reach for his dick and stroked it, as I stayed kneeling over his face and he worked his tongue into me and all over my cunt. He jerked off faster and I said, "Yea baby, I need to be fucked just like that, real fast like you are fucking your fist. Oh baby, why did I stretch myself out so much? Now I am not even a good enough wife for my husband to fuck me! I am worthless, oh why didn't we do this before. I didn't want you to think of me as a prude, that is why I showed you those stories. Now here we are in the exact same boat as they were."

Peter just kept jerking his cock and moaning as he licked. I saw him getting ready to shoot, so I leaned forward and put him in my mouth. When I did, he came again. I relaxed, and when he began to shrink down I rolled over off of him. We laid there for the longest time and I finally turned around and put my head on my pillow.

As I did Peter said softly, "I think the answer to our problem is you need to find a man bigger than I am to have sex with."

I acted shocked that he would even suggest that. I said, "Wait a minute, it is one thing to fantasize and masturbate; but to actually do it, no way, I could never hurt you like that. You are my husband, I love you. You may not be big enough so I can feel you inside of me, but I am not going to cheat on you."

Peter said, "Linda it is just like that story we read, I don't want to loose you by not making you happy in bed. You opened up my world and I want you happy. So think about it please, we can talk about it tomorrow."

I got up and acted real mad, I said, "I'm going to go in and take a shower. I may have to use one of my shampoo bottles to fuck myself with and get off, but to go out and screw some other guy is fucking crazy!" I closed the bathroom door and hoped I had not overplayed that last part.

I made sure the door did not close all the way and I could see in the mirror Peter laying on the bed looking at me. I put down the stool cover and sat down. I opened my legs and began rubbing my clit. I got up and took hold of my favorite shampoo bottle (now I honestly did not plan this at all.) I sat back down and put it in me, stretching me real big. I began talking to the bottle softly at first, but just loud enough so Peter would hear. Once I had it in and moving, I began working my nipples with my free hand.

I picked up the pace and put on more pressure for Peter, "Oh yea, that's it. Fuck that pussy, that's it fill that cunt, make me feel good, baby, fuck me hard, harder, faster, yea. Oh fuck, you feel good, I wish my husband made me feel this good. I love him, but your cock is so fucking big, I can feel you all the way up inside of me. What's that? You want to be next? Oh honey do you think I am a slut? Am I a whore who loves hard cock? Let your friend finish and then you can fuck Mama."

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