Swift Boat Gunner

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Fiction Sex Story: This is a work of fiction written for a someone that was there. A young man enters the navy and is sent to the war. His ingenuity saves more than the day when he acquires new weapons for his boat. It is not long before the enemy changes the war and brings it to us.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I walked down the dock with my duffle over one shoulder. I had just turned eighteen and was a seaman apprentice. I had finished the navy training for the swift boats and was reporting aboard for duty. It was hot and very humid and dark clouds looked like they would bring more rain. I stopped to look at the boat and the officer arguing with another.

I set my duffle down and waited and listened. The one just wearing a tee shirt wanted fifty caliber machineguns to replace ones lost and destroyed and the other was telling him he did not have any. A petty officer first leaned over the side of the boat and gestured to me. I hesitated before I grabbed my duffle and moved around the officers.

The petty officer grinned, "seaman apprentice Drew?"

I nodded and he held out his hand and helped me onto the boat. The stowage aboard ship was very limited and he had me toss my duffle on a bunk, "we lost both guns on our last trip. You are replacing one of the gunners."

He looked at the officers, "if we can find guns."

I cleared my throat, "I saw a few weapon crates when I crossed the yard that were ... unattended."

He looked at me, "we use twin fifties."

I nodded, "I know petty officer but if we do not have weapons..."

He grinned and turned, "Andrew, Mark, Harris."

All three were seaman and appeared quickly. The petty officer gestured to me, "go with our cherry and see if he can find some weapons."

The weapons I ... found were two new miniguns with air force markings on the crate. Seaman Harris found a truck and we loaded the weapons after removing them from the crates. We worked to clean, run electric lines and mount them on the boat while the petty officer left. When he returned we had to help unload crates of ammo for the weapons.

Lieutenant junior grade Monroe finally returned and jumped aboard, "what do you have petty officer?"

He turned and grinned, "our new gunner found a couple of loose weapons for us."

He caressed the mini on the rear deck, "should I ask where?"

The petty officer shrugged and the lieutenant nodded, "get them working and I will let the lieutenant commander know we are up and ready for duty."

The other gunner took the rear and I got the mini in the upper turret. The petty officer had seaman Mark and Harris stay with the boat and I grabbed my duffle and followed him. He took me to an isolated quansen hut. I set my duffle on a empty bunk in the back and he gestured to my M16, "those are a piece of crap."

I shrugged, "it was what I was issued."

He led me to an area separated by metal lockers. He opened one and reached in and pulled out a Thompson machine gun. He took my M16 and tossed it into the locker and then hesitated before pulling a Browning hi power pistol out. It was in a shoulder holster with four spare magazines in pouches on the other side, "you will need a pistol too."

The next morning we left the dock with two other boats and headed to the delta. I had one ammo can loaded in Mini as I called my gun. The can held two thousand rounds and I had four more if I needed them. We had a whole boat full of soldiers we were carrying to a isolated area. Everything went smooth until we started back.

This was when the enemy set traps or ambushes. The lieutenant was unsure of the power of Mini until I saw the mines ahead, "mines!"

One long burst past the lead boat and the mines vanished in explosions. Yells and automatic fire from the right drew my attention as all three boats spun to speed back and out of the trap. I swivelled the turret and sprayed into positions as the other gunner started firing. The miniguns ripped the enemy apart and then the fifties on the other boats joined in.

When we returned to attack they were dead or dying. We took all the weapons and did a body count before we pulled out and headed down the river. I took a minute to change the ammo to a fully loaded one. The lieutenant chuckled as I returned to watching the river ahead, "so okay the minigun might work as well as the fifty."

When we docked it was time to clean and inspect the weapons and then we were off. Andrew, Mark and Harris grinned as they pulled me away and to our building. I put my Thompson and magazine carrier in my locker and we changed before they pulled me out to celebrate with the rest of the country.

Of course I did not drink and the club they went to I doubt had anything legal. What they had was girls or teenage girls and I just knew we were going to get in trouble. Now I had money, my family had money I should say. I had a large trust I had never really touched. When the madam or house mother as I thought of her stopped she smiled and we talked.

I guess I was horny and not thinking clearly and before I knew it we had reached an agreement. What I did not realize was I had made a deal to pay for a new girl and thought it was just for the night. It turns out I had bought her and not for the night. Seaman Andrew was the one to come find out what the problem was.

He laughed for a long time before saying I would be paying for her until I left. He told me of a place I could cash a stateside check and thirty minutes later I was back. Of course it had cost me extra but I handed the money to momma. She called the pretty girl and they talked before the girl looked down and nodded.

She pulled me into a room in back and put clothes into a bag and then looked at me. It was late and most of the others had already left or found a bed. I hesitated and then led the girl out. The quanson hut was dark with one tiny light by the door to show the way to my area. I set the girl's bag to the side.

She stripped and I hesitated before I undressed. I put my shoulder holster beside the bed and turned as she climbed into the bed and laid back. I sat on the bed and reached out to caress her, "do you speak English?"

She nodded, "a little."

She was maybe sixteen and very beautiful. I smiled, "may I feel you?"

She nodded and I turned and kept caressing her as she sighed. I bent and sucked on one of her pretty nipples. She shivered and ran her hands through my hair. I looked up and into her face before I moved down and pushed her legs open. She lifted to look down and I licked through her pussy.

She shivered and opened her legs more and I kept licking her. I began to wiggle my tongue on her clit and she lifted her hips and shuddered, "mmmm!"

I grinned as I nibbled and squeezed it before going back to licking and teasing it with my tongue. It was a few minutes before she jerked and shook while trying to cover her pussy. I moved up and over her before I settled, "can I fuck you?"

She put her arms around me but nodded and I lifted and slowly pushed and forced my cock into her tight pussy. She wiggled and squirmed as she spread her legs and tilted her hips. I began to hump and rub and press and she shuddered a minute later. She grinned as I kissed her and pulled back.

I started to use long strokes as her tight pussy became slippery. A few minutes and she was clinging to me and jerking while she kept thrusting up, "ooohhhh!"

Before long I was fucking her firmly and she was struggling. Her pussy constantly grasped and clenched each time I pulled back. It was not long before I felt my balls churning and my cock started to throb. She wiggled and spasmed and clutched me as I shoved into her and held her tight.

My cock gushed and began to pump sperm and she screamed and bucked, "YES!"

She kept shaking and jerking as I flooding her with cum. I relaxed when I was done and lay on her as she panted, "thank you Cam. I have never been with a girl before."

She shuddered as her pussy tightened, "more?"

The way she said it was hopeful and I grinned and rolled. I helped her sit up and she started to thrust back and forth. I snapped awake to the sound of a distant shot. I looked at the naked girl on me and moved out of bed. I looked down the dimly lit building and the only one in it was Cam and I and by the snore, petty officer Dean.

I turned at the sound of a lot more shots and quickly began to dress, "WAKE UP!"

I bent to shake the girl, "get dressed."

I slipped on pants and a shirt before adding the vest and shoulder holster. I shoved my feet into my boots without bothering to put on socks. I yanked out the Thompson and magazine carrier and put the carrier on my left hip. I chambered the Thompson and looked at the girl, "stay behind me."

In the distance it sounded like a battle and petty officer Dean was staggering to the door. I ran to it and stopped to one side and shoved it open while bringing up the Thompson. There was supposed to be a cease fire but there were several firefights going on in the shipyard outside our area. I moved out and towards the docks while searching for the enemy.

Dean was carrying a M2 carbine and moved to a low wall, "go kid."

I glanced at Cam and gestured before I started for the corner of another building. I was halfway there when someone fired flares and three of the enemy rushed around the opposite corner. Dean fired as I put a burst through the one in the lead. They all went down and I went around the corner and turned back, "move!"

I pulled Cam around and behind me as I searched the area. Before we reached the dock a squad size group attacked out of the night as another flare went off. I pushed Cam down as I knelt and calmly began to pick targets and fire. The large slugs ripped into them and the bullets from Dean's finished them.

He spun and fell even as the last one went down. Cam moved to him and helped him up as I changed magazines. I followed and backed after them as Dean led the way out the dock. I slipping into my turret and loaded Mini. I turned the turret when we saw men running from the other side of the shipyard.

I relaxed when we saw they were ours. Andrew, Mark and Harris scrambled aboard and looked bloody. The other crews managed to reach the boats and then the lieutenant got there, "status!"

Dean looked at both turrets, "green!"

The lieutenant turned and yelled to the other boats and slowly each reported everyone present. All except the lead boat, lieutenant commander Nelson was missing. Seaman Andrew hissed, "the last we saw he was with a spook and three civilians talking with momma."

I looked at Cam and then cleared my throat, "permission to go get the commander?"

The lieutenant turned and looked up at me in the dim light from another flare, "negative."

I bit my lip, "sir I am a seaman apprentice and expendable. The lieutenant commander is not."

He turned to look towards shore before finally nodding, "Mark and Harris go with..."

I cleared my throat, "if they come we will draw attention. I can go and bring him back quietly."

He turned and looked at me for almost a minute before nodding, "do it."

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