Relic Hunter

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: A chance find while escaping goblins shows me a new path of my life hunting thing lost and forgotten.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

There have been many golden ages and each left some trace. Ruins and treasures and sometimes ... sometimes they leave Relics. And then there were times of war and strife that left fortresses and traps and many other dangers. They also left war Relics and weapons if you could find them.

I found my first relic in a brush choked set of ruins. I was sixteen and being chased by six goblins. I had crawled under several thorn bushes and then climbed a broken stone wall after pouring a pouch of pepper powder on my trail. I had laid along the top of the wall and watched the goblins.

One had started to crawl under the thorn bush and became entangled. The others were sneezing and growling as they started following the bushes to look for a way through. After they had disappeared I still waited before looking back into a bush filled stone walled courtyard. There was something in the center like a fallen tree trunk.

Of course there were no trees inside the ruins so that made me curious. I climbed down and worked my way through the bushes until I reached the center. I stood beside the ancient mage float and stared. It was still floating a pace above the ground and looked like polished wood. It was six paces long and two wide and about one and a half tall.

Everyone had stories but one had not been seen in a very long time. I moved to the back and looked at the shimmering set of doors. They were small, a pace wide and half that tall and spilt in the middle. I reached out and pulled the two handles and the doors opened. I looked at the home inside and grinned as I looked around.

I bent as if to crawl in and everything seemed to get bigger until I stood up. I was standing at the doors and looking at what was once a mage home. The inside was over twenty paces long and about seven wide and the ceiling was two and a half paces from the floor. It was divided into three sections.

The first was by the door and had comfortable looking chairs and even what looked like a iron stove. A large bookcase was on each side of the door and ancient books were still on the shelves. The middle section had a table and chairs on one side and a small kitchen on the other. It looked like it had an ancient mage stove and a chill box too.

The last section held a large bed and a couple of standing clothing chests with a door into a small water closet. On small tables and the walls were small mage lanterns. I slowly moved through the home to check everything before returning and sitting in a chair. There was no way I was going to leave this behind which meant I needed to find and kill the goblins.

I finally stood and moved to the door and went to my knees and backed out and stood. I looked around and listened before I started back towards the wall. I climbed it and watched for awhile and then climbed down. I moved out and began hunting for the right spot. I had a lot of strong cord around my waist.

When I found what I wanted I started setting snares and traps. When I was done I took a breath and moved to a tree and yelled. It did not take long for the small pack of goblins to reach the area. I moved out so they could see me as I pulled my dagger and long knife. They rushed towards me while shouting and yelling and first one hit a snare and then three more.

The last two slowed and looked back and I moved in. I shoved a knife blade into the throat of one and sliced the throat of the other before they could attack. I went to the four that had been caught and cut their throats. I retrieved my cord before I returned to the ruins. It took several hours to find the way out and another day to cut a path through the brush.

That was how I started and it was a couple of years ago. Since then I have encountered bandits and goblins and orcs. I have found dozens of small forgotten treasures. I have found many weapons and some were even still worth something. I had also learned to use a bow and was very good with it.

I held the bow ready as I silently pulled the mage float using a cord tied to my waist. Rumors said there had been a mighty fortress in this forest and I was searching for it. I had a stream to my right as I made my way towards a pass. The fortress was supposed to have been elven but built by dwarves.

So far I had killed three orcs and six goblins. When I saw the stones I thought it was just an outcropping of rock. I frowned as I moved towards it and looked closer. I realized this was actually a tall wall made to look natural. I looked up and then both ways before I turned and started to follow it as I looked for a way in.

When I saw the shallow depression in the wall I stepped into the slight overhang and realized I had found the gate. It was stone like the wall and closed tight. I pulled the mage float in and against the gate and went to cut bushes and brush to hide it. When I was done I slung the bow and started to climb the moss covered rock wall.

I was almost to the top when I heard voices and froze and slowly began to search the forest. I saw the bandits a moment later as they pulled naked captives after them. When I saw the girls I started climbing down. Once I was down I took my bow off and nocked an arrow and moved after the bandits.

I was almost there when I heard the yells and screams. I only hesitated before moving faster. I slipped the arrow back into the quiver when I saw the bandits fighting a small band of goblins coming from the other direction. Through the trees I saw more and looked at the two girls holding each other.

I moved towards them and caught one by the shoulder, "be quiet and follow me."

I looked at the bandits and the goblins before turning and leading the girls after me. I moved quickly but constantly looked around. When I reached the wall I followed it back to the gate. I looked around and helped the two through the brush that covered the mage float. I turned one and used a knife to cut the rope tied around her wrists.

I pushed her towards the back, "crawl in and stay there."

I freed the other girl and pushed her after the first. Once they were both inside I slung my bow and moved out. I started climbing again and when I reached the top it was a struggle to get onto the walk. I looked around and the inside of the fortress had trees and bushes but it was not to overgrown.

I followed the wall to a set of stairs and went down and moved back towards the gate. There were stone levers on each side and I looked at each one before I struggled to move them. Stone grated and I had to move to the gate and pull as a very thick slab slowly turned. I went to pull the other lever and then had to pull and struggle to turn the other slab.

The open center was more than wide enough for a wagon and I stepped out and beside my mage float. I listened and looked around before I pulled the front around. I pulled it through the gate and let it go. I went back to push the slabs closed and struggled to move the levers back. There was a feeling each time of something slipping into place.

I relaxed and walked to the back of the float before I removed the bow and bent to crawl in. I stood and looked around and found the girls in a corner, "are you okay?"

They stood and moved towards me and one cleared her throat, "what is this?"

I looked around, "it used to be a mage float but now it is my home."

I turned back to them and glanced down and then looked up and blushed. They followed my look and one sighed, "we were not virgins before and by all the cum smeared down our legs you know they took us."

The other snorted, "many times."

The first nodded, "at least it felt okay after we were slimy."

The other giggled, "there was that."

I looked at them and cleared my throat, "I am Raven."

The first to speak smiled, "I guess we are whores now. I am Gwen and this is my best friend Shay."

I gestured, "there is a small water closet by the ... bedroom."

I led them forward and showed them the door and they slipped in. I waited and looked around before removing the bow and sitting on the bed. When they came out Gwen walked to me and pushed me back while her friend started to undo my belt. Gwen began kissing me while working to remove my shirt and Shay pulled my pants down and off with my boots.

Gwen swung a leg over me and straddled me and lifted to let her friend hold my cock. She sat and wiggled her warm slimy cunt down my cock with a sigh. She began to roll her hips and rub her pussy back and forth while Shay laid beside me. I reached up and cupped her breasts and Gwen shuddered as her pussy tightened.

She laid down and wiggled before trying to roll and pull me with her. I ended between her legs and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. I continued to use firm strokes as she wrapped her legs around me and hugged me tight. She began to shudder and hump while her messy cunt constantly squeezed, "ooohhhh!"

After several minutes she arched her back before she began to thrash around and buck, "YES!"

I continued to fuck her while she struggled and clung to me. She began to convulse and jerk and finally I buried my cock and kissed her while holding her and pumping sperm. She spasmed and wiggled and squirmed as warm cum flooded her, "aaaahhhh!"

When I was done she was panting and still shaking. I pulled out and looked at Shay and she grinned as she laid back with her legs spread wide. I was more than ready to fuck her and moved over her and between her legs. I pushed and she tilted her hips and my cock slipped into her and slid deeper.

After I buried it I held her and settled before I gave her a kiss and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. I rubbed and pressed against her each time I sank my cock into her. It was not long before her slimy cunt was grasping my cock and she was shuddering. She hugged me and wiggled and lifted her hips a few minutes after I started, "ooohhhh!"

I continued to fuck her with long deep grinding thrusts as she began to shake and then struggle. She stiffened as her pussy clenched and then she was jerking and thrashing around, "aaaahhhh!"

She twisted and spasmed while she clutched me and I kept sinking my cock into her. After a minute she began to buck and convulse while her slimy pussy massaged and kept squeezing. I was fucking her firmly and rubbing against her and finally I held her tight with my cock buried.

She looked at me with my cock throbbing and jerking inside her. Suddenly I was gushing and spewed warm sperm. She shuddered while her pussy gripped my cock, "YES!"

She wiggled and squirmed while I tried to hold her. When I was done I relaxed and she sagged to the bed panting. Gwen pulled on me, "do me again."

I did both of them three time before stopping. I slipped off the bed and dressed and bent to pick up my bow. I looked at the two girls before I left and went outside. I climbed the stairs to walk the wall and look out the hidden slits. I was also looking back into the fortress. I picked out what must have been barracks and a blacksmith shop.

I also looked at the wall of the Keep and when I came back to the front gate I climbed down. I hunted the grounds between the walls and killed a couple of rabbits before I returned to the mage float. I skinned and cleaned the rabbits before I went back inside. The two girls were sitting in the kitchen dining area.

I crossed to it and set my bow aside and began getting pots and pans out. A moment and the girls were helping me make a stew. I looked at the mage windows as the light began to fade and moved to turn on the mage lanterns. Once the stew was started I stripped and pulled both girls back to the water closet.

This time I pulled them in and began to wash their slimy cunts. I also took my time feeling and washing their bodies as they grinned at me. Once they were clean I pulled them out and dried them. I pulled them to the front area and sat them beside the iron stove that always seemed to keep the inside warm or cool.

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