Kid Soldier

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: To young to join the service does not mean to young to fight. With direction from his father he joins a mercenary company. Just getting to their base is dangerous never mind checking the hint of something partially seen. And then there is the combat patrol that ends with saving a company of fleet marines.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

When the war started I was to young to fight. They would not even accept me as a cadet. My father was not the loving type and understood me. He made a few calls and pulled me into his room. He pulled out an old Ghost bull pup assault riffle and a Killian pistol from his closet and handed them to me.

He also pulled out a very old looking military style bag and handed it over, "you will need more than what is in here but it is a start. Go to the cargo area of the starport, hanger JL592. Find a man named Marks and he will put you to work."

I ran to my room to pack a bag before looking into the bag my father had given me. Mostly it was empty magazines but there was a body screen and a combat harness. I put the pistol in the bag, it used a twelve millimeter plasma rounds. The Ghost used the same type of ammo and I wrapped and attached it to the top of the bag.

Mr Marks barely glanced at me when I introduced myself. He nodded to a large cargo shuttle that was being loaded, "put your gear aboard and help load."

I set my bags with the stacks of other personal bags before I went to help. It took a couple of hours before we finished and everyone started to climb into the shuttle and I quickly followed. I sat close to Mr Marks as the shuttle lifted and he glanced at me before checking a comp screen. He tossed it to me, "read and sign."

I looked at it and saw a contract and read it before I used my thumb to bio sign and agree. I handed it back and he nodded, "we land in two weeks. Make sure you get with the armorer for ammo and are ready."

The ship we went to was a large freighter ship that had several other private companies loading. I helped unload and made a type of nest in the cargo hold. I knew with all the people aboard there was no way I could get a cabin. I took my time fitting the body screen and the combat harness.

I got ammo from the armorer and he registered my weapons so he could make more magazines if I needed them. Alex was his name and he seemed more than willing to talk. Since there was little to do during the trip I spent my time helping him. In exchange he gave me a few things like a long combat force knife and a set of thermal glasses.

The ground convoy from the port was supposed to be through secure areas. I was riding in one of the cargo vehicles when the first explosion went off. I saw the lead vehicle thrown up and back towards the one following before there was a second explosion to the rear. Both my rifle and pistol were loaded and ready and the vehicle came to a stop.

I dove out and rolled before I came to my feet and moved away while searching for anyone with a weapon. Two appeared before I knew it and I shot both in the chest and then through the head. I knelt between a wall and a building as guerillas attacked the vehicles. My heart was pounding as I aimed and fired and did it over and over.

There were a few explosions and Mr Marks rushed from one vehicle to another. I saw three of the enemy coming around a vehicle behind him and emptied my rifle into them. He spun and then looked at me as I changed magazine while looking for more enemy. I saw one of the men go down and rushed out and pulled him back before I continued to fight.

That was only the first of several and the fight only lasted about twenty minutes but it felt like it was a lot longer. We loaded our dead and wounded into the vehicles and sped away when it was over. The enemy dead had been stripped of weapons and anything they were carrying. Medics were waiting when we reached the compound that we were going to work out of.

I guess a lot more of the company had seen me during the fighting than I thought. The cargo vehicles went into a huge warehouse and I was given directions to a room. I carried my bags up before returning and going to check on Alex and getting more ammo and magazines. He grinned, "they said you did real good Kid."

I grinned, "I just shot anyone that was not one of us and had a weapon."

He laughed, "and saved the boss and pulled Henry Anderson to safety as well as a couple of others."

He tossed me a large over and under barreled pistol, only it was not a pistol. It was called a Smasher and was an auto loading breacher. It fired a twenty five millimeter round which was just a lot of tiny explosives to blow a door apart. I looked at him and he picked up another pistol. I grinned, "a Ranger?"

He nodded, "the boss took it off one of the enemy like that Smasher. He said to give you both."

I shook my head, "I can not..."

He gestured, "the weapons came from the enemy kid."

I looked at them and finally grinned, "okay."

He helped me load magazines and make a few for the Ranger. The Smasher was loaded from under the receiver and into the tube below the barrel. I carried everything back to my room and set it down before going to find out what I had to do. I went to the command center and looked in.

The unit first sergeant glanced at me and grinned, "the boss is in the infirmary and wanted to see you."

I turned to head across the compound and into the building that was our infirmary. I had to go up to the second floor before I found him in a large open bay. I walked between the beds and looked at Henry Anderson. He smiled when he saw me, "hey kid."

Mr Marks grinned, "the three men you pulled to safety as well as myself and a few others pitched in and bought you a girl."

I blinked, "bought?"

He shrugged, "the fathers here do not think much of girls or at least extra girls and the XO was in the main market and..."

I was tempted to refuse but a girl? I looked at him and then the others who were all grinning and finally nodded, "okay."

Mr Marks slapped my shoulder, "I need you to work with intel tomorrow doing the fleet movement coordination."

I looked at everyone and blushed a little, "thank you."

They grinned and waved and I turned to leave. I met the executive officer when I came out of the infirmary. I had never met him before but had seen his picture. A stunning girl with long dark hair and clutching a bag was with him. He grinned and gestured, "have fun kid."

I hesitated before I gestured and reached for her hand. I led her to my room and took her bag and set it down. I cleared my throat, "my name is Cody."

She looked up and at me and whispered, "Narina."

I smiled, "pretty name."

I looked around and then blushed as I looked at her, "do you have an implant Narina?"

She shook her head and I reached for her hand, "back to the infirmary then."

I looked at her while we walked, "I have never had sex."

She blushed as she looked at me and then down, "I am a virgin also."

I nodded, "are you hungry?"

She nodded and I glanced around to see if I could spot something to tell me where the dining area for the company was. I found it before I opened the door into the infirmary and headed to the side where one of the medics was sitting, "excuse me."

She looked up and then looked at the girl, "do not tell me you caught something."

I blushed, "no. We are both virgins but Narina needs to be checked and..."

I shrugged finally, "and she needs an implant."

The medic grinned as she stood, "thinking ahead are you?"

She reached for Narina's hand and pulled her after her, "wait here."

It seemed like a long time before they returned and Narina smiled shyly as she took my hand. I nodded to the medic, "thank you."

She laughed, "no problem."

We went to the dining area and ate and then I bit my lip as I led her back to my room. After I closed the door I hesitated, "we will need to find a couple of dressers."

She looked at me as I began to undress and smiled, "you need a Chamera."

She started to remove her clothes as I looked at her, "chamera?"

She nodded while looking at my hard cock, "a ... travel chest?"

I blinked as I finished and moved towards her, "you mean a trunk ... a travel trunk."

She stood still and trembled as I caressed her bare hips and looked at the narrow bed. I grinned, "maybe I need to buy a wider bed first."

She grinned and then giggled and turned to back me towards the bed, "not to big."

I sat and she started to staddle me but I turned and pulled and laid her back. I twisted and moved over her as she hesitated. I kissed her and started moving down and paused to suck on each nipple. She shivered and grinned as I kissed down her body and spread her legs. I looked at her pussy before I opened it and licked.

She shuddered and her hips lifted, "ooohhhh!"

I kept licking her and then began to nibble before I captured her clit. I sucked and started to wiggle my tongue before I squeezed it between my lips. She gasped and squirmed as she thrust up, "mmmm!"

A few minutes and she tried to close her legs while covering her pussy. I moved up and over her and gave her a kiss and forced my cock into her extremely tight pussy. She hugged me and squirmed as I buried my cock and settled. It was a minute before she giggled, "my pussy tastes nice."

I grinned and kissed her again, "yes."

She wiggled and humped and her pussy squeezed. I pulled back a little and began to fuck her with short grinding strokes. A couple of minutes and she was struggling and shaking while her slippery pussy kept clenching, "aaaahhhh!"

I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts but started to do it harder. It was another couple of minutes before my balls were churning and my cock throbbing. I pushed into her and held her as my cock erupted and I began to gush and spew cum. Narina jerked and spasmed as she clutched me, "YES!"

Her tight pussy gripped my cock and kept squeezing and milking the sperm into her. She shook and wiggled and squirmed while I kept pumping and spurting. When I stopped she was still shaking and I kissed her before I pulled back to start fucking her again. She grinned and lifted her hips as my cock began to slid in and out of her slimy pussy.

It was a long time before we stopped and I held and caressed her. She kept smiling as she put her head on my shoulder and rubbed my chest. I woke to my timekeeper and looked at Narina before I shifted and laid her on the bed. I dressed and went out to exercise before I returned. I woke her by kissing her and fingering her pussy.

She moaned and wiggled and finally opened her eyes. I grinned, "bathroom and a wash?"

She nodded and I helped her up and watched her dress. The bathroom was not private but I watched for her and then we stripped and I pulled her into the shower and washed her and myself. She winched when I slipped a finger into her pussy and I hesitated, "maybe we need to see the medic again."

We ate and found the medic just walking into the infirmary and she grinned as I blushed and told her Narina was sore. The medic's name was Kristy and she smiled as she pulled Narina away and when she came back she grinned, "all better. What is she doing today?"

I bit my lip, "I have to report to intel today and..."

She grinned, "how about letting her stay with me?"

I looked at Narina and she had her head down. I finally nodded, "I need to find a wider bed later and..."

Kristy laughed, "I will take her shopping and get her a few things she is going to need."

I opened my mouth before nodding again, "let me know how much you spent."

She grinned and waved, "shoo."

I blinked before looking at Narina, "I will see you later."

She smiled and I turned and went to find where the intel section was. Most of my work was notifying fleet of where we would be operating. I did look at several informational intel notices. Like the report of drones being used against fleet marines. They suspected Specter and the heavier Reaper drones.

Both were highly stealthed and fleet had no idea of where the drone nest was. I worked through the morning and into the afternoon before I accidentally got a sat image for the wrong area. It was next to the port instead of a thousand kilometers away in a small town. I told major Eric he had given us the wrong coordinates.

I started to delete it before something caught my eye. What I saw might have been the tip of a drone wing sticking out a warehouse door. I looked at the area and absently mentioned it to senior sergeant Aaron who snorted, "check it out when it gets dark."

I had planned to spend time with Narina but nodded. He sent me out and said to let him know what I found the next morning. When I walked into the room I stopped and stared. Narine stood up from the bed and the medic Kristy turned from the three tall open trunks or chests. The bed was large and wide and took up the rest of the room.

I grinned as I moved towards Narina, "this is larger than I thought."

She blushed and looked down and Kristy chuckled, "we talked today and I asked her if I could move in and if she would share."

I looked from her to Narina, "share?"

Kristy laughed as she moved around the bed and towards us, "you really were a virgin."

Narina touched my chest, "she wishes to bed you and sleep with me."

I held her hips, "do you want that?"

She searched my eyes before nodding and I kissed her, "then we will do it."

She smiled and began to undress me as Kristy stopped beside us to strip. She might have been older than us but her body looked young and firm. Narina stroked my cock and I looked at her to see her smiling, "bed her."

I caressed her hips, "and than you and after we can go eat and come back to do it more."

She smiled as Kristy laughed and pulled on me, "lets try oral first."

I turned to push her back onto the bed and knelt as I pushed her legs open, "I like oral."

I leaned forward and licked through her pussy and she shivered and spread her legs more. I began to tease her clit and rubbed the side of her pussy with my thumbs. When I started sucking and nibbling she gasped and thrust up, "ooohhhh!"

Narina sat on the bed beside her and laid back and caressed her pelvis and then cupped a breast. Kristy shuddered and tried to close her legs and I looked up. She grinned and held out her arms as she wiggled back and onto the bed, "come fuck me."

I moved onto the bed and over her, stopping to kiss Narina before I lifted and slowly pushed into Kristy. Her pussy was warm and already slippery as my cock sank into her. I settled and gave her a kiss as she wiggled and shifted as if to adjust. I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly with long grinding strokes.

It was not long before she was shaking and shuddering as she lifted her hips and moaned. I continued to fuck her and rub or press to push deeper and she hugged me tight. Her pussy was gripping my cock each time I pulled back. A few minutes and she stiffened and then gasped and began to thrash and buck, "fffuuucccckkkkk!"

I used firm strokes as she continued to struggle and clutch me. It was only a couple of minutes before she wrapped her legs around me as I buried my cock. She jerked and spasmed as I kept pressing and my cock erupted, "YES!"

She jerked and spasmed as warm spurts of sperm began pumping and gushing into her. She wiggled and squirmed while I held her and finished cumming. When I was done she was still panting as her pussy kept milking my cock. I gave her a kiss and slowly pulled out before I turned to Narina.

I moved over her as she laid back and gave her another kiss before moving down. She sighed and ran her fingers through my hair. I pushed her legs open and began to lick her pussy and wiggle my tongue on her clit. She humped and tilted her hips as she shivered and moaned. A few moments later Kristy slid down and kissed my cheek, "can I?"

I grinned as I moved to the side, "sure."

She moved and started licking and sucking and nibbling. It was not long before Narina was shaking and humping and wiggling. She jerked and spasmed as she cried out and Kristy laughed as she moved. I helped Narina turn on the bed before I moved over her. She held my cock and positioned it and I slowly pushed into her slippery pussy.

She sighed and wiggled as she put her arms around me. I gave her a kiss before I began to hump and rub and press. She shuddered as her tight pussy clenched, "mmmm!"

A couple of minutes and I pulled back to fuck her with deep thrusts. After that it was not long before she was twisting and struggling while she thrust up. Her pussy was constantly grasping my cock and she tore her mouth away as she screamed, "YES!"

I began to fuck her hard and kept it up as she continued to buck and thrash around. It took several minutes before I shoved into her. I kissed her while holding her and spewing and pumping sperm. She jerked and spasmed and yelled into my mouth, "aaaahhhhh!"

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