The Babysitter's Valentine Present

by Tony Sorrentino

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotica Sex Story: Being a babysitter on Valentine's Day just got interesting.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Babysitter   .

Alice took the babysitter job for the next Saturday night just like seldom questioned such assignments over a weekend at any other time. It was not until she looked at the calendar that she saw it was actually on the fourteenth day of February which everyone knew was Valentine's Day. At first, she was noncommittal because it wasn't like she had anything planned but after some thought, she regretted the fact she was admitting her lack of social connections on such an important day of the year.

After all, she was only sixteen and it wasn't like she had some hot action going on with some guy at school that required her presence on such an important day. In fact, she was still technically a virgin although she would never admit that to anyone especially a close friend.

Recently Alice had taken to some heated bouts of masturbation in the privacy of her bedroom after her parents had gone to sleep. She liked to use the jock straps she filched from the boy's locker room to help her get her juices going strong. There was something about that strong scent of cock and semen that made her tummy go all haywire and helped her start to lubricate even before she touched her fuzzy slit.

Her boobs were just beginning to ripen and she liked to push them up so she could just reach the nipples with her long tongue. When she licked them in the dark, she imagined it was one of the football players sucking her breasts with wild abandon. With her nipple in her lips and her other hand pressing against her brown eye in the back she often would go into a mind-blowing orgasm that made her shake so hard she was afraid that she might wake up one of her parents who would catch her in the degrading position.

She also like to use her Teddy which had a hard button on his protruding nose to rub between her legs just like a silly boy wanting to taste her pussy. Alice knew boys would do those things for their girlfriends just so they could have them suck their cocks whenever they wanted. Since she didn't have a boyfriend, she didn't suck cocks and she hadn't gotten her pussy eaten yet by a boy returning the favor.

Her best friend Marcie had told her that her boyfriend Ralph had even licked her brown eye when he had a few beers after the basketball winning season. She couldn't imagine any boy getting his tongue up into her dirt hole and thought the whole thing was just some story the girl had made up to get her all hot and excited. Still, the idea had stayed fixed in her mind and whenever she touched her brown eye she thought about some of the boys at school putting their lips back there like slaves under her command to order about and do nice things to make her feel good where it really counted.

The Saturday night job was with the Blacks. They were a nice couple who seemed to love each other because they were always holding hands and kissing right out on the street and in the stores. She had noticed them because the husband Jeff was only about twenty and he had the nicest eyes she had ever seen. The wife Paula was not unattractive but she was about seven months pregnant and as big as a house. Her face was still real pretty and she was carrying most of the weight below the bust so she looked normal sitting down but when she stood up it was so apparent that Alice found it difficult to even look at her without wondering how many times Jeff had to give it to her before she got pregnant with their first child.

All she could think about was that with her luck, the first time she took it in her female channel; she would probably get pregnant and wind up as an unmarried mother. It was a real inducement for her to start off with blow jobs and even taking it up the ass to be on the safe side.

On that Saturday, it seemed like the television had nothing but romance stories with couples falling in love and having sex non-stop with candy, flowers and little cupids running around shooting arrows into unsuspecting girl's asses making them instant nymphomaniacs for any cock in reaching distance.

It was so overwhelming that she had an urge to masturbate but her parents had company and it was far too risky.

Alice used her mom's special perfume on the insides of her legs like she was expecting some unnamed boy to stick his head down there and get a whiff of the special scent and go wild eating her pussy. Then she put on her older sister's risqué valentine outfit from Frederick's of Hollywood with the crotch-less red bottoms and the bra with the holes cut out for the nipples to stick out. She felt real naughty wearing the things under her blouse and skirt but she figured she could take advantage of being alone in a strange house with the kids asleep upstairs and with it being Valentine's Day and all she wanted to get that special Valentine tingle that seemed so strong on that special day.

She looked at herself in the mirror and saw that no one would suspect she had on such a sexy outfit under the plain teenaged clothing and her ever-present black framed glasses. It was the ideal time to use the corner of her computer desk to rub out a quick one wearing the crotch-less panties and she did it so quickly that she was disappointed it didn't last a little bit longer.

Alice checked her face in the mirror and saw she was a little bit flushed from the strong orgasm but she had no time left and had to get over to the Black's right away.

When she arrived at the front door, the Blacks were waiting impatiently for her to arrive.

"Hello, Alice, everything should be just fine. The twins are sound asleep upstairs and shouldn't wake up before the morning. There are milk and cookies in the refrigerator and the television remote is right on the coffee table. You have our number where we will be in case of an emergency and please leave the cell phone on the coffee table on so we can reach you if we have to for some reason."

Jeff was staring off into space and didn't say a single word as his wife Paula was talking. It looked to Alice that he was not entirely happy about the "going out" routine at all. They left immediately with the wife waddling slowly and complaining about the fact the grass needed to be cut and the bushes were overdue for a trim. Jeff seemed to turn a deaf ear to everything like he had heard it all a million times before.

As soon as their car turned the corner, Alice went back into the kitchen and used the corner of the kitchen table to take care of her itch. She really liked this table because it was at a height that forced her to go up on her toes to get it in at the right angle. Before long, she was panting with exertion and her face was flushed with passion. She stopped long enough to get a glass of milk and some cookies from the fridge and resumed holding the glass of milk in one hand and a cookie in the other. It was a race to see which she finished first, the snack or the orgasm.

The orgasm won!

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