A Visit to Tripp's Club
Chapter 28

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Sex Story: Chapter 28 - This story was started in 2010 and continues to refine 'the Club' world. It's a rather long story but I wanted bring out the details as if the Club really existed. It follows one man's mission to become a guest at the Club and his journey of sexual pleasure with many, many girls. The sex doesn't start for a couple chapters, but when it does it continues non-stop!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Mind Control   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Science Fiction   Robot   Mother   Daughter   BDSM   First   Sex Toys   Lactation   Double Penetration   Needles  

After Tripp finished violating my sister, he grabbed a towel and cleaned up. "Jack, you want a turn fucking Susan?" Susan had been silent since the rape ended but now she begged "No, please not that. You can't do that to us! Anything but that!" I knew very well that when and if the Org-X drug was in our blood stream, neither of us would be able to resist fucking or anything else we were asked. I had to escape. There had to be a way. Maybe I would be able to resist the effect of the drug. After all, he said it was still experimental. "It's really noisy in here. Let's go somewhere a bit more quit and private. Amanda, please bring Jack along. And you two, get this one off the station and then bring her over to Exam Room 1." As we left the milking room I could briefly see two men lifting Susan. One of them looked like he had his fingers between her legs.

A short walk/ride later and we arrived in a large room filled with all kinds of medical equipment. There was even a second table like the one I was attached to. "Amanda, lean him back please." My table pitched back until I was horizontal. For some reason this made me feel much more vulnerable. Tripp was busying himself with something out of my sight when his phone rang. "Yes. Yes. No. Well why can't ... Ok. Yes, I'll come there. Just wait." He hung up. "Jack, I'm needed elsewhere for a few minutes. Take a load off and just relax. Amanda, I'll be back in five minutes. Stay here. When Susan arrives..." "Sir, who is Susan?" "The girl I just fucked you dumb bitch ... listen to what I'm saying, when Susan arrives, have them position her over there. Don't do anything else. Nothing else. Understand?" "Yes sir." Then Tripp left the room.

This might be my only chance. "Amanda, I'm really thirsty, can you get me a drink of water?" "I'm not supposed to talk with you." "That's ok, I don't want to talk, I just need a drink. I'm really dehydrated. Please?" She seemed to be thinking. "Ok." She finally said. That was easy. Maybe the level of drug she was under could work to my advantage. But I had to be fast. "Please hurry, I'm so thirsty." She filled a cup from the sink and brought it over to my table. "You'll have to raise me up. I can't drink like this." "Ok." She tapped some buttons on the control pad and my upper body sat forward. I was hoping she would put me vertical again but this would have to do. She held the cup to my lips. I drank some but then intentionally moved my head to spill the liquid. It dribbled down my torso. "Oh sorry. Maybe I could hold the cup myself?" "I can't undo your straps. I'm not allowed." "Sure you can. Just for a moment." Again she was thinking. "Please Amanda, I promise to be good." But just when it looked like she might comply, the double doors opened.

Susan was rolled in, hanging from a rack similar to the ones I had seen earlier, although this one was designed for only one or two bodies. "Jack, are you all right?" she choked out. I could see she had been crying. Her body looked so helpless and exposed surrounded by the frame. "I'm fine Suz. Amanda here was just giving me a drink of water." The guy who had rolled the rack in was the same one who I saw fingering Susan. I wanted to kill him "Mr. Tripp said to put her over there." The guy rolled Susan over to the side of the room. With my head turned to the right I could see her clearly. Before leaving he fondled her breasts. "Your sister is a real nice piece of ass. Maybe I'll get to fuck her next time." It took every ounce of determination to not respond – hopefully he would leave. "Does Mr. Tripp want me to stay?" "I don't know." "Well if he needs me I'll be back on my duty roster." "Ok." This was good; I could get back to working Amanda. But I didn't have much time, Tripp could return at any moment.

"Jack, what is this place? Why are we here? What do they want from us?" "It's a long story Suz, but I can't explain now. Amanda here was just about to let me drink some water. Isn't that correct Amanda? You just need to release my right arm." Amanda put down the water and picked up the control tablet. "Just for a few seconds and then you promise to let me strap your arm down again?" "Yes, of course." "Promise?" "Yes I promise." It was like talking with a child. She tapped on the screen which emitted a double-beep sound. "Oh, I'm not allowed. I don't have the password." And then as quick as that, she lowered me back down. Shit. SHIT.

Susan spoke again. She seemed to be holding back tears. "Why are all the women here so ... obedient? It's like they can't think for themselves. That's the way I felt before, after they strapped me to that horrible machine and..." her voice trailed off and she started crying softly. "It's ok sis. None of this is your fault. They put a device into your body that can release a drug called Org-X. All the women here are under the effect of the drug, some more than others. It takes away their will to think freely. And it has other effects also." "You mean sexual effects..." "Yes. But I'm going to get us out of here somehow. Amanda, maybe there's another way you can release my arm? I'm still very thirsty." Just then Tripp returned.

"Sometimes I'm amazed this place can function at all." He seemed annoyed, but then his gaze focused on Susan and he smiled. "Ok ladies and gents, let's get this show going. It's the final act!" "W-what are you going to do to us? Please sir, I don't understand." He opened one of the cabinets and pulled out a ball gag. Walking behind Susan he said, "For now I rather not hear any more questions." "There must be a mistake, wh-g-g-gg-ggg." Without warning Tripp reached around and pressed the rubber ball into Susan's mouth. She struggled uselessly as he fastened the strap behind her neck. "That's better. Now I can concentrate. Ok Jack, your turn." "What, are you going to gag me also?" "In a way, yes – I'm going to use your sister's cunt as a gag." Hearing this caused Susan to struggle even more, her body twisting and swaying. The gag muffled her panic.

Tripp, still standing behind Susan, pushed her rack around and behind my head. For the moment I couldn't see her. "Tripp, this is just wrong! I won't cooperate." "Oh you'll cooperate. And I should mention; cameras are recording this event for the viewing pleasure of our guests. After all, you're the first man to permanently experience Org-X." Oh fuck, this can't be happening I thought to myself. He pushed Susan further forward until her body was directly over my head. She had been turned around – her feet facing toward my hands. Looking up there was nothing I could do but gaze at her spread thighs, pink fleshy lips, and breasts above. She was silent.

Tripp held his phone in his hand. "We're still working through the exact calibrations but dosage levels of Org-X have a somewhat different effect on men than women. Men are a much more easily aroused animal, but their mental fortitude is less willing to bend. Women are the opposite. We've been studying brain scans of both sexes. At a very low dose men are immediately stimulated, but the drug has little effect on their willingness to comply. Still, it seems the heightened state of arousal is enough to cause most men to lose their better judgment. At higher doses, when the drug provides total mental control, the men seem to have less sex drive and some can't even get an erection. It varies from subject to subject. We've been working on the best balance and may have to alter the dosage dynamically based on the situation. Of course all of our tests to date were on volunteers, so you're the first true 'hostile' subject. Shall we proceed?"

I waited with my eyes closed. I had to fight this ... resist. My free will couldn't be taken from me, could it? Would I become just like Jeanne and all the other sex slaves? Then it just happened, my dick became erect. There was no real sensation other than a slight warmth in my groin. My eyes were closed so I was not visually stimulated. My mind was definitely not thinking about sex. Yet my dick was rock hard. And suddenly I was aroused. I wanted release. I wanted to fuck. There was a hum and vibration from the table, was I moving? My eyes remained closed; I knew if I looked at my naked sister I would become even more turned on – she was so hot! What the fuck was I thinking? The humming stopped and that's when I smelled her.

I opened my eyes, I just had to. My vision was blocked, blocked by Susan's shaved vagina and flat stomach. Only a few inches separated my mouth from her pussy. Oh god, I wanted to lift my head, stick my tongue out, and take a taste. No, I can't. This is my sister. The drug is doing this to me. I still have free will. "Jack, hold on, I'm going to remove your sister's gag." Moments later Susan was free to speak. "Jack, I feel your breath, please don't touch me." She whimpered. "You have to fight this!" Seconds passed by ever so slowly. My breathing seemed to have increased and my dick was throbbing. My mind wandered to a distant memory; I was a teenager at my first dance, standing by the wall with my friends, watching the girls gyrate around the gym. One girl had my attention, her name was Millie Phillips. Millie had breasts! Her cute yellow dress showed just the hint of cleavage at the neckline. My dick throbbed that night like it never had before. Like it was now.

"I'm impressed Jack. Don't you want a taste of that sweet twat?" I did, so badly. "Look, let me show you." His hands reached between Susan's legs. "No, No, No, no, no, no" she said over and over, her body trembling as Trip spread her labia. Now I could see the entrance to Susan's vagina and her pink clit peeking out from under its hood. I forced my eyes closed again. I thought about Millie's breasts, those perfect fourteen year old breasts. Were her nipples large or small? What color were her areolas? Dick ... pulsating. If Susan's pussy were hovering over my dick at this moment, could I resist fucking her, fucking my sister? "Maybe a bit more encouragement?" The table hummed, bending at my waist.

My face moved up and forward, the gap closing. And then my lips touched hers. Susan cried out "Noooooo!" Her smell was intoxicating. In the back of my mind I knew it was the drug affecting me. I tried to rationalize. If I do what Tripp wants, maybe he'll let Susan go. I had no choice. My lips parted and my tongue slipped forward. I was so aroused I could actually feel pre-cum oozing from my penis. There was no place for my tongue to go but between Susan's warm fleshy folds, held open by the rack spreading her legs. She shook her body, pivoting against my face. This just turned me on more. "Jack, you're my brother. Don't do this. Think about what's happening. He's forcing you to rape me. Please sttttt-ohhhh-GD!" I dragged my tongue over her clit. Then again. And again. My saliva lubricated her dry skin. "S-s-s-stop j-j-jack." But I didn't stop. Instead I plunged my tongue forward into her gaping cunt! This elicited a shutter from the girl's body and a moan of pleasure from her mouth. I continued to explore. Soon the girl became wet and I could taste her sex. This girl was really hot. I went back to working her clit.

She was moaning loudly now, no longer complaining. I knew she would orgasm soon. I stayed focused. With the tip of my tongue I circled her clit and then dragged it flatly across the entire mound. I repeated this over and over. "Ahh Ahh Ah-h G-g-g-g N-n-n-n-n!" Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought of Susan, my sister. I had another sister; Melanie. She was even younger than Susan, just a teenager, 17. But really all I could think about was the naked girl whose cunt I was eating. She had no face that I could see; just thighs, stomach, breasts, and pussy. I decided to mix some pain with her pleasure and sucked her engorged clit between my teeth. Then ever so slightly I bit down. The girl screamed out. I went back to fucking her with my tongue and the screaming turned back to moaning. I wished my hands were free so I could squeeze her tits. Was that milk dripping from her nipples?

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