A Visit to Tripp's Club
Chapter 27

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Sex Story: Chapter 27 - This story was started in 2010 and continues to refine 'the Club' world. It's a rather long story but I wanted bring out the details as if the Club really existed. It follows one man's mission to become a guest at the Club and his journey of sexual pleasure with many, many girls. The sex doesn't start for a couple chapters, but when it does it continues non-stop!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Mind Control   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Science Fiction   Robot   Mother   Daughter   BDSM   First   Sex Toys   Lactation   Double Penetration   Needles  

As we moved down the hallway and back into the elevator, Tripp asked "What do you think of our dairy farm so far?" "You're a psychopath Tripp." "I like to think of myself as a genius. You can't imagine how much money this dairy generates. Do you know there are some wine connoisseurs who will only serve cheeses from the Club Dairy when drinking a vintage wine?" My mind wandered and I thought to myself; it's funny how your perspective changes based on the situation. Were I not currently strapped naked to this rolling table, I probably wouldn't think twice about what I was witnessing. In fact I know I would have been aroused. "What, nothing more to add Jack?" He waited but I did not respond. "You're really becoming a bit of a bore Jack." "Like I said, just get on with it asshole, flip the switch." "Really? You don't want to see the actual milking process? Amanda, what do you think, should we continue with the tour?" "Whatever you wish sir." "Hear that Jack, whatever I wish! Amanda, come put Jacks dick in your mouth."

Amanda kneeled down in front of me. I was flaccid, but pain or no pain; her warm wet mouth changed that almost instantly. She was very good. "Jack, think about this, I could have your sister giving you a blow job and I bet you would still get off. Or better yet, what if I let Susan give me a blow job and you watch?" "F-fuck you." "You're like a broken record Jack. Amanda, let's move on." I involuntarily thrust my hips forward, wanting the release that would not come. "I'm sure you're going to like this next room." The elevator doors opened on the opposite side and I was backed out.

Before turning around, all I could hear were the sounds. It was a cacophony of moaning, screaming, crying, and sucking. Plus there were mechanical sounds; humming, pumping, and hydraulic hissing. I rotated around. The room was like a warehouse, two stories high and huge. Coiled tubes and hoses stretched down form overhead girders. Insulated pipes connected various machines with vapor or ice forming at different sections and elbows. Off to the sides were empty transport racks. Workers were everywhere, mostly women wearing tight white shorts. And of course there were the milking stations. Each had pumps, stainless steel tanks, and control consoles situated along side. The workers moved from station to station, monitoring the consoles and occasionally making adjustments.

And then there were the poor girls. Eight in a row, mounted on the milking stations. I was facing their backsides. Each was restrained in the rigid frame. The cuffs around their ankles were mounted to brackets atop steel pipes jutting from the floor. A third pipe was visible forward of the other two, attached to the brace at their stomach. The mounted girls leaned forward, about forty-five degrees, breasts hanging down. Between the pipes supporting their legs a multi-jointed robotic arm was positioned with two shiny phallic probes, one penetrating their cunt and the other (thiner) penetrating their asshole. The probe in their cunts had a piston mechanism, allowing it to fuck its victim. Their bodies twitched in rhythm.

Beyond the first row I could see a second and third row, each separated by a wide gap, twenty four girls in total. The room was warm and all the girl's bodies glistened with sweat. "Let's give you a better view." Tripp drove me around the first row and down the aisle a few feet. Now I had eight girls stretching forward to my left and right. From this vantage point I could see how the girl's bodies were cantilevered above the stomach, solely supported by the frame. This gave easy access to their tits and mouth. The ponytail of each girl was used to support the weight of their heads.

Two tubes from the pumping machines situated to the left of each station stretched under each naked body. I stared at the girl closest to my right. She was a brunette, maybe twenty five years old, very beautiful. Each tube terminated with a clear plastic cylinder about three inches in diameter. Within the main cylinder was a secondary thinner cylinder, only an inch in diameter. Both had rubber seals around the rim. And of course, they were attached to each breast. As if Tripp read my mind he said "The outer tube has a constant suction providing a secure connection to the tit. If you look closely, you can see how her flesh is drawn in." Indeed, the shape of her breasts was deformed by the suction. "The inner tube surrounds each nipple and extracts the milk, sucking alternately." The pump made a sort of thunking hissing sound. I watched as milky fluid was sucked out from the left nipple, then right, then left, then right. The pumping seemed to be in sync with the rubber dick fucking her cunt, plunging in each time the milk streamed out.

But that wasn't all; a robotic arm jutted from the pumping machine and angled under her mouth. It terminated with what looked like a realistic rubber dick. And the girl was blowing it! What the fuck? Tripp had followed my gaze and explained "We found it was best if the girls were focused on a task while getting milked. The system uses a reward or punishment method. As long as each girl moves here lips over the fake penis, the rod in her pussy provides stimulation to her clit. If she stops sucking, the vibration turns to a mild electric shock or heat. The more the girl resists the program, the stronger or hotter the punishment." As if on cue, one of the girls gagged for a moment and stopped moving her mouth. Five seconds later her body went stiff and her fingers flared open. She immediately went back to sucking. "The system also provides nourishment. After about ten minutes of milking, if the girl has sucked continually, the fake dick will cum in her mouth and the milking pumps will give her a break for two minutes. Of course if they don't swallow the cum, a shock is administered and the milking continues."

"All in all it takes about an hour to milk each girl dry. They are then moved to a staging area for about three hours while other groups are rotated on to the milking stations. After three hours their bodies have produced more milk and they return here for a shorter thirty minute session. Then it's off to the barns for the night. So there you have it! Impressive, am I right?" When I didn't respond immediately he said, "Speechless, I know. Then let's move on. The tour is almost over, just one more exhibit." Tripp (or Amanda) rolled me down the isle slowly. I studied each girl as we passed by. Most of their tits were elongated by gravity and the weight of the attachments, although one girl was almost flat-chested. Still, the plastic cylinders remained sealed tightly to what little tits she had and milk streamed from her puffy nipples. A few took notice of the naked man strapped to a table rolling past their eyes. None of them stopped moving their lips over the rubber dick lodged in their mouth.

We rounded the end of the isle and started down the next. Now I had heads and tits to my left and asses to my right. The room had a distinct smell of sweat, sex, and what I assumed was breast milk. Most of the girls looked to be in their late twenties but this was just my best guess. A few looked older and a few much younger. One very young looking red-head whose cute freckled ass I had noticed before was really struggling and crying. Two worker women were frantically trying to change something at the station console. Now the girl was begging "It's burning me PLEASE He-e-e-LP!" "What's the problem here?" Tripp growled. "We sorry sir but the system seems to be stuck in a loop during the heat punishment cycle." "Get out of my way." The poor girl began screaming "AHHH-HHH AHHH-H-H-H" She was shaking so violently that one of the breast pumping attachments came lose. I was worried she might hurt herself in the frame. Tripp continued to work the keyboard. It was then I smelled the burning flesh. The young girl's eyes rolled into the back of her head and I guess she passed out. Finally in frustration Tripp moved away from the console and over to a nearby post where he pressed a large red emergency button. Claxons sounded and red spinning lights mounted on posts around the room came to life. At the same time all the machines and pumps and pistons and fucking and sucking came to a halt. Moments later the room became almost silent save for the whimpering of the women. Tripp returned to the passed out girl's backside and pulled the robotic arm, extracting the two dildos. Smoke wafted from the larger appendage. The girl remained limp. Tripp barked orders and two men who were standing close by began to remove the girl from the station. "Bring her to Medical. Then get Tech Support in here to fix this thing. No wait, first reset the systems and get the pumps running again."

And as for you two..." He was now speaking to the two woman who had been trying to resolve the malfunction. " ... you're relieved of your duties here. Report to Open Mind." "Mr. Tripp, it wasn't our fault! Please not that!" "No not that." They said in almost unison. Without hesitation Tripp removed his phone from his pants pocket, opened an app, and began to tap. The girls continued to beg. Tripp looked over to read the tattoo number off each of their bare legs and then tapped some more. "Sir, please sir, we didn't mean to hurt that girl. Please don't send us to open m-m..." Suddenly both girls went silent. I noticed their legs began to tremble and they had trouble standing for a moment. One of the two moved her hand toward her crotch. "Report to Open Mind" He repeated. This time without hesitation both girls turned and walked away.

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