A Visit to Tripp's Club
Chapter 26

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Sex Story: Chapter 26 - This story was started in 2010 and continues to refine 'the Club' world. It's a rather long story but I wanted bring out the details as if the Club really existed. It follows one man's mission to become a guest at the Club and his journey of sexual pleasure with many, many girls. The sex doesn't start for a couple chapters, but when it does it continues non-stop!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Mind Control   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Science Fiction   Robot   Mother   Daughter   BDSM   First   Sex Toys   Lactation   Double Penetration   Needles  

My dreams were so strange. And not pleasant. Nightmares really. I dreamt that a beautiful woman sliced off my penis. I wanted to wake up. I tried to wake up. But whenever my mind would start to clear, the dreams would start again. Would I be trapped forever? And then I heard an angel's voice. "Sir, he's awake." And then the devil. "Excellent." said Tripp.

The room was dim but the light hurt my eyes so I left them closed for the moment. I was lying on my back, on some sort of narrow metal bed. There was pressure around my ankles, thighs, wrists, and arms. An attempt to lift myself up did not succeed. I was obviously strapped down. And based on the cool sensation across my skin, I was not wearing any clothing. "No need to waste your energy Jack. Just relax." My eyes started to adjust. He was standing to my side. I tried to speak but my mouth and throat were so dry. "Amanda, please bring over some ice chips." "Yes Mr. Tripp." The angel stood over me and placed cool ice against my lips. A few more and I regained my voice. "Thanks." I told her. "Well Jack, how are you feeling?" I hated that he called me by my first name, like we were friends. "You tell me."

"Well, since you've asked, I WILL tell you how you are." Tripp said with a glib attitude. But first let's get you upright. He picked up a small remote which operated the bed. There was a hum and as I expected the metal under my body began to move. But rather than sit up, the entire platform tilted forward, pivoting at my center of gravity. Plates under my feet supported my weight and within seconds I was almost vertical, a few inches off the floor. Looking over my body, I was naked as expected. Metal padded bands secured me to the shiny metallic platform which was perforated with many small holes. The platform itself was shaped like a human body with a split between my legs and each arm, along with multiple hinges and swivels joints for articulation at my knees, waist, elbows, and shoulders.

"As you can see, you're currently attached to one of our custom medical examination tables. Normally there used to restrain the women for whatever procedure is necessary. We can adjust the body to almost any position, flat, standing, sitting, spread eagle, whatever the situation requires." The thought of a naked girl attached to this rack would have normally turned me on, but given my current situation, I was not turned on. In fact, there was a dull pain emanating from between my legs. Looking more closely at my penis, it looked normal. Wait; was there a glimmer of silver?

"Jack, I see you're concerned about your dick. So let's get to that." "What the fuck did you do to me?" "Well ... first we surgically embedded an Org-X transmitter somewhere on your body." "I thought the Org-X drug only worked on woman?" I stuttered out. "Correct." Tripp said. "But as you can imagine, we've hand many requests over the years by Club guests for a version of the drug that would work on men. This was the Holy Grail for our research department. Six months ago they had a major break-through and Org-X variant M was created. Of course we're still in a development and test phase and there are problems that need to be worked out. For example, the drug brings on an almost permanent erection and a guy just can't live that way." I began to tremble.

"Plus there's the delivery issue. I know what you're thinking Jack; men don't have cunts, how do you dispense Org-XvM? As with woman, the drug is most effective when applied to the genital glands. We briefly contemplated using an Org-XT in the rectum, but as you can imagine, this caused all kinds of problems. So how could we dispense the drug to the penis without extensive surgery or anything so intrusive as to impede intercourse? The answer turned out to be very simple, Frenulum piercing." "What the fuck is that?" I blurted. "Well, in the case of the male penis, the frenulum or frenum is the elastic band of tissue under glans penis that connects to the foreskin to the vernal mucosa. All very technical I know. How about I show you. Amanda, do you mind?" The attractive assistant stepped over, reached down, and lifted my cock. Here again I would normally be very aroused by a gorgeous woman holding my cock. Not today. There on the underside of my penis were two pairs of silver studs, about a quarter inch in diameter. Each pair of studs was connected by an eight inch thick rod piercing the lose skin of my dick. The top rod was located close to the head and the second about an inch lower. Fuck.

"Listen Tripp, you've made your point. You win. I'll stay here and work for you in servitude for as long as is necessary. All I ask is you leave my sister out of this. Let her go and I'll do whatever you want." "Jack, Jack, it's just not that simple." I cut him off "It IS that simple, flip the switch or whatever to give me the drug and I'll fuck whoever you want. Just ... please let Susan go." At this point begging seemed my only option. "Jack, you're really not in any position to make any demands. But you are correct, the flip of a switch as you say, is all I need to do and you'll be a slave here at the Club forever. As for fucking woman, well, my guess is you'll be more of a hit with the guys." He looked me in the eyes. "And as for Susan, well she's already a Club member." I thought about my sister, what they had done to her. She would be a reluctant prostitute, just like all the other woman. I didn't know if I should cry or scream. I remained silent for the moment. Finally I said, "Just get on with it."

"What's the rush Jack? First I thought you might like a tour of the Dairy facility. As I recall you were interested in seeing it when I first mentioned that we milked some of the girls. Remember the rape machines? Remember when I let you fuck that young virgin, what was her name?" It seemed so long ago. "Yes, I remember. Her name was Lacey." "Then it's settled one last short tour!" He handed a tablet device to the female assistant. "Amanda, do you mind driving?" "Yes sir." She responded. Tripp walked toward the door. Amanda tapped some buttons, there was a faint hum as the rack I was strapped to came to life, then rolled along behind Tripp. "Do you mind covering me up?" "Don't be so self conscience Jack; clothing is always optional with our Club members." I was no longer a Club guest, now I was a member.

Tripp led the way down a stark hall, into a large freight elevator, then up or down (no way for me to know), more hallway, and eventually into a large half-moon shaped room. Around the curved perimeter were twelve stalls of a sort. Each contained what looked like a smooth solid platform with some straps and indentations. Around the perimeter were various buttons and dangling wires with jacks. The only other item in each stall was a white-board attached to the dividing wall. From what I could see, each white-board listed a number (the designated girl's Club number I assumed) along with some other notes. The floor looked like cold concrete with drains everywhere. Amanda rotated my body so I could get a full 360 view. The walls were totally bare although the wall from which we entered, opposite the stalls, had racks of equipment and water hoses mounted in a few locations. Windows lined the curved surface high above, close to the ceiling, letting in natural light. "This is one of our dormitory rooms here in the dairy farm. Most of our staff just refer to them as the 'barns'. In total we can house as many as one hundred and twenty milkers. After the girls complete a milking session, they are returned here to be cleaned up and bedded for the night." Tripp looked at his watch. "This group should be returning any minute."

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