A Visit to Tripp's Club
Chapter 4

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Sex Story: Chapter 4 - This story was started in 2010 and continues to refine 'the Club' world. It's a rather long story but I wanted bring out the details as if the Club really existed. It follows one man's mission to become a guest at the Club and his journey of sexual pleasure with many, many girls. The sex doesn't start for a couple chapters, but when it does it continues non-stop!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Mind Control   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Science Fiction   Robot   Mother   Daughter   BDSM   First   Sex Toys   Lactation   Double Penetration   Needles  

The three of us waited. I was getting a bit antsy to get out of this tub. From above I heard arguing. Woman arguing. One voice was definitely Bobby's. I wonder what she had done wrong. Fuck this, I'm leaving. So up the ladder I went. As I climbed toward the opening, I could tell something was not right. "Listen bitch – turn your ass around and head back into that sub!" I slowly peeked over the edge of the round hatch. We were in some sort of subterranean cavern. The sub was moored to a metal platform flanking three sides. Toward the front and sides of the platform the walls were man-made. Lying on the ground motionless, near what looked like elevator doors, was an older man with a bald head. He was dressed in a suit. To the left side a girl – she was wearing what looked like a hospital gown – was dragging another limp body (this one female wearing the same white spandex outfit as our captain) into a side office. And to my right were three more girls. One was Bobby, holding her hands over her head.

She was holding her hands over her head because one of the other girls, a read-head who looked to be in her early 30's was pointing a gun. But it didn't look like a normal gun – more like something from a science fiction movie. None the less, Bobby seemed very unhappy it was pointed her way. Red with the gun had on some sort of hospital scrubs, like a doctor or nurse would wear. The last girl was the youngest – a teenager, also wearing nothing more that a hospital gown. She seemed scared and stood motionless. "Lacey, snap out of it and go help Wendy drag the bodies into the office!" I guess that's when Red noticed me because the gun swung in my direction. "Hey asshole, you've got three seconds to get back down that ladder!" I quickly ducked down, but stayed near the top to keep listening. "There's passengers on board?" "Of course there's passengers on board – what did you think? And you know very well why they're here." "Maybe we should leave them behind." "No fucking way – I'm not taking any chances. We have to get out of this place and get help for the others! I checked the manifest – there's only three of them. We'll tie them up."

With that I decided it was time to try and call for help. I practically jumped down into the hull. "Ce qui se passé?" "I think some of the girls aren't all too happy about living at the Club and they're trying to escape! You two go aft and try to look for a weapon or something. I'm going to try and find the radio." I almost tripped bounding through the hatch into the forward compartment. It was much smaller than the passenger area. There was a pilot's seat with some sort of yoke surrounded by screens, buttons and gauges. But everything looked to be turned off. On both sides where a few other control panels, but nothing was labeled 'Radio'. "Fuck. FUCK". This was not how I expected my first day at the Club to go.

At the center of the submarine Red was yelling. "Listen, we know you three are either in the front or back of this ship. If you don't come out now, with your hands above your head, I'll just come looking for you. And when I find you ... I'm going to shoot you." She sounded really serious. I guess Mr. and Mrs. French gave up because Red screamed at them to sit down. "If they so much as move a muscle, you cut them Wendy." This was not going well. I made one last desperate scan of the control room, this time looking for a weapon – nothing. Then I stepped out. "Listen, I've never been here before." "Shut the fuck up. I know why you're here. You were planning on raping some of us. Now move toward the back and sit down next to the others." The space was tight and I contemplated grabbing the gun as I passed by, but she kept it pointed directly at my gut the entire time. And both the other girls had knives – although Lacey who was holding a scalpel didn't look like she could cut a worm. I sat down alongside Bobby. She looked very scared.

"How many of those hand cuffs do we have?" "Only two" Wendy replied. "We'll use them on the guys. You first, stand up and turn around with your hands behind your back." I reluctantly complied and Wendy slipped the plastic military style cuffs over my wrists and pulled them tight, then pushed me back down into the seat. "Now you frenchy, and don't try anything or I'll cut off your wife's tits! Lacey, climb up the ladder, untie the ropes and then get back down here. Don't forget to close the hatch behind you." Scared as I was, I couldn't help noticing Lacey's cute body. The gown was mostly open in the back and I could see she was only wearing bikini style cotton panties. "Alright miss captain blondy – time for you to get us out of here." Bobby stuttered as she spoke. "I I'm s sorry. It's all a-automated. I c-can't do anything." "We'll see about that. But first you'll need to be encouraged to help us."

"Stand Up!" she barked at Bobby. "Wendy, give her some motivation." Wendy moved the large knife toward Bobby's side and she jumped up. "Put your arms behind your back. Get behind her and hold her – just like we practiced." From behind, Wendy wrapped her one arm under and around both Bobby's arms and with the other hand, held the knife under her chin. "P pplease don't hurt me." "Oh, we're not going to hurt you – we need you – but with a different 'attitude'." Red reached into her pocket and pulled out a white plastic disk with a hole in the center. "Every have to wear one of these? I know I did. The day when I was captured in the parking garage is still vivid in my mind. Men strapped me to a chair, cut open my top, and put this little device over my breasts. Only the one I have here won't put you to sleep. Do you know what it does to you ... bitch?" Bobby looked terrified. What the fuck was going to happen here?

By now Lacey had returned from above – the hatch securely sealed. "Lacey, hand me your knife." Red took the scalpel and moved toward Bobby who tried to back up, but Wendy held her tight. The position forced her chest forward and Red moved the blade under the neckline of her tight spandex outfit. "Don't move, I wouldn't want to cut your pretty skin. Slowly she moved the blade down between her breasts, stopping at her waste. The material immediately pulled back – almost exposing her nipples. Sitting only a few feet way, I watched in fascination – totally forgetting the pain in my arms and wrists. "I remember the shock of being exposed to those men." She pulled the white material back, exposing both of Bobby's small breasts. "I remember the fear as they placed the disk over my nipple." Bobby was visibly shaking now. Red held the disk a few inches from her left nipple. It had a concave shape with a sleeve in the middle. Protruding from one side of the sleeve was a small metal pin. "I remember the feeling when it first touched my skin." She placed the disk over Bobby's areola, her small nipple in the center hole. Bobby seemed to go stiff for a second, then relaxed. And her nipple had swelled, almost filling the center sleeve. "You're feeling the effect of the drug now. It should help with the pain ... still, I remember as the needle." With her index finger and thumb, Red pushed the metal pin through the center, piercing Bobby's engorged nipple. "AhhHHH HHstt op AAHHHHH." With that it was clear the disk could not be removed.

Red had pulled from her pocket a second disk. But now Bobby wasn't really resisting. In fact, her entire demeanor seemed to have changed. "I don't think you'll need the knife any longer." Wendy moved the blade away from Bobby's neck. When the second disk made contact with her breast, a moan slipped from her lips. Her eyes seemed to have glossed over. "Captain, you still with us?" She nodded. "Just one more pinch." This time Bobby just bit her lip as her second nipple was pierced. Red wiped away a bit of blood. "Sit her down." Bobby sat down, just staring into space. With one finger she absent mindedly traced one of the disks on her breast. For the second time today, I had a huge erection.

"Ok, I've only got one disk left, but it will have to do. Your turn Mrs. French bitch!" "Non, s'il vous plaît no. Je ne ferai rien pour vous arrêter" the French woman begged. "Listen, I don't speak French – do you speak or understand English? Cause I don't really care – one way or another, this" she pointed to the disk, and then her breast "is going on your tit!" The husband also started begging them not to touch his wife. Whether they spoke or understood English, they both certainly understood what was about to happen. I contemplated telling the red head that I could translate, but decided to keep my mouth shut and just watch the show.

"Lacey, take the gun and point it at the husband." Lacey complied, but you could see her hand was shaking. Wendy had already grabbed the woman the same as she had with Bobby – using the knife to keep her still. She continued to beg frantically. Red started to unbutton the wife's blouse revealing the black lace bra underneath. You could almost see her nipples – she was very attractive. My dick was throbbing. With a quick flick of the knife the bra was cut down the center and then peeled off her large breasts. At this point the husband was begging almost as loud as his wife, now in English, his wife still in French. "Please, we have money. Please don't do this. W we weren't going to have sex with any of the girls." But in an instant, the white disk was placed over the nipple and the pin pierced through!

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