A Visit to Tripp's Club
Chapter 2

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Sex Story: Chapter 2 - This story was started in 2010 and continues to refine 'the Club' world. It's a rather long story but I wanted bring out the details as if the Club really existed. It follows one man's mission to become a guest at the Club and his journey of sexual pleasure with many, many girls. The sex doesn't start for a couple chapters, but when it does it continues non-stop!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Mind Control   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Science Fiction   Robot   Mother   Daughter   BDSM   First   Sex Toys   Lactation   Double Penetration   Needles  

The next day I checked out of the hotel and had the concierge hail a cab for me. "Le Bourget airfield" I told the driver. As we drove out of the city, I scanned the calendar on my phone to make sure I had cleared all my appointments for the next five days. I had also canceled my non-refundable flight back into the states – I was annoyed at the loss of the airfare, but then I remembered where I was going. With me I had a single suitcase. I left my other luggage at the hotel and reserved a room for when I returned. Even though they, "the Club" advised that I travel without any ID, I kept my passport hidden in the liner of my suitcase. I don't care what they say, I wasn't taking any chances!

When we arrived at the airport, I had the cab drop me at the private charter terminal. Inside the building, I asked the lone security guard where I could find Tripp Airlines. He had no idea but pointed me toward the back. I wandered across the small room with my bag in tow, and out a set of glass doors onto the tarmac. There, not far from the terminal, was a sleek white 60 XR – very nice! The boarding stairs were down with a man and woman waiting at the bottom. As I moved toward the jet, the woman, and then the man started toward me. She was very attractive, wearing a short white business dress. The guy was dressed like some soft of security personnel.

"May I help you?" "Yes, I'm Mr. Hi ... Aldridge, Mr. Aldridge." Fuck, I almost blurted my real name. This was going to be tough. "Are you sure you are who you say?" "Yes ... all this ... secrecy stuff has me a bit flustered." Hopefully that would cover my slipup. "Do you have something for me?" I handed her the boarding ticket. "Passcode?" "Zenith" I replied. "Very well, you may board the aircraft. Please leave your bag. Its contents will be searched, for security reasons you understand." "Uh, ok." "Oh, and Mr. Aldridge, from this point on, please reframe from revealing your full name. Privacy is of the utmost importance and most guests prefer to use just the first letter of their first and last name – so you will be Mr. P.A. Is that acceptable?" "A, yeah, sure." I wonder what Aldridge's (my) first name is? P something.

I entered the private jet. Passenger capacity, nine. Aside from myself, there was a man and woman sitting side-by-side in the back seats. They were whispering quietly. I decided to sit toward the front – no sense in risking any more slipups during a casual conversation. Besides, I doubted they would want to 'chit chat' much. Five minutes later the blond woman, did I mention she was blond and gorgeous, boarded the plane, retracted the stairs, closed and latched the door, then turned toward the passengers, us. "Welcome. We'll be departing as soon as we receive tower clearance. Please buckle your belts." She then walked into the galley at the back.

Sitting in silence, I stared out the window, watching the airport activity. The engines began to wine louder and my ears felt the cabin pressurize. Then we were moving. Blondie returned from the back and handed what looked like black sleeping blinders to the man and woman, then moved to my side. "Sir, as you are new to our procedures, I will explain. You must be blindfolded for the first thirty minutes of flight. If you do not wish to comply, we can return to the terminal." She handed me the blindfold. "No problem, I understand." With that I placed the blinder over my eyes, pulling the elastic band over the back of my head. This was weird. "If you would like, we can provide an audio distraction, music." "No, I'm fine. But could I get a beer? Just kidding, I'd spill it anyway."

With my eyes closed, I tried to relax. The planes engines wined louder and softer as we accelerated and decelerated across the airport (I assumed). We sat still for a bit, then a new female voice came over the internal speakers; "Please prepare for departure." What, no weather forecast for our destination? A moment or two later, the plane accelerated with intention, and we lifted off.

As our altitude increased, I pushed my seat back, and listened to the engine drone. Soon my mind was wandering ... So, you could only get into this club if you're invited. Who invites you? Or, you have to 'donate' a female relative or close friend – jeeze, that's pretty extreme. Could I have done that? Who would I donate? I had a couple of friends with very attractive wives. There was also my niece – nah, she was too young. I wonder if the Club had a minimum age – they must. Then again, my niece didn't seem much younger than Jeanne, if at all. Holy fuck, how could I even consider this! My thoughts were interrupted by the woman in white. "Ladies and Gentlemen, please continue to don your blindfolds; we should pass the threshold in ten minutes."

And as promised, ten minutes later we were allowed to remove our masks. A quick look out the window indicated we were now over water. No land in site and no way to know which direction we were traveling. The flight continued for a few hours. The attendant chick served us drinks and a gourmet meal, but she refused all conversation. I considered moving back to talk with the only other passengers, but just then the captain's voice over the intercom informed us that we would begin our descent soon. Decent where – all I could see was water.

A short time later the drone of the engines changed and my ears began to clog. Still no sign of land. Then, off in the distance a speck came into view – an island. As the land mass grew in size the plane banked to the left for its approach. Dam, the island didn't look big enough to even have a runway. But as it turned out, it did, and we landed safely. After the plane came to a stop, the chick in white opened the doors and a warm breeze entered the plane. I had made it to the Club!

Out of the plane and down on the runway I looked around. Palms swayed in the breeze. The paved runway ended at a small hanger. A path led off from one side to a white building with a red roof. The other two passengers had already started down the path – I guess they knew what to do. So I followed. Inside the building was a waiting area with a reception desk. Behind the desk was no surprise, another attractive woman. I was beginning to see the benefits of the Club. The couple had already proceeded through another interior door. "Mr. P.A., please have a seat, the doctor will be with you shortly." "I'm sorry, doctor?" "Everything will be explained shortly, please make yourself comfortable. Can I get you a drink, water, juice, wine?" I was starting to get a bit nervous; maybe a drink wasn't such a bad idea. But I declined and sat.

Five minutes later an older woman came into the room and asked me to follow her. Down a short hall with doors on each side, she led me into an examination room. "Mr. P.A, we here at the Club take the health of our guests and members very, very seriously. All new guests such as yourself are required to submit to a physical exam and to allow for blood and urine testing. For any and all future visits you must submit to blood and urine tests. The physical exam must be repeated each year should you retain guest privileges. If you do not wish to allow for these tests, the plane is waiting to return you to your origin. If you agree, please sign these release waivers. They state that you have given the Club consent to perform medical exams and access your medical records." She handed me a clip board and pen. "Wait, you want access to my medical records? I'm not sure I'm comfortable wi" "Sir, if you do not wish to consent, the plane is" "I know – waiting outside." I took the pen and signed.

I was given a soft cotton robe and a plastic cup. "I'll leave you while you disrobe. The bathroom is here." She pointed to a second door. "Please fill the cup half way with a urine sample. I'll return in a few minutes." Then she left. If I was nervous before, this whole medical exam thing wasn't helping matters. First I pee'd, which I had needed to do anyway – I could have filled two or three cups! Then I removed my clothing down to my boxers, put on the robe (at least it wasn't one of those horrid hospital gowns), and waited. The doc returned, took my blood, and gave me a very thorough exam. Let's just say – for the "cup the balls and cough" test I would have preferred the girl from the reception area. After I redressed, the doctor lead me further into the building to an office, then left. The windows were open and a fan spun slowly overhead. And too my surprise, it was a man behind the wooden desk.

"Welcome Mr. P.A, please have a seat." He typed a bit on his keyboard and studied the flat monitor. "I see here that your sponsored member has arrived safely at our processing facility. All that's left to complete before you proceed, shall we say, further into the rabbit hole ... are the financials." Funny how he used the same reference to Alice In Wonderland that I had thought about the day before. "As you can imagine, the operations costs for our business are quite extreme. In light this; all guests are required to pay an annual non-refundable fee in the amount of $250,000." I tried to keep my reaction to this hidden, but inside I'm thinking – fuck me. "In addition there is a $10,000 fee for each day you stay at our facility. This covers round-trip transportation from the airport of your choice, luxury lodging, gourmet meals, and of course ... access to our staff members." Internally I was choking on the 10 grand per night hotel fee, but then 'access to our staff members' altered my thoughts. He continued; "Lastly, you are required to deposit $5,000,000 into our private escrow account. This will serve as a security deposit. Accrued interest may be transferred into any other account of your choosing. Should you disclose any aspect of the Club to any person outside the confines of our facility, you will forfeit all security deposits and guest privileges will be terminated. Would you like me to repeat anything I have stated?" I shook my head no – my mind still trying to add up these numbers.

"As a new member, all that is required at this time is the $5,000,000 deposit to our escrow account. The daily fees for the first five days are on-the-house." I'm thinking; gee thanks, I just need to give you 5 million but you'll forgo the 50k hotel fee – big fucking deal. "After this initiation period, we will make a determination if you are to be extended return guest privileges. Should this be the case, and you accept our invitation, the annual fee will be deducted from your account at that time. This will be your anniversary date. Should you decline, your account will not incur any fees and you may return home. The Club will retain your security deposit for the length of ten years. In addition, your sponsored member will remain on our staff. Let me make this clear..." He looked at the screen. "Jeanne is now a permanent member here – she has no life outside of the Club."

This was serious shit! "And finally, the Club reserves the right to revoke your guest privileges at any time, and of course you may decide to leave our family at your discretion. In either case, your security deposit will remain in escrow for a period of 10 years from the termination date. Do you understand these terms?" "A ... sure – but what happens to the money if I kick the bucket?" I joked. He didn't laugh. "Are you prepared to supply us with your bank account and routing information?" My mind raced. Five million was a major chunk of change – and what if I decided to stay on. No, that just couldn't happen – not with a stolen identity. So I'd have to pony up the 5 mil for 10 years just to fuck a virgin teen I'd never even met. Well, I'd be fucking more than just her I assumed. And I'm sure one of my 'acquaintances' could find some way to release the escrow funds – I could worry about that later. Hell, I'm lucky to even have that kind of cash available.

"Ok, let's do this. I assume a wire transfer from a private Swiss account is acceptable?" He nodded. "The numbers please?" In my line of business I'm dealing with very large sums of money in many different accounts around the world – and I have every account number memorized. I recited the account and routing information slowly as he typed. He then passed me the keyboard and asked for the passwords. Within seconds, it was done – five million dollars, gone! A laser printer in the corner came to life and spewed out a bunch of sheets which the guy stapled together. "These are the terms of the contract as I have stated, plus additional disclosures. I would advise that you read through all pages before signing. When you are done, please sign your name here and here." "Don't I get a copy?" "Mr. P.A, for our safety and yours, no documents, photographs, or recordings are allowed to leave our facility." I flipped through the pages and glanced quickly at each paragraph, then signed. "Very good. I'm sure you will enjoy your stay – we've never had a guest leave unhappy." Somehow, on queue, the door opened and the attractive receptionist peeked in. "Thank you Mr. P.A. Please follow June." He stood and offered his hand. I shook it and then walked out, admiring June's perfect ass.

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