Growing Up With Mom
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Oscar Dante

Mother/Son Incest Sex: Chapter 1 - A coming of age story where a mother needs a son's love.

Caution: This Mother/Son Incest Sex contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Ma/mt   mt/mt   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Grand Parent   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation  

On a Saturday morning on a day in my distant past, I was seated in the kitchen eating Cheerios, when my mother walked in wearing a new nightgown. Short, very short, it barely covered her privates, and the V-neck displayed much of my mother's bounteous bosom, and it was thin enough to show without a doubt that she was not wearing underwear under it. My mother was a couple of years shy of forty, but looked in her late twenties.

To a fifteen-year old boy, this was rather exciting as she crossed the room to give me a kiss on the head. My eyes rolled in the sockets so my head would appear concentrated on my cereal, and not my mother's delicious curves. "How did you sleep, Brian?"

"Not bad, Mom. What about you?"

"I was rather restless and chilly last night."

"That's too bad."

She got herself some coffee, and with her back to me, didn't notice how I was memorizing the sight of her in this thin nightie for later when I would need the inspiration for a prolonged session of masturbation. The nylon clung to her curvy ass, and the crack was quite visible through the gauzy material. I was quickly getting a boner.

"Brain, what's up with you this morning?"

I looked up trying not to dwell on her tits also revealed by the thin nylon trying not to get any harder than I was then. "Well, Mom, not much. I was thinking of riding over to Justin's house and seeing what he was up to. Do you have something in mind?"

"I was thinking we might cuddle a little while and watch a movie."

This made my mouth dry. Mom loved to cuddle. We usually did it on the living room couch while we watched television. She said it made her feel we were close. I never knew my father, and it had always been Mom and me. I think sitting on the couch with my arms around her gave her something that my father should have been giving her had he not vanished.

"I guess we could watch a movie. Did you have something picked out, Mom?" Mom loved chick flicks. I had a toleration for them only by my close contact with her when we watched them.

"I picked one up last night, I haven't seen it before but it looks like some kind of romantic comedy. We could watch it in my room, and we could cuddle in my bed." Did she not realize what she was doing to me when she wore the nightgown? Her sleep attire had changed in the past few weeks. It had become thinner and shorter with deeper necklines.

Mom had never suggested cuddling in her bed before, but it seemed cozy to me. "Sure, can we get under the covers while we watch?" I needed something to hide my erection. I didn't know much about women, but I knew walking around with an erection was impolite.

"I would like that, it sounds so warm."

She refilled her coffee and walked to her room. I followed and couldn't take my eyes off her bottom as it jiggled under the thin nylon nightie. Mom had never worn something this revealing, but I wasn't going to complain, and I couldn't think of a way to compliment her without saying something that might not sound right coming from her son. Her outfit was like something I would see in one of the magazines I hid under my mattress.

When Mom put the DVD in the player she bent over such that I saw her pubic hair and the pink lips of her pussy for a moment, but that moment was enough for me to memorize the sight for later.

I was wearing a pair of pajama pants as I got into Mom's bed and pulled the covers to my waist. Mom got in and scooted over next to me. She leaned against me as she usually does, but this time when I looked down I could see into her nightie and saw a very generous amount of cleavage, almost down to her nipples. All this was making it impossible for my hard on to fade.

She started the movie, and pulled my arm around her neck and pressed my hand to her upper chest. My fingertips rested on the upper slope of her breast.

The movie started with a young man and an older woman kissing. The kissing became passionate and then the young man pulled off the woman's shirt exposing her bare breasts.

"Oh, Brian, I'm not sure this is suitable for you. I should have read the packaging closer." Mom didn't usually pick out movies with nudity. I always thought it made her uncomfortable.

"Mom, don't worry, if there's something I don't understand, I'll ask about it then you can explain it to me." One thing I did understand was that bare breasts turned me on, and I imagined the woman on screen was Mom, and I was the young man who was kissing his mother and fondling her naked breasts.

"Alight dear, I can do that." She seemed content to let the movie continue.

The characters in the movie kissed and slowly stripped each other until they were naked and making out fervently. The woman on the screen moaned, "Touch me, son." I heard the young man whimper, "I want to, Mom."

Mom put her hand on my thigh under the covers. "Honey, I'm not sure we should watch this, it's getting pretty steamy. I had no idea it was about incest."

"Incest? What's that?" I was displaying rather more innocence than I possessed.

Mom was about to explain, when he woman's hand moved between the young man's legs and the screen showed her fondling his cock.

"Oh, Brian, I think I might have gotten a pornographic movie by mistake." Now Mom sounded worried. I didn't want her to stop the movie. This was the most exciting thing I'd ever seen on a screen.

"Don't worry, Mom. I can handle it. But isn't sex between a mother and her son taboo?"

She moved closer to me. "Yes, honey, it is. That's what incest is. It's when people who are related have sexual intercourse together. I'm sure it won't get that far, but if it gets too much I'm going to shut it off."

The woman on the screen allowed her son to suck on her breasts as she stroked his cock. "Mom, she's just giving him a hand job. Is that so wrong for a mother to give her son a hand job? It's not sex, is it?"

"Brain, I don't think it's right, but I'm sure it happens. Does it turn you on to see a mother giving her son hand job?"

"Mom, it really does. Look at the look on the boy's face. He's loving it."

Mom laughed, "Would you love it if I was giving you a hand job?"

"Mom, my penis is so hard right now. I would love a hand job."

"When I was in high school, I liked giving boys hand jobs." She seemed to have floated off into a world of her own.

"No, Mom! Really. Did you give the boy you dated one when your date was over?" We had never gotten this intimate, I wanted to get her to talk about her past.

"Usually, though sometimes in the movies I would put his jacket over his lap and put my hand under it and jerk him off."

"Cool, I need to get such an agreeable girlfriend."

"Oh my, Brian. She is giving him head." Mom gasped at the screen where the mother had her son's cock deep in her mouth and was bobbing her head.

"Wow, Mom. That's so hot. I think a mother giving her son head is beyond what's normal." The woman spit on the boy's cock and licking it up and down to spread her saliva and make his dick shine.

"I'm not sure you should be watching this, it's pretty graphic, Son." Mom pulled on my hand draped over her shoulder and my fingers slipped under the nightie onto her breast.

"Sometimes when I'm jerking off, I think of you Mom, giving me head. He's really liking it. I think I would too." My fingers softly caressed the top of her breast. My dick was so hard.

"What's not to like, Brian. The boy's mother has his dick in her mouth." She was giving him a very enthusiastic blow job as he kept moaning, "Suck it, Mom."

"Did you give blow jobs in high school Mom?"

"Yes, I did. It kept the boys from wanting to have sex with me. I would drain them before they had uncontrollable urges to put their dicks in me." She was breathing deeply and her chest was turning red. She pulled my hand down lower. My fingertip brushed her nipple.

"What he's doing now, Mom? He's got her on her back and his face is at her pussy."

"Brain, he's giving her head. It's when the Man licks the girl's pussy. It really makes a girl feel really good."

"His mom sure looks like she's enjoying it. Mom, watching this is making me feel funny."

"In what way, son?"

""Well, I'm not sure I should say this, but my penis is hard."

"I suppose that's acceptable since the movie is meant to arouse us. I must confess that I'm rather wet from watching it."

"Mom, she looks like she's having an orgasm. Wow that sure is hot." The woman was screaming at her son. My hand slid down a little more and covered my mother's breast.

"Yes, she is Brian. Pussy licking is a good way to give a woman an orgasm." Mom didn't seem to mind me fondling her tit. It felt so warm in my hand and the nipple was so hard, like my dick.

That's when I noticed that Mom's hand was moving under the blanket. I couldn't believe it; Mom was masturbating. Not to be outdone, I let my hand gently pull my dick out of my pjs, and begin to slowly stroke it under the blanket.

We stopped talking and both intently watched the woman climb on top her son and work his cock into her pussy and then started to ride him. I wanted to ask Mom if she enjoyed fucking, but I thought I would be pushing it too far, and might put her off all this. That I didn't want.

I looked over at Mom and she saw me looking and her hand stopped. When she stopped rubbing, I stopped. We looked back at the movie and we quickly resumed masturbating. The woman moaned, "Fuck me, son. Fuck me hard." Mom's leg brushed mine, but she didn't pull back. I spread mine and pressed against her, then she opened her legs more and draped hers over mine.

The next time we looked at each other we didn't stop. We gazed into each other's eyes and kept going. Her hand was making full strokes under the blanket. We now found each other more exciting than the movie. Mom's boobs were jiggling as her arm moved faster.

"Mom, you have great tits." I just blurted this out. I couldn't help it.

She giggled. "I'm glad you like them. Would you like to see them?"

"Oh, yeah, Mom. I would love to see them." I said as I banged my cock harder.

She hooked the strap with her free hand and tugged it down exposing one breast to me. The nipple was wide and brown, and the tit jiggled as she rubbed herself.

"Son, let me ... see ... your cock." I looked up at her face in shock and saw the lust in her eyes.

I grinned and shoved down the covers and let her look at my dick. It was eight-inches long and with a curve upward.

"You're have a big dick, Son." Her eyes followed the curve from root to hip.

"Thanks, Mom. It's going to cum soon." With Mom looking at my cock as I stroked it was too much. I had to cum.

"Is it? I'm going to cum soon too. Would you like to see my pussy?"

"Oh, yeah, Mom let me see it. Oh, God, I'm so close, Mom."

She kicked down the covers and spread her legs wider. Her pussy was soaked with her juices and her hair matted and the pinks lips wee visible as she massaged them. It was so exciting.

"Cumming, baby ... Mommy's cumming..." She jerked and her head flopped back and forth.

"I'm cumming too, Mommy, oh yes, here it comes." The semen spurted up my stomach and chest in a half dozen good streaks.

We laid there panting. We smiled at each other. "Mom, that was awesome." I couldn't believe Mom and I had just masturbated and came together.

"Brain, I think we got a little carried away. Mother and son aren't supposed to masturbate together." I could see she was having second thoughts. I had to try to convince her this was good.

"Mom, it was the most exciting think I've ever done." I laid there covered in sperm.

"I thought it pretty exciting too. I should be telling you we're never going to do this again, but it was too much fun for it to be a onetime thing." I was elated that she would want to do this again.

We turned back to the movie and saw the man fucking the woman doggy style.

"I love it that way, Brain. A man can get so deep into the woman that way." She was back in her dream world.

"It looks like a lot of fun, Mom." My breathing was returning to normal, but my cock was still hard.

Mom reached for the hem of her nightie and pulled it off and tossed it on the floor, to now sit by me naked. "Why don't you take off your pants, and we can keep watching."

"Great idea, Mom." I shoved down the pants and kicked them off. She saw my dick was still hard.

The scene shifted to two young women, and they were rubbing oil on each other. They had amazing bodies with perfect boobs.

Mom crossed her arms in front of her and began twisting her nipples as she watched. I took one of my nipples between my fingers and twisted it and was surprised at the pleasure this created.

I took my cock back in my hand and resumed stroking it. The girls were kissing and fondling each other.

"This is hot, Mom."

"Yes, it is. It reminds me of my college days. It was a time of experimentation. My roommate and I used to play around like that." Mom was getting so open about her past. I never imagined Mom making love with a woman.

"Wow, you two got it on?"

"We had to study a lot, and didn't have time for boys, so when one of us got horny, the other just helped her out."

"You would get each other off? That's so hot, Mom. My dick is so hard again."

I took my hand off and showed it to her. "You've sure got a big one. It's a lot bigger than your Dad's. Could I touch it?"

I was so turned on at the idea. "If you want to, Mom, go ahead."

Mom reached over and wrapped her hand around my cock and gave it a squeeze. "Honey, if you want you can touch my pussy. It's only fair." She turned toward me with her legs open showing me how wet it was.

I rubbed her pink flesh with two fingers and was amazed at how wet it was, how soft the lips were. "I've never touched a pussy, before Mom. It feels so good."

"You're touching it so softly, you're making it feel so good. Find my hole, and slip a finger inside." This was progressing nicely.

I did find it easily and my finger was encircled by a warm wet heat. I pushed it in and out and felt her pussy grasping at it. I was finger fucking my mother.

The lesbians on the screen were eating each other out. "Mom, could I do that. I've wanted to lick a pussy."

"Oh, I don't know, son. That would be crossing a line." I could tell this was feigned concern. All I had to do was give her a push and she would be on her back with her legs in the air.

"Please, Mom. I really want to try it. Don't girls love it when their boyfriends will lick their pussies?" Just a little more.

I saw the girl on the screen spread the other's pussy lips and expose her clit. She applied her tongue to it and the other writhed and moaned.

"Let me, please, Mom. I'll try to find your clit and lick it so good."

"Son, you're really tempting me. I haven't had my pussy eaten out in years, and I really miss it. You must promise that you won't tell anyone you've given me oral sex." She looked nervous, but going to let me.

"I promise, Mom. I won't tell a soul. Can I lick it? Please?"

She smiled and opened her legs bending them at the knee. I moved between them and gently kissed her pussy, then my tongue spread her lips and licked up and down my Mom's twat. She moaned and put her hands on her tits and twisted her nipples again.

I found her clit and applied the tip of my tongue to it. She was so turned on now as I lapped her oversize clit. Eating my Mom out that morning was a memory I would never forget, the taste, the smell, the wetness, or Mom's dramatic cry as she climaxed. Her orgasm strong and powerful. I didn't want to stop, but Mom pushed me away to recover from her orgasm.

"Oh God, Son. That was so good. I almost thought it was a woman eating me out. You are a real natural cunt licker." She panted.

I moved up over her and gave her a soft his. Her hands took hold of my face and held me to her lips until she opened her mouth and her tongue met mine.

She turned me over and brought her mouth to my cock. She licked the head and stroked me with her right hand. "Now, I'm going to return the favor and give you your first blow job."

Mom took my dick in her mouth and sucked, running her tongue around the shaft as her head bobbed up and down. On the screen a young man had joined the girls and they were both giving him a blow job. My eyes kept moving from Mom's mouth to the double blow job on the screen.

It wasn't long until Mom had me on the edge. "Mom! I'm going to cum. If you don't stop, I'm going to cum in your mouth. Mom! Mom! I can't hold it. I'm ... oh fuck ... I'm cumming in your mouth."

I did. I shot spurt after spurt into Mom's mouth and she swallowed every drop. She turned me inside out with her skills.

While I was panting and regaining my breath Mom cuddled up next to me. "Did you like it?"

I pulled her mouth to mine and kissed her with all my heart, her tongue and mine dancing together. My hand fondled her tit as we kept kissing. She nudged me over her and I settled between her thighs kissing her hotly.

Mom looked into my eyes, "Baby, your dick is still hard."

"Yeah, Mom. It is." I humped the shaft over her wet lips feeling the swollen flesh caressing the shaft.

"Do you know what I want now?" Mom looked into my eyes with love.

"I think so, Mom, but isn't that incest?"

"Yes, it is, but can you really resist putting that big dick of yours into my hot pussy?" Now she was talking me into it.

"I want to do nothing more, Mom, but isn't it wrong. Isn't sex between a mother and her son a sin?"

"It is, but it's not a huge sin, as sins go, and I want you so badly. I know you will be a great lover, and I want you to much to worry about right and wrong. I know what I want, now do you want it too?"

I looked into her eyes and reached between us and moved my cock until I'd found her pussy opening, then I pushed the head inside and saw that look of pleasure on my mother's face. Easing more cock into her brought soft moaning sounds to my ear. When my cock was fully inside her, she wrapped her legs around my butt and held me tight.

"Don't you ever take this cock out of my pussy. I love it. You make me feel so full."

I began that ancient dance that all men know instinctively. The in and out motion that would bring us both to orgasm. When I got up this morning I never dreamed that I would shortly be fucking my mother, and she would be wanting me to never pull my dick out of her pussy.

"Fuck me, Son!" She whispered into my ear, "Fuck your mother, Son."

I did. I fucked her with growing intensity until the bed creaked with our frantic coupling. Mother and son were near orgasm and wanted to cum together. My balls slapped Mom's ass as I tried to hold on. I wanted my cum to fill Mom's pussy as her orgasm shook her.

Then it happed a simultaneous orgasm that rocked us to our souls. An explosion of passion that led me to fill Mom's pussy with a huge load while her pussy clamped around my cock begged for more.

"Oh Son, cum in me. Give me your seed."

"Mom, here it is. Take my cum deep into your pussy. Oh, Mom, I'm cumming so hard."

We spent it all, and laid together as our breathing slowed. I kissed her and rolled off to the side.

"Brian that was the best fuck I've ever had." She was still breathing heavily.

"It was my first, Mom, and I will always remember it."

The movie was over and Mom pulled the sheet up over us and we went to sleep in each other's arms.

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