Sta'Aniel #3: a Rescue

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2015 by mattwatt

Science Fiction Sex Story: New copies of an ancient, forbidden book about demons have surfaced and two groups are becoming ensnared: Marcus Polk, who welcomes the demon and two 'children' teen agers Cindy Welks and Casey Minden. Casey's Mom reaches out to Doris, who tells her husband Glen. Then Glen, with contacts from the Great El, takes on the demon as Sta'aniel.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   NonConsensual   Mind Control   .


It all began, this time, with a phone call.

Doris was surprised to hear the voice of her old friend Alice Minden on the phone that day.

"Alice!" Doris said, once she realized who was calling.

"Doris, it's so nice to talk to you," Alice had said.

Doris read the tension in Alice's voice immediately.

"Alice is something wrong?" Doris asked.

"Um, do you have a bit of time to talk to me today?" Alice wanted to know.

"Of course," Doris had said, "We can catch up; it's been a while." Though Doris was sure that 'catching up' wasn't the only thing that they were going to do.

She waited and Alice came at the time that they'd both agreed on. It was supposed to be a fairly innocent meeting between Doris and this long time friend of hers.

But Alice knew that Doris taught things about the occult and such items at the local university, and decided that she'd bring a problem to her old friend for at least a discussion.

They spent some time getting up to date with each other, and having a pleasant talk. Doris simply waited for it. She knew that something was coming.

Finally, Doris said: "Alice, honey, something's bothering you. What is it? Can I help in any way?"

Alice sighed then and shook her head 'yes'. She went on to talk about a problem that she was afraid was developing with her son and his girl friend.

"It's been so strange," Alice said. "I mean the two of them have been dating forever, or so it seems, and lately they've gotten secretive and, I swear, they're changing, and I don't think it's in a good way.'

"Changing how?" Doris asked.

"Well," Alice replied, "It's that book! That's why I came to you. I just thought that if anyone could shed any light on this, you could."

"What book do you mean?" Doris asked.

"I saw it once," Alice answered, "I came on the two of them and they were busy studying this book. I glanced at it, especially after they shut it, and made all sorts of excuses to me about school work and all. The cover said it was the 'Demonturgy'. What is that?"

"Hmm," said Doris, "It's something that I need to do some research on. I need to get back to you on this one, love."

"You're, as usual, such a friend!" Alice said, "I don't know what's going on and at times I'm frightened, especially after seeing the title of that book that they were studying."

Doris purposefully didn't offer anymore overt advice or information about the 'Demonturgy'. Of course she'd heard of it. It was legendary. But she also knew that it was supposed to have been totally destroyed, all copies, by the Church hundreds of years ago.

If her memory served her well, and she was pretty sure of this, the 'Demonturgy' taught a normal person about how to conjure a demon. But Doris also had read some arcane information, in her own studying, about such a book, and what she'd read indicated that once the demon was summoned, that demon would have control of the summoner. The summoner might have achieved a kind of power that could be use, normally for small and not really significant things but the major danger was the danger of becoming the demon's familiar, the demon's servant.

She knew that this was one that she'd need to talk to Glen about; it was getting into that ticklish area of dealing with evil that was his main concern. She knew he'd help.

Alice left at that point, after having had tea with Doris, and finally explaining the problem that was bothering her.

"Thank you so much for any help that you can give," Alice said, as she hugged Doris at the door.

"I'll see what I can find out; what I can do," Doris said.

Then Alice left, perhaps carrying a bit less of a load than she had been previously.

Doris went to her sources immediately, though she knew that the most important thing was to talk to Glen about it and see what could be found out.

While she waited, during the day, for him to be home, she went back to old notes and worked on any information that was available about the legendary 'Demonturgy' and the problems surrounding that particular work of the occult.


It had really begun, when Cindy, Cindy Welks, was idly studying in the library. She'd wandered into the library section where occult things were shelved. There was no one around just then, so she looked around at the material. She had always had a kind of off beat and crazy interest in such things, and, since she had time that day, she dipped into the resources in that part of the library. She stayed at one of the desks in the back of the stacks to do her perusing.

She took notes and had a number of giggles about what the resources were proclaiming could be done. It did indeed give her a laugh.

She talked, after school that day, with Casey, her boyfriend, Casey Minden. He picked up on her interest right away.

"This is so cool!" Casey had said. "But what would you even use such power for?"

Cindy laughed and said the first thing that came into her mind: "I'd make Beth Ward go out of the gym locker room in her underwear just for being such a shit!"

Casey laughed, along with Cindy, at the outrageousness of the idea.

"That might just be worth it!" he said. "But I'd have to get to see it!"

"Yes," Cindy said, "As long as you don't get any ideas. And I think that a number of people, guys and girls should be on hand to watch Beth Ward unveiled."

He laughed again.

Cindy had read, in the occult items that she'd delved into, about the 'Demonturgy' and it's apparent power. She was fascinated, and couldn't wait to talk to Casey about it.

The two of them had complained often enough about the attitudes of some of the 'elites' at school. Both of them had, at one time or another, expressed a wish to 'expose' those people, or humiliate them in some way.

The thought had crossed Cindy's mind immediately that if she and Casey were serious about that kind of wish, this might just be the way to do it. After all, the sources said that this book could make a normal person capable of doing those kinds of works. Of course, it also said that it was through the power of a demon that it could be done. But Cindy was really skeptical about that part of it.

She'd had a long talk with Casey about it, and it ended with both of them kind of agreeing that it would be a 'cool' project for them.

He'd laughed then and said: "Yes, but the only problem is that we don't know where to find a copy of the 'Demonturgy'.

So it was almost a total shock that a few days later, as they were perusing books and all at a second hand store, one of the things they loved to do together, they actually came across a copy of the 'Demonturgy'.

"Look!" Casey had said. "Can you believe this?"

"Wow!" Cindy has said.

They bought it, saying that it was for a lark, and apparently the person at the desk register readily believed what they were saying, and said nothing.

They had some time that afternoon. Casey's Mom was busy and they were going to look into the book at his house.

They did that. They read the information and even practiced some of the incantations.

But then things went weird. What followed was a truly frightening encounter.

The room where they were practicing became kind of foggy with smoke and both Casey and Cindy realized that someone, or something was there.

What followed was almost a matter of a dream. The evil sense in that room was truly frightening, and never let off being such.

They, both of them, received information from whatever or whoever was with them in that room, about using some easily learned incantations to achieve what they wanted.

They were assured that it would be easy, and the thing had said that it would be their servant.

It left them that way. They were at first frightened but also excited. They spoke to one another about it, realizing quickly that they'd both had the same kind of experience with the evil thing in the room.

They also realized that they knew, had, in fact, memorized the incantations that the evil thing had brought them, And decided, after a long talk about it that they wanted to try it out.

Cindy had a plan for using it, testing it out, and Casey agreed.

They'd thought about it and talked about it a good deal during the following week. It was a mid week day.Casey and Cindy got together that day.They decided that the next day would be the very day. They'd studied the book, which they'd 'found', and continued to mention that just 'finding' the book like they did was still one of the strange things about the entire affair to them.

As they talked about it, they had that very same sense of the room filling with a kind of fog like atmosphere. They knew right away that it was the influence of the book. Then the being was there again, telling them that he was their servant. They were both partially enthralled and definitely a bit frightened.

The voice from the fog wanted to know their plans. They told the fog voice about dealing at school with elite snobs and bullies.

The being seemed to approve, and promised them the power that they would need.

A sense came over each of them then that they were indeed being filled with a kind of power. It was a strange and wonderful moment.

They went to school together the next day. Casey said that he'd be sure to be outside of the girls' gym entrance toward the end of school. It's where it was supposed to happen.

They reviewed what they were actually supposed to do and both were confident with the incantations that could be used.

They had decided that Cindy's project would be the first. She put it into operation during her last period gym class. All the girls were dressing after cleaning up, following the gym class.

Cindy kept her eye on Beth Ward. Beth was a special case. She was pretty, she was wealthy and she was as stuck up and mean as possible. She didn't mind making snide comments about other girls, less popular girls, in their hearing. It didn't bother her to hurt the feelings of others at all. She was a bully and was Cindy's first target.

Cindy waited until Beth was wearing only a pair of yellow panties and a yellow matching bra. The material was thin enough that it was possible to see everything through the panties and bra.

Then Cindy started the incantation. She felt the surge of power immediately and was tickled that it was actually working. She heard the rough voice of the being in her ear encouraging her.

Then, with the incantation done, Cindy pushed the suggestion into Beth Ward's mind: "You're finished now; you need to go outside."

Beth Ward felt weird right away but obeyed the thoughts in her mind and went outside. Several of the girls tried to call to her, as she got to the door to the outside but she only waved at them and went outside.

There was a gathered crowd outside the school by the girls' gym entrance, when Beth Ward appeared in her pretty underwear.

There was a clamor immediately and Beth only reacted by waving to everybody. She calmly walked down the walk until she was a bit away from the building. Casey was watching, as was Cindy. There was, in fact a whole crowd watching Beth Ward parading in her underwear.

Then, with a mutual nod, Casey and Cindy took the spell off of Beth. It was then that Beth woke up only to find herself far down by the parking lot and wearing only her yellow panties and bra.

Her shriek was earth shattering. She looked around wildly and everyone, laughing at her, was also clapping.

Beth ran, still shrieking, back to the girls' gym door, where someone opened it for her.

During the entire event, people had their phones out and were taking pictures. Beth Ward was now famous or maybe infamous.

The gym teacher met Beth at the door demanding to know what she thought she was doing, parading around in her underwear like that.

Beth assured the teacher that she hadn't meant to and didn't know at all how it had all happened. The gym teacher took the explanation with simple skepticism.

Beth Ward was now famous all over school but not for the reasons that she'd like to have been.


It was that same afternoon that Doris, once she'd greeted Glen, when he came home, brought the subject up.

"Love," she began, "I had a talk with my friend Alice Minden today."

"Oh, Alice," he said, "How is she?"

"Well, not so good," Doris said next. "She actually came to me with a problem."

"Problem?" Glen echoed.

"Yes, a problem about the occult," Doris explained.

Then she went into what she and Alice had talked over and Alice's fears about what she'd seen.

"Are you completely sure that she saw a copy of the 'Demonturgy'?" he asked, his eyes narrowing a bit with concern.

"Yes," Doris answered. "That's exactly what she said."

"I don' like that," he said softly, "We both know that there are no copies of that available anywhere. If there were, you would have found it out and I would have sensed it or been told about it."

"Yes, that's part of what's worrying me about all of this," Doris said.

"I promise that I will discover what I can," he said.

She put her hand on his arm: "Sta'aniel?" she asked.

"Yes," he said, "Might be the best way!"

"Yes," she agreed, and then laid her head on his shoulder and said: "I love you, my man, my great loving angel!"

He kissed her back. "Makes it worth it!" he said.

He did it that afternoon. He sat silently for enough time to get his mind centered and he felt himself slipping into the power. It brought always a feeling, at first, of being about to die, when the 'change' was upon him. He knew by now that it was, instead, the doorway, the threshold.

His entire being was then suddenly filled with light, a dominant light, a growing light.

Then came the excitement. Glen could never get used to this part, the excitement of it, the grandeur of it.

There were voices, voices everywhere. They were singing, they were proclaiming and shouting: Sta'aniel! Sta'aniel STA'ANIEL! STA'ANIEL! STA'ANIEL! STA'ANIEL!"

They went on until the clamor of them was almost defining, and yet it was all wonderful. He felt the power that now was given to him; he felt it grow and reside inside of himself.

Glen always had a sense, when this was happening of the shouted words of the prophet Elisha: "Master, Master, the chariots of Israel and their horsemen!"

And at that moment, Glen Tucker was set aside and he was indeed 'Sta'aniel' the warrior angel of the Great El.

The voice from the light came to him then: "Sta'aniel!" it said. "Welcome angel warrior of the Great El!"

"I am your servant," Sta'aniel's heart murmured in that moment of total honesty.

"You come with a problem, Sta'aniel?" the voice asked.

"Yes, your servant comes with a problem this day, and begs that he is not disturbing!" his heart spoke out.

"You are always welcome here in the presence of the light of the Great El!" the voice said then.

"Speak!" the voice said then.

"It's about the 'Demonturgy'," Sta'aniel said.

"Yes, we know that copies have been given; given to children! The Great El is not pleased with this latest game of the lying one."

"Tell, please, your servant what must be done!" Sta'aniel asked.

There was a surge then of the singing, of the hymnody and the shouting, with renewed choruses about 'Sta'aniel' the warrior angel of the Great El.

"The Great El is pleased with you," the voice said, when the chorus of singers went silent again.

"Find the demon who is doing this, doing the bidding of the great liar. Find the demon! Rescue the children. Some are innocent in this and the Great El wants them for his own again. Some have fallen, through their own malice under the influence of the great lying one. Both groups need to be brought out of this influence. The children must be saved, for the Great El says so. Those whose purpose here is simply evil must be stopped."

"Your servant!" Sta'aniel said, his head bowed.

"They will use the knowledge of that cursed book, even though some of them will use it to what they think is a good purpose," the voice went on. "Destroy the books! They are the demon's copy and if they are destroyed, the book along with the demon is gone forever! Bring back the children, and deal with the misguided one."

"Your servant," Sta'aniel said.

Then the voice from the light filled the entire celestial space with its sound: "Great is Sta'aniel in the service of the Great El! Great is Sta'aniel who does the bidding of the Great El!"

Then, when the clamor softened. The voice said: "Sta'aniel, you will not fail."

"Your servant," Sta'aniel said, and then he was alone in his library.

He went out then, and Doris met him. She just let out a loud breath and sighed. She was always taken over, and impressed by Glen, when he'd morphed into Sta'aniel, the Great El's warrior angel.

Sta'aniel simply looked at her and smiled. "Yes!" he said and they both understood.

There was one, the other one. His name was Marcus and he was in fact a student of evil. He had studied the occult for many years and even at the age of 18 was already steeped in it. He had thoughts and wishes that he felt could be made to be a reality, if he could only get the evil of it right.

He too, Marcus Polk, 'found' a copy of the 'Demonturgy'. He began to study it avidly, not with hesitation like Cindy and Casey. He became steeped in it, and when it produced, for him the demon of the book, he was exultant.

"Welcome," he cried out to the demon that he realized was in the room with him. "Welcome!"

The demon communicated with Marcus and told him, as he had also told Casey and Cindy, that he'd be Marcus' servant in all of this, giving him power to use as he wished.

Marcus Polk's plans, however, were not like the plans of Casey and Cindy. Marcus wanted to establish himself as a user, as a power. It was his dream.

Marcus began his essays in the craft of the 'Demonturgy' with a neighbor. He had spent large amount of his time trying to spy at the woman next door, Mrs Martz, while she was dressing. He was never very successful. It became a kind of major issue with him.

He thought to himself: "If this is true, if this is real then I want Mrs Martz to be under my control!" That was the message that Marcus gave to the being of the 'Demonturgy'.

"Your wish will be done in this!" the demon told Marcus.

Marcus replied that he'd hold his judgement until he saw what would happen and how it would happen.

He understood that night. He was at his 'post' trying to watch Mrs Martz take her clothes off. He did what the 'being', the demon had told him. He used the incantation.

The houses were situated so that only someone in Marcus' room could see Mrs Martz.

He noticed right away that she stopped what she was doing, once he'd done the incantation and started giving her directions, saying to her: "Stand there! Don't move, until I tell you!"

She obeyed! She didn't make her normal move to close her blinds at all.

"It's working! It's actually fucking working!" he said to himself fiercely.

"He is my servant!" he exulted. He turned his attention then to Mrs Martz again. "Take your blouse off, put it on the chair."

He was grinning from ear to ear, as he saw the woman next door, who he'd been stalking for such a long time, listen to him and do what he wanted. She reached up and unbuttoned her blouse, right over there within his sight. She took the blouse off and put it on the chair.

"Stand!" he said. She did.

She stood there in her skirt and bra, as Marcus began to rub his hand up and down his growing erection.

"Take your skirt off!" he said.

She did.

She unbuttoned the back button of the skirt and unzipped the zipper. Then she let the dark skirt simply fall down to her ankles.

"Put it with your blouse!" Marcus mentally ordered.

She did.

He was beside himself: "This is so delicious! I never knew that evil would be so joyful!"

"Turn!" he said.

She did.

She was standing in the bedroom in the next house but was actually within 15 feet of where Marcus was standing, and now she was turning to show him her panty covered ass and her front, with pubic hair pushing against the fabric of her panties.

Marcus was positively giddy.

"Take your bra off, and set it aside on the chair!" he thought.

She did!

She unhooked the bra and put it on the chair, letting her nice sized breasts float free.

He had a marvelous thought then and sent her the thought: "Meet me on the back porch; I want a blow job!"

As he watched, she simply nodded her head 'yes', and then he watched her leave the bedroom.

Marcus tore out of the room, and passed his Mom's room, in the process. Almost as an after thought, he sent the idea into his Mom's room: "Strip to your panties and wait for me!"

He felt rather than saw his Mom's agreement with what he'd commanded her.

Then he went outside and over to Mrs Martz' back porch. When he got to the porch, she opened the door for him. She was still only dressed in her panties. Marcus was ecstatic!

He ordered her to stand still and spent the next ten minutes roaming his hands all over his neighbor's body.

Then, upon command, he had her kneeling and Marcus Polk actually got a blow job from his next door neighbor, Mrs Martz.

He was in a great mood, when he returned home. It was only then that he remembered his order to his Mom, as he'd been passing her room.

He walked curiously into the house and went upstairs, going slowly and talking to himself, as he went.

"Well, it worked with Martz; it should work with Mom. We'll see."
 As he got to his Mom's room, he glanced in and saw her sitting on the edge of the bed wearing only a pair of pink panties.

Marcus grinned and went in. He went into the room and just stared at her. He made mental notes: "Her breasts are a little bigger than Martz'," he said, "And Mom's a little fatter."

He loved what was happening, due to that book!

Then he gave his Mom a message: "Take your panties off!"

She did!

She moved and, without saying anything, took her panties off and set them aside. She was totally naked now. Marcus was having the time of his life.

He ran his hands all over her, from the back of her thighs to the top of her head.

"Do you want to blow me?" he asked.

She shook her head 'yes'.

"Tell me that!" he demanded.

She did!

"Marcus, honey," she said in a strange, strained voice. "I'd really like to take your thing in my mouth."

"Say what?" he asked. "Be plain, woman."

"I want to suck your cock!" she said plainly.

Then he sent the message: "Kneel!"

She did!

When he had her kneeling, Marcus Polk got his second blow job that night, this time from his Mom.

He knew in his mind that he wasn't finished. He praised the evil that he'd found via the 'Demonturgy' and was determined to use this power to its fullest.

He became avid in the use of this new power. Mrs Martz from next door was used in every way possible. He also constantly turned to his Mom to use her for his appetites. He'd frequently get up in the middle of the night and order his Mom to be ready for him. He would screw her any way that he wished: mouth, pussy, butt hole. The power kept her from realizing what was happening.

He used the power on teachers. He used it on guys who had no time for him before, and now were busy blowing him.

He gradually became more and more ensnared by the demon of the book, though he neither noticed it nor regretted it.


Casey and Cindy had talked about the Beth Ward scenario. They met shortly after that, and hugged, as soon as they got to each other.

"Was that cool or was that cool?" Casey said.

"Yes, you certainly got an eye full!" Cindy said.

"Me and everyone outside!" Casey quipped.

"Yes, and I want equal time!" Cindy said.

Casey smiled: "I'll make sure you get it too. Shall we continue as we've said?"

"Yes," she said. "Tommy Purvis! He's such a shit!"

"Yes," Casey said, " And his gang. I hate bullies. We'll do that next."

They got together over the next couple days to review what had happened and how it happened.

"As soon as I began the incantation," Cindy said, "The thing's voice spoke in my ear."

('The Thing' is what they called the being that spoke to them out of the fog, when they worked with the 'Demonturgy'.)

"Yes," he agreed but in their conversation they expressed the conviction that if they were not using the power maliciously but rather in their campaign against snobs and bullies, it should be okay. And it was, for a while.

They had no further plans, apart from what they had agreed upon, at that point to use this new power but were both of them, individually being kind of seduced by the Being of the book and what it allowed them to do. At this stage, they were intent on dealing with nasty people, mean people and bullies. A further stage would be yet to come. That at least was the demon's plan.

They put it into action at school the next day. They both agreed on what they'd do.

They were outside the school, as groups came out. Then they saw Tommy Purvis and his group of friends. There were four of them.

They passed, as they walked along, a freshman, who was having trouble balancing his books. Tommy bumped into the kid and caused him to drop the books. One of Tommy's friends, kicked a book in one direction and another friend kicked a book in the other direction.

It was then that Casey and Cindy eyed each other and nodded. They began their soft incantation and it was Casey that carried it through.

With everyone outside the school looking on, suddenly Tommy and his four friends were standing there only wearing, each of them, a pair of girl's panties, nothing more. The outcry was immediate and complete.

The four guys seemed to not realize what all the shouting was about. One wore pink nylon panties, one work white cotton with little pink bows; one wore baby blue panties with white lace and the last wore a kind of white lace creation.

The place was full of pandaemonium.

Then Casey, with a nod from Cindy released the four of them from the spell and the four guys realized immediately what the shouting was all about.

They themselves shrieked and turned and ran back into school, with everyone clapping and laughing.

They were stopped by a teacher monitor and asked what they thought they were doing and they swore, each one of them, that this was not their doing.

Casey and Cindy felt so cool about what they'd done.

There were rumors around the school about what happened all week. Casey and Cindy had decided to only stage their little events now and again, not all the time.

Later, at the beginning of the next week, it was Lila Kern's turn. She, like Beth Ward, who'd become, for a bit, the exact opposite of what she'd been, was one of the queen bees of the school and acted that way. She was unpleasant to most people at school; they simply weren't in her circle and she saw no need to treat them with kindness or respect.

After school, as the gym class got ready to let out, Cindy acted. Lila was naked at that moment and talking with a friend. She had just pushed another girl out of her way, saying simply 'get out of the way!'.

Cindy saw what she'd done and softly began the incantations. Quickly, Lila kind of stiffened and, with everyone looking on and no one understanding, she began to move toward the doors as Cindy sent her outside naked. Then she was actually outside, totally naked, and walking in front of the school.

Cindy held her in thrall that way for many minutes until everyone, taking notice got a huge charge out of it, though no one could explain what was going on. It caused an immense amount of furor, as guys struggled to get their phones out and take pictures, and girls tried to get Lila back into the girls' gym entrance.

A week later, it was Ralph Rose's turn. He too, like Tommy Purvis and his friends, didn't mind bullying the little, younger kids at all. He made a habit of it.

It was the same kind of scenario. When he was ready, Casey acted, starting his incantation and then sent Ralph outside that afternoon in a pair of panties, adding, for the heck of it, a bra. The outcry was huge, especially when Casey broke the spell and let Ralph realize where he was and what he was wearing.

It was then that Casey and Cindy had a talk about these events.

"We need to cool it on outing snobs and bullies," Cindy said. Casey reluctantly agreed.

They did halt their little pranks, for the most part. But each of them realized, as the time went on, that they missed exercising the power.

The next phase of their activities began in a history class. They had Ms Kearney for the class, and, as the teacher was writing on the board, Cindy nodded, and muttered to herself and Ms Kearney's skirt zipper in the back broke. It came open, showing the class her butt clad in a pair of violet panties.

The class went into an uproar, which Ms Kearney figured out easily. It's just that she thought, along with the others, that it was a natural occurrence with the zipper.


Casey and Cindy were getting cautious. They didn't want the buzz around school, which actually was there, to get out of hand, and had decided to let things 'cool' for a bit of time. The incident with Ms Kearney was only a kind of a play thing for them. They chuckled about it but decided that laying low for a while was their best idea.

Marcus Polk, however was as enthusiastic to use his powers, new found powers, as it was possible.

For the sake of convenience, he began to use his Mom for sex every night. He went seeking her out, almost nightly with little ideas for what he wanted to do.

He planted ideas in her head about how she was dressed much of the time and she began to take better care of her appearance.

Meanwhile, Marcus got out the 'Demonturgy' and began to study it again. It was a night when his Mom was out and not expected right away. Marcus was trying to absorb more information to enhance the power that he already had.

He was a bit surprised, when the atmosphere in the room became dense and he sensed the being's presence.

"Are you pleased, Master?" the being whispered to Marcus.

"Yes," Marcus said. "But can I have more power?"

"You can, Master," the being answered.

'How?" Marcus wanted to know.

"I'm going to come to you," the being instructed, "And one little gesture on your part will fill you with the power forever."

"Really?" Marcus asked with glee.

"Really," the being said. "Immediately after you will get a great reward."

"Great," Marcus said.

"Then you agree of your own freewill?" the being asked.

The air around Marcus kind of crackled, when he said, firmly, that he agreed of his own free will.

"I'm coming to you now," the Being said. "I will disguise myself so as not to frighten you, and then the power will be yours forever."

"And the great reward?" Marcus asked. (Marcus didn't actually pay attention to this last bit. It might have been a hint to him about what he was entering upon. He was too excited with what was happening to notice it.)

"Right away," the Being assured him.

Then Marcus experienced a kind of a shift in the atmosphere. He peered into the fog like atmosphere of his room and saw something, and then realized it was someone.

Someone was approaching him. It was a tall and very well built man. The man was naked, gloriously naked. A large and full erection bobbed in front of the man.

Marcus knew, as soon as the man approached, what the man, the Being wanted him to do.

He kind of surprised himself by not minding at all. This had been one of those fantasy things that bobbed around in his fertile mind. There had been, he knew, those blow jobs that he'd gotten from some of the athlete stars at school. This would be easy.

The man/Being approached and Marcus slumped to his knees, with his mouth open to show his willingness.

Then it happened. Marcus took the large, still bouncing erection into his hand and guided it to his mouth.

As soon as he did, the Being gave a kind of exultant noise, and Marcus felt a change come over himself. He didn't mind the change, any more than he minded giving this blow job. Suddenly his eyes glowed with a kind of reddish light, and he finished his work on the blow job.

The Being came and Marcus tended to it, and then the Being pushed Marcus away.

"You will greet me that way, with that gesture every time I come to you!" the Being said, but the voice was different now, it was more commanding and Marcus realized that an element of fright now entered the situation. He hastened to say: "Yes..." and added the 'sir' almost automatically.

"My reward?" Marcus asked.

"Yes, your reward," the Being said.

"Thank you sir," Marcus said and, moved by an inner compulsion, added: "Master!"

The Being laughed; his job for right then was done.

Marcus sat back on his bed, stunned by what had just happened.

Then he heard a noise and the door to his room opened and his Mom came in. But he'd never seen her this way. She wore 4" spike, black heels, a pair of black opaque thigh high stockings, a garter belt and a low slung bra that only went up to her nipples. She was made up and her hair was gorgeous.

"Mom!" Marcus said with glee, realizing what his reward was.

"Darling!" his Mom said. "What would you like?"

Marcus was pleased. The constant reddish glow in his eyes, when he was in the power, showed that It also showed that he'd become a servant of the Being, the Demon.

He became eventually tired of Mrs Martz and his Mom, his reward, fairly quickly, and was happy to branch out. He did, of course, still use each of them when he was feeling too lazy to make the effort to find a new target.

Women were not safe, when he was on the prowl. The Being had made a conquest in Marcus.

Cindy and Casey constantly talked about being 'cool' with the power that they had. They had a kind of campaign and kept to that. They used the power only now and then.

But rumors swirled around the school. It simply was whispered about that it wasn't safe to be a bully, not safe in any way.

Teachers and administrators talked about it but no one seemed to have any kind of explanation.

The bullies learned fairly quickly but it was learning by what they actually suffered. It just seemed that there was another case of a guy, a bully, in girls undies about every two weeks or so. The snob bullies among the girls too were feeling the pressure.

People took notice and watched. Those who had dispositions to act that way were certainly learning. They'd seen Beth Ward, who a couple times ended up parading outside in her undies. They's seen Lila Kern out on the sidewalk naked. The talk about it didn't subside. The admins were concerned but the kids really took notice. There was a remarkable lessening of incidents of the older kids, the jock and the snobs picking on the younger kids. At least for the time being, something had lodged in the minds of the kids at the school, and everyone was watching, and everyone was aware that what was happening, was happening to the bullies. That much was clear.


After his contact with the voice, Sta'aniel began to look for sources. He knew that it was necessary to discover where both copies of the "Demonturgy" were before proceeding.

He went to his library and simply applied his mind to it. He knew that such powerful, demonic items would call to him, to his senses.

It worked for him. He discovered the secrets of Marcus Polk and of Casey Minden and Cindy Welks. He also knew, however, that he wanted to accost them, once the 'Demonturgy' was actually out and in their possession. Then he could deal with the books and the demon of the books, as well as those ensnared by the demon.

He knew, from his gathered information that Casey and Cindy were not the real threats here. He recognized them as the 'children' that were spoken about to him by the voice from the light.

He simply decided that he would concentrate first on Marcus Polk.

Marcus had made his decision to branch out. He had an idea and went ahead to try it out. He was getting confident of what he was able to achieve with his newly found powers.

He went to the local super market and, almost by instinct, picked a target. The woman was fairly young; she was certainly attractive, wearing those new style black, nylon stretch pants, which, Marcus thought, showed her butt to great advantage. He thought that she'd be his target for the next extension of his powers.

He asserted his mind, once she got out to the parking lot, where her car was. She simply did what he wanted.

Only a little while after that, Marcus had the woman in a secluded spot, she was totally naked and was catering to his sexual wishes.

Marcus was grinning with the joy of it.

"It works!" he said to himself time after time. He also made a mental note to thank the 'Master' for this possibility with his power. He didn't have to settle for Martz or his Mom any more. They would be fine in a pinch but Marcus was now aware of the fact that he could make anyone he wanted do his bidding.

But by now Sta'aniel was also aware of Marcus.

He made it his business to follow Marcus' intentions. He did that for a number of days, letting the two 'children' simply go for the moment.

It happened and it confused Marcus. He'd made another 'score'. She was older and a bit heavy but he was in the mood for older and a bit heavy that day.

He moved in on her, asserting his power with his mind. But when he got her in the secluded spot, it went wrong.

The woman woke. She was shocked and angered and, when she realized that this kid was telling her to take her clothes off, she grabbed, from her bag, her pepper spray and sprayed him.

It left him on the ground and howling.

He brooded about it for a long day and decided that it must have been a fluke.

Sta'aniel was pleased that his initial intervention had worked so well. He continued to watch, knowing that sooner or later Marcus would use the resource of 'demon' to straighten this out.

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