Virtually Taboo

by The Blind Man

Copyright© 2015 by The Blind Man

Science Fiction Sex Story: Alison Green is a mature, professional woman and the mother of one who's career is so demanding and limiting in giving her the relief she desires. Follow Allison as she virtually break taboos to keep herself happy.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   Incest   .

Alison Green sighed softly to herself as she stretched out on the thick deck mat by the pool, settling in for a leisurely hour of sun. A smile slowly crossed her lips as she laid her head upon her crossed arms and she let herself get comfortable. She felt wonderful; especially as the warm caress of the sun's rays touch her naked form.

Alison loved sunbathing in the nude. She was tall, slightly athletic in appearance and she still had a great body considering that she was in her mid-thirties and a mother of one. Friends and acquaintances at work routinely commented on her appearance, complementing her on her ability to remain fresh looking even after a long day of meetings and working in the lab. Alison would always smile warmly at the person and thank them for their kind words. She would laugh merrily whenever they commented on her tanned complexion, and on occasion she had even teased a few men and women, the really hot ones at work, by telling them how she got such a perfect tan.

Yes, Alison was a bit of a tease when it came to her co-workers but they didn't mind. After all she had a great smile that was complemented by a great tan and a really great body. While tall, she was well proportioned with a long slender midriff that balanced out her 36C bosom and her matching shapely ass. She had pale blue eyes that made men surrender willingly to her desires once they had gazed into them and long strawberry blonde hair that cascaded in ringlets down beyond her shoulders. Down below, her long, athletic legs met at a neatly trimmed bush that matched the hair upon her head.

Alison Green often took advantage of her backyard pool to get in a little sun. While her hours of work were long, her schedule was flexible enough to allow her to take in the sun whenever she wanted. So it was this afternoon. Alison had spent the morning reviewing several thick reports in her home office and attending to a number of e-mails. She had promised her team that she would be in later, and considering the long hours that she routinely put in Alison Green knew that no one would say a word. Now with the sun directly overhead, she was going to enjoy her one true pleasure before taking a dip in the pool to cool off before heading into work.

What made it even better was the fact that her seventeen-year-old son Jason was not home. Usually when Alison Green came home late from work she would find her son and his buddies hanging out by the pool. While Alison had few qualms about flaunting the wares about her son and his friends, doing so after a long day at work was not helpful to her relaxing. Most often when she did go out to the pool when the boys were there, they would constantly try and get her to sit up so that they could ogle her breasts.

At first it had been fun watching the young men staring at her. It had been pleasing to watch their eyes widen at the sight of her naked flesh and she had laughed silently to herself as they tried to hide their arousal. It had stroked her ego considerably knowing that the young men found her sexually desirable, and when she was honest with herself, the occasions had aroused her as well. Unfortunately, as time had gone by the whole experience had become a little annoying and in many ways frustrating.

Of course, Alison thought to herself, there were a couple of Jason's friends that looked like they had the potential to help her relax. A wicked smile slowly formed on Alison Green's lips as the thought crossed her mind. Yes, Alison thought to herself, if I were to choose I think Jason's best friend Tyler could easily help me relax. It was a very nice thought, one that stirred a craving deep within Alison Green.

What Alison Green did not know as she lay naked by the pool, her mind filling with the image of her son's best friend and her body warming to the thought, was that she was not alone anymore. In fact much to her sudden astonishment, her afternoon of sunbathing and fantasy was unexpectedly disrupted by a startled cry of surprise.

"Holy shit!" blurted a voice from out of nowhere.

Startled Alison Green snapped herself up off the deck mat, raising quickly into a sitting position with one leg cocked ready to force herself up into a standing position if need be. Her body had shifted towards the sound that had suddenly filled the air. To her surprise she found her eyes meeting the shocked gaze of the subject of her recent thoughts.

Tyler Winters stood a few feet away dressed in a tight fitting bright red Speedo and nothing else. In his hand he held a towel and it was obvious to Alison Green that Tyler had come over to use the pool. It was also obvious to Alison that while Tyler was stunned to find her by the pool in her present state of undress, that the swelling bulge in his Speedo meant that he was not disappointed.

"Hello Tyler," Alison said casually to the young man. As she spoke her eyes quickly moved over the young man's form, silently appraising his worth. He was as tall as her son, smooth skinned, well tanned with dreamy blue eyes and short blonde hair. There was certainly nothing wrong with the young man's appearance, and from what she observed, the bulge in his swimsuit certainly suggested potential.

"Mrs. Green!" exclaimed the young man, his voice filled with surprise. As he spoke his eyes flickered about with uncertainty. For a moment they darted to her face and then in the next instance they dropped down to her naked bosom. A second later they shot down to take in the dark patch between her parted legs before flickering back once more to her face. Then as if his mind had suddenly realized the reality of the moment, Tyler turned his face towards the house from which he had just exited.

"Is everything alright, Tyler?" Alison asked calmly. A smile of amusement crossed her face.

"Err ... no Mrs. Green!" the youth replied quickly over his shoulder, refusing to gaze back at her. "Um ... I just remembered ... I think I forgot something in the house!"

"Are you certain?" asked Alison Green.

"Yes!" declared the young man abruptly. As Tyler Winters spoke he turned his gaze towards Alison Green once more. The move had been automatic, the results of being raised to look at a person who was speaking to him. Still it had granted him the opportunity to let his eyes flicker across Alison Green's naked body once more and the results were automatic as well.

Suddenly Tyler's face was flushed with excitement and it was quite obvious that the boy was embarrassed by what he had seen and what he was feeling. As his voice fell silent Tyler turned suddenly on his heels and began to beat a hasty retreat away from the source of his discomfort.

"Stop right there, Tyler!" Alison said in a strong, commanding tone. "You don't need to go back into the house at all. In fact, I think you didn't forget anything in the house. From where I'm sitting I think you have everything you need for an enjoyable hour by the pool. What do you think Tyler?"

Tyler came to a halt in response to Alison Green's voice. As she had spoken to him, he had turned his gaze back upon her. His eyes beheld her again and the sight caused his cock to twitch within his Speedo. Alison Green was no longer just sitting on the deck mat. As she had called to Tyler she had shifted her position. Now she was kneeling on the mat facing him.

Alison Green was a vision to the young man. It was hard to believe that this beautiful woman was the mother of his best friend. Tyler's gaze roved over her naked form taking in everything. His eyes recognized the strength in her body as she knelt just a few feet away on the mat, with her head held high, her back straight and her eye fixed up him. He also recognized how sensual she was, what with her legs parted revealing the plumpness of her neatly trimmed sex and the firmness of her shapely breasts. Blood rushed to Tyler's cheeks once more as his thoughts and imagination darted forward.

"Mrs. Green..." the young man began to say, in a voice that trembled with excitement. As he spoke he forced himself to look away once more, casting his eyes towards the ground and his feet, behaving like a young child who was about to be punished for trying to take a cookie from the cookie jar.

"Make you a deal Tyler," Alison said, interrupting the young man before he could complete what he had wanted to say.

"What kind of deal Mrs. Green?" Tyler asked softly with a hint of surprise. As he spoke his eyes flickered up for a moment to glance with curiosity at the woman who had spoken to him.

"A very simple deal Tyler," Alison Green suggested, a mischievous smile forming on her lips. "If you bring your cock over here and let me play with it, I'll let you call me Ally."

"Ally... ?" Tyler Winters muttered in reply, not appearing to have understood the first part of what the woman had said to him.

"That's right Tyler ... Ally!" Alison Green said firmly. "That's what people I have sex with call me. Do you want to have sex with me?"

For a moment Tyler stood there and just stared at Alison Green too stunned to reply. His eyes widened with disbelief and his mouth hung open slightly. Confusion filled his face and it was obvious that the young man couldn't believe that his best friend's mother had just asked him if he wanted to have sex with her. But she had!

"Tyler," Alison Green said impatiently, "get over here, now!"

Tyler Winter did as he was told. Taking half a dozen long strides he quickly covered the distance between himself and the woman kneeling before him. Within a moment he was standing before her, his crotch level with her face.

Alison Green said nothing to the young man. As he came to a halt in front of her, she simply reached out and took hold of the top of his bright red Speedo. Forcefully she peeled the tight material of the swimsuit over his hips and pulled it down pass his knees. As she did, Tyler's bulging erection sprung forward almost slapping her in the face.

"Nice," declared Alison as she let go of the swimsuit and took hold of Tyler's cock. It was a nice, average sized cock, circumcised and rock hard with excitement. Alison Green took hold of it and without another word guided it into her mouth.

"Oh my God Mrs. Green, I'm coming!" Tyler groaned out loud as his shaft slid between Alison's luscious lips and sank into her wet, inviting mouth. "Oh my fucking God!"

Tyler's cock exploded. His teenage dick had started to twitch and sputter the very instant that it had slipped into Alison's warm, welcoming mouth. With in a second his orgasm began to shoot forth and all that Alison Green could do was to take hold of his ass cheeks and let him pump his load down her throat. It didn't take long. In fact in a matter of seconds Tyler had spent his load and Alison Green had sucked him dry.

"Oh shit Mrs. Green!" Tyler exclaimed as he pulled his wilting cock out of Alison's mouth, the look of horror etched across his face. "I'm really sorry ... I didn't mean to ... oh God..."

"It's alright Tyler," Alison responded cutting off the young man's apology. "Sometimes it happens a lot faster than one expects; especially when a person is very excited. Now that it's happened, we can take it a little slower the second time."

As she spoke, she released Tyler's ass cheeks from her grasp and took hold of Tyler's cock once again. Giving it a squeeze, she milked the last of his juices from his now deflated organ. As a bead of cum escaped Tyler's cockhead, Alison Green leaned forward and lapped it up with the tip of her tongue.

"Oh!" Tyler gasped in surprise as his cock twitched once more with excitement, responding positively to Alison's continued attention.

"Well, from the looks of it, there is still some life left in you, Tyler," Alison teased suggestively. As she spoke Alison looked up from Tyler's cock and stared him in the eye. Her eyes twinkled with excitement and desire and there was a hint of mischievousness in her voice. Smiling she said, "We'll just have to find something for you to do to get you hard again."

"Whatever you say, Mrs. Green," was all that Tyler could say in response.

"Well," Alison Green replied, sliding away from the youth and laying herself down on the deck mat. As she stretched out she parted her legs, exposing her pussy to the young man's gaze. Instinctively his eyes followed the movement of her body as she stretched out invitingly before him. As his gazed became fixed upon her love nest, his cock hardened and twitched once more with excitement.

"Tyler," Alison Green stated in a tone that left nothing for discussion. "I want you to stop calling me Mrs. Green and to get down between my thighs. I want you to lick my pussy and to get it ready for a good fucking, because if you do it right, that is what I'm going to let you do."

This time Tyler Winter did not hesitate. Instead he dropped to his knees and quickly lowered his face down towards Alison's plump, inviting pussy. Without a word he pressed his lips into the folds of her lower lips and tasted her flesh.

"Ah!" Alison sighed appreciatively. "That's it Tyler, eat my pussy!"

Encouraged Tyler did exactly that. His tongue slipped from between his lips and he tentatively ran it along the length of Alison Green's engorged pubes. Finding it to his taste he decided to delve deeper. Brushing aside the short curls that bordered her inviting slit, Tyler sank the length of his tongue into her sweet, juicy cunt. Slowly he ran it upwards, lapping up her juices as he worked his way towards her swollen clit. As the tip of his tongue brushed over it, Alison Green let out a gasp of pleasure.

"That's it Tyler," Alison murmured in a low, languid tone. "Oh yes... ! That's it, Tyler, that's it. Oh God don't stop Tyler, please don't stop! Oh yeah, Tyler, with a little more practice you're going to be an expert at giving head."

Alison Green arched her mound upwards and pressed her clit towards the young man's mouth as it moved over her dripping pussy. Her hands cupped her breasts and her fingers teased her hardened nipples, stoking her fires as his tongue continued to flicker over her sex. Her words of encouragement were as much for her arousal as for his encouragement and they were certainly working.

Deep within Alison Green, stirrings of pleasure rose, growing with each stroke of the youth's tongue through her slick, dripping furrow. Soon her breathing became deep and ragged, reflecting aloud the excitement that was building within her. The simple act of staring down her naked body, to watch as the young man lapped hungrily at her pussy filled her with desire. Aroused she began to tremble with anticipation. Gasping she called out to the young man once more.

"Fuck me with your fingers, Tyler!" Alison gasped between clenched teeth as her need grew. "Come on Tyler; fuck me with your fingers!"

Suddenly Tyler Winters raised his head from between Alison Green's legs. He gazed glazed eyed up along the Alison's naked body, taking in the sight of her playing with herself. The sight filled him with surge of uncontrollable desire and her half heard words, "fuck me!" told him what to do.

"Yes, Mrs. Green!" the youth muttered aloud, "I have to fuck you! God ... I've got to fuck you right now!"

Shifting his position between the woman's legs, he quickly pulled himself up and forward. Before Alison Green knew it Tyler was kneeling between her parted thighs, with his engorged cock in his hand. In one swift move he had it pressed against the opening of her sex and with one powerful thrust Tyler drove himself into her. As his shaft sank into the warmth of her sex, a groan of satisfaction slipped from his lips. Before he was even aware of it he was pounding enthusiastically into her, grunting and groaning aloud as he became overwhelmed by the experience.

Alison Green's eyes widened with surprise as the young man's cock drove violently into her aching hole. She gasped as his manhood filled her depths and trembled as a wave a pleasure began to grow within her. Focusing, she tightened her pussy about his plunging shaft and took pleasure from every thrust he gave up to her. With time this would work just as well as if Tyler had used his fingers, she thought silently to herself.

Unfortunately there was not going to be any time. Tyler was young and virile and full of desire. He was also very inexperienced and he had very little control over his body. As his manhood plunged in and out of Alison Green his urge surged forth and erupted within her. In a matter of moments, Tyler spent his load once again, his body trembling and quaking from the force of his orgasm, leaving him drained and Alison Green less than satisfied.

Spent, Tyler pulled his cock out of Alison Green's pussy and rolled off of her. Lying on the hard concrete of the pool's deck, he gasped hard for breath. For a moment or two he was oblivious to everything, including the woman who was now sitting beside him looking extremely annoyed.

"That's twice now, Tyler!" Alison Green said aloud, stirring the young man out of his stupor.

"Oh God!" cried the young man in response, as his mind became aware of what had just happened. Bolting up from where he was lying, Tyler turned to face Alison Green. Her glare forced him to look quickly away.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Green," the young man murmured apologetically.

Alison Green looked at the young man with a sense of frustration. No only had he not satisfied her needs, he just couldn't get over the use of her married name. Mrs. Green was her professional name, what her employees called her. Ally was the name of a sexually desirable woman who liked to be fucked and at the moment, Ally was a very unsatisfied woman.

Still the young man sitting beside her looked embarrassed enough for Alison to be inclined to forgive him for his sexual faux pas. His downcast eyes and hang dog look showed her that he knew that he had screwed up badly. Besides from all indications, it was obvious to Alison that she was Tyler's first, so a woman had to excuse some inexperience, no matter how frustrating it was. Hopefully with time and a little education Tyler would become a better lover. However, for now Alison would have to stroke his ego and see if there was anyway to salvage the moment.

"It's alright Tyler," Alison said softly, reaching out and touching the young man's face. Slowly she raised his gaze to meet hers once more. Smiling warmly at him she spoke tenderly and reassuringly.

"Sometimes this happens when people have sex, Tyler," Alison continued once she saw that she had his attention. "What is important now is to make it up to me. A skilled lover learns that there are many ways to please a woman, especially a woman that they want to have sex with again. You do want to have sex with me again, Tyler?"

"Yes Mrs..." Tyler began to say, his eyes fixing on Alison Green's gaze.

"Please Tyler," Alison said placing her fingers upon his lips to silence him. "If you can't call me Ally, then don't use a name. Mrs. Green is the name of an old woman. Do I look like an old woman, Tyler?"

"No!" Tyler replied, looking away sheepishly. His cheeks quickly coloured again as his gaze moved away from her face, passing over her naked form as he tried to look away. Taking a deep breath he turned his face back towards Alison and said, "No ... you look really hot!"

"Good!" Alison said in return. Flashing him a quick smile, she leaned into Tyler and gave him a tender kiss. Lips met for a moment and as their flesh brushed lightly against each other, Alison felt a stirring deep within her.

"Look Tyler," Alison said softly as she broke her embrace with him. "I'm still horny and aching for some good sex. Now you're young and inexperienced, and I think a little uncertain of yourself considering what has just happened but I can reassure you that with time and patience I can teach you what you need to learn to satisfy a woman like me. Is that something that you would like to do?"

"Yes!" Tyler blurted out with excitement, looking longingly into her eyes.

"Then get up and follow me," Alison ordered firmly as she forced herself to her feet. "I've got a few toys in my bedroom that I want you to use on me. Who knows, if everything goes well and you leave me happy, I might take the time to give you the ride of your life."

With that Alison Green extended her open hand and helped the young man to his feet. Gazing down at his naked form she smiled at the sight of him. He was certainly a handsome young man, a fact that she had noted before. As for his youthfulness, well there was the positive side to that. Even now she could see that the thought of pleasing her had stirred his own desires and given renewed life to his spent manhood.

Excited by the prospect of what might come and driven by her own unsatisfied needs, Alison quickly led the young man out of the sun and into the coolness of her house. Hastily she led the way through the house, heading towards her bedroom and the toys waiting there. Her mind raced ahead of them with anticipation, filled with the thoughts of what might occur between them. The thoughts made her ache with increasing desire.

Of course Alison was not quite prepared for what did happen. Upon reaching her open bedroom door and stepping through it, she came to an abrupt halt. Much to her surprise, Alison Green found that she had come face to face with an impossible situation. There before her eyes was a naked and extremely sexy looking young woman kneeling at the bottom of her queen size bed. The young woman had her face buried into the pillows of the bed, making it impossible to identify her; although identity at the moment was not important. What was important was what the girl was doing on the bed. The young thing had her shapely ass thrust up into the air and her hands wedged beneath her body, reaching for her sex. In the girl's hands was Alison's favourite vibrator. The buzz of the device filled the air as the girl pressed the toy against her clit. The sight shocked Alison and filled her with anger. She felt violated seeing her prized toy being used by another. To Alison's further consternation, the remainder of her toys were strewn about the girl, lying haphazardly on the rumpled surface of the bed.

To add to the whole situation, Alison observed that a young man was kneeling behind the young woman's upturned ass and parted legs. The youth was just as naked as the girl and to Alison's eyes, just as sexy looking. His hands were placed upon the young woman's firm ass cheeks spreading them wide in an effort to gain access to her forbidden fruits. The boy's face was buried into the young woman's sex and it was clear to Alison that the young man was not only eating out the young woman's pussy, a task that he was doing quite well, but he was also reaming out her ass.

"Oh shit!" cried Tyler over Alison's shoulder.

The effect was immediate. The moment Tyler's words filled the air all that had been happening came to a screeching halt. The young man, upon hearing Tyler's voice, snapped a quick glance in the direction of where the sound had come from. On seeing Alison standing in the doorway, staring at him in shock and disbelief, he leapt away from the young woman. The young woman responding more to the fact that the boy had stopped giving her pleasure pulled her head out of the pillows and looked about in wonder.

"Oh crap!" the young woman exclaimed in a near whisper. As she spoke, a look of fear and horror filled her face as she realized that Alison was standing in the room. Dropping the vibrator onto the bed, the girl moved her hands forward in an attempt to shift herself off of the bed.

"Stay right where you are Erica Winters!" Alison Green snapped in a commanding voice. "Don't you even think of moving young lady!"

As she spoke Alison released her grip on Tyler's hand and stepped away from the young man, continuing deliberately into the room. Walking the short distance from the doorway to the end of the bed, she glared forcefully at the young woman. To her satisfaction Erica, the twin sister of Tyler stayed exactly as she had commanded, locked into place by the force of Alison's voice and by the authority of her gaze.

Alison stopped directly behind the Erica. Mischievously she raised her left hand and placed it on the young woman's up turned ass, letting it settle against the firmness of Erica's butt cheek. Silently she smiled to herself with satisfaction, sensing through her touch the trembling of the girl, knowing how awkward the situation was.

Erica openly flinched as Alison's hand came into contact with her naked flesh. Instinctively she glanced over her shoulder, wide-eyed in apprehension of what the older woman would do to her. Instantly her gaze met that of Alison and fear accompanied by shame and embarrassment filled her visage once more.

"Please Mrs. Green..." Erica beseeched Alison.

"Keep quiet, Erica!" snapped Alison, sinking her sharp fingernails into the firm, tender flesh of the girl's upturned ass. "If you move or complain once more you will experience something more painful than what you have just felt. Do you understand girl?"

"Yes Mrs. Green!" Erica replied, wincing through her clenched teeth. Obediently she turned her head back towards the pile of pillows, where she had hidden her head previously while Jason had licked her pussy. Resigned to what might happen she knelt staring at them, trying not to move.

Satisfied that the young woman would not move, Alison turned her attention towards the young man who had been, until Tyler's outburst eating her out. Flicking him a stern, questioning look, she forced him to back away, his face lowered in embarrassment and fear.

"So this is what you do when you're supposed to be in school, Jason," Alison said looking angrily at her son. As she spoke, Alison Green released her grip on Erica's buttock. Instead as she spoke to her son, Alison let her fingers slide over the girl's warm flesh, dancing teasingly towards her neatly shaved sex.

"Mom ... I can..." Jason started to say in reply.

"Explain!" Alison Green said forcefully, finishing her son's words and silencing him.

"You actually believe that you can explain why you're in my bedroom, eating out your best friend's twin sister while she plays with my sex toys?" Alison continued to yell, her gaze locked on her son. "Can you truly explain to me why you're not in school like you're supposed to be and more precisely can you tell me Jason just how good Erica's pussy tastes?"

"What... ?" cried out the three youths simultaneously in reaction to what Alison Green had just asked.

"No?" Alison said, flashing her son a questioning look. "You can't tell me! Pity and it looked like you'd been really enjoying yourself licking Erica's snatch. Well I'll just have to have a taste for myself!"

Without waiting for a response from her son, Alison Green turned quickly away from him and dropped to her knees at the foot of the bed. Just as quickly Alison lowered her face into Erica's exposed sex. With a long slurp, she ran her tongue from the girl's clit to her dripping wet hole and back again. Not only did she lick once, she licked twice, filling her mouth with Erica's sweet, dripping nectar.

"Ah!" gasped Erica as Alison's tongue flickered forcefully over her sex.

"Awesome!" exclaimed Tyler with a grin on his face, smiling at the sight of Alison Green licking his sister's twat.

"Mother!" exclaimed Jason, shocked to see his mother going down on Erica.

"Yummy!" murmured Alison as she raised her face from Erica's dripping crotch. "Very tasty indeed; I can see why you were going to town on her. I could spend half an hour or so licking that sweet pussy myself."

"Mother!" cried Jason in surprise. His eyes flickered from his mother to Erica and back again. It was in that instance that he suddenly realized that his mother was naked. Not only was she naked but Tyler was naked as well. As reality filled his mind with awareness and as he consciously became aware of the situation that lay before him, Jason Green fell silent. Instead of words of protest, all Jason could do was to look at his mother wide eyed and in shock.

Alison Green however was not shocked by what lay before her. Aroused and still very much in need, she decided to take charge of the situation.

"Tyler," Alison said, keeping her eyes on her son as she spoke. "Come here please."

Obediently Tyler Winters walked into the room and over to where Alison knelt. As he did, Tyler tried desperately to avoid his sister's questioning look and Jason's confused gaze. It didn't help the situation that his cock was as rigid as the first time he had bared himself to Alison.

With no desire to hear another protest from her son or to have anyone interrupting her fun, Alison took charge of the moment. As Tyler came to a halt beside where she was kneeling, Alison turned her face into Erica's exposed sex once more and buried her face into it. She gave Erica a thorough licking, causing the young woman to gasp and groan. She did this for a minute before pushing herself away. As she did, Alison stood up from where she'd been kneeling. Taking her left hand off the firm, roundness of Erica's ass, she turned to Tyler and raised it to his face. Touching his cheek with her fingertips, she guided his face to hers. A second later they were kissing. Alison embraced Tyler in a wet, passionate kiss that held him for several moments. Seconds ticked by and then when the silence of the room became too much to bear, she severed her connection with the young man.

"So Tyler," Alison said to the young man, "how do you like your sister's taste?"

"Mother!" Jason cried out once more in protest, his face twisted in disbelief.

"That's enough Jason!" Alison snapped back in a voice that silenced him once more. "I don't want to hear another word from you Jason. You're the one in my bedroom making out with your best friend's sister and you're the one who obviously searched my room to find my private possessions. Not only did you take my sex toys, but you also gave them to Erica to use. If you don't like what is happening then leave. If however you stop protesting every two minutes, you might learn something. At worse you'll learn that your mother is not an old lady and at the very best you'll experience something that most boys only dream about.

Without waiting for her son to respond, Alison turned her attention back to Tyler. Stepping aside so that the young man had a clear view of his sister's pussy, she turned to him and said.

"Since you couldn't give me a definite response to my question, I want you lick Erica and have a taste for yourself."

"Mrs. Green, she's my..." Tyler started to say, looking quickly from his sister's naked sex to Alison's face.

"Yes I know she is your sister, Tyler," said Alison "but this is one of those thing's I was telling you about down by the pool. If you want to get me horny again, if you want to fuck me again with that nice hard cock of yours, then you will get on your knees behind Erica and give her head. I'm sure by now she is getting bored by everyone's protests and is more interested in having an orgasm."

"But..." Erica tried to say, glancing back towards the trio who were standing behind her.

"Enough!" snapped Alison frustrated at all the opposition to what she was suggesting. As she spoke her right hand rose and fell against Erica's up turned ass. The blow fell with a sharp whack as flesh came in contact with flesh. Erica yelped with surprise.

Before either her son or Erica's brother could say a word, Alison flashed them a gaze that told them that she would brook no further disobedience. Silently they turned their gaze away, biting their lip and keeping their protests to themselves. Erica, having heard neither of them raise their voice in defence of her plight, lowered her head once more, resigned to what was about to happen.

"Now Tyler," Alison said to the young man standing beside her. "Get down and taste your sister. Lick her pussy and tell me what you think."

Obediently Tyler did exactly what he was commanded to do. Kneeling at the foot of the bed, he lowered his face down so that it hovered just above Erica's sweet smelling crotch. Tentatively he dipped his tongue into her neatly shaved furrow. Then as instinct filled his consciousness and desire welled within him, his tentative tasting was replaced with unchecked devouring.

Quickly he lapped at Erica's sex, thrusting his tongue along the length of her pussy. When her juices began to flow he became drunk on her nectar, sucking it into his mouth, relishing every drop. When his tongue found that her clit had swollen in response to his efforts, he became emboldened. Swiftly Tyler took hold of her clit between his lips and drew it into his hungry orifice. Sucking on it he moved it back and forth between his lips, increasing the pressure on it with each second that he held it trapped. Finally as Erica herself began to back up to meet her brother's arduous assault, moaning and groaning as her passion grew, Tyler placed both hands on her ass cheeks. Spreading them wide he sank his tongue into Erica's aching hole and set her on fire. Thrust after thrust of his tongue forced her to come, covering Tyler's face with her juices. As the last wave of Erica's pleasure rippled through her, Tyler decided to add a little spice to what he was doing to his sister. Raising his head slightly, Tyler thrust his tip of his tongue violently into his sister's ass. The effect was immediate. Erica came once more, filling the air once more with her cries of joy and her pleading for more.

In the end Erica collapsed into a heap on the rumpled covers of the bed, her muscles failing her after such an exhausting assault. Her head fell in amongst the pillows once more, quickly muffling her cries of pleasure. Her arms gave out, flailing to either side of her body as she surrendered to the after affects of her pleasure. Only her legs firmly supported by Tyler's chest, stayed where they should be, keeping her ass in the air and even this did not last. As Tyler backed away from his sister, climbing free of her, Erica's legs gave out at last, buckling beneath her.

"Well, well, well!" Alison Green muttered repeatedly, her voice filled with satisfaction at what she'd just observed. "Now that was definitely something that I could watch over and over again."

Aroused by the show that the young man had just put on for her, Alison lowered her face to Tyler's once more. Eagerly Tyler met her embrace and they kissed long and passionately. While she kissed him, Alison reached down and took his shaft in her hand, stroking it lightly as her fingers encircled it. Tyler gasped at the unexpected caress and groaned his appreciation into her mouth. Eventually, Alison broke the kiss so that she could lick his face clean of his sister's come. Tyler's dick twitched in response.

While Tyler's response pleased Alison, her own unquenched needs let her know that they needed to be satisfied as well. Breaking her embrace with the boy she turned away from him, releasing her hold on his cock at the same time. Tyler gasped with surprise, his voice beginning to fill his throat with a protest. Alison didn't let him speak. She placed a finger on his lips and then winked at him in a mischievous manner, leaving him with the unspoken promise that things weren't over yet. Then eager to move things along, Alison turned her attention towards his sister.

Alison clambered onto the bed, scooting across it until she found herself lying up against Erica. As she moved she pushed several of her toys aside, clearing the area as she went. Erica took no notice of her. The young woman just lay there helplessly. She was limp and exhausted from the ravishing she had just experienced.

"So Erica," Alison asked in a low voice, picking up a purple butt plug as she spoke to the girl, "did you enjoy being eaten out by your brother?"

"Yeah," Erica gasped in reply, rolling over onto her side so that she was able to face Alison. A smile formed on her lips and she stared glassy eyed into the other woman's face. "It was fantastic, Mrs. Green!"

"Was it better than when Jason was eating you out?" Alison asked quite bluntly.

For a moment Erica hesitated. She looked from Alison to Jason and then over to Tyler. Amazingly both youths were still standing where Alison had left them. They were waiting obediently to see what would happen next. Erica smiled warmly at them both, please to see that they were both still there. Then turning her attention back to Alison, Erica raised herself up onto her elbow and leaned tentatively towards Alison. In a low voice she whispered her reply to the older woman.

"Your boy has a mean tongue, Mrs. Green," Erica said softly, trying to keep Tyler and Jason from hearing her words. "I hope that you get the opportunity to try it out, but if the truth be known, having my brother go to town on my pussy was just wild. It was the best licking that I have ever had."

Alison smiled in response to the young woman's reply. Encouraged by Erica's forwardness and by her blunt reply, Alison decided to reward the young woman. Leaning into the girl, Alison pressed her face up to Erica's. Tenderly she kissed her on the lips, letting the young woman experience her embrace for a brief moment before she stole it back once more.

"Thank you Erica," Alison said to the girl as their lips parted. "Tell me, now that your brother has tasted your juices, are you willing to reciprocate? Would you like to taste your brother's come?"

"Yes, Mrs. Green!" Erica replied without a hint of hesitation. Her face beamed with eager acceptance and she enthusiastically turned her from Alison to her brother.

"Good!" said Alison in reply. "Then get back on your hands and knees, kneeling like you were before."

Erica did what she was commanded, eager to please the older woman whose ideas of having fun were literally mind-blowing.

Alison waited but a moment while the girl raised her ass into the air once more. Then pulling herself up, Alison scooted up the bed, shifting over until she ended up sitting spread eagle in front of Erica's sweet young face. Quickly she propped herself up with the pillows of the bed, so that she was sitting in a semi-reclined position. Content she turned her attention back to the three youths who were now gazing at her with a look of confusion.

"Erica," Alison said in a commanding voice. "You're going to eat my pussy and you're going to do a good job of it. Your brother tried earlier and regrettably his attempt was not as enjoyable for me as it was for you. Instead of filling me with pleasure, he filled me with his come. So you're going to lap up every drop of his orgasm from my pussy. You're going to lick my thighs cleaning me of every drop of his come that has dripped out of me, and while you are doing this, my sweet little boy, who has been watching silently while your brother ate you out, well he's going to fuck you!"

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