by Ka Hmnd

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Growing up on Lawson you either became a predator or prey. I became a minor predator but remained a loner. At least until I did the job for one of the major crime lords. When I changed my percentage it changed things for all the other crime lords and that was a problem.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

Lawson was the name of the system and planet but they should have named it lawless. Mostly I would have to blame the one empire, two federations and two republics that were in a dispute over the system. It made it so there was no effective law enforcement. When the system was settled it grew quickly.

Once it reached a population of ten million the larger neighboring systems took an interest and things started going bad. Now the population was down to under five hundred thousand and the peace officers were almost gone. All five governments had companies or corporations come in to set up without all the restraints they would normally have.

I do not know who my father was, my mother was a good time girl and died when I was ten. By then I had learned to pick pockets like a pro and was working on learning how to bypass alarms. There were five major crime organizations in the capital and a couple of dozen gangs. There were also illegal gaming halls and drug dens.

No one knew how many people lived outside the city. The farmers and ranchers were more than willing to put someone in the ground if they tried to force them to do anything. So were the fleets of fishermen for that matter. With the number of people trying to leave, a couple of genetic companies were testing the water.

Normally I picked men to steal from and men that were scum or bullies. I had a dozen different fences around the city. Mostly I made money on their comp. If I stole it and broke the encryption fast enough I could drain their credits. My first step into the pond with sharks came when I turned thirteen.

Not only did I steal the guy's comp but his plasma pistol and a fancy jewel covered sonic cutter. I broke the encryption while drinking ice water in an outdoor café. I made almost a hundred thousand credits just from the account I drained. I also made a little on the pistol and the fancy sonic cutter later.

Of course to me it was business but the guy sent a pair of breakers after me. I got a call saying they were asking about me. That was when I knew I would have to make a point. I waited in hiding outside of a place I knew they would come to. When I saw them I stood and crossed the wide street and followed them through the door.

I touched one in the spine with a stun wand and let him fall as the other spun. I jabbed the wand into his groin and watched as he spasmed and fell. I pulled a short wide bladed glass knife and rolled the first guy over. I push the blade in at the base of the skull and through the spine. I moved to the other man as he tried to fight off the effects of the stun and killed him.

I took everything they had and left it on their chest before I walked out. That had been a very loud message and I was not done. The small illegal betting parlor had a back door. It was simple to bypass the lock and alarm and walk in. The guy I had stolen from was at a table in the busy parlor.

I walked up behind him and grabbed his hair and slid the glass knife into his brain before I snapped the blade. The room went silent as I glanced around and turned to walk out. No one stopped me and no one said anything. After that word spread and breakers left me alone. Of course that was when I started doing break ins.

My first job was a big shot from one of the federations. He owned several factories and warehouses and had his own private company of mercenaries to protect it. It was in the northwest area and I stole close to ten million in jewelry and another five in federation credit sheets. I got ten percent of the value on the jewelry and slipped into a very large entertainment club.

I was carrying a bag as I looked around before walking across the crowded floor. A half dozen men were around a table and one stepped in front of me. I glanced at him and smiled as he remained impassive, "move or I explode this bomb."

His face went white and he looked back, "boss?"

The man at the table turned away from a woman, "yeah?"

The guard gestured to me, "he said he has a bomb."

The man at the table looked at me, "what do you want?"

I grinned as I opened the bag and walked past the guard and tilted the bag, "I did work in your area. I am not one of your people but if we do not show respect things happen. I could have given this to one of your people but you might not have gotten it or all of it."

He blinked, "no bomb?"

I shrugged, "bombs are for assholes and careless idiots."

He smiled and looked at the bag and gestured to the guard, "count it and put it in my office."

I let him have the bag and bowed before turning, "have a nice evening."

I had a itch between my shoulders but no one stopped me. That was the way I worked for three years. When I scored it was big and I always gave a percentage to the area boss. I used the shadow bank to deposit the credits and then transferred it to an Sinclare imperial account. It cost me two percent to use the shadow bank but it could not be traced back.

I turned sixteen when my life in the city changed again. I had a job that one of the area bosses wanted done. He wanted a fifty fifty spilt which was high but with the payoff I accepted. The corporation rep owned an entire building and all his security people lived and worked there. I drifted down and onto the balcony and knelt.

I pulled in the grav shroud and folded it before putting it into a chest pack. I glanced around and unlocked the door and slipped into the empty apartment. I had made a lot of checks and moved slowly through and to the small utility panel by the front door. I opened the panel and slipped in and pulled it closed behind me.

At the back I opened the building vent and set the cover aside. I had to attached both the back and chest pack to a drop cord before I climbed into the vent. The special gloves and knee and toes pads had tiny grav anchors and made it easy to climb. The safe room I climbed out and into did not even have sensors.

The huge vault was a basic model and took an hour to crack the encryption. After that I was pulling large stretch bags out of my back pack and filling them. I left the way I got in and once on the balcony I hung all the bags of credits over before I put the shroud on. I set the lift to max and jumped and turned to head away.

I still dropped because of all the weight but I expected it and made it the ten blocks I had planned for. I landed in an alley and quickly moved everything to a cart. I divided the credits and deposited mine before using a public transport vehicle. I struggled to carry four large bags and used a lift to go to the penthouse.

The protection looked at me as I walked to the door but one turned and used a comm. He turned back and gestured and the door was opened. The penthouse was huge and something out of a rich man's dream. A guard led me through the large living area where a party was going on. He stopped in a study and a moment later the boss walked in.

He looked at me as I stood and shook his head, "how the hell did..."

He bent to open one of the bags and then another before he stood, "only four?"

I snorted, "do you know how much credits weigh? If they had anymore I would not have been able to take it."

He grinned and glanced at the guard and gestured before walking around his desk, "so that is half?"

I sat and shook my head, "more like sixty percent."

He blinked, "really?"

I shrugged as I blushed, "you found the mark so I added an extra ten percent."

He glanced at the door and I turned. The guard pushed a girl a little younger than me into the room. I looked at Mr Terence and he grinned, "I did not expect you so soon but I thought I would give you a bonus. Her name is Shasta and she is your whore now."

I stood and looked at the girl before looking at him, "I am not sure what ... thank you."

He waved, "you have always been respectful so..."

I nodded and took a breath, "well ... I have another job lined up on the other side of the city. Thank you for thinking of me for the job ... and the girl."

He gestured and the guard opened the door as I started for it. I did not realize what splitting the take like that was going to do. I looked at the girl as she walked beside me and we left. We rode down in the lift and I glanced at her several times, "your name is Shasta?"

She nodded and I smiled, "I am Raven."

She glanced at me and smiled, "they trained me."

I blushed, "than I guess you get to train me."

She blinked and then grinned, "okay."

Not to far from the building I went into a store and found clothes for her. I paid before taking her into a changing booth and stripping her. I tossed the clothes she had been wearing and used a scanner to check for a tracker inside her. When I knew she did not have one I helped her dress before we walked out.

The huge building we walked into had several dozen lift banks and I led her to the penthouse lift. When the doors closed I pushed a key into the maintenance lock and turned it the wrong way. There was a chime before the lift dropped several floors and when it stopped the back opened.

I pulled the key out and led her across a room and reached up to touch a metal bolt on a vent. A section of the wall slid back and I led her in the opening. I absently touched a switch and the wall closed and I looked around at the very large room. It had thick carpets and a large couch and a couple of comfortable chairs.

There was even a large holographic table in front of the couch. I looked at the girl, "hungry?"

She shook her head as she looked at the paintings on the walls and then she looked at me, "I am a little horny."

I looked at her as she pulled her clothes off and caught her hand. I pulled her towards another door and into another large room. This one had a couple of comfortable chairs and a very large bed. I let her hand go when we reached the bed and began to strip. She moved onto the bed, "I am clean."

I moved after her and pushed her onto her back as I began to explore her body. I felt and caressed her and she sighed and smiled while watching me. I moved down and over her and she spread her legs. I looked at her pussy to see she had the hair removed. I opened it to look and then licked through it and she lifted her hips.

I kept licking and moved to her clit to tease it with my tongue. I covered it and sucked and began to nibble and she shuddered and humped, "mmmm!"

When she jerked and spasmed and tried to cover her pussy I moved up. She shuddered as I lifted and pushed into her and buried my cock. I settled and looked at her with wide eyes as her warm pussy rippled and grasped my cock. She looked at me a moment later and smiled before putting her arms around me, "pull back and then push in."

I blinked and nodded before I did as she said and she shivered and I shuddered. She humped when I stopped and then giggled, "kept doing that and fuck me nice and deep."

I nodded and pulled back and began to use long deep thrusts. It was not long before she was shaking and wiggling. Her pussy became wet and slippery as I began to fuck her harder. She was lifting her hips and moaning while holding me and hugging me tight. It was several minutes before I knew I was going to cum.

I shoved into her and held her tight as I gushed and spewed and began to pump her pussy full of sperm. She twisted and bucked and struggled while clutching me, "YES!"

I tried to hold her while her pussy pulled and milked the cum into her. When I was done I sighed and relaxed and she shuddered and hugged me, "fuck me from behind now."

After a half dozen times she snuggled beside me and put her head on my shoulder to fall asleep. I had no trouble joining her and did not wake until she shifted and moved off the bed. I watched at her looking around and shifted and sat up, "looking for the fresher?"

She turned and grinned, "yes."

I moved off the bed and pulled her to one corner where I pushed and a panel popped out. I opened it and led her into a large fresher with a huge shower. I watched and waited for my turn as she went to the bathroom and then she pulled me into the shower. After the shower I took her to the cooking area to make breakfast.

We got dressed and I led her out and up to go shopping. Four hours later I was dazed and not sure what had happened. I took her back home and fixed her lunch and showed her around before I kissed her and left. I used the underground tram most of the way across the city and then slipped into the unused service tunnels.

When I stopped it was under one of the largest and tallest buildings in the city. I slipped into the maintenance lift shaft and looked up before moving to the side. I slipped on the special gloves I had brought and started up the emergency ladder built into the shaft. The gloves would keep my hands from slipping while I was climbing.

I had to stop more than once and step off and onto cross beams to rest. It was awhile before I reached the level I needed. I had to carefully work around the lift shaft to an air vent. I started working to shut the intake fan off and bypassing the building alarm. Once I had removed the fan and inner grate I crawled in.

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